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Our Path to Husband Swapping Part 6

We swap for the second time.
This is the continuation of the story of our couple swap. If you haven’t read our other stories we had just done our 1 st full swap with our friends Stacy and Tom.

Sam and I had just gotten in the car after having our first full swap with another couple. Sam’s buddy Tom had just fucked me twice, cumming in me both times. Sam had just done the same with Tom’s wife Stacy, fucking her 2 times. It was quiet in the car as we started to drive home, I didn’t know what to say. I reached over and put my hand in Sam’s lap, starting to rub his dick. His cock responded and so did Sam with a moan. Sam asked me to tell him how things went with Tom. I told him all the details of Tom fucking me all the while stroking his dick over his pants. When I had finished Sam told me about how he changed Stacy’s mind and they fucked. As we pulled in the drive way I told Sam I really wanted to taste his cock to see if I could taste any of Stacy’s juice on him. Sam told me that she was wet enough and he would love to have my lips on his cock.

We hurried to our bedroom and pulled our clothes off. I started licking Sam’s dick tasting a hint of Stacy’s sweet juices. Most had been rubbed off or diluted by Sam’s cum but I sucked on. Sam pulled my head up and said that he wanted his dick in me. I was only happy to oblige. Sam moved up on the bed, on to his back, knowing how much I like being on top. I crawled up over him lined up my pussy over his hard cock. With a quick whoosh my pussy took Sam’s cock deep inside me. His cock a little bigger than Toms and felt great inside me where just earlier Tom had shot his cum.

Sam reached up and started grabbing at my tits and I couldn’t help but think about the fact that they were smaller that the ones Sam had played with earlier. But Sam’s kisses on my nipples and hungrily squeezing of my tits made me feel better that he was enjoying them. I could see in Sam’s face that he was about to cum as my orgasm was building. He shot his load in me but I kept on riding him telling him we weren’t done till I was done. I came shortly after and we collapsed on the bed.

As we lay on the bed Sam asked me if I wanted to swap again. I told him that I really enjoyed it but the best part was ending up with his dick in me at the end. I told him that I would love for us all to be in the same room and watch Stacy’s face as Sam’s wonderful cock slid inside her. Sam kissed me and said that it was going to be up to me to convince Stacy to fuck in the same room because she had told him that she didn’t think she could do that.

I waited a couple days and called Stacy, I wasn’t sure what to say. How do you say, did you have fun fucking my husband because I enjoyed your husband cumming in me? We had some small talk till I just broke the ice and asked her if she had any regrets.

Stacy said, “Oh no, I’m just glad you and Tom did it. That sounds bad but I would have felt terrible if Sam and I had done it after I said that I wasn’t going to.”

I told her not to worry about. I asked her if she wanted to do it again. She quickly answered yes; I could hear the excitement in her voice. I asked her how she felt about all fucking in the same room. Her excitement turned to hesitation.

“I’m not sure about that yet, do you mind if we do it in separate rooms again? There is still something about my husband watching me fuck another man. But I did really like fucking Sam if you don’t mind me saying so,” Stacy said.

I told her ok but to also think about how exciting a 4some would be. I was encouraged as I think that was the first time I had heard her say “fuck”. Stacy then asked if we get together this weekend, I could hear her excitement coming back. We decided that we would do an early dinner and go back to our place to get them home in time for their babysitter.

Sam was equally excited when I told him our plans for Saturday. He said he wasn’t surprised that Stacy wasn’t ready for a foursome in the same room but he agreed that her language was loosening up. He thought that she would eventually go for it.

Stacy and Tom arrived at our house and we all had a round of margaritas. I expected it to be a little uncomfortable but it really wasn’t at all. Tom even followed me into the kitchen and gave me a big kiss telling me he could wait till after dinner. I reached down and squeezed his hard cock and told him I could see he was excited and so was I.

