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Pam's Pain - Part 2

Alone in the bedroom with her first lover, has swapped wife really just agreed to let him hurt her?

As the door to fidelity closed behind me, my soon-to-be lover, James rose to his feet and backed away a little. When he spoke, his voice was harder, harsher.

"Very well; stand up please Pam!”

The sudden change in his demeanour took me by surprise. Had we started already?

“I said, stand up!”

It was a command not a request. We had indeed started! Taken a little aback, I did as he had ordered, rising nervously to my feet beside the bed.

“Stand up straight and move a little closer!”

The was something about his voice that even this early on, made me want to obey. I pulled my shoulders back and shuffled forward until I was only a few feet away from him. I tried to look him in the eyes but couldn’t hold his gaze so lowered my head to stare at the floor in front of his feet instead.

There was silence; I could feel those eyes burning into me, running up and down my body, inspecting me; assessing me.

"Take off your clothes."

The order was harshly spoken; its brusqueness took me by surprise.

“Take them off. Slowly and sexily!”

I could feel my knees trembling and for a moment even contemplated running to the door to make my escape. James must have seen my eyes flash towards its handle because he barked out quickly.

"Do it, Pam!”

Automatically, my hands went shakily to the bottom of my sleeveless top and raised it slightly. My tummy button had just become visible when I heard it.

"Oh yes!"

A muffled high-pitched female voice was coming through the thin wall from the bedroom next door. James’ eyes flashed towards the sound before returning to stare at me.

My tummy churned; the exclamation could only have come from Nicky and whatever was arousing her could only have been done by one person; my husband!

The realisation that it really was too late to go back struck me full in the face. Whatever did or did not happen in this room between me and James was now irrelevant; my husband – the man I had married and for whom I had borne two children – had already taken the crucial step and was now actually cheating on me in that room, at that moment with that woman.

Even if I did nothing more, our marriage could never be the same again. My husband was being unfaithful only yards away from me.

I felt sick; I felt sad, I felt angry.

Suddenly, I felt determined too!

In a moment I had drawn my tight top up over my head and thrown it on the floor leaving me in my bra and tiny skirt. I stood stock still, trembling with fear and anger as the moaning from the next room continued.

Then it struck me! Never before had I stripped in front of a man who was not my husband. Although I had worn a bikini – even a skimpy bikini many times, this was different. This time I was undressing with a purpose. I made to cover the cups of my bra with my hands but James intervened.

"Now the bra, Pam, ” he commanded coldly.

There was another moan from the next bedroom; another obvious sign of passion.

A flush of anger passed through me. Without its aid, I doubt I would have had the confidence to go any further but the thought of my own husband pleasuring another woman only feet away from me removed at least part of the hesitation I still felt.

“The bra, Pam,” James said insistently. “Now!”

Slowly, I reached behind my back and unhooked the bra’s clasp then quickly brought my hands around to hold the loose cups over my tiny boobs in a childish gesture of coyness and shame.

"I just can't do it," I said, my eyes looking pleasingly into James’.

What I was pleading for I couldn’t tell.

In response, James didn’t speak but instead simply reached out, grabbed the bra between its cups and pulled it away from my body before throwing it on the floor alongside my top.

My hands instinctively flew to my naked boobs to cover myself.

"Put your hands at your sides," he ordered.

I froze. Time stood still until a familiar but muffled male voice filled the silence in the room.

"Oh GOD Nicky," it moaned. "That's so GOOD!"

There was a pause in which a woman’s voice was audible but her words indecipherable. Then the male voice came through again loud and clear.

“Jesus! Oh my God! That feels fucking amazing!”

There was another female murmur followed by:

“No never! There’s no way she would ever do anything like that!”

Another mumble.

“Oh, you dirty girl. That’s so fucking GOOD!”

A cold wave washed over me. For a moment I thought I was going to cry, or run away, or break down.

