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Pie Treat

A wild sexy welcome home ends with a couple of surprises
When the garage door finally closed behind me, securing my car in the garage, I let out a tremendous sigh. I was so exhausted - what a week! I felt the tiredness fall over me like a heavy cloak, weighing me down, dragging me down. I rolled my head on my shoulders just to try and work some of the tightness out of my neck. The door to the garage opened and my wife moved into the light. I turned my head to look, and got the best possible greeting!
Usually we have sex daily. We’re still young, we’re both in great physical shape, we’re both attractive and we are very attracted to each other. I love nothing more than to run my hands over my wife’s supple, lithe body, to caress and fondle. She has nice C-cup breasts, big but not grossly so, nice, with pert, tight little nipples that get rock hard with sexual arousal. Her breasts are very sensitive, too. I think at least once I’ve made her come from playing only with her boobs. She keeps her pubic regions neatly shaven, a ‘landing strip’ made just for me. So when I saw her standing in the doorway, wearing that short, satin babydoll nightgown, opened at the chest, I felt a rush of energy. I realized how much I had missed her. And I realized that I had not come all week long. Ooh, she was in for a surprise, I thought lewdly.

She slowly traced an arm up the side of the door frame until she was standing hip shot. “Hey big boy,” she purred in her sexiest tone, “see anything you like?”

“Maybe,” I played along. “Could be I see a few things.”

“Well *maybe* you could help this poor young lass out with a few pressing things?” she cooed, blinking her eyes several times. Her lips were bright red, and turned upward in a big, welcoming smile. She tilted her head to one side.

“Of course I will help!” I said gallantly as I exited the car. I stood up, my suit jacket hanging loosely from my athletic frame, and I walked slowly over to Jessica. She smiled up at me, taking her free hand and putting in on the center of my chest.

“I’ve missed you this week,” she said softly.

“Me, too,” I agreed.

“We need to make up for some lost time, then,” she informed me.

“I agree completely.”

“Thought you might,” she said with a little nod. She maintained her position in the door, allowing me to walk up to her. I slid my arm around her petite waist, and held her tightly against my body. She lay her head on my chest, and we just stood there for a moment, satisfied with the embrace. But her body shifted, and I felt her one hand snake around my waist, and then head lower until her hand was on my butt. She squeezed my butt hard, keeping me tightly pressed against her body. Despite her smaller stature, she’s pretty strong, so I was pulled in hard against her. She tilted her head back and waited, and my mouth opened as my head dropped.

The first really erotic touch is always the best. The first gentle pressing of our lips together simply stoked all the fires burning within us both. Her mouth quickly opened and her tongue darted out, seeking then dancing with mine. She pulled her arm from the wall and draped it over the back of my neck, seeking to pull me tighter into the kiss. She likes a strong kiss, and my lips opened and our mouths began to press against each other’s with more urgency. I felt my sex rise quickly between my legs, and as my hips ground against hers, she allowed a small sound of pleasure to escape from her lips.

She broke the kiss and slid both hands onto my chest, and rubbed my broad, strong body slowly. She kept her hips pinned against mine. Her nightgown had slipped to the side, revealing more of her firm, upswept breast. She could almost read my mind at that point. I gazed down at her full breast and took in the erotic sight, and the pleasure of being met here at the garage door. She looked up at me. “Get down on your knees for me,” she said urgently. “I want you to suck the cum right out of this pussy, right here, right now!” she moaned. She thrust her hips forward more, and turned her body so that her back was resting against the door jam. She pushed out further. She was really amped up - every other time that she demanded I go down on her she was really stoked about something. Not that I needed much encouragement!

I knelt, and took in those long, firm legs. I ran my hands up them slowly, my head tilted back so that I could observe. Sure enough she shivered slightly just from my slow, light touch. She was really aroused. Now down on my knees I was overwhelmed by the aroma of her sex. I smiled inwardly - she was *really* keyed up. I wondered briefly what had done it, considering that I’d been stuck away from home all week long. But her scent had penetrated my nose and infiltrated my brain. Conscious thought was being wiped away. It was replaced by the insatiable need to place my mouth and lips over her swollen petals. I licked my lips anticipating the delicious taste of her body. “Yeah that’s it,” she breathed softly, seeing my head move forward towards her extended hips. She put her hands on my head but didn’t press - yet. As I got closer I felt the moist heat of her body. Yeah, she was dripping wet with need. Christ, what has she been doing here?

My tongue slipped from my mouth and pressed against the upper regions of her pussy. She gasped and I moaned - the sensation I had was pleasing. I quickly found her little nub, and began to flick my tongue up and down over it, and from side to side. I went fast and slow, using varying pressure. Her breathing had grown much faster and heavier. Her fingers ran through my thick hair, not quite pulling, not quite pressing, but moving with more intensity. I sucked the flesh of her body hard into my mouth, pulling on it, filling my mouth, and that got a loud cry from her, and her hands jammed on the back of my head. I had to turn my head a bit to breath through my nose. I released her, and reached up to her hips. I used pressure to angle her more. She had to release my head and grab hold of the door jamb over her head, arching her back so to fully and completely expose her crotch to my eager mouth. I smiled and licked my lips, tasting her fluids fully. Such a tangy taste, I’ve always thought, yet utterly delicious! I dropped my head down a bit, and slipped my tongue against the lower part of her pussy, and then with measured slowness, dragged from tongue from bottom to top. Again, I was rewarded with a lengthy, deep moan and a violent shudder. “Oh god that was good, do it again!” she directed me softly. She bucked her hips a little when I pulled my head away. “No!” she wailed, “don’t stop!”

