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One Day At The Church

This story is dedicated to a special friend. I hope she, and all who read it, enjoy it.
"Suck my cock Jill!"

I said it with authority but also with a tinge of request too. After all, this was new to me, offering my cock to another man's wife. There I stood in the church basement, jeans and shorts around my ankles, right hand holding my rigid cock, left one resting on her head. Jill was kneeling on the exercise mat, black sweat pants pulled down exposing her yellow panties with the widening wet spot, naked from the waist up, sweat shirt and sports bra in a heap on the floor and both hands clutching the back of my thighs.

Thirty minutes before neither of us had an inkling of what was about to unfold and forever change our lives. Jill had arrived at the rear entrance to the church at about 8:10 AM after dropping her son Jordon off at Vo-Tech. She home schooled both her children. Jenna was away at Bible College in Michigan and Jordon took automotive classes three mornings a week. Since they lived more than a half hour away, she filled in the wait by going to the church for her daily exercise session and then some shopping or a stop at a cafe for coffee until Jordon's two hour class was over.

I entered the front entrance about five minutes after Jill. As a Trustee I was there to check on a reported odor in the water system. I drive a school van and since the church was on the way home I stopped in after dropping the students off. I entered the basement auditorium after descending the stairs and bumped into Jill, literally! Startled, we both let out gasps of surprise!

"Oh, Jill! I didn't expect anyone to be here!"

"Me either!"

She quickly explained her reason for being there and I could see she had been busy placing the interlocking mats that the kids use in a square on the floor. I immediately noticed the thin and clinging outfit she wore revealed a fine feminine form usually hidden by the conservative manner she dressed for church. Although I have seen her in casual clothes decorating for Bible School or a church play and couldn't help notice her shapely figure then, especially that sexy tush! I stated my purpose for being there as we exchanged pleasantries. Just before going down the hall to the utility room, for some reason I looked her up and down and said,

"I can see your exercise program is paying great dividends."

She cocked her head slightly, as if taken aback and mumbled a quick thank you as a smile spread across her reddening face. Jill was 5'8" about 120 pounds, brunette hair not quite shoulder length tapered to the back. She had average breasts that accentuated her slender but shapely figure. Not movie star beautiful but by no means plain looking either. Her narrow face with high cheek bones was highlighted by her big brown eyes that seemed to sparkle when she smiled, which was often! A petite mouth with thin but pouty lips perfectly complemented her bubbly personality. She was a soccer mom who definitely turned heads with her looks and charm.

Fifteen minutes later I had finished changing both the intake and outgoing filters to the water conditioner and re-entered the basement room. Jill was on all fours facing away. Her head was down, butt pointing right at me! And my what a magnificent butt it was, pear shaped and small with just the right amount of jiggle, not too flat and with a wonderfully wanton gap when she stood with legs together. She slowly raised up until her arms were fully extended, head up high and her crotch was an inch off the mat as she balanced on her toes, slowly rotating her hips in a circle.

"Boy, I sure like the looks of that stretch!"

Did I just say that I asked myself. Jill gave a nervous giggle and turned to look at me. During the awkward silence that followed, I think we both realized that we should have made an excuse to leave because you could sense temptation lurking. For whatever reason, neither of us did. Was it a tacit agreement to what happened next? There definitely was sexual tension present.

Over the next few minutes our banter gradually grew flirtatious with more innuendos and coy glances being exchanged. I was aroused now, my impure thoughts growing exponentially, and determined to see where this would lead. Jill was surprisingly passive to but at the same time accepting of my increasingly suggestive remarks and even added her own! Why would such a wholesome woman so suddenly and out of character give assent to a course of action with an obvious conclusion? A frustrated housewife yielding to latent lusts and fantasies when an unplanned opportunity arose? Herb, Jill's husband, for years has worked away during the week, being home just on the weekends. And why would it be with a mature gentleman nearly twenty years her senior? My grandfatherly disposition coupled with a relatively fit body (I am a fitness advocate too) offering security and satisfaction?

This was now a locomotive of passion gathering steam enroute to one destination when she allowed me to stand behind her and massage her shoulders and neck. My big head was out of commission, the little one firmly in control! My hands slid around and cupped her breasts (hmmm .. B cups I surmised) while my loins pressed my hard-on into her firm but fleshy ass! I sensed a slight reluctance from Jill even after feeling her relax and hearing her sighs of satisfaction. Decidely past the point of no return (isn't that peculiar how quickly that arrives sometimes!) I slipped one hand inside the front of her thin cotton sweats, over her flat tummy until my palm pressed against her mons venus and my fingers probed into her gap, cupping her pussy! What a delightful surprise I discovered, the front of her yellow panties were soaked! Jill's pussy was soppy, her lips swollen and slightly gapped! Her ruse of reluctance was fully exposed now. This woman was ready for it and wanted it. Her weak resistance a deception, the last gasp of her good angel! I tugged her pants down over that gorgeous bum while my fingers slipped under her panties and plumbed her juicy slit and all it's glorious folds!

Jill's head turned searching for mine, finding it our mouths locked together in a frenzied and passionate kiss. Her body twisted until we were face to face never breaking our kiss, tongues exploring, passion exploding. Her arms were around my neck, her loins pressed hard against mine. There was no reluctance now, she was hot for it and the decision had been made .. full surrender!