But I didn’t. Instead, I looked James straight in the eyes and lowered my hands to my sides, baring my boobs. To my horror, their nipples were already fully erect, standing proud on their tiny pale globes.

James’ eyes raked over my bare boobs and skinny tummy as unbidden, I slowly and deliberately unbuttoned my too-short skirt, pulling the zipper down and letting it drop to the floor where it bunched around my ankles.

I stood before him dressed only in tiny white panties and black high heels then looked up, waiting for the next command, knowing – or was it hoping – what it would be.

James didn’t speak; he just looked into my eyes and made a circular motion with his raised index finger. Without hesitation, I turned around until my back and bottom were towards him.

“Now the panties, Pam,” he ordered, his voice showing distinct signs of pleasure and arousal. “Take your time!”

Slowly and deliberately, I slipped my thumbs into the sides of my panties and eased them down over my skinny bottom.

“Bend over as you slip them off,” James commanded.

My heart missed a beat. I bent over at the waist, my bottom thrust towards him as I slowly lowered my panties down my long bony legs, past my slightly knobbly knees to join my skirt around my ankles.

My bare bottom was now presented directly at the man I now definitely knew I wanted to be my lover. My back still towards him, I rose slowly to my feet and paused waiting for the voice behind me to speak.

“Very good Pam. Now open your legs a little.”

I lifted my right leg out of the tangle of cloth and stood naked with my high-heeled feet shoulder-width apart.

“You have lovely long legs, Pam. Very nice indeed. Now turn to face me!”

I obeyed again, turning slowly round until I stood facing him, my parted legs revealing the freshly-trimmed triangle of curly hair that covered my crotch.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered, sounding as sincere as I have ever heard a man. He moved slowly towards me, smiling. “Close your eyes!”

My eyes obediently shut, I waited, expecting to feel his hands on my body and his lips on mine, both anxious and eager to feel the touch of the man who was to be my first ever lover. But instead, I felt him step past me and heard him open a drawer in the tall chest against the wall to my left.

“I don’t want you to be nervous but I’m going to put a blindfold on you,” he said calmly. “It won’t be too tight but it won’t fall off either. Are you okay with that?”

I gulped. Paul and I had tried blindfolds in our fantasies but there was something much more real about this. My eyes already closed, I nodded then felt the mask being wrapped around my face and being drawn tightly at the back of my head.

I opened my eyes; not a crack of light was visible around the blindfold’s edges.

"Now put your hands behind your back," James commanded.

I obeyed instinctively, my hands meeting behind my waist. Something strong but soft was quickly and expertly fastened around each wrist then my wrists were pulled together sharply with my arms crossed as if folded behind my back. When he had finished, my arms were bound together quite high, my fingers level with the small of my back rather than my buttocks.

I tugged gently at my new bonds as if testing them. The straps around my wrists weren’t too tight but they were certainly not going to let go. I was clearly not the first woman James had bound in this way. I could hear and feel him moving towards me then heard the familiar sound of Velcro. Something soft but strong was being fastened around each of my ankles.

I could sense James standing up and felt the warmth of his body as he moved closer towards me. When he spoke his mouth could only have been inches from my ear but his voice was soft.

"You wanted to be controlled, Pam? You wanted to be hurt a little?”

“Y... yes,” I stammered. “But…”

“Good!” he interrupted. “Well, as it’s your first time I’ll say this slowly and carefully. I am now in control. I am going to play with you. I am going to hurt you. Do you understand?”

“Y…Yes,” I mumbled, still a little dazed.

“I might end up fucking you too but that’s my choice, not yours. I am going to do exactly what I want with you unless you use the Safe Word.”

I was tempted to use it straight away; this was getting very scary already but something told me to wait. I wasn’t actually in any pain at all – yet – and the feeling of being helpless with a good-looking stranger was beginning to have a perverse appeal.

“If you use the Safe Word, everything will stop immediately but it will also stop permanently so think carefully before calling it out.”