“I’m not,” I promised her. “Just enjoying myself.” She craned her neck to look down at me, and simply nodded. Her eyes fluttered closed as I bent in towards her sex again. Again, I did a slow, long tongue-drag from bottom to top, and then flicked on her clit for a moment or two. She shivered in delight, soft coos quietly spoken aloud. I bent back down and pressed my head hard against her body, driving my tongue deeply into her sex. She slammed her hands on my head and trapped me fully against her body. I held her hips and lifted her butt, pulling her harder into me. My tongue wagged and slipped through the slick, hot tunnel, and I savored how her body contracted around my tongue. I pushed back for a second to take a gasping breath before resuming, my tongue sliding in and around her tight tunnel.

“Oh oh oh oh gooooodddd!” she groaned as I pulled my head away. “Don’t stop now!” I resumed working on her clit. She bucked her hips now wildly into my mouth and tongue. Her body was creating copious amounts of juices, which now because of her violent hip action had spread all over my face. It kind of triggered me to lose it as well, and I began licking and sucking at her body as hard and fast as she was bucking her hips into me. At one point I had her ass cheeks pulled apart and was wildly tonguing her puckering asshole, and that got me a huge cry and scream.

I knew that she was building to the orgasm. I could hear it in her voice and how her breath was catching in her throat. She was gasping senselessly for air, and her body had begun to betray her. The bucking hips were short and staccato, not at all rhythmic. Just a jerk here and jerk there. She held onto my head with one hand, her fingers squeezing into my head wildly. Little noises like grunts - “uh uh oh uh ah oh uh ah ah ah aaaahhhh!” - were about all she could say. I tilted my head down again to lick her delicious asshole, my nose smashing into the sopping wet, searing flesh of her pussy, and that did the trick. I felt her body convulse wildly, and my nose was struck by a moderate stream of liquids. She could not speak - only gasp for air. Her hips jerked hard enough to send me flying backwards, and slowly she sank to the floor, her body spasming wildly. She slammed her hand over her pussy as if to stop her orgasm. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her face wracked from her body’s wild onslaught. It ebbed away after another moment or two, leaving her splay-legged on the floor, still panting, sweaty, her hair falling over her bangs. In short, she never looked as lovely as she did in that moment.

“Holy f-fuck,” she groaned quietly. “How’s your cock?” she asked weakly.

“Stiff,” I said. “And neglected,” I added with a grin to soften the tease.

“I’m too weak!” she protested with a disbelieving smile. “Damn that was hot!”

“I know,” I said, and reached down to extract my erection from my pants. I stroked it slowly for her. She 
watched intently, studying me.

“I’d say you are pretty hard there,” she said softly. “Oh, damn, god, jeez!” All of this was muttered as she hauled her body off of the floor. Standing now before me, she reached down with both hands to lightly handle my boner. It was my turn to gasp and moan from the onset of intense pleasurable sensations.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned somewhat uncontrollably. Jessica’s fingers lightly danced over the length of my turgid shaft, teasing it to its hardest and longest. I felt my legs tremble a bit, and my own breath was catching in my throat.

“We need to get upstairs,” Jessica said throatily. “Quickly.” She turned but kept one hand firmly on my cock. Whether I wanted to or not, I was following (though I did want). We made our way up the steps to the bedroom. There, she turned and put both hands on my chest, stopping me. Without saying a word she began to work on the buttons of my shirt. I was anticipating this - Jessica loves to undress me. I have never asked her why. I just see it in her eyes, that she takes pleasure in it. She takes my jacket and hangs it carefully, and then takes my shoes into the walk-in closet. She nods once upon returning, seeing that I had left my arms at my sides and had done nothing else. She resumed unbuttoning the shirt, and yanked it roughly from my pants, but didn’t take it off. She then focused on the pants, fumbling with them until she got the belt off, and patted my butt to get me to step out of them. Those she hung with the suit coat, and then she took both into the closet again. When she came back out she was holding a small brown paper bag. “I have a surprise for you!” she said quietly.

“Oh?” I said with a smile. “And is that it?”

She grinned, but gnawed on the corner of her lower lip. So she was not sure of my reaction to whatever was inside, I determined. That made it all the more interesting. What naughty little thing did my wife get me? It had to be sex-related - with the action just completed and the action yet to come, this was no time for a “touchy-feely” present. “Here, open it,” she said and handed it to me.

I peer inside the bag, and then chuckled aloud. “Hmmm.” I took out a small box and looked it over. She had purchased a silicone cock ring for me. I looked questioningly at her.

