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Our Stories: Junior Prom

My future wife and I attend the junior prom
A week after our trip to South Carolina, Sheri and I made love for the first time. I think we’d both love to say it was fantastic, but it was what you’d expect for two seventeen year olds. It was awkward, kind of rushed, and ended way too quickly. We were in my bedroom in my parents' house and they were sleeping about fifty feet from where we were. Even though it wasn’t as great as we’d wanted it to be, we both couldn’t wait to try again. The junior prom was mere weeks away and we both knew that was our next chance.

When prom night finally came, I made sure everything was in order. I didn’t have my own car yet, so I had to borrow my mom’s Plymouth Acclaim. I hated that car, but it had bench seats in front and back so I thought we’d have plenty of room to be with each other. Normally, when we went parking, we either took Sheri’s car or I borrowed my sister’s. They were both small and uncomfortable at best. The Acclaim sucked, but it would serve our purposes better than any other option.

I went to Sheri’s house about an hour before the prom was supposed to start. Her parents wanted to take pictures and what not. Her dad answered the door when I got there; he hated me back then. I can’t blame him. I was much, much bigger than him so he didn’t scare me. I was shy, so I didn’t talk much. Most importantly, he knew that there was nothing I wanted more than to fuck his daughter every chance I got.

When Sheri finally emerged from her bedroom, I was speechless. She looked amazing! She had on a tight blue dress that highlighted every curve of her body. Six inch heels that made her legs look like they went on forever. Her cleavage was covered by a blue lace material that went all the way up to her neck. It was so sexy; I couldn’t wait to peel it from her body later that night.

“You look so beautiful,” I said to her as I kissed her on the check.

She responded, “Thank you. You look so handsome too.”

I pinned her flower on her dress, making sure to cop a quick feel while I could. We posed for pictures and made small talk for a few minutes.

“What time is the dance over?” her father asked.

“Eleven o’clock,” Sheri answered. That was a total lie, it ended at ten.

He looked me in eye from a distance and said, “Have my daughter home no later than midnight.”

“Yes sir,” I quickly responded.

They took a few more pictures as we left and as I helped her into the car and then we were on our way.

“Your dad really hates me doesn’t he?” I said half-jokingly.

“He just doesn’t really know you yet,” she answered. “You’ll grow on them.”

She turned the radio on and changed the stations until she found something she liked. The one thing we didn’t agree on was music. I was into rock and jazz; she liked dance music and R&B. I rolled my eyes when she found some dance song on the radio and started moving to the music in the front seat.

“You’re gonna dance with me tonight, right?” she asked.

“I told you, I don’t dance,” I answered. “Maybe the slow ones.”

“Oh come on,” she said. “You know I love to dance and it makes me so excited. Besides, you’ll like the way I dance to my kind of music.”

I looked over and she was bending in front of me so I could see her fantastic cleavage. I said, “If you’re trying to persuade me, it’s not gonna work.”

She reached her hand across the seat and started the slide it up my leg and said, “I don’t know, I can be pretty persuasive when I want to be.”

“Not a chance,” I said defiantly.

She reached up and grabbed ahold of my stiff cock and said sexily, “Please baby?”

I shook my head no in response, hoping that she got the hint to keep going. She unzipped my fly and pressed her hand inside my pants. She moved through the hole in my boxers and started to rub my dick.

“Please baby? Will you dance with me please?” she pleaded.

I let out a soft sigh and said, “Sorry baby, I’m just not a dancer.”

“Are you sure about that?” she asked.

She undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled me out of my boxers.

“Pull over,” she said.

I pulled the car over to the side of the road. It was a rural road that wound through an industrial park before reaching the prom site.

“Someone will see,” I said to her.

I put the car in park, but left the engine running.

“Put your seat back as far as it will go,” she said.

I did as she asked. She took her seatbelt off and then mine. Sheri pushed the bottom of my shirt out of the way, leaned over, and took my cock into her mouth. I could hear cars going by outside, but couldn’t focus enough to tell whether someone actually stopped or not.