His tone of voice was having a powerful effect on me as the tingle between my thighs made very clear.

“Do you understand, Pam? Are you happy for me to continue?”

I could have stopped everything there. Perhaps I should have stopped everything there but I didn’t. There was something exciting in James’ voice; something reassuring but at the same time exhilarating about him that took most of the fear out of my helplessness leaving only excitement and anticipation.

“Y… Yes,” I mumbled again, so nervous and unsure I could hardly speak.

“Sorry, Pam. I need you to be very clear!”

I took a deep breath and steeled myself.

“Yes! Do it! Please do it!” I called out into the room.

James’ voice showed how pleased he was.

“That’s a good girl; that’s a very good girl! Now we’ll start slowly but let’s see how far little Pam is prepared to go!”

I was aware of James moving slightly then I felt the soft touch of fingers lightly stroking my tummy.

“Mmmm,” I sighed.

The delicate fingers moved slowly across my stomach towards my hips and sides and back again, dancing over my sensitised flesh before moving tantalisingly slowly up to my chest. With my arms tied beneath my back, my boobs were thrust forwards but even with this advantage they would be pitifully small. I knew from sunbathing on holiday that the globes would have all but disappeared leaving only over-sized, pointed nipples on my flat chest.

James’ expert fingertips tickled my teats until I could feel them growing even harder, then he toyed with them longer. It had really started now; for the first time since my marriage, another man was touching my body.

It felt so strange, it felt so wrong, it felt... amazing!

I could feel myself lubricating simply from this first touch. However good in bed Paul unquestionably was, my husband’s attentions had never turned me on this much. I could hear my breathing growing deeper and noisier.

James’ fingers abandoned my aching nipples then traced a straight line down my chest and tummy before crossing the top of my thighs just above my moistening vulva.

It felt amazing, so sensitive; so sexy! If this was what the evening was to be like, I was going to love it!

I squirmed a little under his touch, tottering on my feet, the blindfold playing tricks with my balance.

“Open your legs a little, Pam. You’ll feel more stable.”

I complied, taking half a step out with my left leg. It worked, I felt much better balanced but then I felt a large, strong hand sliding deep between my legs, stroking the soft, sensitive flesh of my exposed inner thighs; the first man since my marriage to touch me so close to my core.

It felt even stranger but even better too.

The pressure of James’ palm against my legs was very pleasant indeed. At first, my body responded instinctively by trying to close my thighs and protect my vulva but James’ hand was too firm and my resolve was too weak. Instead of closing, my thighs parted further and the pressure of his hand did the rest; I was fully exposed to his touch.

I felt his fingers brushing against my neatly-trimmed slit as his palm pressed against my mound.

“Good girl!” he murmured. “Relax and enjoy yourself.”

My body was indeed beginning to relax and enjoy the arousal his touch was bringing. Without thinking, my knees bent slightly and my thighs opened still further.

A shiver passed through me; I had actually opened my thighs deliberately to let a stranger touch my most private place. Amazed at my brazen, slutty behaviour, I tried to spread my legs even wider to allow fuller access to my body.

“Even better,” James hummed. “You’re so good a girl you’re really very, very bad!”

His hand brushed more firmly against my inner thighs as very slowly his fingers parted my swelling outer labia and began to tease their way slowly into my weeping slit.

“Mmmm!” I sighed.

For a minute or two, his searching fingers slid up and down my crack, toying with my clitoris, tickling its base and dancing around the entrance to my vagina.


He toyed with my inner lips, tickling first one side, then the other. Then, without warning, a single long finger was thrust smoothly but firmly into my vagina.


Another barrier had been breached; apart from my husband, no man’s hand had entered my most private place since my marriage. But before I had time to think about it, the finger was withdrawn and replaced with what must have been two fingers together.

