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Our Stories: Break Time in the Back Room

My wife christens our new office with a back room blow job

In 2007, my business partners and I decided to take our business from a side business to a full time business. With that, we chose a nice retail shop on a busy street in our home town. The place needed a lot of work, but we got it for a great price.

Since neither of my partners are particularly handy, I was doing a lot of the work myself. That meant very many long nights of hanging drywall, running wires, and fixing all the little things that needed to happen to open up.

With a week to go before opening, the final push was on. I was spending nearly all my time at the new shop. Of course, that meant I wasn’t home with Sheri very much. She actually started coming over to the shop to help me paint or clean or whatever jobs she could do. It was sweet that she just wanted to be around and be some kind of help.

A few days before opening, I was really stressed out. When Sheri got out of work that day, around 3:30, she came right to the shop without going home. I’m sure in some part of my mind I was excited she was coming, but in the moment I was so scattered that I completely forgot.

When she arrived, she found me in our network room, covered in dry wall dust and dirt, hanging an equipment rack on the wall.

“Hey, how is it going?” she asked as she entered the room.

“OK,” I replied. “Just so much to do. I wish I had some help for some of this bigger stuff.”

I was pouring sweat and Sheri could tell how exhausted I was. Sheri walked out of the room. I didn’t really pay much attention to what she was doing as I just went back to focusing on the task at hand.

I finished hanging the rack and tightened up the screws. I threw down the drill I was using, causing a long bang as it hit the table.

“Are you done with that?” Sheri yelled from the other room.

“Yeah, I just need to start putting the equipment in now,” I answered.

As I started opening boxes, Sheri re-entered the room and took me by the hand.

“Come with me for a minute,” she said clutching my hand tightly.

“Did you find something else I missed?” I asked her.

She paused for a moment and then replied, “No, not exactly.”

We went into the back room we planned to use for storage. She pulled the curtain closed, I hadn’t had a chance to hang the door on that doorway yet. I stood in the middle of the room getting ready to ask her what we were doing.

As I turned around, Sheri had her shirt off and was unhooking her bra. Her naked breasts swayed slightly as she slowly walked toward me.

“You need a break,” she said as she got closer.

“Baby, I know, but I have so much to do and look at me, I’m a mess,” I replied.

She kissed me then put her finger over my lips.

“Shhhh,” she said. “I know what you need. I need it too.”

Her hands found my belt and started to unbuckle it. Sheri slowly and sensually dropped to her knees in front of me, never breaking eye contact. She continued to unbutton and unzip my jeans. Once loosened, she pulled them down just enough to allow my hard on to spring forward in front of her face.

“Did you even lock the door?” I asked quietly.

Sheri shook her head, no, as her tongue extended and found my cock for the first time.

She said, “I didn’t. Maybe someone will walk in and catch us. Better be quick about this.”

Before I could reply, she took my rod into her mouth and started to suck on me slowly. I moaned in response.

I braced myself against the wall as she increased both speed and pressure. I watched as she took me out of his mouth and licked my cock from balls to tip. Her tongue swirled around my head before plunging me back into her mouth.

My breathing became heavy as I felt my dick hitting the back of her throat. She reached around and grabbed my legs, urging me to push deeper.

Her hand then wrapped around my shaft. Sheri started jerking me off into her mouth as she blew me. Her other hand cupped her breast as she squeezed.

We made eye contact as she looked up at me. I mouthed the words I love you to her without making a sound. She continued jerking me off hard and fast with my cock head still engulfed by her mouth.

Sheri’s hand squeezed her nipple hard. I moaned loudly as I could feel the pre-cum building up. She took me out of her mouth and slapped my hard cock against her tongue and lips.

“Cum for me baby,” she said as she gripped my dick hard.

She squeezed my cock so tight it hurt and then proceeded to frantically rub my head against her tongue.

“Come on baby, give it to me,” she whispered as she continued jerking and licking me at the same time. “Cum in my mouth.”

My legs started to tense and she knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. She took my entire length back into her mouth and started sucking fast and hard. Her head bobbed up and down on my dick. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth.

Now both her hands were grabbing and rubbing her tits as I fucked her mouth. As I felt the cum swelling in my cock, I stopped fucking her mouth and grabbed her by her hair. I completely stopped pushing and could just feel her tongue gently gliding on my shaft.

I held out as long as I could. Sheri closed her eyes as the cum fired from my dick filling her waiting mouth. Her lips were closed tight around me and the cum started to trickle out of the sides of her mouth.

She kept her mouth closed around me until every last drop had emptied into her. She swallowed my juice with her lips still closed on my dick.

I was breathing heavy as she finally released me from her mouth. I looked down to see my cum slowly dripping from my gorgeous wife’s mouth.

She used her thumb to scoop up the remaining cum from the corners of her mouth. Sheri licked the cum off her fingers and swallowed it, making eye contact with me to be sure I saw.

Sheri took me back into her mouth and then licked whatever cum was left on my head and shaft.

She looked up and said, “Now, you better get back to work.”

She stood up, put on her shirt, kissed me on the cheek, and walked out of the room. I stood there still in a fog of ecstasy and disbelief as I heard the front door open and shut.



My wife and I have been married for 15 years and have been together since we were only 16 years old. Over the years, we’ve grown as lovers and had a wide variety of sexual experiences. As we’ve gotten older, our experiences have only gotten more and more intense and satisfying. Recently, we have been really turned on telling others about our stories and decided it would be fun to post a sort of history to our favorite erotic story site. There will be many, many stories written and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed making them happen.


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