She broke out into a huge grin. “I went to the sex toy store two days ago. I was just bouncing about, all these delicious visions running through my head, then I saw that. I know how much you like to have a really big, huge boner, and how much it turns you on when I keep you hard for a while. So I thought, why not?!” she said. She pointed. “I want to see that thing on you. I’ve been waiting for two days!

I opened the box and took it out. The ring looked small and thick, maybe a half-inch thick. There were “pleasure nubs” all over it. I felt how stretchy it was, and was surprised by its texture and feel. I also realized that this thing was going to go over the base of my cock, and it would make me hard as a rock! No wonder Jessie was so fired up. I played with it a bit, getting it on, and adjusted it carefully. Then I dropped my hands, and we watched for a minute or two in silence, watching my cock change as the blood restrictions took over.

“Jesus,” Jessie whispered in an almost-moan. “Look how fucking hard it is!” she said, reaching out and touching it.

“Oh I know!” I moaned back. Damn! I was stunned by the feeling in my penis. It was snug all right, a super-tight fit at the base, but it was keeping my erection blood-filled, and it had a slight deadening of sensation.

“Wait ‘till you fill my pussy with the load you’re gonna shoot!” Jess moaned as she stroked the hardest boner I’d ever experienced. “Fuck this, get on the bed, Michael! Do it now!”

I did as I was told, and laid on my back. Jessica climbed up on me and wasted absolutely no time, holding my cock firmly in her hand as she positioned her body, and then slowly sank down on me, allowing my rock-hard boner to slip easily into her lubricated pussy. “Ooh fuck that’s good,” she breathed quietly. “Bigger,” she judged after a moment.

“Damn it feels different - better, kind of!” I moaned as I wiggled my hips, getting comfortable. Once I did my hands found Jessie’s pert boobs and I held them. Jess closed her eyes as she began to rock her hips back and forth, up and down. The passion rose fast - now watching her, I saw the sweat form and the blush redden her skin. She was panting again, going slightly faster with each passing minute. I felt sweaty and my blood was pounding in my body and was rushing in my ears. But the cock ring was devilish - I wasn’t all that close to coming. Jess was though, and her cries were building in momentum and volume. “God honey I’m gonna fuckin cum again!” she groaned, and then her voice was drowned into wild cries. Her body shook and her legs quivered once more, and my super-sensitive prick felt the tightening around the length of my shaft when she came. She flopped her head down again. “Fuck, are you there yet?”

“No!” I moaned.

“Fuck this,” she said, and got off of me. She stood up on the bed and turned around, and sank back down into the reverse cowboy position. We’ve never done it that way. “I have a second surprise for you, lover!” she told me through her pants of pleasure. She was sliding my cock into her super-slick cunt again, and my prick slipped right inside with ease. The new pressure changed how it felt, and I gasped, realizing that this way I might come faster. That and she’d been fucking me for a while!

“Wh-what is it?”

“You’ll see soon enough,” she said and began to fuck me. This wasn’t lovemaking - this was porno-style fucking. She rocked her hips wildly, rotating them so that my cock slipped in and out of her deep pussy with ease. I stared open-mouthed at the sight of her butt splayed apart, her asshole winking at me with each rise of her hips, and how my cock just slipped inside of her. I flopped backwards and concentrating on cumming - that wasn’t too hard! “Are you going to cum soon?” she gasped.

“Y-y-yeah!” I moaned. It was close now. I felt like my cock was bottled up at the top, though, and the base was swelling with a huge load of cum. When it released, it was going to shoot with tremendous force and I’m sure substantial volume.

“Good, come in my pussy, baby, come inside me please!” she begged wildly. Her hips picked up speed and I felt her playing with my balls as she fucked me.

Then, I felt the dam release. “OH OH GOD I’M FUCKING CUMMMIINNNGGG!!!” I groaned wildly. I jammed my hips as hard up into her as I could, lifting her up off of the bed. I dimly heard her cries through my own physical orgasm. It felt like my cock was a huge water hose, and I’d just turned it on. Spasm after spasm shot loads of my hot, slippery cum into her wet, waiting pussy. She was grinding down on me forcefully, getting me to pump out every last droplet. “You done?” she finally asked, feeling my cock begin to subside.

“Yeah,” I groaned.

“Good,” she said. “Here’s your surprise!” she said wildly as she slid backwards and slapped her cum-filled pussy right over my face. She rubbed her hips wildly, covering my face with the semen-mixture. “LICK MY PUSSY!” she screamed wildly. “Lick me, make me cum again, taste yourself, baby, taste it I love it now you try it!”

I just reacted I guess. My tongue went out and I tasted my taste for the first time. It was not wonderful with this odd aftertaste, but yet the most erotic thing I’d ever done. I began to eat her pussy with abandon, and soon again I was treated to a semen-flushing flood of her juices.

“Do you like your cum?” Jess asked me seriously, after finally climbing off of me after I’d licked her to two more orgasms.

“If it’s delivered like that, sure,” I said.

“And the cock ring?”

The wide grin was the only answer I gave her. Good thing - she gave me an identical wide grin back. I wonder when the next time she’s going to the sex toy store...?

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