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Our Stories: How it all began

My future wife and I sneak away on a school trip
I’ve been a musician as long as I can remember. My grandfather was a jazz piano and saxophone player and started teaching me how to play before my fifth birthday. As I got older, I immersed myself in music any way I could. In high school, that included being a member of the marching, concert, and jazz bands. My first day of freshman year, I walked into home room and someone I had never seen had the seat right next to me. I was a shy kid, so I didn’t introduce myself or anything like that. I heard her talking to a friend of mine and say her name was Sheri. Little did I know it, but that girl would be my wife and I was in love with her from the moment I laid eyes on her for the first time.

A couple of months later, we started dating. We did all the normal high school stuff, trips to the mall with friends, pizza after football games, etc. The summer before sophomore year, she decided to join the color guard which meant I’d see her every day, all summer at marching band practice. That summer is when we started to sneak off for make out sessions all over the school. She was so beautiful. She was 5’ 6” with naturally curly brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and a smile to die for. The most magnificent body I had ever seen, she weighed about 115 lbs., with luscious 34DD breasts and a fantastic ass.

Over the summer, our make out sessions progressed into a steady diet of breast kissing and licking, hand jobs, and fingering her while we were hidden away in some empty classroom or supply closet. Like any 16 year old boy, I wanted things to progress. She was a good girl, religious, and didn’t think we should have sex just yet. Obviously I wanted more, but to be honest, as long as she let me see, kiss, touch, and do basically anything else I wanted with her tits, I was a really happy boyfriend.

We dated exclusively for the next two years. Our relationship had grown as did our sexual times. We went parking basically every night. For my seventeenth birthday, she gave me my first blow job in the front seat of my parent’s car. She wouldn’t let me finish in her mouth, but I didn’t care.

On another occasion, this one on her parent’s enclosed back porch, she gave me a long, slow blow job then let me cum on her tits. I could tell this really excited her. She knelt in front of me rubbing my cum soaked head on her nipples and between her breasts. Then out of nowhere, she started licking my head to taste the cum that was still left.

She looked up at me and said, “I wanted to finally see what it tastes like. I like it and you’ll be glad that I do too.”

I swear I almost shot another load just by her saying that.

That brings us to May 1991, the annual band trip. This one was going to be special though. Normally we would go to amusement parks to perform and get a day to enjoy the park. But that year, our jazz band had won a national competition and was invited to perform and compete at a jazz festival in Myrtle Beach, SC. Even better than that, our marching band was asked to perform in some parade for the festival, so the entire band and color guard were going on the trip. That meant a week staying at a hotel right on the beach with my girlfriend. I couldn’t have been more excited.

It was a 16 hour ride from PA to SC. Unfortunately, the chaperones wouldn’t allow us to sit together on the bus. I don’t know what they were thinking honestly, only prolonging the inevitable in my mind. We’d sneak kisses on our stops, but mostly didn’t get to talk much on the way down.

The jazz competition was the second to last day we were there, so we did have practices daily until then. It only took an hour or so of time though. The first day, the day of the parade, it was rainy. So after the parade was over, most people headed off to the strip to walk around the shops and generally get away from chaperones.

Sheri and I never left each other that day. We’d find little hidden corners of shops where we’d make out. I’d lightly touch her breasts over her clothes and she’d stroke my extremely hard cock through my shorts. We were just bidding our time until an opportunity presented itself. 

The next morning was sunny and hot, close to 100 degrees if I remember correctly. A bunch of the guys bought boogie boards the day before so we hit the beach early to enjoy the cool water. We were at the beach for about an hour when one of the guys mentioned that other people were finally heading to the beach, including the girls. Now there were other couples on trip, but in a few minutes, my girlfriend would be the main topic of discussion for not only the guys from the band, but every male on that beach.

Sheri walked down the beach with her friends wearing one of my t-shirts. Since I’m 6’5” and she’s 5’6”, everything was covered. She spread out her towel and knelt down. When she crossed her arms and lifted off her t-shirt, it was like something out of a dream. She had on a pink and yellow bikini that barely covered her massive breasts. Her stomach was toned and tight and her bottoms showed off her ass like nothing I’d ever seen her wear before. To be honest, I stared just as much as any other guy.

When we walked up the beach out of the water, boogie boards hiding the giant erections, I walked right up to her and told her how hot she looked. I told her all the guys in the water were talking about her and telling me how lucky I was.

She said, “Meet me tonight and I’ll show how lucky you are.”

That night, there was a planned event for the whole group until 6:00pm. Then we had free time on the strip until 9:00pm when we supposed to be back at the bus to go back to the hotel. Our plan was to sneak away from our friends and head back to the hotel. We’d meet in my room around 6:45.

After a while, I went back up to my room with a few of the guys to get lunch and chill out. I watched Sheri from the balcony as she lay in the sun getting her incredible body tanned. Watching one of her friends rub oil on her made me want to jerk off right on the balcony, but I restrained myself.

Something else interesting happened that day. I watched one guy from the beach after another walk up to her to hit on her. I could tell she was enjoying the attention, but I have to admit….I was enjoying it too. Watching her smile and flirt was sexy, especially noticing the guys staring at her body and praying they’d get what I was going to that night.

