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Our Path to Husband Swapping Part 2

We take the next step in our journey to swapping
The next week Stacy and I talked a few times. Turns out they had a similar experience when they got home. Tom couldn’t wait till he took their babysitter home, so Stacy blew him in their car.

At home, Stacy was waiting for Tom to fuck her before they could ever get upstairs to their bedroom. She told me they had their best sex since before their baby was born. Stacy said she really enjoyed flirting with Sam and would like to do it again. I brought up the idea that maybe we should try making out with each others husbands. It would be like we were back in high school. Stacy said she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that but maybe.

The next weekend rolled around and both Sam and I were very excited to go out again with Tom and Stacy. It really seemed like we were on a date. The guys were giving Stacy and me plenty to drink as usual. We danced and touched each other. Both guys were hard most of the night. On the first slow song, Tom asked me to dance. Sam grabbed Stacy and pulled her to the dance floor also. Tom's hips ground his dick into me right away as he kissed my ear, whispering how sexy I looked. 

I wanted to see how excited I could get him with a little dirty talk. I said, “Your hard cock grinding into my belly feels great. My pussy is soaking wet feeling your hard cock rub me! Too bad its on the outside.” I pulled back and looked in right in the eye, and he grabbed and pulled me in close and moaned in my ear.

I looked over at Sam and Stacy and it looked like Stacy’s hand was rubbing Sam’s cock over his pants. The look on Sam’s face told me that she was. We danced, rubbed and flirted but no one crossed the line to the next step.

Our night came to its end, and as we walked to our cars Stacy whispered in my ear that maybe next weekend we could try a little "making out" like I had suggested.

On the drive home I told Sam what Stacy said and I asked him what they were doing to convince her to try more.

Sam laughed and said while he and Stacy were dancing, he kissed and sucked on her ear; it drove her crazy.

I asked Sam if Stacy had grabbed his dick.

He said, “Oh yeah, she was running her hand up and down my thigh, rubbing my cock. You don't mind do you?” 

"No but I get that hard thing when we get home."

We had to wait two weeks before our next encounter. Our plan was to go out for dinner and drinks, then go back to our place to "make out" with each other’s man. Stacy said she was a little nervous about it and wanted me to agree that we would just do kissing and maybe a little rubbing. I told her that would be ok but I hoped the boys would be able to stop at just kissing.

We met up as planned; I was wearing some tight pants to showed off my ass and a silky blouse to give a view of what little cleavage I have. Stacy had on a short skirt and a low cut blouse that really showed off her tits. We had a nice dinner and some drinks but everyone was anxious to head back to our house.

Stacy and I went into the Kitchen after we arrived to mix some margaritas. While in the kitchen, I asked Stacy if she is ready to go through with this. She seemed a little nervous but said she was.

She reminded me that it would only be kissing. Stacy said that she wanted to have a couple of margaritas first; she said she needed a little more liquid courage.

After the first margaritas are downed; Stacy and I got refills. In the kitchen, I asked her if she is ready.

She took a big gulp of a margarita and said “Sure.”

I dimmed the lights we come back into the living room. I sat down next to Tom on the couch and Stacy sat next to Sam on the loveseat. Tom nervously reached over for me and leaned down to kiss me. Our lips touched and we kissed but not real passionate. I’m a little disappointed but I decide to try a little harder. We started to kiss again and this time I let my tongue do some exploring. I met his tongue and his hands started to explore also. Things had definitely heated up.

Tom’s hands were rubbing my body, I could tell he was not sure how far to go. I tuned my body a little so his hands could get at my tits. He hesitantly felt my left breast. I gave him a moan to let him know that it was okay and felt good. Tom took my sign and rubbed harder on my tits playing with my hard nipples through my silky blouse and bra. We were making out like high school kids.

I glanced over and saw Stacy and Sam hotly kissing with Sam rubbing Stacy’s big tits. My focus shifted back to Stacy’s husband. Tom was kissing my ear and how great my tits felt in his hands. My left hand was on his right thigh. My hand inched up Tom's thigh to his crotch. I was a little nervous because Stacy said only kissing, but I could see that Sam was all over Stacy’s tits so I proceeded higher up his thigh. I slid my hand up over his cock and lightly bushed it. Tom shifted a little to give me better access. He clearly wanted me to rub his dick. Tom whispered in my ear that he loves what I’m doing and please don't stop. I squeezed and rubbed his hard cock through his pants. We had been at this for about 20 minutes by now.

I heard some noise and then a moan from Sam across the room. Before I can look, Tom whispers that Stacy had Sam’s dick out. I whipped my head around and I could see though the dim lights that Sam’s pants were undone and Stacy had his cock in her hands stroking it. At first I’m mad, "She said just kissing.” Then I decided what the hell, I kissed Tom and reached down to his pants. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. I slid my hand in and felt his hard cock.

Tom groaned in my ear, “Keep going.” I pulled his cock out, it felt different than hubby’s not as big but very nice. This was the first cock I had my hands on since Sam and I started dating. It was so exciting my pussy was juicy wet. I started stroking his cock as his breathing got heaver and faster.

Tom had one hand rubbing my tits and the other slipped to my thigh. He slipped his hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy over my pants. The only thing I can think of is “Damn, I wish I was wearing a skirt.” It felt so good to have him rub me, even over my pants, while I stroked his cock. I really wanted him to slip his hand in my pants.

I looked down at his cock and was thinking that I wanted to taste it. Tom could tell I was thinking of sucking him and was gently trying to guide my head down to his dick.

Abruptly I held Stacy say, “Tom, I think we need to go to get the babysitter home on time.”

“Oh, shit your right.”

I put Tom's cock back in his pants and zip him up. After we have one more kiss, we said goodnight and they are out the door. As we watched them drive off, Sam pulled my cloths off; he saw my panties are soaked.

“A little excited are we?”

I told him to shut up and get that big cock in me. Sam gets me on the floor and slams his cock into me. We were both so excited that we both came very quickly.

I asked Sam if he enjoyed rubbing Stacy’s tits and having her rub his cock. By the huge load he just shot into my pussy I knew the answer.

Sam replied that “Oh yes I did, did you enjoy fondling Tom’s dick?”

“Yes I did, but what happened to just kissing though?” I asked Sam.

Sam just smiled and said he wasn’t sure, “Stacy seemed to get very excited when I reached under her skirt.”

"You dog." I tell him. “Was she wet?” I asked him

“As wet as you were. Once my fingers hit her pussy her she groaned ‘Oh God!’ into my ear and grabbed my dick.”

“Did she cum?”

“I think she was about to and that startled her, that’s why I think they suddenly had to go home.”

We talked for a while longer as Sam’s cum dripped out of my pussy. He asked me if I thought we should take the next step? We both knew what that was but did not say the word.

I kissed him and said if it gives us great sex like this we’d be crazy not to.

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