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Plain Jane

Conservative wife Jane is not what she appears to be...
After coming home from a long day at the office, she’d found Ray looking like the cat that ate the canary. He was dressed to the nines, looking very handsome in a charcoal French-cuff button up and black slacks, fresh haircut, and a grin that showed where a lot of his parents’ money went in his teen years. Jane smiled, shocked to see him anywhere but his normal spot at 7 in the evening, which was usually on the couch in sweats and a t-shirt, hand resting on his dick Al Bundy-style.

“Don’t you look handsome,” she said, grinning widely as she greeted him with a peck. “What’s the occasion?”

He took her hand, which was odd, leading her to a chair in the living room. “I got us tickets for this…thing tonight. I was hoping you felt like going out?”

“What…thing, Ray?” She began to feel a gnawing pain in her gut. She’d had her own plans for the night, and they started with fucking him into a coma and tucked in by 10.

“Well, there is this party at The Zodiac-“

“The swingers club?!” Jane immediately began to storm out of the room, and Ray grabbed her arm to stop her.

“Jane, it’s not that big of a deal. They are having a party tonight, and it’s to celebrate their remodeling…it’ll be much more toned down for most of the evening, sweetie. Don’t be dramatic. I thought we could catch some dinner first?”

“And what are the new features? Will the poles have hand sanitizer that automatically disinfects it when skanks get through sliding down? Ugh, I am so disgusted with you and this whole idea.”

Ray folded his arms across his chest, and mulled over what she said for a minute. “Janie, you know it’s a swingers club, not a strip club. And you know they barely ever let non-members in…these tickets cost me 600! There aren’t any, uh….no poles. It’s like any other bar. I think they added some big screen TVs or something like that, had the floors redone. Why can’t you be more open-minded sometimes?!” He was so tired of Jane and her inflexibility. If it wasn’t in her Google calendar, then it wasn’t something she was open to exploring. He never understood the benefit of having a beautiful wife with brains and beauty, and let’s face it, the tits and ass of a 20-year-old, if they couldn’t break the monotony- and headboard- every now and then. He was bored, and thought this would be a great way to add a little spice to their everyday lives. Why did he ever think that inviting her out on a Wednesday, a “school night,” and to somewhere she might actually have a good time, would ever fly? “Again, I already bought tickets.”

“Ray, I don’t know who you think you’re going to use that ticket on, but it isn’t me. You can go to the freak nasty mansion alone.” Jane had her own reasons for not wanting to go to The Zodiac tonight, but it wasn’t the reasons he was thinking. As she tried to think of how to get him to stay home, he stepped in front of her, almost dizzying her with his sexiness.

“Is that your final answer?” he asked, arms still folded and looking as though he wanted to start tapping his foot in exasperation.

“Yes, Regis, that’s my final answer. I’ll take B, HELL NO. And I suggest you choose the same.” With that, she walked away calmly, holding in her angst, hoping she would hear him taking off his shoes in defeat, as he usually does when she wants to have her way.

Jane wasn’t sure how long she stayed in the bathroom, but she heard Ray fumbling around the house for a bit, and then heard the garage go up. He is really going, she thought. How the hell do you go to a swingers club solo? What an ass.

She slowly unlocked the bathroom door and headed for the kitchen, clearly needing a sip of pinot gris to figure out her next move. Her hands shook as she reached in the cabinet for a stemless wine glass, slowly opening the wine bottle with her Whodini opener. As she grabbed the cork to throw it away, it slipped out of her hand and onto the counter, landing near a piece of paper. ..the ticket to tonight’s party. Next to it was a sticky note, stating: I hope you change your mind. –Ray

“I won’t be needing this,” she said to no one in particular, sliding it into the garbage.


Around 10PM, she was pulling her black BWM M3 into the back parking lot of The Zodiac. Before she could even get her 5 inch leopard print heel on the pavement, Gary, the lead bouncer for the club, was reaching his hand out to assist her.

