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Our Arrangement, Reprise Three

My shared wife experience deepens...

Story 4 in my 'Our Arrangement' series. See a shared wife situation from the other man's viewpoint.

Almira sat next to me at the breakfast bar, totally naked, wearing only her radiant smile.  While holding my toast I slipped my other hand between her thighs and slid it up to her pussy.

“Hmm,” she purred between sips of coffee.

Her lips were smooth, soft, warm and a little wet.  She put down her coffee and covered my cock with her hand.

“Ready to go again?” she asked, smiling at me.

“I think you could persuade me!”

She had slept with me the previous night.  We'd had sex before we fell asleep, around 3 am, and again as London's summer's day began outside the university’s halls of residence.  Her phone chirped and she answered it without hesitation.

“Morning, Big Bear, are you good?”  The call was from her husband, Karl.  She listened for a moment, her smiling eyes engaging mine.

“Yes, he’s fine. And on fine form I’d say from last night!” She giggled, then added, “We’re having breakfast now.  What time do you land?”

I knew Karl was away on business in Madrid.  I had been at a three-day conference on career networking at my old university.  I had represented the Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association, an organisation of which I was now the Honorary Secretary.  After my early retirement, I looked for a new interest and approached the Association to see if I could help, an offer they had eagerly accepted.  A few months later the then Hon Sec had died of a heart attack and I'd been asked to take on the post.

“I’ll pick you up.  Usual place.  Can’t wait to see my Big Bear again!”  She kissed her phone, ended the call and put her hand on my cock again.

"Karl sends his regards," she said as her fingers wrapped around my stiffening shaft.  Almira was mid-forties and in absolutely great form.  Her slender body always felt firm yet supple.  Her high cheekbones set up her beautiful, sexy face, and her smooth skin had a naturally tanned glow. What she saw in me had always baffled me.  Whenever I’d asked she would answer that she loved being in my company.  And I gave her great oral.

With her encouragement, I was soon ready and able, and it was over an hour before we'd showered again and set off to our real lives.


The evening before Almira had joined me at the end of the conference dinner.  It had been an interesting experience.  While we had often gone to restaurants together before, we had never been to a ‘public' event.   The circular tables sat twelve and there were ten students seated at our table.  I had mentored this group of students through the workshops during the conference, so we knew each other relatively well.  Almira was the surprise.  I had spoken of my wife, June, and that she was disabled following a car crash. 

Although twice their age, Almira inveigled all the students. Some of the more confident men flirted with her openly.  The quieter ones starred.  All the men were sucker punched.  They were drawn in by her open sexuality, then found out Almira had an MSc in computing, was articulate, fully up to speed on current affairs, and a demanding conversationalist.  You could see them bounce off every wall, always drawn back, and increasingly so, by her sexuality.  And a lot of that carried over to the women who were either fascinated by her combination of looks, intellect and success, or were a little hostile to her.  Feeling threatened by a woman twice your age must be an uncomfortable place to be.  But it all made for lively conversation and Almira needed no help to field it all.

Two of the men were involving her in a lively and very flirtatious conversation, much to the annoyance of one of their girlfriends.  It took over the table and allowed me to sit back and think for a while.  I briefly saw the world from Karl's point of view.  This highly sexual lady was with me, but the men were openly hitting on her.  I was sure they would have sex with her if the opportunity arose. Was I jealous? Not in the slightest.  I was proud.

‘That’s my lady!’

Would I mind if she did have sex with them?

‘Not at all, because she is so good at it. I’d enjoy watching an expert doing what she does best.’

One of the female students stopped my train of thought.

“Mike, I thought you said your wife was disabled?” asked Emily after taking the chair next to me.

“Er, yes she is, the result of a car crash.”

She was locking her eyes onto me, tilting her head to one side.

“Then who’s Almira?”

My mind stopped.

‘Yes, who is Almira?’

My thoughts shot in all sorts of directions.

‘What was I doing here with Almira when my wife was sitting in her wheelchair at home? Guilt.’

‘What do you call another man’s wife who you fuck? A friend? Your mistress? Taboo.’

‘You are living a dream! Lucky boy! Lust.”

‘Will you wake up soon, and crash and burn?’

‘What if Almira, or Karl, called time on Our Arrangement? Insecurity.’

I was suddenly aware I was taking far, far, too long to respond.

‘Was it just an innocent question?’

At last words formed into an answer.

“Almira and I have worked on many projects together.  We’ve known each other for years, we’re good friends.”

I was glad to hear my defensive babble stop.

“She is stunningly attractive.”

I didn’t answer.

