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Our Vegas Vacation

I never thought hooking up with my old college roommates would be so much fun…..
Jill, Brenda and I were inseparable in college and did some things that I would never tell my mother about. After we all graduated we went our separate ways. We are all married now, but still keep in touch through the internet. It was Jill’s idea to meet up in Vegas and we all agreed. I was so excited about getting together with them and our husbands in Vegas for a long weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in four years.

We all booked rooms at The Mirage and planned to have dinner that evening.

We all met for dinner and had a wonderful time. After dinner the guys excused themselves and went to the bar to let us catch up. It was then that Jill asked us if we had ever been involved in swinging. Brenda and I sat there staring at her with our jaws on the table. Not that I was all surprised. In college Jill was always the one we had to keep an eye on. She would get herself into trouble quicker than any girl I knew.

As we sat there and she told us the whole story about how her and Nate got involoved with this swingers group I found myself getting really turned on. After about an hour sharing her stories she asked if we would be interested in swaping husbands that night. I was in, I could hardly contain myself. Brenda sat there staring at us (she was always the conservitive one). It was then that Brenda said that Sam (her husband) has been pushing her to try it. We all looked at each other....It was settled. We took our room keys out and passed them to the left.

As I turned to look I notice Jake, Nate and Sam where gone.

I then had to ask the big questions...."How do we tell our husbands, they seem to have left?"

"They all ready know and have approved of it. I talked to both of them last week to let them know my plan", Jill said.

"They are in our rooms waiting to see who shows up", Jill stated

So it was set.

As we headed upstairs my nerves where on fire. I was consumed by curiousity and lust. Of course the five captian morgan and cokes I had were helping. As the elevator stopped at our floor we got off. We first stopped at my room. Brenda put the key card that was in her hand in the lock. It opened the door. She looked at us and smiled went in and closed the door. I sat there thinking of Jake fucking my best friend and it really started to turn me on. As we headed down the hall we stopped at Jill's room. I put the key card in and opened the door.

"Relax and enjoy", Jill said as she headed next door to Brenda's Room.

I walked in the room and there was Nate laying on the bed. When I walked in he smiled and said, "I was hoping I would get you."

He swiftly moved off the bed to me. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me to him. He kissed me softly but with passion. As we kissed his hands began to explore my body. I couldn't help think of what Jake was doing to Brenda...Not to mention what Jill was doing to Sam.

I am brought back to my situation when Nate starts to pull my dress off. He pulls it over my head and throws it aside. He stands back and inspects his prize for the evening. He smiles, licks his lips as I am standing there in a white lace bra with matching thong. He then turns me around and moves in close behind me. I can feel his hard pulsing cock against my ass. He reachs around and takes my tits in his hand and begins massaging them. I can feel the wetness building between my legs. He un-does my bra and tosses it with my dress. His hands caress my tits and I catch my breath as his right hand starts to move down over my stomach to my wanting pussy. He slides his hand down my panties and I lean back into him as his fingers move in between the folds of my pussy. He voices a sigh of approval as his finger penetrates my wetness. As his fingers probe my pussy, rubbing my clit I feel the first wave of pleasure begin to wash over me.

"Pinch your nipples", he whispers in my ear.

I bring my hands up to my tits and begin pinching and pulling at my nipples. I am so over taken with lust that is doesn't take me long before I am cumming all over his fingers. He holds me up as my legs wobble and steadies me. He then brings his fingers up to my mouth and tells me to suck on them. I suck them swiftly into my mouth and suck all of my juices off of them.

He turns me around and kisses me deeply. I break our kiss and remove his shirt. I start to undo his pants and let them fall to the floor. I get on my knees and help him out of his pants. I begin to rub his rock hard cock through his boxers. He moans with approval. As I slowly lower his boxer and his cock springs out at me I am taken back by his size. He is about 9" and seems just as wide. I take and wrap my hand around it and gently begin stroking it up and down. I start to lick the tip, swirling my tongue around licking up his pre-cum. As I glide my tounge down his shaft and up the other side he groans. I move my mouth to the tip and begin to suck it into my mouth. I suck it deep into my throat until I gag alittle. I continue to suck his cock faster and faster up and down until he grabs me and pulls me up and throws me on the bed.

"Oh no, not yet", he says.

He moves up onto the bed, removes my thong, spreads my legs apart and begins to lick my pussy. He twirls his tounge around my clit making me wetter than I already am. I moan loudly as he slides a finger in and begins moving it in and out. My body is in a state of erotic bliss. When he inserts two fingers into my pussy I am moaning loudly and bucking my hips up to meet his fingers with every thrust. I can't take much more and I am crying out for him to fuck me.

"You want me to fuck you, Sheri?", he asks

I look him straight in the eye and say "Yes, I want you to fuck me now, I need to feel your cock inside of me!"

He turns me over and pulls my hips up in the air so my pussy is right in line with his massive cock. I feel the head of his cock slide across my pussy as he teases me. I push my hips back wanting to feel his cock in me so badly I can hardly stand it. I gasp as he begins to insert his cock into my wanting pussy. He slowly works it in letting me get used to his size. I can feel every inch of him gliding in me and it feels so fucking good. Once buried inside of me he pulls out slowly then pushes back into me much quicker. He speeds up until he is just pounding my pussy. I am screaming out from the pleasure with every thrust and the feeling of him inside of me.

"Oh Sheri, you feel so good!", he says as he is ramming me over and over.

"I want you to ride my cock", he says as he pulls out of me lays down next to me then pulls me on top of him. I position my pussy above his cock as he holds onto to it and guides it in my pussy and I lower myself down on him. I lift myself up and down on his cock and he feels so good sliding up inside me. I lower myself all the way down so his whole cock is buried inside of me.

"Oh, you cock feels so good", I manage to get out.

"You like that big cock in your tight little pussy don't you", he replies

I can only shake my head yes as he takes my hips in his hands and holds me in place as he bucks up into me over and over. I feel my pussy start to tighten around his cock as another wave of pleasure rolls over me and I cum all over his cock. My reaction makes him pump harder into me until he releases his own load of pleasure deep into my wanting pussy. We ride it out until I his cock goes limp and slides out of me. I roll over on the bed next to him and we lay there breathing heavily until we settle. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me passionately.

"That was better than I imagined", he said, "and believe me I have imagined this for a long time."

I just smiled at him. We laid there for a little bit until his cock started to come back around...

"Time for round two?" I asked.

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