Having had two children I was by no means tight ‘down there’, but still the invading digits felt large and unfamiliar, stretching my sensitive entrance. I could feel my lubrication flowing and flowing as the fingers worked their way in and out of my slippery passage, turning from left to right, backward and forwards as his palm grated against my clitoris.

My whole body shook and trembled, wobbling on my unsteady feet then...


I yelled into the silence of the room as James suddenly rammed those two fingers hard into my vagina. My hips wriggled and my knees bent as if trying desperately to evade his thrust but to no avail; his hand remained firmly in place.

“Owwww!” I protested.

Thrusting his fingers deeper into my tight passage, he twisted them left and right several times then pulled them back little before ramming them back into my vagina again even harder.

“Owww! Owww!” I wailed.

He paused, his fingers buried deep in my body.

“Well Pam,” he said in a hard voice I barely recognised as his. “You might be scared; your mind might not want to be doing this but your body doesn’t seem to know that. You are soaking wet down there!”

His fingers moved back and forth, in and out of my vagina as it lubricated in a desperate attempt at self-preservation.

“You’re getting wetter and wetter too. Quite the little pain slut aren’t you? I wonder what other surprises we’re going to find tonight.”

The lubrication was doing its job; the pain was fading quickly to be replaced by incredible sensations of stimulation. The man was good! I moaned as his fingers fucked me hard, grinding against my sensitive places with just the right amount of force.

I moaned aloud, his thrusting palm rubbing firmly against my clitoris as he fingered me over and over again. It hurt and I yelped, but it didn’t hurt anywhere near badly enough to use the Safe Word. In truth, the pain was fading very quickly and the pleasure was mounting fast.

“Do you enjoy being fingered, Pam?” he hissed as his expert hands worked their magic between my thighs.

“Y... Yes,” I sighed, writhing against his firm, exploring hand.

“I can tell. Your juices are pouring from you.”

His long fingers had left my vagina now and moved to my clit where one of them was making tiny, fast circles around my hard, sensitive core.

“MmmmMMMMM YYEEESSSS!” I moaned, my knees weakening quickly.

The waves of pleasure rippling out from my vulva were rocking me bodily.

“You want to cum now, don’t you?” the voice asked.

“Mmmm! Yesssss!”

My body was trembling uncontrollably as I hissed my reply.

“I’ve barely touched you and you’re about to cum already,” he whispered, amused.

“Oh God!”

“You really are a slut, Pam. A hot, dirty little slut!”

I moaned, leaning heavily against James’ strong frame for support as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm. My body trembled, my knees began to go weak as the climax came closer.

Closer and closer…

Nearing the edge of a massive orgasm…

And then he stopped, leaving me on the cusp of collapse, unsatisfied. I leaned heavily against him, trembling, panting, my body crying out for satisfaction.

“You loved that, didn’t you?” he said in a low, hard voice.

I couldn’t reply.

“Your body certainly did – if the wetness is anything to go by. See?”

A pungent, sharp, earthy smell suddenly appeared directly under my nose. It could only be James’ fingers covered in my juices. It was strong and unpleasant; I wrinkled my face.

“Smell it, Pam. It’s what a woman in heat smells like; it’s what you smell like right now!”

I tried to move my head away from his hand but his fingers followed my face. He chuckled.

“Trust me; for a man, it’s the most arousing aroma in the world. Don’t ever feel ashamed of it!”

To be honest, the stench turned my stomach but he sounded sincere.

"Now kneel down!”

It didn’t even occur to me not to at least try and obey but deprived of sight, and with my legs unsteady from my near-climax, I tottered on my feet. James had to steady me as I lowered myself to the floor and manoeuvred myself into an upright kneeling position.

“Good girl. Now listen to me, Pam!"

I listened carefully.

“I’m taking off my clothes now. Can you hear?”

Deprived of sight, my ears, nose and skin became hyper-sensitive. I heard the clumping of shoes being kicked off followed by the rustling of clothes. I shivered at the metallic sound of a belt being unfastened and a zipper being lowered before the soft thump that could only be trousers falling to the floor.