“…and smart, confident and witty. I wish I was like her.”  Emily was now looking at Almira, watching her simultaneously field a conversation about human interfacing in computer systems, the blatant sexual innuendos, and even the start of physical contact as one of the men appeared to be trying to read her palm. She handled all, with ease, and in a way that pulled the men in.  She noticed me looking at her and flashed me a quick smile.  In my head, I could hear her ‘Little Bear’ growl as she built up to an orgasm.

At last, I got it. Emily had that starry-eyed look.  She was in love or lust with Almira and trying to contact her through me.  That was a new idea to my still churning thoughts of sharing her.


My mind-stopping moment stayed with me, well until we were alone in our room.  Almira took three steps, her dress dropped to the floor with the first, dress and a heel were left behind on the second and the other heel was kicked off on the third, leaving her only in black holdups. 

She turned to me, held out her arms and said, “Come and fuck me, now!”


I was enjoying being involved in the Alumni Association.  It was a new interest that involved me with members and students of all ages, which kept me lively.  But most of all it provided the answer to me being able to see Almira and Almira with Karl.  I could be away for a night or two, stay in a hotel, all under the very real cover of Association events.

Ten days later it provided the cover for the three of us to be together.  The opportunity came out of the blue.   Friends of Almira and Karl needed someone to cat sit for a few days when other friends suddenly couldn't.  I joined them on Monday afternoon.  It was a blazing, English summer's day, the sort you get only in very few summers.  I found their friend's cottage tucked away down a leafy Surrey lane.  It looked superb and was aptly named Wisteria Cottage.  Karl let me in and we walked through to the very secluded garden.

Almira was sunbathing on a lounger. She was naked, face up, with legs slightly apart, giving me an uninhibited view of her smooth pussy from the moment I stepped into the garden.  How many times had I licked her there, sucked on her lips and clit, and slipped into that delightful, hot cunt?  And how I wanted to do many more times.

“Splendid sight,” said Karl to me as we walked towards her.

“Look who’s here!” 

Almira looked up, shielding her eyes from the sun.

“Mike!”  She sprang to her feet and rushed over to me, giving me her signature full on greeting of arms around my neck and legs wrapped around my waist.  She showered my face with kisses.  I carried her to a rattan sofa which was under a large parasol, lowered her onto the cushion and sat next to her.       

“I thought you weren’t going to make it!”

“It is later than I intended.  I had to get some stuff for June’s carer,” I replied, and added, “Do you think I would ever turn down being with you?”  I tricked her slit with the back of my finger, and she straightened her back in response.

Karl arrived with a beer for me.  He moved the other rattan sofa under the shade and the three us sat chatting about stuff.  Well, really only Karl and I, as Almira was much more into undoing my shorts.  She delighted that I was commando and soon was at work on my cock.

“It’s so warm and sexy today, I’m going play with your body for hours, then fuck your brains out,” Almira interjected into a lull in our conversation.

“Well I just may have to respond by running my hands all over your body, tongue your pussy and finger it before I let you fuck my brains out!”

All three of us giggled.  Almira started her plan and I responded with mine.  She leant back against me, put one leg onto the sofa, and got to work with her hand on my shaft.  I slipped my arm around her,  cupping and squeezing her breasts then headed south.  She was warm and wet, lips and clit already swelling. We took it slowly as the balmy afternoon demanded.

Karl sat sipping at his beer, watching me tease his Little Bear’s pussy, circling her clit and then moving on to a finger slipping in and out of her hot wetness.  And watching his Little Bear squeeze and stroke my stiff shaft until Almira wanted to move on.

“I have got to suck you!”

“And I need to eat that juicy pussy!” I replied.

She slipped off the sofa, pulled my shorts off and then took my shirt off.  I swung my legs onto the sofa and laid along it.  She climbed on me and lowered her delicious pussy onto my lips.  I ate into her greedily, causing her to gasp and hesitate at taking my cock into her mouth.  I then delighted in hearing her signature growl, the reason for her pet name, as she sucked onto the end of my cock. We pleasured each other until I felt her body go rigid and then shudder in orgasm.  It was so intense she had to lift away from my lips.   Karl took the opportunity to offer her glass of fruit juice.  She took and sucked hard on the straw, then placed the ice-cold glass low on my stomach causing me to buck up.  

 She giggled, put her lips around the end of my cock, with the straw still between them and sucked me and her juice together.  The heat of her lips and cold of the juice was incredible and I had to fight back the urge to cum by burying my face into her pussy again.  When the juice was gone we fucked, long and slow until I burst inside her, the hot surge of my spunk sending her into a shuddering orgasm that made her collapse onto me.

