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Pimped out wife

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Pimped out wife
Having seen some stories here about women being pimped I thought I'd add my own account of how this happened to me not long before our wedding.

My boyfriend and I shared a flat in a seaside town in the south of England. It was a tiny, two-room bedsit type place, old, crumbling and damp. We desperately wanted a home of our own. We had tried to save for a deposit on a house but were finding it difficult as the wedding itself was taking all our savings. My father was in poor health so I could not expect him to foot the bill. Things were looking pretty grim, and neither of us could face the thought of starting married life in our dingy flat.
I started confiding in a woman who worked in te office where I worked as a travel consultant. She was married with two kids and lived in a nice large house just outside town. I had often noticed how occasionally she would arrive at work looking a little disheveled but I hadn't thought much of it. Finally, I told her of our situation and I told her how much I admired her lifestyle. She looked like she wanted to tell me something but wasn't sure that she should.

Finally she told me to promise that I'd never utter a word about this to anyone, and when I assured her that I wouldn't, she told me that it wasn't all what it seemed. Her husband had lost his job some time earlier and had to take a lower paid job. This coincided with their older child starting university. She said that they were in a desperate situation. They had already paid up front for the uni and were struggling with their mortgage. They were at the point where they were in serious danger of having the house repossessed.

A woman whom she knew suggested calling another woman who may be able to help and added that she would help if you didn't mind what you have to do. She contacted the woman who invited her to talk about it. She visited the woman who lived on a depressing housing estate, and the woman explained that there was always a way for a woman to earn money. My colleague said she was horrified but realised there might be no alternative. She ended up agreeing. She said that she had to continue working all the time her son was at uni and then her daughter was also wanting to go to uni so she has had to continue.

I called the woman and, sure enough, a similar conversation took place and the woman offered to help. As our wedding was just under three months away, we had little time to spare. The woman even offered me the chance to take money in advance to allow us the chance to go ahead and get the mortgage on our house. My boyfriend and I found our little house and went ahead and paid our deposit and got our mortgage. We even had enough left to buy some new and some second-hand furniture.

The woman put me to work straight away. I would have to go to her house to "see a guy" three times a week. I had a few weeks off after the wedding as we also went on a little honeymoon paid for by a family friend. A while after going back to "work",she showed me my "account" which showed that I had only paid off a fraction of what I owed. She explained that because I'd had a cash advance interest had been added. I found myself having to work five evenings a week and sometimes see two guys each evening. Although it was very stressful, it was also an odd situation. My husband and I found it arousing to think that I was having to "work", especially when after another month or so when I went to her house. Another man was there whom she introduced to me. She told me he was a pimp and that she really thought he should take me one day a week and get me earning or I would never pay off my debt.

So, I found myself being collected by this guy on a Friday and taken around to visit "punters" who would pay for me to drop my knickers, often just somewhere quiet outdoors or at a hotel or house. It was a very cheap feeling, especially as he would insist I wore only a long tee shirt so I would be ready for action. He even mocked me one time by saying how women were made for making money and saying how the slit between my legs was like a money box.

Luckily, I managed to pay off my debt..A combination of "working" and my husband doing some exceptionally long hours at work. That was many years ago and we now have a lovely house having moved a few times but neither of us will ever forget how we got onto the housing ladder.

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