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Opening Up - Part 2

The night continues
As we lay together on the couch, my husband and I took a couple of more hits of the bong with me exhaling into his mouth. This wasn’t something we did a lot of….sharing a high together…and I noticed that he was once again becoming aroused. He was not one who normally was “ready” so soon after he’d cum and this really excited me. I ran my index finger lightly up and down his cock and we made out while cuddling. This attracted Julie’s attention.

“I need to have that cock in my pussy, sweetie. May I?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, let’s turn him into a complete slut,” I replied.

Julie came over, knelt between his legs and began to suck his cock again. He was rock hard. I got up and sat in between the two black guys while Julie’s husband sat on a chair across from everyone. He played with himself but was not fully erect and it became apparent what Julie lacked and what caused the couple to go outside their marriage in tandem. Dale was not able to get hard and this was not acceptable to Julie.

While on the couch, one of the guys started rubbing my leg and then eventually wandered down to my sweet spot which revved up my motor again. I just dived for his mouth and we feverishly started making out while I reached back and gently rubbed the other guy's cock.

By the time I came up for air, hubby was on the floor with Julie riding him rather frantically. This was one hot woman with the dirtiest mouth. One of the black guys lay down on the floor and called me to get on his cock. Both couples were now side by side with the women on top. As I got on top, it took a minute for me to get comfortable with the black guy’s cock as it was pretty big. Julie was riding my husband and she called the other black guy over and began to suck his dick. Then I felt the guy put some lube around my anus, stick a finger in and ask if I wanted to be fucked in the ass.

My husband then started to demand that I be double teamed.

“Fuck her ass!” he said. “I want you to fill her up as much as she can take,” he continued.

I was a little concerned about taking his whole cock in my bottom. Slowly but surely he entered me and the rockets started going off in my entire body. As I had both men in me, I reached over with my head and started to make out with my husband while Julie was fucking him.

“How does this feel, sweetie? I have two guys in me and it feels SOOOOO GOOOD, baby,” I told him. “Can I cum while I kiss you, baby?”

He grunted something and at that point I just began to well up with the biggest orgasm I’ve ever felt. It started in my toes and it went flying right up my body ‘til it seemed to make my hair stick straight up in the air. I don’t even know what I said, but my husband told me the next day that I was saying some of the nastiest things he could think of and asking how much he liked seeing his wife tramp herself out like this. It was incredible.

We finally concluded this episode and went to sleep. The next day we got up and had a great breakfast with Julie and Dale. I was so sore that just the thought of sex was repulsive, but mentally I felt so good.

On the way home, my husband and I talked and we decided that, as long as we kept these encounters to something we both agreed to….even if we weren’t always present….it would be great for our sex life. I had awakened the tiger in my husband and I was now even more a tigress, with permission from my husband to whore myself out as much as I wanted. This would really play into my flirty, playful side and I really wanted to see what I could do for my husband to clinch the deal.

With a birthday for him coming up, I had a plan.


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