“I asked if you could hear it, Pam?”

“Y... Yes,” I said, my throat tight. “Yes, I can.”

I felt frustrated; desperate to see the body of the man who was already my tormentor and perhaps would soon be my lover. Were his legs slim? Was his tummy flat? Were his arms and chest well-trained? The torment of not knowing was excruciating.

“I’m naked now, Pam. My cock is getting hard. What do you think I’m going to do with it?”

Oh my God; his cock!

I had seen the bulge in his trousers over dinner and been surprised at its size. Once naked, what might that ‘well-endowed’ body look like? My husband’s erect cock was the only one I had seen since our marriage and I thought it was big. In truth, Paul’s was only the third erection I had seen in the flesh in my whole inexperienced life.

“I asked what you thought I was going to do with it!”

“You’re going to fu... fuck me?” I stammered, amazed at myself for saying the words. James chuckled.

“Perhaps; all in good time. First, we have to get it really hard. Actually, you’ve got to get it really hard, Pam. And you know how you’re going to do it?”

I shook my head slowly.

I could feel movement alongside me, the heat of another body very close to mine and could smell the presence of a male body; a man’s sexual organs next to my face.

"You’re going to suck it, Pam, he said quietly but firmly. “It’s right in front of you now. All you have to do is open your sweet, innocent mouth.”

Something large, warm and smooth touched my cheek then slid over my tightly-closed mouth. First its rounded head, then the long, smooth shaft were gently rubbed along my lips. In my blindness, it seemed to go on forever. I could sense its size; much, much bigger than my husband’s erection.

Nicky had simply told the truth; her husband was very well endowed indeed. I began to feel scared again. Surely there wasn’t a single orifice in my skinny body that could take something as big as that!

I closed my lips tightly and violently shook my head. In response, James simply leaned over and began to tweak my left breast. Its nipple was already hard as the rough tip of his fingers touched its teat and toyed with it.

It felt incredible. After a few minutes and despite my humiliiating kneeling position, I heard myself moaning in pleasure. Then the pleasure stopped.

"Are you ready to suck it now?" James asked quietly, his mouth by my ear again.

Still scared but now highly aroused too, I shook my head again, but not as convincingly this time.

His hand moved to my right boob and started to nip its hard teat between his knuckles. It hurt; the sensations were amazing. Ever since our first child was born I had always avoided prolonged nipple play but now I realised what I had been missing. When his fingers finally released my teats they were standing as hard as they ever had even after breast-feeding.

I was panting with arousal but to my frustration, the wonderful sensations stopped once more and the soft voice reappeared.

"Last chance Pam," he whispered in my ear. “Are you ready to suck me now?"

"I just can't," I said quietly, tears forming in my eyes.

“Then you must learn the consequences of disobedience.”

His voice was cool but there was perhaps a hint of pleasure in his tone too. I felt him rise to his feet then heard a drawer being opened. There was a rustling sound then the drawer closed again and I felt James body alongside me. There was a jingling sound alongside my head.

A feeling of dread came over me.

"I tried to be nice," his voice snarled. "But you're making me do this the hard way."

There was another movement then I felt his fingers on my left breast again. Its nipple was already hard but it grew harder still as his fingertips nipped my teat. The pain was sharp and sudden but wonderful. Then it stopped; my teat was released and James’ hand moved away. I heard him muttering under his breath.

“Not too tight for a beginner!”

Then without further words, something hard and vicious snapped tightly onto my erect nipple.

“Owww!” I wailed.

A bolt of pain shot right through me, from the abused nipple, right through my breast, my chest, my back and straight into my brain.

“Take it off! Take it off!”

But James was not to be distracted; in a matter of seconds, a second something had been clamped onto my right nipple too.

“JESUS!” I cried out, my arms tugging wildly against their bonds.

