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Our Stories: Sheri’s Wild Lesbian Night…The Recap

My future wife tells me about a lesbian night with her friends.
After our encounter with Tara and Charlene, I had a feeling Sheri was going to keep exploring. We were getting on the bus to go home the following morning. I was up early, so I went down to the beach one last time. Sheri saw me from her balcony and blew me a kiss. I did the same and headed back to my room to get my stuff.

I got on the bus and found my seat near the back. I watched out the window as Sheri, Charlene, Tara, and a junior named Heather were headed to the bus together. That was odd to me, because Sheri and Heather weren’t exactly friends. Heather was somewhat of an airhead. I liked her; I thought she was funny and kind of sweet. The fact that she had huge tits didn’t hurt her cause either.

Anyway, seeing her walking with the three seniors got my wheels spinning. I know that Sheri’s friend Michelle was staying in that room with them, yet Michelle walked out with the girls who were staying with Heather in her room. Odd, but not ridiculous.

Sheri got on the bus and threw her backpack in the overhead bin. Her and Charlene walked to the back and both sat in my seat with me. They both said good morning to me and in the sexiest voices imaginable. About twelve hours before, Charlene was eating my girlfriend out while I was fucking her from behind, so to say I was a little nervous was an understatement.

Charlene looked at me and said, “I wanted to let you know I had a great time with you and Sheri last night. Maybe we can do it again sometime.”

Charlene made sure no one was looking and then rubbed her hand over Sheri’s breasts.

Charlene continued to Sheri, “And you, last night was amazing.”

Sheri winked at her as she quickly squeezed her breast in her hand. Charlene got up and walked back to her seat.

“What was that all about?” I asked Sheri.

Sheri leaned over, gave me a kiss on the check, and said, “Charlene, Tara, and Heather fucked me all night long last night. I can’t wait till we get home and I can tell you all about it.”

She kissed me again on the check and grabbed my super hard cock through my sweatpants.

“I’ll be back to sit with you once it gets dark later,” she whispered. “I love you sweetie.”

Sheri got up and walked back to her seat. For the next fourteen hours home, my mind was racing with the information I had just been given. My girlfriend cheated on me with three other chicks and my only feeling was complete arousal. I couldn’t wait to hear the details.


Sheri kept stringing me along for a few days, giving me little hints about stuff that happened, but never going into details. She kept telling me that we need to have alone time to properly discuss that night.

Finally, about a week after we got back, Sheri told me her parents were going to her sister’s house about an hour away on a Saturday. I called in sick to work so we’d have the whole day together. I knew that Sheri and I would be having sex, probably multiple times, but all I was excited about was hearing what happened after I left her room in Myrtle Beach.

When I got to her house, I went in and locked the door behind me. I headed for Sheri’s bedroom where she was waiting for me. I crawled on the bed with her and started kissing her immediately. She had on nothing but one of my white t-shirts, which I quickly removed. She helped me undress as we made out on her bed.

“Believe me honey, I want to make love to you right now,” I said to her, “but you have to tell me what happened first.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t make you wait any longer,” Sheri said to me.

Sheri had a window air conditioner in her room which she had to have on the coldest setting. She kept the door shut in her room, so it was freezing.

We crawled under the blankets on her bed and snuggled in close to me. She wrapped her ice cold hand around my cock and started very lightly and slowly stroking me.


“After you left that night, I went into the bathroom and got in the shower with Tara and Char. There was no more sex in the shower, but they each took a wash cloth and soaped and washed my entire body. I think it was hotter for me than the sex,” Sheri started.

“We knew we had to check in downstairs at 11:00, so we got dressed and headed downstairs. We sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting for the chaperones to show up and quietly talked about what just happened.”

Tara said to Sheri, “God, you are so hot.”

Sheri was a little embarrassed but replied, “I don’t know what came over me, everything just felt so good that I let it happen.” She turned her head and said to Charlene, “I can’t believe I let him make love to you too.”

“I can see why you don’t want to break up with him,” Charlene replied to Sheri. “I can still feel him.”

Tara interjected, “So we have the rest of the night girls, I’m up for more.”

“Definitely!” replied Charlene.

Sheri said, “What about Michelle?”

Tara looked at Charlene, and then said to Sheri, “Well there is something we can do. Do you know Heather well?”

“Heather? You mean Heather from the guard?” Sheri answered.

“That’s the Heather,” said Tara. “Let’s just say we should see if Michelle will stay with her roommates and Heather can come stay with us.”

Charlene giggled and said to Tara, “You little whore you!”

Tara and Sheri laughed. Tara said to Sheri, “So, are you in?”

