Our first sexy adventure (part 1)

By Fantasypenman

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My wife and I try something new...
My senses explode as you lie naked on the bed before me. You’re on your side on the hotel bed and I’m kneeling behind you, gazing down and loving what I’m seeing and feeling. Your body’s sensational curves shimmer in the candle light and throw erotic shadows across the room. They excite me on a daily basis but tonight your perfect breasts look better than I’ve ever seen them, so full and shapely. You really are a vision of beauty. You are, without doubt a visual and sensual treat. My eyes are enjoying you as much as my body revels in the feeling as your hot, wet body engulfs and writhes rhythmically on my unsheathed, naked penis. The responsiveness of your body lets me know you’re enjoying yourself as much as I am.

My ecstasy rises to a new level as you look back at me, reach around to grab my buttocks and pull me deeper into your yielding body. You know me well enough by now to know that the more you lose yourself in the moment and let lust control your actions, the hornier you make me and the more satisfying and powerful my thrusts become.

You’ve been my wife for seven years now and I’d thought I‘d seen every one of your emotions manifested in your eyes. But tonight, in this hotel room, there’s new look that I’ve never seen. A glimmer of something different, more animalistic, burns in your eyes. It’s loving and caring yet sultry and erotic all at the same time. Your eyes flash and my cock swells deep inside of you. We’ve talked about this fantasy several times but your green eyes convey your deepest secrets. Is it trepidation? … .. excitement? …. lust?

I know we’re both nervous but equally excited. We have been all day. The sexual tension and anticipation has been palpable ever since you gave me the okay to make this fantasy real. I have no doubt that my own eyes show something more than the love and lust that I feel for you. We’re both treading new ground here and it’s terrifyingly exciting.

We both sense that the time is near…I can feel your body responding as you sense the ‘now or never’ moment. Your breathing has become deeper and your gasps of pleasure softer and more sensual. Your breasts heave sexily as you breathe harder and more urgently. I can’t take my eyes off of them as they sway just a little with every one of my smooth, yet forceful thrusts. Your body has become warmer, wetter and more ready for pleasure.

I wonder if you can feel how excited this is making me. Does my cock feel fuller and heavier than usual? Is it hotter and more satisfying then you’ve ever felt it? It feels like it's filling you more than any cock ever has before. However, looking behind you, I wonder how confident I can be that I will hold that record for long.

The first time I plucked up the courage to whisper this fantasy into your ear was in the heat of passion. I never knew if it turned you on for real but you told me it did. Your body didn’t seem to be telling an untruth as your it became wetter and hotter then I’d ever felt it. To hear you say you’d try it excited me more then I dared believe. It scared me a little to know that it turned me on the way it did, but turn me on it did.

Ever since, vivid images of the scenario have been playing and replaying in my mind. I’ve stroked myself a hundred times imagining us taking this daring, erotic step. I can’t believe it but this is real, this is REALLY happening. I’ve thought about you doing this for years (yes...for years!) and now within a few moments you’ll be bringing my most erotic fantasies to life.

One last glance deep into my eyes and I know that there’s no going back. You turn your head and reach up. He’s been standing there quietly, patiently all along. He’s naked and has been enjoying your body as much as I have. His cock is semi erect and a little bigger than mine. It is soooo horny to see my wife, YOU, with another man’s penis so close to the mouth I enjoy so much. He’s so close you can feel the heat of his body against your face.

For the first time in your life you hear two men exhale with satisfaction as you tentatively reach up and take his thick cock in your slender fingers. His cock looks huge in your hand and I can’t help thinking how good it would feel if I were in his place.

My cock swells and I push myself deeper as I can into the body I love sooo much. You focus your eyes deep into mine as you pull his hardening member closer to your lips. Your eyes glint into mine as you lower your soft lips and finally, for the first time in years, take another man’s penis into your gorgeous mouth…