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Part 2 of my mother in law experience

The sequal to my first encounter with Helen

Around a two weeks had passed since my experience with Helen (my mother in law) and her friend Susan. I had hadn't seen my either of my inlaws since then and wondred how awkward things might be if they visted us or my wife and I visited them. Luckily I was in no rush to visit them and my wife was on the second day of a week long business trip so that gave more time before we may visit them.

Around mid morning I decided to mow the lawn which needed doing. After mowing the lawn I went back into the house to notice the red light on the answer phone blinking. I musn't have heard the phone ring when I was outside even though the door was open due to the sound of the lawn mower. I listened to the message and my heart skipped a beat when I heard it was my father in law. My initial reaction was that he had found out about what he had done with his wife and her friend. Luckily it wasn't that. He wanted me to check out the floor boards on the landing in their house as some of them seemed loose and he wasn't going to be at home to do it for a couple of days. He finshed with asking me to let him know if thier was any problem or I couldn't do but if not just to go round when it convienient.

I was apprehensive, I knew that if I went round Helen would be there or would at least be there at some point. I also thought to myself that my father in law wouldn't want me going round if he knew what I did to his wife last time I was in their house. I considered phoning him and making up an excuse of why I couldn't do it but I couldn't think of anything viable any excuse I though may be beleiveable I thought would propbably come back to bite me in the ass. I decided in the end that the best thing to do would be to go round to their house and do the job. If my mother in law was there I would just be polite and try not to mention my previous visit that culminated in some inappropriate activities - no matter how much I had enjoyed them.

I pulled up to my in laws house. "shit" I said to myself and out loud. My mother in law's car weas on th drive; she was in.
I knocked on the door, a few seconds later she Helen answerd the door dressed in some casual clothes. "Oh, come in" she said "I take it you've come about the floorboards on the landing?"
"yeah" I replied
"well you go up and take a look, im going to have a shower."
I went up onto the landing and started having a look at the floor. Helen went into the bathroom at the end of the smallish landing but was still clothed, the wash basket was in their so I guessed thats where she was going to put them and after a few minutes I heard the shower start. As I messed with the floor boards I started wondering what would happened when my mother in law came out of the shower, would she walk past me in the nude! No, I thought myself she'll be in a towel or might have even put some clothes on. I wondered whether it would be more appropriate to go downstairs to give her time to get out and go to her room. However, before I decided to go downstairs I heard the shower stop. I finished what I was doing with the particular floor board and was just about to pick myself up to go downstairs when Helen came out of the bathroom with a large towel wrapped around herself. I notied that she wasn't completely dry as there were still a few small beads of water still dripping down her arms. I was currently on the floor outside her bedroom and she walked towards me, I got to me feet so she could get past me and she went into her bedroom. Strangly however she did not close her door as I expected she would have to obviously finish getting ready and dressed or whatever; instead she sat back on her bed facing me. Before I realised what I was doing I was staring at her, her hair wasn't wet so I guessed she must have worn a shower cap in the shower although her hair wasn't a mess so one couldn't tell.