I think I may have even dozed off, only to be stirred by Karl announcing he was going to prepare the barbecue.  My arms were wrapped around his wife’s naked body, holding her tightly to me. As he explained his plan, he ran a finger up and down Almira’s spine, and I felt the tingle run through her.

I showered, put my shorts and shirt back on and went downstairs.  Karl was well into preparing the salads, the burgers, kebabs and ribs were laid out, and the smell of baking potatoes wafted in from the kitchen.  The gas barbecuestood just beyond the double doors from the conservatory to the garden.

“Hope you don’t mind eating in here,” he said whilst expertly chopping tomatoes. “We found the insects a real pain when we ate outside yesterday.”

“No problem at all, Karl.”

“Help yourself to a beer.”

I did.

“An enjoyable afternoon I think?” Karl asked.

“Very!  Almira seems to get hornier the hotter it gets.”

“She does indeed.  And this surprise little break has relaxed her a lot.” 

He started to toss the salad with the serving spoons.

“I think she is working too hard lately.  Things are getting very edgy.  That night she spent with you was a godsend.  You may need to do that more often until this project she’s on is over.”

“Always happy to oblige, if I can.”

Almira had been particularly vigorous that night in the halls of residence.  I had put it down to all those young men flirting with her.  I had thought about telling her about Emily but decided not to.

“She misses working with you on projects, you know.”

“I did wonder how it would affect her.”

“Knowing that she could have sex with you most nights kept her calm.  Now, of course, she may go a whole week without…”

He left his statement hanging.  For a moment I felt sorry for Karl, thinking of what it would be like when she got home at a weekend.  I doubted if he would be allowed any sleep the first night.

After a suitable pause for his comment to sink in, Karl said, “Would it be possible for you to see Almira more often? Even if just while she’s on this project, it seems to be particularly tough on her.  Maybe once a week?”

I didn’t answer straight away as I was considering how that could be done.

“I know it is difficult for you now you’ve retired, and of course with June…”

Karl had never mentioned my wife’s name in all the years of ‘Our Arrangement’.  It was a subject that never came up.  Almira often enquired how she was, but hearing Karl mention her took me aback.


I was stopped by the click of heels on the conservatory’s tiled floor that announced Almira’s arrival.  We both turned to look at her.  She looked fantastic.  A very short white chiffon, loose-fitting dress hung from straps over her shoulders, deeply cut front and back, and with deep scoops under her arms, it barely concealed any of her body.  A gold choker, gold belt and gold shoes with a steel heel finished her designer slut outfit.

“Little Bear!” exclaimed Karl.

“I thought you boys deserved a treat,” said Almira and gave us a twirl that confirmed she was naked under the dress.  

Only once a week flashed through my mind.  Karl busied himself with the barbecue, while Almira knelt on the wicker sofa next to me.  She was drinking fruit juice with a straw.

“This straw is very thin,” she said giving me a wicked grin and glancing at my crotch.

I smiled and laughed in response.  She looked unbearably horny, which I suspected was the way she was feeling.  I slid my hand up her inner thigh, along her smooth skin until I reached her pussy.  Her eyes never left mine.

“Finger me.”

She was delightfully wet and my finger curled into her and searched over the inside of her cunt.

“We’re going to have a fun night,” she purred, her body rising in response to my finger.

We ate on the small, round table in the conservatory. The food was delicious, as it always was when Karl cooked.  As we ate, I explored Almira’s pussy occasionally, only once clashing hands with Karl, who immediately withdrew his hand and even said sorry to me.  As the meal neared the end, Almira returned the favour and soon had me stiffening by handling me through my shorts.

“That was delicious, Karl, thank you,” said Almira, wiping her lips on a napkin. “I think it’s time we relaxed on the sofa.” 

She gave me a last, firm squeeze and walked to the sofa we had been on earlier. I sat next to her and she continued the handwork she had started at the table.  It was a few minutes before Karl joined us, sitting opposite us. 

“Why are you always overdressed?” joked Almira and stood to remove my shorts and shirt for the second time that day.  She straddled me, kneeling on the sofa, then shuffled towards me until her breasts were right in front of my face.  Karl appeared behind her and pushed both straps off her shoulders, letting the top half of her dress collapse to her waist. 

My hands went automatically to her breasts, then I sucked hard on one nipple then the other, feeling her body rise with the thrill.  She pulled my cock out from under her and pressed it between our bodies.  Her arms went over my shoulders and she rose and fell, rubbing her clit along my cock.  She lowered her head, our brows touching and her hair curtaining off our faces.

“I am so missing fucking you,” she said with a distinct growl.  Her eyes were full of lust.  I could feel her wetness progressively coating my cock.