The pain was terrible but it was a strange kind of pain; the kind of pain I had loved when my husband crushed my nipple in his fingers but much more intense and much more arousing. I squirmed on my knees, tugging at my bonds again, trying to shake what could only be cruel clamps from my nipples but it was futile; they held firm and tight. I was helpless.

"Now will you suck me?" James growled.

There was a jingling sound again followed by a slight tug on each of my nipples. I realised that the clamps must be fastened together by a chain and that James was pulling that chain – so far, only gently.

Then I felt another length of chain fall against my chest and tummy. Oh Jesus; if there was more chain then there were more clamps! And there was only one place a third clamp could go! My stomach churned with fear and anticipation mixed with an unexpected surge of lustful desire.

“Have you changed your mind Pam?” the voice asked, tugging the chain a little harder.

The teeth of the clamps bit into the flesh of my nipples. I cried out loud but again the pain was that strange mix of discomfort and stimulation I was coming to love. It hurt but I wanted it to hurt.

What was happening to me? What was I becoming?

He tugged the chain a third time, much harder than before. The clamps bit into my nipples harder still and a bolt of fear shot through me along with the pain.

Could I really go through with this? Could I really stand all it would bring?

But if my mind was confused, there was no denying what my body wanted. As the clips dug hard into my nipples for a fourth time I could feel the lubrication flowing between my thighs. To my horror, I could smell myself becoming aroused too; and if I could smell myself, my torturer certainly could.

“I asked, Pam, whether you were ready to suck me now!”

James’ voice was angry but it was a stage-anger rather than real rage. Highly aroused and determined to play my part, I simply whimpered, gritted my teeth and shook my head as defiantly as I could manage.

“Then you have no-one but yourself to blame.”

I felt the heat of his body next to mine. I felt him shuffling; some more jingling. A moment later I felt the touch of his fingers on my slit.


I moaned in pleasure despite my agonisingly crushed nipples. He fingered me again and again, his fingertip seeking out every last millimetre of my rapidly-firming nub.


The surge of orgasm that washed over me took me completely by surprise; unaware just how aroused my mistreatment at James’ hands had made me.


A second wave of climax followed as he fingered me feverishly. I had always felt pleasure having my vulva touched but still believed it to be in some way dirty; along with the pleasure always came self-disgust and guilt

But James didn’t care about my silly feelings. As a third wave of orgasm rocked my body, I realised how foolish they had been and what I had been missing. I promised myself to stop being an unadventurous, frigid cow in future.

“One last chance Pam. Will you take my cock in your mouth?”

Instinctively I shook my head, then began to change my mind but it was too late; before I could repent and offer to suck my torturer’s cock as he had ordered, I felt the hard, merciless teeth of the third clamp bite hard into the over-sensitised flesh of my engorged clitoris.


The bolt of pain that shot through my body was the sharpest, most agonising I had felt in my entire life. My whole body went stiff as the pain shot from my groin down to my toes and up through my chest into my brain where it felt as if it would force the top of my head clean off.


“All in good time, little Pam. Once you’ve sucked my cock we can think about a little relief.”

My body was bucking wildly against the cords that held it but they were far too strong and James far too expert at fastening them. Tears were running down my cheek with the pain but to my astonishment, along with the agony a huge, extraordinary and unexpected pulse of sexual arousal was surging through my body.

“Please!” I wailed. “It’s too much! It hurts so much!! Please!”

James leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"They’re not coming off until you’ve sucked my cock," he said softly.

I felt sick. I was in pain; my nipples and clitoris cruelly clamped. I was incredibly, unbelievably aroused. I had resisted enough. It was time to grow up and do what he wanted. I bunched my hands into fists beneath my back then slowly and nervously opened my mouth and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long; the head of James’ huge cock slipped smoothly but irresistibly between my teeth, forcing my lips apart wider than I had ever imagined and filling my whole mouth within seconds.

At first, I tried to lick the huge, invading phallus with my tongue, feeling its massive smooth swollen end but James simply forced himself deeper, trapping my tongue beneath his thick shaft and pressing forward until its tip touched the back of my throat.