She would suck me for a few seconds, then lick and kiss my cockhead.

“You’re gonna dance with me, right?” she said quickly, before putting me back into her mouth.

Catching my breath, I responded, “Keep going baby and I’ll do anything you want.”

She put all of me into her mouth and bobbed up and down with my full length in the mouth. When she took me out, she said, “That’s a good boy.”

The warmth of her mouth was like heaven and I jumped a bit as she grabbed my balls. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to jerk me into her mouth. I watched her head go up and down on my cock as she vigorously jerked my dick. She closed her eyes and increased the pace. As the pre-cum started to bubble out of my dick, I could hear her making "mmm" sounds and moaning lightly. I put my hand on her outstretched back and slid it down to her ass.

She took me out of her mouth and said, “I have another surprise for you.”

Without saying anything else, she put me back into her mouth and continued her frantic blow job. I continued rubbing her ass then I moved my hand down to the bottom of her dress. I grabbed the end of her dress and started to move it up to expose her legs. I put my hand under her dress and found her surprise for me. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

I pressed my hands against her ass and found her wet pussy with my fingers. She wiggled a little to give me some more room as I ran my finger against her clit.

I was just about to start fingering my sweetheart when the feeling started to come over me. Sheri could feel the cum start to build in my dick, which only made her suck harder and jerk me faster.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” I groaned.

That usually meant she would pull off and give me a hand job, but not tonight. Sheri kept going fast and hard until my cum shot into her mouth. I thought she would pull off, but again she shocked me. Stream and stream of hot cum shot into her mouth and Sheri just kept sucking every last drop. Once she knew I was finished, she pulled her mouth off of me, looked me in the eye and let me watch her swallow my load.

“Can’t have dancing all night with cum all over your boxers,” she said with a smile.

She leaned down and licked the last of the cum from my cock. I pulled my boxers back up and tucked my shirt back in as best as I could. She moved her dress back down and put her seatbelt back on. I put my seat back to its normal position and started to drive the rest of the way to the prom.

When we got to the prom, we went in like nothing at all happened. We sat with our friends and had dinner. The dancing started and I knew I had to hold up my end of the bargain after the mesmerizing blow job she had given me only hours before. So we danced. Dancing with Sheri is like fucking her with clothes on. Something happens to her when that music starts; she becomes something else. I had my hands all over her and she constantly pressed her ass against my crotch. Knowing she had no panties on under that dress gave me some kind of mental satisfaction as she rubbed against me.

We danced for hours. We were both sweaty, but Sheri made it look so damn good. We took a break, went to get a drink, and sat at a corner table away from the dance floor. A friend of hers came over to talk to us and after a couple minutes her boyfriend came over and they both sat at the table. They were on the other side of the table, which blocked most people’s view of us.

Sheri pushed her chair close to mine and got her legs under the table cloth. She took my hand and put it on her knee. I started to rub her knee and leg as she watched the couples dancing. She slid her chair a little further under the table. Her hand returned to mine and she started to pull my hand up her thigh and under her dress. I stopped at about her mid-thigh. She looked into my eyes, said nothing, and used her hand to move mine further up her thigh.

My fingers reached her pussy and she shifted her legs to invite me in. She put her elbows on the table to brace herself just as my finger entered her. I started to slowly finger her, getting as deep inside of her as I could. She pushed herself closer to the end of the chair and spread her legs apart as much as she could so I could get even deeper.

The table cloth hid me finger fucking her while everyone else danced and laughed. Her friend even turned around once which Sheri calmly responded with a smile. You’d never know what was happening by the look on her face.

She leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to fuck you tonight.”

She moaned softly, which was muted by the loud music, and grabbed my arm for me to stop. I slowly slid my finger out of her dripping wet pussy and rubbed my thumb against her clit. She shuttered and her legs shook as my thumb caressed her.