As I turned around she said to me "so how you been?"
I turned back round to face her "err...fine I guess" I replied
I contined to watch her as she put some kind of cream on her face. After applying it to herself she looked up at me and asked me how the floor was coming along
"yeah it's not too bad really, I though it might be a bigger job then it is"
Then she started fidgiting with her towel, she looked like she was trying to dry herself whilst still conceiling her body. "do you want me to close the door?" I asked
"Ahh, it doesn't matter she said it not like you haven't seen it all before" she said with a half grin on her face but blushing at the same time. I felt my cheeks become warm also. I couldn't help staring at her whilst she dried her upper body as she stood. I couldn't actually see much of her body as the towel was still hanging down and covering her body but swinging about displaying her crotch for a second at a time whilst her right breast was also almost all visible. It was just as large as I remembered from a couple of week ago and the large nipples seemed even larger and were flat, probably due to the warmth of the shower she had just vacated.
I found myself staring at her crotch, trying to get a glimpse anytime the towel swung away, I couldn't quite tell but I seemed different from when I had last seen it.
Then all of a sudden a voice Helen's voice broke my stare
"There's nothing new for you to look at you know" she said with a smile on her face. I felt like a complete pervert. "sorry" I said and turned round to finish up the floor boards when Helen said "actually thats not entirely true!"
I turned round to find that Helens towel was now by her feet and she stood in her room in front of me completly naked with her enomous breasts hanging majestically in the air. I moved my stare down to her crotch. "I started shaving it completly down there" she said as she sat on the bed with her legs slightly open and her hand on her public mound feeling the now smooth area.
"It feels better" she said "and looks better. I found that when I saw Susan to be completly naked down there I liked how it looked and felt"
My mind flicked back remembering Susans pussy and how good it actually looked free of any hair. And now Helen, my mother in law had made her vagina nice and smooth. I never thought women in their early fifties would be bothered about how their gentils looked but how mistaken I was.
As Helen looked at me whilst she felt her smooth lips and mound I felt she was looking for some kind of confirmation that it looked nice.
"Well it does look nice" I said
"do you prefer a completly shaven vagina" she said
I didn't lie, "yeah, its a lot better"
"why" Helen said
"Well...I suppose for a guy or whatever, it means theres no hair in the way when you're doing...stuff"
Helen looked at me with more intent, "so didn't you like mine last time we met, becasue it seemed like you did"
"I did" I said "I really did but I wasn't the one giving you oral pleasure, that was Susan"
She looked directly into me eyes and said "did you want to" Her legs were now more open as she sat back on the bed and my eyes moved back to her crotch which looked so appetising and I almost whispered "I still do"
With that she positioned herself more comfortably on the bed with her legs apart exposing her snatch. I walked over to the bed removing my t-shirt as I did so and my shorts leaving me in just my boxer shorts. I positioned myself between my mother in laws legs and bringing my face within about an inch of her pussy which was every so slightly damp, probably from a mixture of just coming out of the shower and her own excitement. I took in its sweet aroma, savouring the moment knowing that once again my mother in law and I would become passionate with one another. I teased hr by licking up and down her inner thighs and around her stomach before finally allowing my tongue to roam over her outer lips. After licking her lips I proded me tongue deeping inside the folds and stroked the inside with my tongue. Helen was maoning softly. I continued working hr pussy, feeling more turned on myself, my erection nearly bursting out from beneath mt boxer shorts.
I proded my tongue into her hole, reaching as far inside her as I could and gave her a good tongue fucking. I loved the taste of Helen's pussy, I couldn't get enough of it, with my mouth but just about been engulfed by her hole and lips. When my face was soaking wet I decided to concentrate on her clit which poked out from underneath its hood. I licked gently feeling Helens body shudder. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it and flicked it with my tongue. Helen was moaning more wildly now and her body was writhing in pleasure. When I sensed she was close I began licking, sucking and kissing furiously all over her wet pussy until Helen was screaming in extacsy and her large hips were bucking under my face. She grapped the back of my head and held me close into her crotch. The feeling was awesome. As she came, screaming my name I felt her sweet honey almost flow out of her pussy onto my face and mouth and I swallowed as much as I could; I thought she would never stop cumming as I forced my mouth and tongue into her hole to taste more of her pussy juice. This was the best pussy I had ever tasted and was way better than my wifes who's was no way as tasty as her mothers. Which was a shame really as my wife loved me eating her out and until now I thought my wife tasted good.

As Helen subsided from her explosive orgasm I realised to myself that anytime I had the urge to eat some pussy I would have to be round here at my mother in laws with my face deep in her pussy - it was awesome.

I removed myself from inbetween her legs and laid out on the bed next to Helen, her breathing still kind of quick she said "wow, you really know how to use that mouth and tongue of your's don't you?"
I just gave a cheeky grin as a my reply. Helen looked down to my body where my boxer shorts looked like a tent as my erection was at its fullest and thickest. Helen moved her curvy and busty figure into position so she could reach my boxers. I helped her by lifting my bum up ever so slightly off the bed. Helen slid them off and threw them on the floor. Then she gripped my cock with her hand quite firmly and started to move her hand up and down. I couldn't take this much longer, I was so turned on so I got to my knees and grabbed Helen by her hips and positioned her infront of me so that her ass was sticking up in the air near my cock. I looked down at her ass. I saw her brown badge and a little further past that was her pink hole that was my target.