“Evening, Madam.” She smiled, wrapping her arm through his, as she did every month. He let his eyes take in every inch of her, from the bun on top of her head, to her tight black dress trying its best to keep her breasts from toppling over, to the split on her right thigh leading damn near to her lips. “You’re looking quite ripe for the picking tonight.”

“Thank you, Gary. But you know there is only one man picking from this cherry bush.” She winked sneakily, but felt butterflies as she thought about Ray actually coming tonight. This was her place, her sanctuary, her secret. She began her walk through of the space, hearing the quiet buzz of the growing crowd at the entrance waiting to be tantalized.

She had a job to do, and would fulfill her duties, as always. Tonight was special, a night where Zodiac would show couples just how personal their services could be. Just for tonight, couples could get a taste, literally, of the crowd of The Zodiac. There was a reason people paid so much money to belong. Not only did you have access to some of the city’s “in crowd,” there were hired men and women hand-picked for their beauty and sexual talents for the sole purpose of pleasure to each guest. This wasn’t a club full of the nervous wallflowers that had to down 4 vodka tonics before getting up enough nerve to pinch their own nipple; this was wall to wall power, beauty and lust. Each room was canvassed in candlelight, and she looked forward to seeing all of the intertwined shadows dancing to a symphony of desires. There were semi-private cabanas set up around the dimly lit mansion in hallways, grand living rooms, even a freak station in the kitchen with treats all ready for their guests: strawberries, honey and a chocolate fountain.

She sat in a mirror in the dressing room, watching the girls buzz around her. They were all dressed in black to showcase their finest features. For some it was a perfect ass in boy shorts, top optional. For another it was a tiny waist and dancer’s legs extending out of a tutu with no panties. For others, like her, it was a perfectly round set of breasts peeping out of a corset or lacy bra. She added one more coat of red lipstick, and decided at the last minute to put on a small vintage black hat with a veil, hoping it would provide a little bit of anonymity in the already dim lighting. There was only one thing left to do.

“Ladies, it’s so nice to see all of you. As most of you know, I am your Madam for the evening. I will be helping you find couples for the night, couples that need you to bring a sexual energy back into their lives. For some, this is an easy task. For others, you will have to woo them. Make the wives comfortable. Treat her like your sexiest girlfriend. Give her more attention than you do her husband; gain her trust. For the men, come on, they’re easy. Their dicks will be on edge before your tongue leaves your mouth to say your name.” The girls giggled, and one by one, walked by Jane, giving her a quick peck on the lips as they lined up to make their entrance. There were 18 in total. Bringing up the rear was Carlie, who Jane pulled in close, pressing her back firmly into her as she planted a very slow kiss on her mouth. “I have a special project for you,” she whispered in Carlie’s ear, who responded with a soft bite to Jane’s lower lip. They both smiled as she released her.

Jane took a deep breath, walking to the front and led the women through a door that led to the main living room. She noticed lots of well dressed couples, slowly drinking in the line of beauty behind her. The girls posed as if in a pageant, in a semi-circle behind their host, their Madam. She didn’t see Ray anywhere in the dim lighting.

She greeted the crowd, telling them the rules of the evening. She was there to play matchmaker when needed; men and women could tell her what they liked, whether it be anal, blowjobs, foursomes, a good pussy lick…whatever the preference, she had a girl that could please them. There were men there also, but Bobby was in charge of the boys, and was in a different room. Women were much friendlier though, much less intimidating, so she always stayed busy. The evening started off quickly, with couples quickly negotiating their own evenings with fellow guests, and many asking her for advice. Lola, the California blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and an affinity for doggy style fucks went to a 40-somethings couple that looked like they would come before she touched either one of them. Easy. Josie, a law student dressed in black crotchless lace leggings and a push up bra, left the room holding the hands of a couple of bookworms. Jane couldn’t help but giggle under her breath, wondering what they would do when she showed them just how flexible she was.