“I miss your fingers, I miss your tongue.”  Her eyes softened, becoming a little dewy.

“And I miss your hard cock in my cunt…”

Her arms folded around my head and she kissed me deeply, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth.  As we kissed, she rose, and using one hand, guided me into her hot, tight, wetness.  Our kiss ended, and she stared into my eyes as she rose and fell on my cock, slowly at first, progressing to harder and harder slam downs.  Our faces were so close, I couldn’t resist kissing her again, my head having to roll back on her upstroke.

She broke our kiss and, keeping our intimate world closed off by her hair, began to giggle, a young girl’s giggle, with a smile that came as much from her eyes as her mouth.

“And I want to fuck you as many times as I can,” she added then slammed down on me, her growl deepening and her face becoming fixed until she screamed.

“Oh Fuck!”

I pushed up into her and stayed still.

“I’m cumming! God!”

Her body convulsed, and her cunt gripped onto my shaft until she slumped against me, her head on my left shoulder.  Small shivers ran through her body.  For the first time since she straddled me I could see Karl.  I was relieved to see he had a beaming smile on his face.  Almira and I rarely kissed and certainly not with the passion we had just displayed.

“I told you she was missing fucking you,” said Karl.

Almira stirred, lifted off me and lay, face up, along the sofa, one leg resting on the floor, the other behind my neck, her pussy spread open for me.  Her wet, hot, eager pussy. I moved on top of her pushed into her cunt, making her eyes go wide.  Her legs wrapped around me.

“Now fuck me hard until you cum!”

I did.  Her growl became deeper and guttural, her lower legs pushing down to make my thrusts harder, slamming into her.  I could feel her body going rigid, her fingers digging into my back, her neck arched until her body convulsed.  I carried on, slamming into her until the shuddering of her cunt made me pump my load into her.

When I recovered, I sat at the end of the sofa, watching her still shudder intermittently, even though I was no longer in her.   She finally sat up.

“That’s what I needed, thank you!”

She stood, her dress top still tangled around her waist.

“Did you enjoy that Big Bear?”


She took one step closer to Karl and stopped. She looked back to me and said, “Rest, your work is not done yet.”

My cum was streaming down both her thighs from under the hem of her dress.

“Do you want my cum filled cunt, Big Bear?”  It was a purr.  She took another step and another rivulet ran down.  I started to move. I had always left them alone after fucking Almira.

“Stay, please, I want you to watch us. To see the effect you fucking me has on us both…”

She stood in front of Karl and his hand slipped up between her thighs.

“Messy enough for you?” she asked, then bent down and unzipped his trousers.  I still wanted to leave them but became transfixed as Almira undid her belt and let her dress drop off her.  She pulled Karl’s trousers off him, turned to face me, and lowered herself onto his cock.

“Pump Mike’s cum out of me and fill me with yours!”

She rode him, energetically from the start.  While I had lost count of the number times we'd fucked, I had never seen her fuck, not even the videos Karl had taken on occasions. Time slowed for me. I followed the movement of her body, totally committed to fucking.  She rose and fell while circling her hips. It was incredible to watch. 

“Is my cunt silky, Big Bear?” she gasped.

“Just the way I love it!” grunted Karl.

They came together, Almira screaming with her head thrown back.

She rested back against him and his cock slipped out of her.  After a few moments, she looked at me, nestled down a little and said, "You'd better bring that over here…"

It was only then I realised I had a raging hard-on.   I found myself walking towards them, and as I did, Almira put her legs outside Karl's, lifting her pussy higher.  Karl locked his arms around her waist and she held her arms out, taking hold of my cock as soon as it was in her reach.  She held me firmly, forcing me to kneel, then pulled me to her cunt, using the end of my cock to tease her swollen clit.  Cum was dribbling out of her.

“Push into me.”

I slipped in, feeling no resistance until she squeezed onto me.

“Fuck me long and slow.”

Karl held her tightly all the time. He must have been able to feel her body thrill with the attention of my cock and feel her devote herself completely to pleasuring me.  It was long and by the time we finished, I was lying on the floor with Almira sitting on top of me, smiling.

“That was good!” she said, flicking her hair over her shoulder.  Her body glistened with perspiration.

"Let's go again," she joked while doing a few bounces up and down.

Karl came and stood beside her, her hand immediately curling around his unresponsive cock.  He bent down and kissed her.

“I’ll leave you two lust birds now.  Bring me my heaven in the morning, Little Bear,” he said and left us.

‘Yes, who is Almira?’

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave a comment.  If you haven’t read them yet, there are three ‘Our Arrangement’ stories that precede this one, all here on Lush.   Have fun and keep sharing!


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