When my hands returned to the rest of the world, I looked Sheri in the eyes and licked the juice from my fingers. Her eyes rolled back in her head as if to tell me how hot it was that I was tasting her pussy on my fingers in the middle of our junior prom.

She went to the ladies room to freshen up while I talked with a few friends. When she returned, we went back to the dance floor to finish out the rest of the night. I knew where we were going to go afterwards. It was a spot that only she and I knew. We’d been there many times before, but I had a feeling tonight was going to be something special.

After dancing and laughing with our friends for another hour or so, the prom started to wind down and people started to head out. A few friends were having parties and were begging us to come. I remember saying we couldn’t, but I’m not sure of the reason we gave.

We drove up the mountain to our spot. You had to be hunter or at least an outdoorsman to even know how to get there. We drove about twenty minutes and turned off on an old fire road that led into the woods. About a quarter mile down the fire road, there was an old, abandoned mine tunnel that you could back the car into and disappear.

I admit now that it was like something out of a horror movie and definitely wasn’t safe. Besides the fact that some psycho could have been lurking around the woods, the tunnel itself probably could have collapsed at any moment trapping us inside. At the time, we were both too in love and too dumb to realize the danger we were probably in.

I backed the car into the tunnel and Sheri immediately climbed over the front seat into the back. There wasn’t enough room on the sides to open the doors and get out, so I had to climb over too. At 6’5” and 240lbs, it was no easy task.

I watched as Sheri took off her dress and neatly laid it over the back of the front seat. She had on a blue strapless bra that matched the color of her dress and, as I learned earlier, no panties at all.

When I finally arrived in the back seat, she started to unbutton my shirt and kiss my chest. She worked her hand down my buttons until she found my belt and started to unbuckle it. Within seconds, her hand was wrapped around my cock, stroking me swiftly.

“Make love to me,” she whispered in my ear.

I pulled my shirt and pants off so I was completely naked. I reached over and unhooked her bra so she could join me. I started to kiss her breasts and lick her hard nipples. I made sure to turn the air conditioning up nice and high so it was cold in the car.

Sheri moaned softly as I continued my assault on her hard nipples. She straddled me and I felt the wetness of her pussy start rubbing against me.

Impatient, I started to push myself against her when she said, “Wait baby, let me do it.”

She reached down and grabbed the base of my cock. Keeping me straight in the air, she aligned her opening lips over my cock head and slid down so I could enter her. I could tell it hurt as she rested her head on my shoulder and started to take long, deep breaths.

Sheri continued to slowly and gently work me into her. She used the back of hand, which was still firmly around my dick, to rub her clit as she pushed herself onto me. The breathing turned to soft moaning and after a few minutes, she removed her hand and pushed me all the way inside of her.

“Okay baby, I’m ready for you now,” she said as she started to rock her body up and down on my shaft. “It feels so much better this time.”

“I love you baby,” I whispered back to her just before suckling her tits once again.

Sheri started getting more excited and with that the pace picked up. I switched from breast to breast and back again, as I could see it was really doing the trick.

“Ooohhh,” she sighed as we began going faster.

“Is it good, baby?” I asked.

“God yes,” she replied. “Do it faster, baby.”

She leaned her body back away from me so I could get even deeper than I already was. This sent her into a frenzy. Sheri started pounding her pussy on my dick. I watched as her beautiful tits bounced up and down in rhythm with our fucking.

She stammered, “Oh, don’t stop, baby. It’s so fucking good. Oh, oh, oh, yes.”

I started to feel my love juice boiling up inside me. “I’m gonna cum, baby,” I said to her.

I wasn’t wearing a condom. Another dumb move I know, but it made situations like this even hotter.

“I want you to cum in my mouth again, just like before the prom,” she said through her moaning. “Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll blow you.”

At that point, I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. She was screaming in pleasure and fucking me back as hard as she could as well.