I gagged immediately, coughing in shock. James backed off a little and held himself still while I recovered my breath but it was clear his cock was going to remain resolutely in my mouth. I could smell his body; earthy and masculine with just a hint of scent above the unmistakeable aroma of a man’s erect penis.

“That’s a good girl,” he said softly. “Now you’re going to give me the best blow job you’ve ever given, right?”

I couldn’t reply’ James’ huge cock was blocking my mouth. Then I felt a sudden sharp tug on the chain and yelped as both my nipples and my clitoris were jerked agonisingly by the clamps.

“Right Pam?” he asked again.

I nodded, wondering for a moment what I must look like, there on my knees with a man’s cock thrust deep between my lips. But there was no alternative; if James wanted a blow job then that was exactly what I would have to give him, however nauseous it made me feel.

I shifted my head to get a better angle, took a deep breath… and began to lick and suck him for all I was worth, running my tongue up, down and around his shaft, dipping my head as I had seen girls do in the few porn films I had watched.

James pulled back a little, his fingers on my cheeks and I felt the rounded bulb of his head on my tongue. I licked it eagerly, feeling its smoothness, the tiny lips on its tip and the thick ridge at its base. I ran my tongue around that ridge and underneath his rounded end.

“Mmmm Pam! That’s good. Very good for a beginner!”

For some reason this unexpected praise made me glow with pleasure despite the constant pain from my nipples and clit. Within a minute the nausea had gone and a feeling of excited arousal had replaced it in my belly despite the constant pain from the clamps.

I was giving a real man real oral sex and he was enjoying it. What was more, I was enjoying it too!

Me! Pam the mother of two was naked, on her knees in a strange bedroom and sucking the erect cock of a man she had met only a few hours ago!

Why had I refused to do it before? Why had it taken the pain and humiliation of having my sensitive places clamped to make me even try?

I felt James’s warm body leaning over me, his cock moving deeper into my mouth; so deep I could no longer lick or suck. I felt his hands either side of my head then his body began to rock, the huge, thick cock sliding in and out of my mouth; first slowly and shallowly, then faster and deeper.

James was starting to fuck my face!

Although I knew the term, no-one had ever face-fucked me before; not even my husband when we were young. Surely I would asphyxiate; surely he would choke me to death with his monstrous shaft.

But even in my fear, I could feel the clips biting hard into my nipples and clitoris. My teats were fast becoming numb as the flow of blood was halted but my tormented clit was still sending pulses of pure pain through my hips and upper thighs. 

James’ thrusts were growing faster and deeper, his hands firmly on my head. His smooth end began to hit the back of my throat with each powerful stroke. I coughed, gagging a little.

“It’s okay,” he hissed as he thrust. “Let it happen; you’ll soon get used to it.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to get used to it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to choke on a man’s cock, even a man as desirable as James was but even then the idea of using the Safe Word didn’t even occur to me. I wouldn’t have used it even if it had.

Again and again his cock hit the back of my throat; again and again, I gagged but each time a little less than the last.

“Lean forward, Pam,” he commanded, pulling my head towards him.

I bent over a little, feeling his hands lifting my chin. The thrusts of his cock into my throat grew a little deeper. He pulled me further, lifting my chin higher, straightening my windpipe.

“That’s better,” he said confidently.

I wanted to look up at him but I couldn’t, all I could see was darkness but I could feel his lower belly and pubic hair as they moved back and forth in front of my face. I couldn’t even see the shaft that was thrusting in and out of my mouth.

Suddenly his thrusts slowed and deepened. I choked again as James’ cock was pressed hard against the very deepest part of my throat. I gagged a little but nowhere near as much as I should.

He pulled back, then forced himself forward again. I gagged again.

"That’s good. Next time, try and swallow, Pam!"

