One Hot Night

By cnj95

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A husband and wife have a hot night of sex
I was hot....and he knew it from the moment he walked in the door from work. Actually, he should have known well before that because at lunch time, I decided to use my vibrator to get myself in the mood for a night of hot sex with my husband and I had sent him several texts letting him know what I was doing. They were something like this:

Me: Want to know what I am doing?
Him: Sure...tell me
Me: I have the big, thick blue vibrator out from our special box and am putting it to good use.
Him: Really....tell me more
Me: I closed myself in the bedroom and used it to make myself cum and cum

He loved to get these messages, especially when they came to his phone along with pictures of my totally shaved pussy that was dripping wet. He received several of those today too.

Throughout the day, we had exchanged several other messages that were loaded with ideas about what I wanted when he came home and then for the rest of the night.

When he got home, I was at the stove cooking dinner. He came up behind me, grabbed a handful of my hair and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to! Having my hair pulled and him whispering in my ear was all that it took for me to cum after all day of thinking about our upcoming night. As my cum ran down my thighs, he just smiled a wicked smile. While I finished dinner and we ate, we continued to share seductive looks and make comments that let each other know that this was just the beginning of a long evening of lust.
After dinner dishes were done, we went to the couch to snuggle and watch some television. I snuggled right up to his side and he wrapped his muscular arms around me. As his hands rubbed all over my arms, his fingers continually brushed my nipples and they started to get harder and harder. It did not take long for me to turn my face to start to kiss him on the face, neck, ears, and anywhere else that I could get to. I finally climbed onto his lap and whispered in his ear that I wanted to be completely dominated by him tonight. From the reaction of his cock, I knew that he would was interested. He pulled my shirt up, pulled the cups of my black bra off of my big tits and started to suck and bite on my nipples. At the same time, he used his hand to knead them until I was moaning that I wanted more. I was able to work my hand into his jeans and use my hand to stroke his already hard cock. As I was stroking, a little bit of cum was at the tip of his cock which made my hand slide even easier up and down his cock.

Before long, he pushed me to the floor between his legs and told me that if I wanted to be dominated tonight, I had to do whatever he told me to do. I was eager to listen. He helped me to undo his belt and pants and slide them down. Then he told me to suck his big cock. I love to suck him until he squirms and feels like he has lost control. I sucked on the head while using my hands to fondle and squeeze his balls and stroke the length of his cock which was slick with my saliva. I knew I was doing it well when he again grabbed two big handfuls of my hair and used it to move my head and mouth up and down the length of his cock at the pace that was best for him. I could tell that he was ready to shoot his cum into my mouth when he suddenly pulled me off of his cock and back up onto his lap. He continued to use my hair to guide me where he wanted me and he kissed and sucked on my lips and tongue until I could hardly breathe.

Now it was time for me to get naked. I slowly stripped off my clothes while he watched. I know that he enjoys watching me get naked so I made sure to give him a good show, including turning around and bending over as I removed my panties, giving him a great view of my shaved pussy lips. When I was done with my little strip-tease, he beckoned me back to him with the look of lust in his eyes and his one finger motioning me towards him. I climbed back onto his lap with my wet pussy lips rubbing over the tip of his very hard cock and I kissed him on the mouth until he was panting. Then I started to work my way down his face, neck, shoulders and then chest. When I got to his nipples, I stopped and gave them my full attention, which he likes. While I was working my way down his body, my naked, wet pussy was open to the cold air and I was getting more and more worked up. As I continued to work my way down to his cock, I settled myself onto my knees between his legs and resumed sucking his cock like I know he likes. By sitting like this, he was able to tease my clit with his toes which kept me right on the edge of cumming right there on the carpet.

I sucked on the head until he was moving his hips all around and moaning and saying things like “Fuck yeah’” and “You are so fucking good.” Every time he started moving around, I would quickly stick his whole cock into my mouth until the tip touched the back of my throat. Then I spent some time licking his cock from his balls up to the tip, over and over, while at the same time, I was using one of my hands to scrape my fingernails up his leg from his ankle to his very sensitive upper thighs and balls. After licking his pole, I would go back to sucking on the head which was getting bigger and bigger. I repeated all of these motions over and over...until he could take it no more.

We decided to take our action to the bedroom where I laid down on the bed and he climbed on top of me and kissed me with amazing passion. Then he leaned back and gave me a wicked smile. “What?” I asked. He said nothing, but pulled my left arm up and away from my body and fastened it to the corner post on the bed. I knew that I should try to fight, but I had been wanting this all day. He then tied my right arm to the opposite post of the bed so that both arms were stretched out and I could not touch him. This is usually where our playing stops, but tonight, he moved down the bed and tied my left and right ankle to the end posts on our bed. I was completely at his mercy...and I liked it! He stood at the end of the bed, between my spread legs and stared at my naked pussy like it was a fine piece of meat. He climbed on the bed and slowly kissed and nibbled his way from the tip of my toes, to my ankle and all the way up to my pussy. When he got to my love box, he used his fingers to probe into my cunt until I was ready to cum. But he stopped just before I did. Then he climbed up my body and grabbed hold of my tits and squeezed and kneaded them until I was moaning. He used his knee to push up against my clit. He pinched and bit at my nipples until I told him I was going to cum. He told me that I was not allowed to cum until he said I could so I begged him to stop torturing me. He liked my begging and told me that I was allowed to cum, just once, and I did. My cum shot out of my cunt and ran all over his thigh and knee and down the crack of my ass.

After that, and much to my surprise, he climbed right up and straddled my chest and pushed his cock into my mouth. There was nothing that I could do with my arms and legs tied spread-eagle to the bed. I had to lick and suck his cock for as long as he wanted, which turned out to be not long at all. He slid down my body and rammed his cock into my soaking wet cunt. He moved it in and out just long enough for me to cum all over his cock and balls. Then he climbed back up and put his dick, all covered in my cum, right back into my mouth for me to suck and lick until it was clean. It was so hot for both of us. I had never tasted my own cum, and for him to watch me suck his cock covered in my juices was a real treat! He repeated this whole sequence several times until my face was covered in my own cum. The next time he moved down and rammed his cock into me, he used his tongue to lick any left over juices off of my face. As he continued to ram his cock into me, he started to again attack my tits until they were red and hurting.

Just when I thought he was ready to cum, he pulled out and moved down my body with his tongue and started to eat my pussy. He used his tongue to lick all the way from my cunt to the tip of my clit which he sucked on until I was cumming again and again. At one point, my cum juice squirted out of my cunt and soaked his neck and maybe even his chest. I just know that when he moved back up my body to fuck me, as he held himself above me, my cum juices were dripping off of his chin and onto my face.

When he started to fuck me again, I was trying and trying to get loose from the ties that held my hands and legs wide apart. He noticed and let my hands and feet loose so that I could wrap them all around him. As he continued to fuck me hard, I wrapped my legs up around his waist to keep his pelvic bone in constant contact with my clit, which was hugely swollen. I used my hands to hold around the back of his shoulders and raked my long fingernails into his back. At the same time, I was able to suck hard on his nipples and clench my cunt muscles around his cock. The combination of my mouth, hands, and cunt were enough to push him over the edge and fill my pussy with his cum.

After this great night, we lay on the bed with our breathing gradually returning to normal. He kissed me with tender passion and I returned the kiss along with gently stroking his back and arms. It wasn’t long before we fell asleep in each others arms dreaming of the next time that we had an awesome night of sex.