I grasped my dick in one hand and placed it next to my mother in laws pussy hole. I edged it in every so slightly that just the head of my penis was inside her. I moved my head in and out of Helen slowly and teasingly. She tried moving her ass back to take more of my cock into her vagina but I grabbed her ass and stopped her. She turned her head round to look at me which she had been resting on a pillow and said "ooo, your such a tease"
I simply smiled and contined my small thrusts of my head into a hole which everytime I withdrew slightly I could see had opened up nicely. Her pussy had left a wet ring around my cock just past the head, indicating how far it had penetrated my mother in law. After Helen placed her head back on the pillow I figured it was time so I plunged my thick cock deep into her pussy making her squeal in pleasure. I fucked her hard, ploughing my dick as far inside as I could get. I remembered how good a fuck she was last time as my dick tore into her vagina time after time. As Helen was moaning with pleasure and my breathing was heavier I looked down to where my cock was dissappearing and reappearing at a quick rate. Helens pussy lips were wrapped around my cock like a perfect fit. They were tight around it and as I thrust backwards her lips kept hold of my cock and as I thrust back into her they were shoved in also.

As we contined to have sex I could feel the all too familiar sensation in my crotch. Helen was also seemingly close so I fucked her harder and faster to make sure she came hard. It wasn't long before the spasms in her cunt and body arrived. I totally let loose and fired warm jets of my cum into Helens hole. I came for so long as did Helen. Her pussy was amazing, I had never known a pussy that could milk my cock so expertly. After Her cunt and received the last of my juice I withdrew my cock fom her. She quikcly turned round and liked my dick clean of our intermigled juices before sliding the whole thing into her mouth to make sure it was completely clean. We both lay on the bed next to each other completely speechless.

After laying there for a while Helen said that she needed to have a shower. She turned to me and said "you're free to join me if you like?" with a smile on her face. As we walked from her bedroom into the bathroom I was behind her. I looked down at her ass jiggle as she walked I loved the way it jutted to each side as she took a step. I decided to give it a little slap just before she stopped walking. She just turned round and looked at me not saying a word but with a twinkle in her eye. She turned on the shower and waited for it to reach a comfortable temperature. She got in a motioned me to step in which I did. The shower cubicle itself was massive but it housed the two of us quite comfortably.