James’ voice was firm and commanding again. My mouth was bursting with his cock; I was struggling to breathe and to stop myself asphyxiating but still managed to shake my head defiantly.

“If you swallow, it will be okay,” James’s commanding voice slipped a little into reassurance. “I won’t let you choke, I promise. Trust me!”

My mouth full of penis, all I could do was try and obey. As his cock advanced a third time I tried to ignore its size and swallow.

At first, it was impossible. I tried again on his next thrust and finally, I managed a light, delicate gulp.

“That’s a good girl. You can do it,” he said encouragingly, pulling his huge cock back.

My throat temporarily freed, I gasped for breath, James’ cock still deep in my mouth. He thrust again and as his smooth head reached the back of my throat once more, I swallowed hard.

Reading the movement of my throat, James pressed himself at the precise moment I swallowed.

For a second it felt as if I was going to choke completely but I steeled myself and quickly forced another little swallow straight away. It made me gag once more but the instinct quickly wore off. He pressed once more; I swallowed again, this time more confidently.

“One more time, Pam!”

Before I could recover, James pressed his cock deeper into my mouth and much more powerfully than before. I felt it’s head tickling the back of my throat, the shaft irritating my tongue.

I swallowed one last time and to my amazement felt the end of his cock passing over the back of my tongue, between my tonsils and deep into my throat, blocking my breathing...

And then suddenly it was happening; for the first time in my life, I was deep-throating a man’s cock. My spinning head was gripped firmly in James’ hands, holding my windpipe expertly straight while his erection slid back and forth over my tongue and deep into my throat.

To my astonishment, in this position and once his mighty cock had finally reached its goal, the gag instinct just stopped. There he was, sliding forward and backward without resistance, thrusting in and out of my face until his pubic hair was pressed against my nose and his sack rested against my chin.

I couldn’t believe what was happening; what I was doing!

James began fucking my throat first slowly and shallowly, then as I became accustomed to the unfamiliar feeling, with a little more energy. My tongue was trapped under his shaft but I could still feel all its ridges and knobbles as it was thrust in and out of my open mouth.

His hands were on the sides of my face, holding my head firmly, tilting it upwards to keep my neck straight and open, preventing me pulling my face away. Amazed by my new ability, I offered no resistance. Not even the clamp biting into my clitoris could distract me from the face-fucking I was now receiving.

I felt like a slut but I loved it! I could feel my body becoming more and more aroused, my vagina weeping.

Why had I ever fought against this? Yes, it was brutal; yes, it was crude but at last, I understood that letting go completely; surrendering yourself sexually to a lover was one of the most fundamental feminine acts.

James began to gasp and grunt, his sack slapping against my chin as he fucked my mouth hard. I could feel his body go tense and recognised the signs.

Was my new lover about to cum! Was it all about to end?

Please no! With his cock that far down my throat surely I would drown in semen! A bolt of fear passed through me and my hands clawed desperately at his hips to slow his thrusts.

But I needn’t have worried; recognising both his own imminent orgasm and my state of fear, James slowed his thrusts to a halt and slowly slipped his still-erect cock from my mouth. I gasped for breath, inhaling a little of the precum that had filled my cheeks.

“You really are good, Pam,” he smiled down on me as he wiped my sore lips with his fingers. “For a beginner, you’re amazing!”

I glowed silently with pleasure. No man had ever praised my ability as a lover before; indeed few men had ever been in a position to assess my bedroom skills. My new lover’s words made my chest swell with perverse pride but within seconds I became aware once again of the cruel presence of the clamps on my nipples and clitoris.

“Now stand up,” he commanded.

My head was still dizzy from the fucking it had received and I needed James’ steadying hand to help me to my feet. Once vertical I wobbled, leaning heavily against his strong body, feeling something slimy and gooey dribbling down my chin and onto my chest.

“You’ve done really well so far,” he said quietly. “Lets; see what we can do to test your limits a little more.”

More? Oh my God yes!


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