“If you can make sure Michelle has somewhere else to be, I’m in!” Sheri said excitedly.

Tara got up and started walking away, “I’ll go find the two of them right now and come up with some story why Heather has to stay in our room tonight. If the parents show up, tell them I’m already here.”

Charlene moved closer to Sheri and said, “Maybe when we get back, you, me and George can get together again?”

Sheri looked down the hallway to make sure no one was looking and kissed Charlene, letting her tongue slip into her mouth. “I think that can be arranged,” she said slyly.


Sheri was now rubbing my dick steadily and continued with her story. The build-up and anticipation were unbearable. Pre-cum was already dripping from my cock, which Sheri just used for some added lubrication.

“Would you like to fuck Charlene and me some night?” she asked me.

I tried to reply as she gripped my dick harder, “I’d be fine just watching the two of you again, but as long as you want me too, I’d love to have you both again.”

“As hot as what I’m about to tell you is, I still have dreams about you fucking her while she was licking my pussy,” Sheri said. “I want it again!”

I whispered back to her, “Your wish is my command baby.”

We kissed for a few minutes and she continued her story.


After checking in, Charlene and Sheri headed back to their room and started waiting patiently. Sheri confessed to me that she wanted to rip Charlene’s clothes off and start right away, but knew it would be better to wait.

She told me that she and Charlene made out for about twenty minutes. She said they kissed deeply and touched each other over their clothes. When things started to progress, one of them would stop to wait for the rest of the party.

Finally, they heard the key go into the door. The door swung open and Tara and Heather entered. Tara shut the door behind them, locked the lock and put the bar over the door so no one could get in.

Heather said to Sheri, “Oh yeah, a new playmate!”

They all laughed and climbed on one of the beds together. Sheri and Charlene started kissing again. Sheri felt hands started to paw at her body. She couldn’t tell if it was Tara or Heather, but she didn’t care either.

The hand started to raise Sheri’s shirt off and Sheri let it happen. Next, her bra was removed and she felt someone crawling up behind her. Her tongue danced with Charlene’s as she saw Tara removing Charlene’s pants. Now she knew, it was Heather who was behind her.

Heather’s hands reached around and starting mauling Sheri’s tits. Once Tara had Charlene completely naked, she went to work on Sheri’s shorts and panties. The soft cotton that Sheri had felt on her back was soon replaced with the feeling of two sizeable breasts pushed against her.

Tara pushed her body between Sheri and Charlene which made the two girls break their kiss. Tara started sucking on Charlene’s tits, so Sheri rolled over to give Heather some attention. Heather’s tits were slightly bigger than Sheri’s double Ds. This was intriguing to Sheri. She pressed her own tits against Heather’s to feel them together.

Heather started kissing Sheri’s neck and said, “You’re beautiful.”

Sheri could feel Tara’s ass pressed against her own which only enhanced the feeling.

Heather’s fingers found Sheri’s pussy and started fingering her clit. Sheri could hear Charlene moaning behind her, so she assumed Tara was doing the same to her.

Sheri wrapped her lips around one of Heather’s nipples and sucked softly. She felt Tara shift on the bed behind her and then felt her hand join Heather’s on her cunt. Heather started rubbing her clit more rapidly and Tara pushed two fingers inside of Sheri. Sheri half rolled over and saw that Tara also had two fingers in Charlene’s pussy as well.

Charlene moaned and said aloud, “I want Sheri now.”

The four girls rolled around on the bed until Sheri was on top of Charlene, her tongue planted deeply in her mouth again. Meanwhile, Tara started sucking Heather’s tits.

Sheri and Charlene continued kissing and touching each other until Charlene looked at Sheri and said, “Do it for me.”

She didn’t have to ask what she wanted. Sheri pushed her body down until she was on her knees on the floor. She pulled Charlene to the edge of the bed and let her legs rest on her shoulders. Sheri plunged her mouth into Charlene’s pussy. It was the second time she had ever tasted pussy and she thought Charlene’s was even better than Tara’s.

She watched Tara and Heather get off of the bed Charlene was on and move to the other bed behind her. She couldn’t see what was going on and she was focused on making Charlene cum. Charlene started breathing heavy and Sheri felt her hand drift down to Sheri’s head. Charlene brushed Sheri’s hair with her fingers and she continued to sigh and moan. Sheri let her tongue enter Charlene and then listened as Charlene moaned approval.

Charlene started bucking her cunt against Sheri’s mouth as an orgasm was coming. For a few moments, Sheri could hear Tara and Heather behind her. Tara was almost screaming, but it was muffled. She heard slapping, loud slurping, and then heard Heather say to Tara, “Take it bitch.”