We got kind of dressed up for the event that night and Sheri looked amazing. She wore short shorts and an extremely tight tank top. She sat next to me at dinner and gave me flirty glances and smiles throughout the event. At one point, she started rubbing my leg under the table. As she inched closer and closer to my hardening cock, she would pull her hand away to tease me. It was fantastic!! Looking back on it now, everyone at the table knew what was going on and were polite enough not to say anything.

6:00 didn’t get there fast enough. We made sure, as everyone exited the restaurant, that chaperones saw us give each other a kiss and head out in different directions with our friends. No idea if it actually worked or not, but we thought the show would throw everyone off just enough. I walked along the strip with a few friends; most of them knew the plan. They stopped to talk with a group of girls then popped into an arcade at about 6:10. At precisely 6:15, I looked at the exit to make sure the coast was clear, told my buddies to cover for me, and headed for the door.

As I walked through the exit and made a right turn toward the hotel, one of the chaperones, the father of a close friend of mine stopped me. He said, “Where the hell are you going?” I’m sure I looked like a dear in headlights as I stammered for a response. Then he put his arm around my shoulders and started walking toward the hotel.

He said, “I know exactly where you’re going and I don’t blame you one bit. Be careful and use protection. I’ll tell the other parents you were feeling good if someone asks.”

I smiled, thanked him, and took off for the hotel.

The last ten blocks or so, I ran at a pretty good pace to make sure I was there on time. Looked at my watch, only 6:40. I got up to my room, charged through the door, and frantically threw all the clothes and garbage somewhere other than the floor. I went into the bathroom and washed up a bit so I wasn’t a sweaty mess when she showed up, turned up the air conditioning, and lay on the bed waiting as patiently as I could.

6:50, 6:55, 7:00, 7:00, damnit!! Where is she? Did a chaperone catch her and make her go back. Did she get cold feet and chicken out? Did she let her friends talk her out of it? Then came a knock on the door.

I opened the door and there she stood, wearing her bikini from that morning. She said, “I thought you’d like to get to take it off.”

I closed the door behind her. We kissed for a few minutes, our hands working our way all over each other’s bodies. She broke our kiss far too soon and walked away from me into the room.

She told me to lie on the bed and I certainly wasn’t going to argue. I took my shirt off leaving me in only a pair of shorts, my erection clearly showing my excitement. I watched her gorgeous ass sway across the room as she walked to the windows to close the curtains.

She turned to me, her blue eyes gleaming in the soft light of the room, and pulled one string of her bikini so the straps dropped from her neck and shoulders. Her cleavage was now calling my lips as she very slowly walked toward me.

She leaned down and pressed her massive breasts against my mouth. My lips parted to slowly feel her soft flesh brush across them. She kissed my neck and moved up to my ear. She whispered, “Go ahead, take it off.”

I reached around her and unhooked her bikini top. Her beautiful tits sprung from their sling. She rubbed her hard nipples across my lips inviting my tongue. I gladly licked her nipples and sucked on them gently. A soft moan came from her mouth as my tongue caressed her breasts.

With her breast still firmly in my mouth, she slid her hand down my body and started to unbutton my shorts. It seemed like it took her forever because, as I sucked and licked her tits, she would pull away momentarily to enjoy the sensation. Finally, she pushed her hand into my shorts and started to rub my cock. Slow at first, gentle pressure just to let me know she was enjoying herself.

After a few minutes of gentle rubbing, I slowly bit down on her nipple sending a ripple of pleasure through her body. She squeezed my member with all her might and felt the pre-cum start to ooze from the tip. She shifted her body enough so I moved from her right to left breast. She was breathing pretty heavy by now and I could tell she was ready for more.

I reached over with my arm that was pinned under her body and brushed it against her bikini bottoms. I grabbed the inside of her thigh and starting sliding my hand up her strong, toned leg. When I reached the promised land, she was already moist with excitement. I pressed my index finger against her and started softly rubbing her pussy through her bottoms.

I said to her, “Make love to me. I love you. We’re ready.”

She lifted her breast from my face area, pulled on my dick with a tight grasp and responded, “Not tonight baby, not yet. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you though.”

She let go of me and stepped away from my fingers. She stood there for just a moment, her breasts still glistening with my saliva, and then she put both hands on her hips and starting sliding her bottoms off. We had been together for years and I had seen her naked many times, but for some reason this was different. She was awe inspiring, beautiful, perfect.

She walked back close to the bed and helped me pull my shorts off. My 7” cock was standing at full attention waiting for her. Sheri looked up at me, winked, and said, “I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

Within seconds, she was licking my cock from the tip to the base and back. Over and over she did it, driving me insane with anticipation. She climbed up on the bed and rested between my legs, continuing to lick my entire dick. I thought for sure she was going to blow me like she had countless times before, but she was just licking and licking and licking. Finally I realized she was trying to lube me up.

Sheri slid her body up and let my cock slide between her breasts. She pumped her chest back and forth a few times and then continued to move up my body. Finally, she pressed her soaking wet pussy against my dick and started grinding against it. She grabbed both my hands and put them on her tits and made me squeeze them hard. I used my fingers to play with and pinch her nipples as she rose up and down on my shaft. She moaned with pleasure as she found, what I assumed as a seventeen year old was, her G-spot. Then she changed.