One by one, each girl left, leaving a crowd busying themselves with the bar and each other. People were loosening up, as they always did after drink number 3, and she felt more relaxed, as she had not seen….Ray. She spotted him having a cocktail at the bar, and half-assed talking to a guy in a suit two sizes too small. Maybe he was hoping people would see the small imprint in his pants and think good thoughts about him. She had only thought of one way she could handle this, so Jane called Carlie over, whispering instructions and sending her on her way with a pat on the ass. What an ass it was.

Carlie always reminded Jane of a kitten. She was curvy and moved as if she were gliding. Her eyes were almond-shaped, and hazel. She looked as though she could purr at any moment. She had full pink lips that would make any man- or woman- long to feel them on their skin. And if you were lucky enough to feel them? It was a sensation no one could describe. She knew this from experience.

She watched as Carlie brought over Ray’s favorite drink, a Dark and Stormy. He looked genuinely surprised, accepting it tentatively, staring at her mouth as she blabbed on about nothing.

She was warming him up by getting him talking. By his third free drink, his mind was moving too slowly to react more quickly as her hand crawled up his thigh to his dick. He looked so torn; does he move it? Does he go with it? Jane felt her pussy walls tighten as she watched Carlie whispering in his ear, her hand continuing to work on Ray. His eyes closed, and she thought she could see him swallowing hard as Carlie led him into a dark hallway.

Jane followed, taking in those shadows she’d longed to see. But instead of the silence of her walk-through, she now was greeted by an out-of-tune chorus of moans, kisses, sweet nothings being whispered, God’s name being shouted…it was beautiful. She stood 5 feet in front of the cabana where Ray was now lying, as Carlie climbed him as a kitten would a tree. She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing him on his neck and chest as she worked her way south. She removed his pants, and then his boxers.

In under 2 minutes, Jane’s husband was lying naked on a round bed, blindfolded and careless to the fact that his beautiful thick shaft was swaying in the wind. Carlie slid her wet pussy up and down his penis, her breasts grazing his chest, causing him to moan quietly, but loud enough for Jane to hear. She smiled. Carlie looked back at her, and nodded. As she climbed him, she rested a knee on each side of his face, and slowly lowered herself onto his mouth, his tongue happily pleasing her. Of all the men she’d ever been with, Ray was the best pussy licker Jane had ever encountered. And from the way Carlie moved her hips and grabbed her breasts, she knew his reputation was again well earned.

Jane pulled her split aside, giving her access to her throbbing pussy. She was shocked at how wet she was. Seeing her husband in this way, seeing him being pleased, and knowing it was just about to get better, made her so excited. She couldn’t wait any longer.

With him still working on Carlie, she slipped through the sheer veil and removed her clothes. Before he could gather there was someone else in their space, she licked him from balls to head, finally enveloping as much of him as her mouth could hold. She sucked him with fervor, and although she felt the initial pause from shock, she felt him relax and go with it. She heard Carlie’s cries from orgasm, and suddenly felt him explode in her mouth. She swallowed each and every delicious drop, something Wife Jane would never do.

He laid their panting and spent, Carlie lying next to him. Jane crawled next to them, leaned over, and licked the come off of her husband’s mouth. Propped up on her right elbow, she spooned her partner in crime, her left hand making circles around Carlie's nipples. “Now,” she whispered, and Carlie smiled, removing Ray’s blindfold. He sleepily looked over at the two beauties, and she could see him begin to recognize her through the veil. His face morphed through a variety of emotions- confusion, then fear, a second of anger, and back to confusion- when he tried to speak.

Jane reached over, putting a red-painted nail to his lips, which he sucked. He understood. This wasn’t the time or place. She wasn’t his wife right now. She was the Madam. And she knew just what he’d want. And he knew then and there, as did Carlie, what Jane needed. To be sucked. And licked. And fucked. And so they did.

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