As Charlene started to cum, Sheri blocked out what was happening behind her. Charlene’s body tensed, shook violently, and then relaxed. Mission accomplished!

Sheri climbed up on the bed next to Charlene, kissed her breasts on the way up, and then kissed Charlene on the mouth. Charlene pushed Sheri over to lie on her side and got behind her. Charlene reached one hand under Sheri’s body to cup one of her breasts and put her other hand on Sheri’s pussy.

Charlene said to Sheri, “Let’s watch together for a while.”

What Sheri saw was shocking to her. Heather was being so rough with Tara. The slapping she heard was Heather actually slapping Tara’s pussy, almost like spanking her cunt. She watched as Heather pushed one, two, three, four fingers into Tara’s juicy cunt. The sounds were muffled because Heather was covering Tara’s mouth with her other hand. Tara’s eyes were open so wide. Tara had a wild orgasm on the bed and squirted juice from her pussy all over Heather’s hand. In one final display of dominance, Heather shoved her fingers into Tara’s mouth making her suck her own juice from her fingers.

Sheri was breathing heavy now getting fingered by Charlene. Heather walked over to the bed and said to Sheri, “Tara invited me cause she likes the rough stuff. How about you?”

“I’m willing, just don’t hurt me,” Sheri replied.

Heather grabbed Sheri by the back of the head and shoved her mouth between her legs. She forced Sheri to eat her pussy. Charlene continued fingering her while Tara recovered on the other bed.

After a few minutes of this, Tara rose from the bed and made her way over to Charlene. Sheri was still being forced to lick and eat her pussy, but she heard Tara say to Charlene, “I’m so sore, can you make me feel better?”

Charlene’s fingers moved away from her and now all she could feel was Heather forcing her mouth onto her pussy. Suddenly, Heather stopped.

“You’re a bad girl,” Heather said to Sheri. “You don’t know how to lick pussy like I like it.”

She slapped Sheri’s pussy hard. Sheri’s back arched and her head snapped back. It hurt, but she liked it.

Sheri reached up and grabbed Heather’s tit. Heather slapped her again. Sheri groaned and pinched Heather’s nipple hard enough to hurt her back.

“Oh, that’s good,” Heather said. “Do you want it again?”

“Yes, slap me!” Sheri exclaimed.

Heather slapped her harder than before. Then again, and again, and again, and again. Sheri squeezed Heather’s massive boob and waited for the next strike.

“Eat my pussy!” Sheri yelled.

Heather slapped her cunt even harder and said, “I have other plans for you.”

Heather pushed Sheri back and climbed up on the bed. She moved Sheri’s legs and slid her own between them. She pressed her soaking cunt against Sheri’s and started to grind against her. Sheri had never felt anything like this sensation.

Sheri started to rock her pussy back and forth against Heather’s. The two girls moved their hips up and down, left and right, mixing their juices together against each other’s clits. Heather started screaming first. The feeling was too much to hold out. Sheri pushed with more determination and Heather reacted by doing the same.

Sheri looked over at the other bed and saw Charlene gently licking Tara’s pussy. Tara held Charlene’s head in place and looked down to watch Charlene’s work.

Heather was the first to cum and Sheri reveled in feeling her body’s movements as she worked through her orgasm. She watched as Heather grabbed and pinched her own nipples, her body still convulsing from the mighty orgasm. Sheri followed Heather and grabbed her own breasts. Her own climax was building and Sheri couldn’t wait for the feeling.

When it hit, it hit her like a tidal wave. Sheri told me that night was the first time she truly knew what an orgasm felt like. She said she lost all control of her body and just gave in to the feeling. Her pussy was dripping wet and feeling it mix with Heather’s pussy sent her into orbit. She screamed in pleasure and didn’t care if anyone heard her or not.

The two girls remained there for several minutes and gently continued rubbing their cunts together. Finally, Heather removed her legs from Sheri’s and climbed on top of her. Heather started sucking her tits to rev up Sheri’s engine again.

“That was amazing,” Sheri said to Heather. “What else are you going to do to me?”

Heather moved herself up Sheri’s tight body and said, “First you’re going to make me cum again. Then, I’m going to find out how much of me you can take.”

Sheri was nervous, but figured she was already this far down the path what else could happen.

Heather continued up Sheri’s body and mounted her mouth. She pressed her cunt against Sheri’s mouth. Sheri’s tongue went to work and Heather started to gyrate against her lips. Sheri reached up and fondled Heather’s tits to help the stimulation. Heather reached down and started fingering her clit as Sheri continued penetrating her with her tongue.