She started riding me hard and fast, not moving my head from that one spot. She started panting and I could feel the sweat forming on her tits.

I asked her if she liked that and she said, “God yes.”

I pinched her nipples again, this time hard enough to hurt her just a little and her eyes told me that it was a good thing. She could feel the cum starting to build up in me and started to slow down. She said, “Not yet. I want to feel your cum on my tits.”

I told her I wanted to feel her pussy. She moved up in the bed to lie next to me. I immediately started to finger her. I pressed my fingers against her slit hard and rubbed the same spot she was grinding on my cock. She took my dick back into her hands and just held it as I pleasured her. Sheri was moaning very loud now. I started to probe my fingers around her opening while still rubbing her pussy with my thumb.

“Go ahead, put it in,” she sighed. I pushed my finger inside of her, the first thing that had ever breached my girl’s pussy.

She gasped as I pushed my finger deep inside of her. I started to pull it out and she said, “No, more, give me more.”

I slammed my finger back inside of her and she yelped something that sounded like half pleasure and half pain.

“Yes, yes, yes, more,” she screamed as I fucked her with my finger. I continued to rub my thumb on her pussy while my finger shot in and out of her.

She grabbed the back of my head and commanded, “Suck on my tits while you do it.” Without hesitation, I took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked on her as she wished.

After a few more minutes of listening to her moan and scream, she said, “Ok, slow down. It’s too much.”

I asked, “Don’t you want me to make you cum?”

She said, “I don’t know if I can. I want to suck you. I want to taste you in my mouth and I want to feel your warm cum on my tits.”

Without another word, she knelt on the bed and took my dick into her mouth. Most times, she tried to ease into blow jobs. Start slow and be seductive and sexy…not this time. She immediately started sucking me like all she wanted was my cum in her mouth.

I watched as her head bobbed up and down and my cock disappeared into her mouth. I reached down and grabbed her tits while she sucked and squeezed her nipples hard like I had recently found out that she liked.

She started to gag a little bit as she took my whole length into her mouth. She did this several times and it felt fucking amazing.

“Are you ready?” she said as she took me out of her mouth and started licking me. “I want your cum. I want your cum on tits,” she seemed to plead with me.

Sheri grabbed me by the hand as if to help me up. She lay on her back and pulled my dick back to her mouth. She licked me again just get her saliva all over me and asked me to do the same to her breasts before we started. I pressed my tongue between her tits, coating her, readying her for my throbbing cock.

I straddled her body and she squeezed her tits together inviting my dick to part them. I slowly slid my cock between her breasts and her hand met my head as it pushed through the crevice. I grunted my delight in feeling her tits wrapped around my dick and her fingers fondling my cock head.

“Come on baby, don’t hold back,” she said to me.

I pushed harder against her and she moaned her approval. She tightened her grip around her breasts making it almost hard for me to push through. At seventeen and the night we’d had, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

Within a few minutes I was slamming my cock against her gorgeous tits, fucking her tits with all the power I had. We were both grunting and breathing heavily.

As she started to wrap her hand around my shaft as it poked through her breasts, she said, “Cum on me baby. I want it. Cum all over me.”

With that, I slowed my pace just slightly as the cum started to explode from my cock. She held her tits tight around me as my cum continued to pour onto her body. I watched as it ran down her chest onto her neck, her fingers looked like they were webbed with my sticky love juice.

She took my head and rubbed it against her nipples enjoying the last drops. Letting go of me with her right hand, she started to caress my dick and balls lightly with her left. Sheri proceeded to lick the cum from her fingers, saying, “It’s so hot baby” as she lapped up more and more from her hands.

We laid there for a few moments reviling in the evening.

I rolled over to her and whispered, “I love you so much baby.”

She responded, “I love you too. You’re everything to me.”

We kissed and held each other for a little while before we realized we had to get back to the bus before anyone would suspect something happened.

We went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Sheri put her bikini back on and headed to her room. She said meet me at the back door in fifteen minutes.

When Sheri appeared from the elevator a few minutes later, she was dressed neatly back in the clothes she was in for the dinner earlier that evening. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail and asked if we could walk the beach back to the strip. We walked hand in hand up the beach back to where the rest of the group would be. We didn’t say much, just enjoyed the last moments we’d have together where we were truly alone.

Before we got back to the bus, I pulled her close to me, kissed her as passionately as I could imagine and told her how much I loved her. When we saw our friends getting onto the bus, there were quite a few winks and smiles. The looks on our faces must have given everything away.

I got to kiss her one last time before we both headed off to our rooms.


My wife and I have been married for 15 years and have been together since we were only 16 years old. Over the years, we’ve grown as lovers and had a wide variety of sexual experiences. As we’ve gotten older, we’re soon to be 40, our experiences have only gotten more and more intense and satisfying. Recently, we have been really turned on telling others about our stories and decided it would be fun to post a sort of history to our favorite erotic story site. There will be many, many stories written and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed making them happen.

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