Not much longer passed. I tried to hold out as long as I could but the feeling was just too strong. “Now, baby, now!” I shouted to her.

She pulled herself off my body, knelt on the seat beside me, and pushed my cock into her mouth. She furiously started sucking me and within seconds the cum starting pouring into her mouth. I watched her head jerk back as the first stream clearly struck her throat.

I was in heaven. Sheri continued slowly sucking me until every drop of cum was emptied from my balls. She licked me and rubbed me with her hand and tits.

“That was amazing, baby,” she said to me.

I looked at the clock and it was 11:20 already. “Come on, I have to get you home.”

I held her for just a few moments. We kissed and smiled and talked about our great night.

We got dressed and made the climb back into the front seat. Slowly, we made our way out of the fire road back to civilization. We got to Sheri’s house at about 11:50.

“Do you want to come in for a few minutes?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said as we both got out of the car.

All the lights were off in the house except a lamp in the living room. I waited in the kitchen while Sheri walked back to her parents' room to let them know she was home.

It seemed like she was gone a very long time when she emerged from the other room wearing only a t-shirt.

“Sorry, I had to get out of that dress,” she said.

“You’ll get no complaints from me," I replied as I reached my hand under the shirt and squeezed her ass.

“You never get enough, do you?” she asked moving my hand away.

She walked toward the fridge to get something, but I wouldn’t let her get away. I grabbed her by the arm, spun her around, and pinned her up against the kitchen counter. I pressed my crotch against hers and pushed gently so she could feel my head against her bare pussy.

“Is everyone asleep?” I asked.

She shook her head yes and sighed slightly as I pushed against her harder.

She moaned again and said, “Let’s go out to the patio, but we need to be quick.”

With that, she took me by the arm and led me to the enclosed porch at the back of her house. It was mostly glass windows, but it was after midnight in our small town so we weren’t worried about getting caught.

I kissed her as soon as we got outside. She grabbed my cock through my pants and then started to undo my fly. Sheri opened my belt and buttons again and pushed me to sit in a chair. I pulled my pants down, but not completely off. Sheri quickly ripped her shirt off showing me her amazing tits again.

She knelt down in front of me, licked my dick a few times, the slid me between her breasts. Her hands held her incredible tits tight around me as she moved her body up and down on my cock.

“Mmm. You feel so good against me,” she moaned. “I’m gonna make you cum again, then send you home to dream about me.”

“Oh fuck,” I yelped as she increased the speed.

She quickly said, “Shhh. You wake my father up and I’ll never see you again.”

Sheri started tit fucking me even faster than before.

“Come on baby, I can feel it. Give it to me,” she said. “Don’t hold back, we don’t have much time. Go ahead baby, I want it.”

The words barely got out her mouth when my cum starting firing from my cock. The first shot landed on her mouth and chin, which she quickly licked up. The rest of my juice rested peacefully on her boobs. She used her hands to rub my cum into her skin, pinching her nipples as she passed them.

She kissed the tip of my dick and said, “Come on you have to go.”

I stood up and put my pants on, cum still glistening on both my cock and Sheri’s amazing breasts.

Sheri pulled her t-shirt back on pulled me close. She whispered in my ear, “I’m going to sleep tonight covered in your sticky cum. I’ll be able to feel you, and taste you, and smell you all night.”

She kissed me one last time and told me good night. I watched as she walked back into the house, the shirt barely covering her ass. She shut the door and I headed for my car. Sheri blew me a kiss from the window as I got in to drive away.


My wife and I have been married for 15 years and have been together since we were only 16 years old. Over the years, we’ve grown as lovers and had a wide variety of sexual experiences. As we’ve gotten older, we’re soon to be 40, our experiences have only gotten more and more intense and satisfying. Recently, we have been really turned on telling others about our stories and decided it would be fun to post a sort of history to our favorite erotic story site. There will be many, many stories written and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed making them happen.

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