Within in minutes, Heather lost control. He held Sheri’s face right in the right spot and began cumming. Her juices flowed out of pussy, flooding Sheri’s mouth. Heather watched as it spilled out of the corners of her mouth.

Heather quickly moved down the bed and smashed her mouth against Sheri’s pussy. She licked her with reckless abandon. There was no build up, just straight to 100%. Sheri moaned loudly and arched her back to feel more.

Heather stopped for a moment and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, yes, please, yes! Don’t stop!” Sheri yelled back to her.

Heather took her thumb and pushed into Sheri’s opening and continued licking her clit. Sheri started using her hips to pound herself onto Heather’s digit. She grabbed her tits and kept repeating “Uh, uh, uh, uh,” in rhythm with the fingering penetrating her.

Heather continued licking and fingering, but started to stretch out her other fingers.

Heather reached up with her other hand and covered Sheri’s mouth. She stopped licking just long enough to lather up her finger with saliva. Then she started licking again.

Sheri’s muffled voice was strained. She was totally loving was happening, but was dreading what was about to happen.

With that, Heather pressed her index finger against Sheri’s asshole. Heather stroked and toyed with her for a few moments, amping up the anticipation. Finally, her finger dived into her asshole sending Sheri into a frenzy.

Heather started licking and fingering her pussy even faster to help Sheri get through the initial pain. After a few minutes, Sheri seemed to calm down. Heather removed her hand from her mouth and Sheri again started yelping, “uh, uh, uh, uh.”

Heather asked her, “More?”

“Yes, fuck me! Anything!” Sheri yelled back at her.

Heather once again lubed up her fingers and now shoved two fingers into her widening asshole. A tear rolled out of Sheri’s eye, but she sighed in pleasure as all three inputs went back to work.

Sheri was screaming so loud that Charlene came over and cover her face with a pillow to muffle the noise. Sheri gripped the pillow tight and allowed her orgasm to take hold. Her body shook as Heather started to slow the pace. She once again grabbed her breasts and massaged them with her own hands to enhance the feeling.

Heather removed herself from Sheri’s openings, wiped the cum from her mouth and slid her body up Sheri’s until her mouth was right next to her ear.

She whispered, “No one will ever fuck you like I can.”

She kissed Sheri on the cheek and walked away. Sheri couldn’t regain her senses enough to realize where she had gone. All she knew was her pussy was on fire and she needed a break.

Charlene laid next to her in bed and asked, “How was it? I think Heather will be coming for me next.”

Sheri caught her breath and responded, “It was unbelievable! So fucking good!”

Tara came and joined them on the bed. She kissed Charlene on the lips, then kissed Sheri’s tits softly. She leaned up and said, “I’m going to take a shower I think. Anyone care to join me?”

Heather was in the bathroom, heard what Tara had said, and yelled, “Char is mine next. I haven’t got to fuck her yet and she’s not getting away from me.”

Tara leaned over to Sheri and said, “Looks like it’s you and me then.”

“OK. Just let me relax for a few minutes.” Sheri replied. “Why don’t you make it a bath instead of a shower?”

Tara kissed Sheri on the mouth and said, “Good thinking. I’ll go run us a bath and come get you when it’s ready.”

Sheri was then lying on the bed waiting when Heather returned. She grabbed Charlene by the arm and pulled her to other bed. Heather pushed Char down on the bed then made her get up on her knees like she was going to fuck her doggie style. Heather got down on her knees behind her and starting licking her cunt. Sheri watched as Heather circled around her pussy lips and then started licking Charlene’s asshole. Sheri knew what Charlene was in for and didn’t envy her position. Sweet, innocent, ditzy Heather turned out to be the dirtiest girl of all of them.

After a few more minutes, Tara returned and collected Sheri. The two women headed to the bathroom where Tara had prepared a bubble bath. Both of them slipped into the warm water shuttering a bit as their backsides collided with the bubbles. They had both been anally penetrated for the first time tonight, so being uncomfortable was understandable.

They each laid back on opposite sides of the tub. Tara jumped back out of the tub momentarily to shut the bathroom door and muffle Charlene’s cries.

She re-entered the water and kissed Sheri once as she got in. Sheri left her eyes closed and the gravity of the night was starting to get to her. Tara leaned back against her side of the tub and started massaging Sheri’s feet. Sheri cooed approval and relaxed further back into the water.

Tara asked, “Did you ever think you’d be doing this on the trip?”

“No,” Sheri replied, “I never thought I’d be doing this at all.”

