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Our New Neighbors

Our new neighbors are hot.
Our old neighbors had finally sold their house and moved south to enjoy their retirement.

One day when I arrived home from work, my wife told me that the new neighbors had moved in. "What do they looked like?" I asked.

"They are about our age, and it doesn't look like they have any kids," she replied. "They are average looking, and I'd say that the wife is pretty. She does have a nice body; you'll probably like that. Her husband is about a medium build."

"That's nice. Have you met them yet?" 

"I waved at them, but didn't go over. They looked pretty busy getting moved in."

Several days went by before we had a chance to finally meet the new neighbors. Bob and Charlene came over one evening after I had arrived home from work and introduced themselves to us. We had a few drinks with them and enjoyed their company. 

Getting together began to be a regular thing a couple times a week. They would come over for drinks and social entertainment. Sometimes we watched TV together or played cards. A couple of times we even went out for dinner and a movie.

Bob and I became pretty good friends, as we both enjoyed the same football teams, and got to doing home projects together. The girls also seem to get along pretty good together. They went shopping together, and seemed to have the same likes, and dislikes.

One day, Bob asked me if I enjoyed sex movies.

I told him,"Yes." 

My wife and I had watched several of them, and we enjoyed watching them, as it really turned us on, and made sex afterwards more enjoyable.

He told me that they had several that they liked to watch, and they had just gotten a new one that they hadn't seen yet, and was wondering if we'd like to watch it with them.

I told him that I'd like to, but that I'd have to ask my wife if she would also like to see it. I knew she probably would, as sometimes we would go to a motel on a week-end, that showed sex movies all night long. It was one of our favorite things to do on a evening out.

The girls were in the kitchen, drinking coffee, or something in cups anyway, and when I asked my wife if she'd like to see Bob's new sex movie, she laughed and said, "Sounds like fun."

Charlene remarked, "We have this new one that we haven't seen yet. It's about wife swapping."

And so it was decided that after supper, we would go over to their place to watch the movie with them.

When we got to their house they had drinks and snacks set out for us. So we all got comfortable on the couch. After some small talk, Charlene said, "OK Bob, I think it's time to fire up the movie."

The movie started out with the two couples sitting on a couch, just like we were and watching a fuck movie of two couples. They were playing with each other as the movie played on, getting more bolder as the action got hotter.

I had my arm around my wife, and I was slowly rubbing her tit, and had placed my other hand on her leg. I could tell she was becoming aroused also.

Bob had gotten up and turned the lights down when the movie had started, and now I could hear them making soft noises. I looked over to where they were sitting and saw that he was rubbing her tits, and she had her hand on the bulge in his pants. 

Then I felt my wife's hand moving on top of my cock and it was becoming aroused to.

I unfastened my wife's bra, and started playing with her tits, she begain to moan, as it was feeling so good. She loved to have her tits played with.

Charlene was also getting quite loud with her moans of pleasure, so I peeked over and Bob had taken her blouse and bra off and was really rubbing and kissing her tits, Oh, what a nice set of tits she had.

Bob then looked at me and winked, I grinned back at him, as I slipped Judy's blouse off, followed by her bra. This allowed her big tits to be free, where I could really work on them. I saw Bob looking at them, and then he smiled at me and licked his tongue out, letting me know he liked them.

By then Judy had my pants unzipped, and had my cock out and was playing with it. I was working on getting her pants down so I could finger her pussy.

I checked on Bob and Charlene and saw that they were both completely naked, and he was really playing with her cunt. Not to be out done, I slipped my pants off, and as I did Judy got naked too.

As we kissed each other I saw, Judy had her eyes on Bob and Charlene, who by now was behaving like there wasn't anyone else in the room. Then Bob reached over and took my hand, and moved it onto Charlene's tit, and said, "I think you'll like playing with a strange set of titties."

Yes, I did indeed like playing with her tits. so I slid over so I would be closer to her body, and Bob got up and moved over to the other side of Judy, and begin to play with her tits. She put her arms around him and gave him a big kiss. By then Charlene was already kissing me while playing with my cock, which was ready to explode.

She then pulled my cock toward her cunt, as she spread her legs. As I mounted her, I looked at Bob and Judy and they were already fucking.

I then slid my cock into Charlene's wet pussy, and it was hot and ready for a fucking.

Boy, what a good fuck she was. She then started kissing me all over and told me what a nice cock I had. We both came at the same time and as we lay there resting, she reached over and stroked me until I was hard again. Then she bent down and proceeded to give me a blow-job. Boy, was that good.

Meanwhile, Bob and Judy had finished fucking. Bob was now eating Judy's cunt and she then started to suck him off. They both came at about the same time.

I don't think any of us watched anymore of our movie, as we were too busy playing with each other's spouse.

How nice it was to have some good neighbors living next door, who enjoyed the same things we did, like each other's spouse. What fun we had with our new neighbors. 

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