Our First Time

By f9jones

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Our first time with another man
I'm a 40 year old woman living in Arizona with my long time lover. I have always had a much higher sex drive than Mike and as we get older I seem to get hornier. Our first time to bring another into our sex life was about ten years ago in Mesa, Arizona. We had been drinking most of the night with our neighbor, Franco. Franco was a thirty something old man that worked in construction. I work in an office and Mike is an executive in a software company.

We had known Franco about six months and he sometimes came over and fixed out air conditioner or had dinner with us. This night was just a normal summer night in Arizona--about 105 degrees during the day and down to 95 at night. We had hamburgers and beer and were just shooting the breeze like we did every night. I was wearing a tank top with no bra and thin cotton shorts and Franco and Mike were in t-shirts and shorts.

We had talked about inviting someone in to help quench my sex thirst, but had never gone out to do anything. It wasn't at the top of our priority list, but I thought about it often and we talked about it when were screwing. Sometimes, just as I was cumming Mike would say 'Think about another guy pounding his cock into you right now'. That always set me off.

Well, about ten that night, we were all a little buzzed and it was hot as hell even inside the house. I said, "Let's jump in the hot tub and cool off."

So, we all headed to the back yard and got in the hot tub with all our clothes on. Our hot tub was not very large, probably a six person tub.

I was sitting on the bench with Mike on my left and Franco on my right. We chatted for a while and then we got quiet while we were enjoying the coolness and bubbles in the tub. Mike started rubbing the inside of my thigh down around my knee. A little later he started rubbing my left breast (under the water) with the back of his hand.

All of a sudden, I felt Franco's hand gently rubbing the inside of my right knee. Nothing was being said. I just leaned back with a giant 'sigh' - and laid my head down straight back on the back of the hot tub.

Both men were now rubbing my legs and now Franco started caressing my right breast with his giant hands. I was starting to get really turned on and felt myself getting wet in my pussy. Both men were laid back and facing slightly toward me, but they couldn't see each other because I was in the middle.

My breathing started to get deeper and faster and then Franco's hand started moving up toward my cunt. I didn't move. I may have stiffened up a little and stretched out my legs. About that time Mike started moving his hand up my left thigh toward the promised land. I leaned over toward him and whispered, "You move that hand up much higher and you might discover another hand there already."

He looked into my eyes and and whispered, "Is this what you want?"

I just leaned my head back and said loudly so both could hear, "Oh Yes!"

I placed my hands over both of them and moved them to my cunt. The both started to work their fingers under my shorts and underwear and started sharing my wet cunt with each other. I couldn't believe that I could feel wet under the water, but it wasn't washing away. I was getting hotter and hotter each minute. They kept that up and then Mike started pulling my tank top off over my head. Soon, both men had their fingers up my cunt at the same time. I tried to think about the meaning of this, but could not move a thought through the passion in my body.

When the top was gone, they both grabbed my shorts and took them down. Now I was sitting there naked between two horny guys. I reached over to both and discovered raging hard-ons that I proceeded to take out of their shorts and started jacking them off.

Somehow, they ended up shedding their clothes and both started kissing me and my breasts and started fingering my pussy. I had my first orgasm shortly and then asked Franco to sit on the side of the hot tub so I could blow him. He moved into a sitting position and I turned to face him and took his cock into my mouth.

Mike was keeping up his diddling of my pussy and then moved behind me and started fucking me doggie-style. After about 5 minutes of this intense double sided action I felt Mike cumming into me and he started getting very vocal and that started Franco to shoot his cum down my throat. He came so much that I couldn't hold it all and some was dripping down out of my mouth.

I swallowed the rest and then turned and Mike was right there and started kissing me. I started to stop him, but then the moment took over and I thought - "What the hell, he's about to taste what I just did." He didn't say anything, but that was one the hottest kisses we have ever had. I had cum about three times by then and was just drained.

But Franco, was ready to go again (aww, to be thirty again). So he had me bend over the side of the hot tub and stood behind me and shoved his cock up my dipping cum filled cunt. We were up out of the water and his cock went in with a sloppy wet slurp. He started pounding me like a mad man and Mike was kissing my cheeks and rubbing my breasts.

I started cumming constantly (I lost count) and when he came again and pulled out my ass was just quivering and I sank to my knees with by ass up in air.

My biggest surprise next was that Mike moved behind me and bent over started licking my wet double loaded pussy. We had never talked about doing this and it was a spontaneous thing for Mike. During this time, Franco got out of the tub and wandered back to his house.

I would go on that summer to fuck Franco just about every afternoon and when Mike came home from work he would slip his cock into my freshly fucked cunt and dump another load. He didn't lick me out again for several years and we never talked about it.

I will have other stories about our adventures as I have time to write about them.