“I’ve definitely found that a woman can please me more than a guy can,” Tara said.

Sheri opened her eyes and said, “Tonight has been amazing, but I still wish George were here. There’s a connection when we’re together that can’t be duplicated.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” Tara asked.

“Sure,” Sheri replied as she continued enjoying her foot massage.

“When we were in the shower, Char and me, all she could talk about was how good George fucking her was,” Tara said. “I was actually a little jealous.”

Sheri smiled and said, “I don’t think Char would stop doing this with you because of some wild night with a guy.”

Tara stopped rubbing her feet. She rose to her knees and let her fingers start to trail up Sheri’s legs. She moved between her legs and let her body rest against Sheri’s. Tara started kissing her neck then said, “That’s not what I meant.”

Tara’s fingers found Sheri’s pussy under the water and started to gently make circles on her clit.

Sheri sighed and said, “What did you mean then?

Sheri then reached her arm down Tara’s back, past her ass, and started rubbing Tara’s pussy from behind.

“I was jealous that I didn’t get to fuck him too,” Tara moaned to Sheri.

“Ohhh,” Sheri replied. “When Heather was, well, doing whatever it was she was doing to me out there, I was thinking how much I’d love for him to be here. If I thought there was a way to get him down here now, I’d do it. I’d let him have sex with all three of you.”

Tara and Sheri started kissing after that, their tongues now doing the talking. They both increased the speed of their fingering. They were both so sensitive already from the night they’d been having that they both started cumming in no time.

Sheri was first. She let out a loud scream and then started panting while Tara finished her off. Then it was Tara’s turn. Taking a page from Heather’s playbook, Sheri inserted two fingers into Tara’s pussy and continued rubbing her clit with her thumb. Within minutes, Tara had her own orgasm, thrashing about in the water like a wild woman.

Once they were both done, Tara rested her head on Sheri’s chest and the two girls dozed off.


Back to the present and I don’t think Sheri realized how hard and fast she was rubbing my cock while telling this story. The memories were clearly getting her off and I was loving every second of it.

“Oh God, baby,” I said to her. “I wish I was there. I would have loved watching you.”

Sheri could feel the cum bubbling up from my balls and continued her attack.

“I never thought I’d do anything like that, but it was sooo good,” Sheri replied. “Don’t worry, we’ll get an opportunity to do it again sometime.”

“We?” I questioned.

“Absolutely!” Sheri exclaimed. “I liked being with the girls, but being with you and them was heaven. I can’t wait to do it again.”

That was it for me. Cum shot from my cock like it never had before. She continued jerking me hard and fast until I had emptied all over both of our bodies.

“Will you finger me while I finish my story?” she asked quietly.

My head jerked back as I said, “You’re kidding? There’s more?”

Sheri rolled and lay on her back. I turned my body and pressed against her. I had her lick my fingers a few times then I went to work on her clit.

“I’m gonna make you cum like they did, okay?” I asked.

She looked back at me and said, “You’d better!”

She continued…


When Sheri woke up, Tara was still lying on her chest asleep. She looked at the clock on the counter and it read 3:18AM. She listened intently and heard nothing from the other room.

She woke Tara up and said, “Come on gorgeous, let’s go to bed.”

The slithered out of the tub and helped dry each other off. When they went into the other room, it was freezing cold. Sheri’s nipples hardened instantly. Charlene was asleep on one bed, while Heather was asleep on the other.

“I’ll go with Heather,” Tara said softly. “No telling what she’ll do if she wakes up.”

“OK,” Sheri replied. “Good night.”

She kissed Tara on the lips and two girls climbed into their beds.

Charlene was still naked under the covers and Sheri climbed in behind her. It was so cold, Sheri pressed her naked body against Charlene’s back to feel her warmth. Charlene woke up, grabbed Sheri’s arm and wrapped it around her.

“Did you have a good night,” Sheri whispered to Charlene.

“My ass is killing me thanks to Heather,” she said, “but yes, a wonderful night.”

Sheri kissed the back of her neck and replied, “Me too.”

Charlene slowly rolled over and pressed her body back against Sheri’s. Their hands explored each other’s bodies with both finally resting their hands on the other’s bare ass.

Charlene kissed Sheri once and said, “Good night.”


Author's Note:

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and have been together since we were only 16 years old. Over the years, we’ve grown as lovers and had a wide variety of sexual experiences. As we’ve gotten older, we’re soon to be 40, our experiences have only gotten more and more intense and satisfying. Recently, we have been really turned on telling others about our stories and decided it would be fun to post a sort of history to our favorite erotic story site. There will be many, many stories written and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed making them happen.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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