Dinner went fast as it seemed we were all in a hurry to get back to the house. As we walked to the car I asked Sam to switch places with Stacy so she and I could talk on the way home. I scooted next to Stacy in the back seat and asked her if she had thought about fucking in the same room. I put my hand on her leg as I whispered in her ear. She told me that she didn’t think she was ready and hoped I wouldn’t be mad. As I told her it was ok, I was really getting turned on with my hand feeling her leg and smelling her perfume. I kept whispering to her so I could say close and keep my hand on her thigh. I even caught myself look down her blouse at her breasts. I told her that she smelled great. She reached down and put her hand on my mine on her thigh. I thought she might move my hand but she didn’t. She leaned in close and told me that I smelled good too. My pussy was really getting wet but I didn’t make do any more with her.

We arrived back at the house and I got everyone another Margarita. I pulled Sam aside and told him that I wanted to use our bedroom and that when we were done he was to tell them goodnight and meet me in our bed. Sam gave me a puzzled look and said ok. After a short little chat I got up grabbed my drink and grabbed Tom’s hand saying I wanted to show him something in our bedroom. Tom picked up his drink and we headed to the bedroom. As we walked upstairs I could see and hear Sam and Stacy grabbing and kissing each other.

Tom and I kissed as I started pulling his cloths off. I worked my way from his taking his shirt off to pulling his pants down. Tom was naked in front of me with his cock pointing at me. I knelt down and starting sucking him. With Tom’s dick in my mouth an idea hit me. I stood up and said to Tom, “Let’s go see what they are doing.”

Tom looked down at his cock and said, “But I’m naked.”

I said ok and I took my clothes off too. “What’s your excuse now? Let’s go see what they are doing.”

We crept down the hall and peeked down the stairs. Sam and Stacy were both naked with Sam standing in front of Stacy, she was on her knees. She had Sam’s cock in her mouth and from the sounds Sam was making was doing a hell of a job. We watched for a little while with Tom leaning over my back. Tom started rubbing my tits and grinding his cock against my ass. We had watched enough.

When got back to the bedroom I got on the bed and spread my legs inviting Tom in for a taste. Tom dove right in and licked me good. I came hard after a sweet licking from Tom’s tongue. I pulled Tom up to me and gave him a big kiss. I told him that I wanted him in me. I rolled over on to my hands and knees. I spread my legs and looked back at him telling him to mount up. Tom came in behind me and slid his cock into my pussy. He whispered how he loved fucking me doggie. Tom was very excited and it didn’t take him too long before he shot his load into my pussy. I rolled over and lay on my back. I pulled Tom up to kiss me. As we kissed I stroked his cock till he was hard again.

I opened my legs and told him that he looked like he was ready for round 2. Tom rolled over on top of me and began to tease my pussy with his cock. My pussy was already very wet with Tom’s cum and my juices, so Tom’s dick was sliding all around my pussy. I looked up at him and begged him to put it in. Tom kept sliding his cock around my pussy lips. He could tell I was about to burst so he slammed his dick in me. Tom was fucking me hard now. I started to cum which made him fuck harder. Tom then shot his 2 nd load into me. Tom rolled off me and said that was incredible. I kissed him and told him love it too. Tom looked at the clock and said the he should get dressed and see if Sam and Stacy have finished, they needed to get home to the babysitter.

I told Tom that I was just going to lay there and enjoy his cum in me. As he got dressed I told Tom to tell Stacy goodnight for me and to please ask Sam to come in here after he saw them out.

A short time later, Sam came walking into the bedroom. “What are you doing with clothes on?” I asked him.

Sam took his clothes off quickly and jumped into bed. I told Sam that I wanted his big cock in me. My pussy was full of Tom’s cum and I want to feel him fuck me with my pussy full of cum. Sam hesitated when he saw the cum oozing out of my pussy but only for a moment. When he shoved his cock in, Tom’s cum squished out. The feeling was incredible, made me wonder if this was how a gang bang felt. I could tell Sam was enjoying it too, he was grunting loudly as he fucked me. I started to shake as I was cumming again and a few more hard grunts and Sam was adding to my already cum soaked pussy. We lay there for a while and then I got up to clean off the cum I soaked in. The sheets would need to be changed as there was a very big wet spot in the middle of the bed.

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