My hands inched their way up her sides, under her sports bra taking it up and gathering her sweat top along the way. She broke our kiss and ducked her head as I quickly stripped her of both garments and dropped them on the floor. Her perky breasts topped with light brown nipples, small and rigid, became my next target! I cupped them, tweaked them, rubbed and sucked them for a minute or two until lust drove me on! Looking her in the eyes, I put my my hands on her shoulders and whispered,

"Kneel down and take my pants off Jill!"

Her reddened cheeks crinkled as a knowing smile crept across her face. I heard a gasp as she cupped the bulge in front of my jeans before undoing my belt and lowering them to the floor. Her fingers swiftly found the band of my shorts and without hesitation tugged them down.

"Oh my gosh! It's so big!"

It was a surprised giggle more than anything, but I could see some shock in her eyes as she glanced up and smiled broadly! It was the same reaction my girl friend, soon to be second wife, had twenty years before when she did much the same thing for the first time in her living room. My cock was fully engorged to it's 8" length and 6" girth, it's big head glistening with pre cum. I'm a small man, 5'7", 150 pounds and I guess a bigger than normal penis would look huge on a small framed man. Nevertheless, Jill sat back on her haunches with her hands around my thighs with a bit of awe etched on her face. A good thing coming from a woman about to fulfill my wildest dreams! I reached down with one hand and teasingly waved it in front of her face. My other hand on top of her head urged her forward as I said,

"Suck my cock Jill!"

And suck me she did! Indeed! Her lips opened and she engulfed me quickly. Her small mouth stretched taut, her lips flattened into the most beautiful "O"! The sensations she produced were like none other. My helmet pressed against the roof of her mouth, tongue swirling beneath the head, just the right amount of head bobbing made it feel as if I had plunged my cock into a tub of warm honey! Jill was a gourmet cock sucker, to coin a phrase! What a sweet, sweet elixir her mouth was! The next thirty minutes or so proved she was a wanton wench, a cock hungry slut belying her Sunday School teacher persona, her faithful and respectable wife and mom lifestyle.

I pulled out before her oral skills put me over the edge. I led her into a side room, laid her on a table and stripped off her pants and panties. Her legs splayed automatically, revealing her wide and swollen outer labia surrounded by dark stubble. She was turning out to be full of surprises. Jill liked the bare look! I teased her about needing a shave.

"Just eat me please!"

Jill's eyes unmasked the urgency of her request. Her hips gyrated on the table.I took her pussy in my mouth, slurping her juices, tonguing her hole, nose in her furrow, licking her anus, her lips, finally sucking her clit and flicking it furiously! She pulled my head tight to her pussy, humping hard, she arched her hips, fucking my face as her pussy spasmed around the two fingers I had been fucking her with! Her orgasm lasted close to a minute and included some very salty language!

After a few moments of watching her lying there, eyes closed, chest heaving then subsiding, I climbed on the table and mounted her. Without opening her eyes she pulled her knees to either side close to her shoulders and said,

"Yes fuck me please. I want your big cock in me Bill. I need it."

In that position she epitomized a slut in heat, eager for cock. She was totally without shame, legs splayed wide, pussy gapped open, taut rosebud prominently displayed, hands tugging on my dick. She was the portrait of a lady badly wanting to be owned. So I obliged her.

My cock eased in about halfway and I could hear the soft satisfaction in her moans as her pussy walls expanded to accommodate this delightful intrusion! I worked it slowly until she got comfortable. Finally I was buried balls deep and began a slow fuck, pulling almost out then easing in. Her gasps and giggles revealed her delight! Jill was fucking back now, hands on my butt holding me in, grinding on my cock! It rapidly became a full scale pounding, sighs of pleasure gave way to urgent appeals for fulfillment! I was slamming her hard, balls slapping ass ... the puck, puck, puck, puck sound filling the room! I was holding back waiting for her, the screams and quivering body accentuated her orgasm and put me into the abyss! I drove it deep while pulling her head against my chest .. 1, 2, 3, 4 forceful spurts painted Jill's pussy! Her heels were over my shoulders I just held my cock in place while basking in the afterglow of this most wonderful fuck!! And that's what it was .. a fuck, an unbelievable mind blowing fuck from a lady not used to getting one but needing it badly!

"I have been pent up for a long while, and I just decided it was time to do something about it."

That was all Jill said when I asked her why. I didn't need to know anymore. I was thinking the same thing, as my my wife's health has precluded any real sex for a couple of years now.

"Maybe again,sometime?"

"No, that will be all I think."

Ok, thank you Jill."

I leaned down and kissed her lightly, quickly dressed and left.

After that she would just give me a furtive smile when no one could see, but we never talked about it. That was until three months later at the Sunday School picnic when we ended up together away from the crowd for a moment and she said,

"Don't you think you should exercise more often?"

I looked at her quizzically and she just said,

Call me Monday."

I knew Herb would be away, so I did and got an invitation to stop by for some "exercise". That was three years ago. In that time Jill has asked me that same question probably 40 or 50 times. It has become our code word. We each get what we want, what we need, then go about our business. No talk of love or being together. Just basic animal sex. The results are always the same, just like that one day at the church!
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