As the water sprayed from the shower nozzle I watched the water cascade down Helen's body. Her slightly chubby figure looked amazing with the water trickling down between her large breasts and  off her smooth pussy. Helen was also not wearing a shower cap this time so her hair was getting wet. She tilted her neck and head back to soak the full length of her hair. As she did so, her breasts stuck out even further, I couldn't help myself so I cupped each one in each of my hands. Her head came bak down and she laughed to herself. We washed each other making sure we were clean which I found quite arousing and even though Helen cleaned my dick not long before with her mouth she made sure with soapy hands which felt pretty good. Whilst in the shower Helen also kissed me full on the mouth which I realised we hadn't really done yet during our encouters. However I wasn't going to complain, Helens soft tongue felt good as into entered my mouth. I kissed back with passion, our tongues almost wrestling with each other as our lips were caressed by one anothers.
Helen pulled away after a number of minutes and we existed the shower. Helen produced two reletively large deep red towels from the cupboard as I sat on the side of the bath. "Here you go" she said handing me one of the towels I took it from her but still remained sitting on the side of the bath. I was quite content watching my mother in law pat herself dry. She stopped and her eyes turned on me and she smiled and said "wow, I can't beleive you're ready so soon!" I looked down at my naked body as at sat on the side of the bath at my penis which was standing tall. Before I could reply, Helen got to her knees in front of me, not even bothering to dry herself completely and placed her mouth by my erect penis. She got to work licking my cock from the base to the tip a few times. Then she grasped if firmly at the base with one hand before plunging her mouth over it, pumping it whilst she took over half of my thick penis into my mouth. She sucked it so feverously that it looked like she would be hurting me or would suck my dick striaght off but in actual fact it felt amazingly soft and gentle as well as simply amazing. My mother in laws soft warm tongue and lips worked in unison on my cock, I was in heaven.
As the minutes passed and the sucking licking and kissing of my dick continued I wished it wouldn't end and as Helen started to massage my balls I felt myself becoming close. I wasn't sure whether Helen would want me to cum in her mouth all on her face and tits etc, so I said in a quickening breath that I was nearly there. Instead of putting her off which I thought it might she began to pump my cock even more furiously with her hand into her mouth. Whilst I was closing in I peered down thinking what an awesome sight my mother in laws head was, bobbing quickly up amd down on my cock.
As I was becoming increasingly closer Helen uttered "oh yeah....come on (slurp)...cum in my mouth" whilst still sucking my cock between words.
Eventually it was all to much and I began to moan whilst Helen contined pumping my cock. I felt my cock release hot streams of cum into Helens mouth as she pumped and sucked. I heard her swallowing greedily obviously loving the taste of my juice. As the last of my cum fired into Helens mouth I looked down with my hands beside me on the side of the bath. I looked at Helen. She obviously hadn't been quick enough swallowing my semen as some had escaped the side of her mouth. However she quicly stuck her tongue out to retrieve it. I also noticed a stream or two had missed her mouth and landing on her cheek. I don't if she had noticed but I pointed it out anyway. "Thanks" she said smiling as she took one of her fingers and wiped her finger on her cheek at then licked my cum off her finger. She finished by licking the end of my penis and giving at little kiss. We both got up and went into the bedroom as we were both dry by now and we slumped down next to each other on the bed.

As we lay on the bed Helen turned to me and just stared at me for a couple of moments "what?" I said looking confused. She didn't reply for a number of seconds but finally said "I think you should stay over tonight". As she spoke a slight grin appeared on her face. I couldn't beleive what she had just suggested. "Don't you think that might be a bit of a bad idea?" I questioned.
"Why" she said "Micheal isn't going to home as he's working away for a few days and Natalie is away on business" It was true that my father in law and wife were going to be away "What about Charlotte" I said. Charlotte was the younger, 21 year old sister of my wife. "She's away at the coast for a few days with some of her friends, she won't be here, we'll have the place to ourselves. I agreed to stay. I knew I wanted more of my mother in laws pussy.

Helen and I spent most of the night fucking each others brains out. We fucked in some different positions. Helen also wanted to fuck in some diffrent rooms in the house which we also did. The night was amazing.

I woke up late in the morning the next day in my mother in laws bed. It took me a minute to adjust to where I was. There was also a strnage sensation coming from my dick; Helen was giving me a blowjob. Not a bad way to be woken I though to myself. I laid back and let Helen do her thing. Her lips felt amazing wrapped around my cock. She was taking the whole thing into her mouth up to the base. My cock felt amazing as her mouth made love to it. It didn't take me long for my balls to let me know the time was nearing. I couldn't help myself fom bucking my hips into Helens face. She was practically riding my cock with her mouth. She grasped my sides as my cock pounded into her mouth before I came hard in her mouth shooting my cum directly down her throat.

When it was all over we both got dressed and went downstairs. Helen made me a cup of coffe and we both sat down on the sofa. "We need to have a little chat I think" she said. "Err, yeah fine" I said.

We had a conversation for around ten or fifteen minutes. Helen was upfront straight away and said that she wanted our encounters to be a regular thing. I agreed with her saying that she was amazing - that made her laugh a little modestly. We decided that whenever it was possible we would meet up at a conveient location - probably one of each others houses and would basically have a good time with one anothers bodies. Before I left Helen gave me a peck on the lips and off I went.

When I got home I decided I would get a shower and put some fresh clothes on. Before I put my clothes on I looked down at my reddened penis. I found myself smiling at that fact that Helen had caused this!!! 

Part three of the story will arrive in due time

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