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You havent had much time for me........ you need to be punished..... im gonna teach you a lesson!
I phone you in your office, I am actually sitting outside your building looking up at your window. I tell you that I'm downstairs and would really like to see you, "ohhhhhh and by the way... I have no knickers on".

I know you are looking out your window at me, I am wearing a skirt just above my knees and I part my legs just a bit to give you an impression..... you cant see detail from where you are, but you get the general idea.

You come down to meet me, its the first time we meet in person. You thought I couldnt find you in real life, but I worked it out. We are strangers in reality, yet we have made love to each other many times over the internet. We go to a coffee shop with booths and we choose the one that is most private, we don't want any distractions. You sit next to me, and try to kiss me, but I hold you back because your naughty, and you need punishing!

While we are waiting for our coffee I let my leg fall against your thigh, you feel amazing and I want you..... but I fight my urges. Your hands are soft, smooth and warm, your right hand is sliding up my thigh to test my earlier claim. You feel my silky bare skin of my pussy at your finger tips, your fingers want to go further, and I snap my thighs shut and stop you from going any further. You have to wait, you need to be punished!

You start kissing my neck and nibbling my ear, we are like old lovers. I can feel myself melting down below, the moisture is flowing..... my tide is coming in for you.......... I kiss you back. Your mouth is divine and I want more of you, but I wont let myself lose control.

You are whispering in my ear describing what you want to do to me and my pussy, god I'm so wet. I get up on the pretence of going to the ladies for a minute, but really I need to go and compose myself because I'm so turned on. As I stand up, I pull my skirt down a bit, it had ridden up with some help from you, your hand very quickly slips up the inside of my skirt and your finger finds my wet pussy immediately, it is like a heat seeking missile, you can feel the moisture starting to escape my pussy.... but I stand with my legs together tightly and stop your finger going any further because your naughty and need to be punished.

I know you want me bad, I can see the beautiful tight bulge of your crotch and I so badly want to release it from the fabric prison that its in...... but I don't, because you need to be punished. Instead, I lean over you slightly and put my hand around the shape of your cock and give it a pleasurable squeeze, I marvel at how hard it feels.... god I need to see it and taste it soon!

I excuse myself and walk off to the Ladies room leaving you all worked up and wondering what we are going to do this afternoon.

I come back minutes later. I have managed to calm myself down. I'm more composed, and I am thrilled to see that you are still horny as ever. I can see that wonderful hard cock is still straining against your trousers.......... I give it another playful squeeze and leave my hand resting on it. I can feel it pulsing and you make it flinch every now and then to remind me of its presence..... like I would forget ha!

We start on our coffee, and you tell me a bit about your day so far. You tell me how happy and surprised you are that I'm here with you. I respond with a kiss on your neck, and give your ear lobe a bit of a playful nip. While we talk I'm playfully dragging my nails up and down your thigh and that is fuelling your needs........ good......I'm glad...... I want you to want me!

After our coffee we walk back to your office, most of the people are out to lunch so I am able to slip into your office unnoticed. Your blinds were already shut so no one will be suspicious. I sit down on your sofa, my legs just parted a little. I am deliberately stopping you from getting a proper view.

You sit on the corner of your desk looking at me, you have the cheekiest grin on your face, part shock and disbelief that I'm really here in front of you and part excitement, you cant remember feeling this excited in a long time, you cant remember the actual event your even comparing to... your mind is firmly focused on what you want to do to me.

I pat the chair next to me, you come and kneel in front of me and put your head in my lap. I hold your head in my hands and gently rub the back of your neck and play with your ears. We finally embrace, enjoying the moments of our first contact. It feels wild, my heart is pounding and I know yours is too. A few minutes pass, and you lift your face to look at me, we kiss...... softly and passionately, there is hunger, but its gentle and tender. We both feel like we are young teens.... having our first kiss. The floating and fuzzy feelings are drowning our senses......... I'm lost in the hazy wonderful place where nothing else matters or even registers, we could be in public and wouldn't even be aware of anything around us. We are totally absorbed in each other and it feels so right! We don't want to let go of each other..... scared that we will wake up and find it a dream.

After a few minutes, I reluctantly remember that I was here to punish you. You gently let go of me and my devilish side starts to kick in, I brush my shin against your crotch.... you are still so bloody
hard. Your eyes begin to roll backwards from the mere touch of my leg, you are still on your knees in front of me. I stand up and your face is level with my pussy, you immediately bury your face in my skirt taking in a deep breath trying to imagine how sweet my pussy will taste. Both your hands slid up the back of my legs and each one cups a cheek, your hands are so warm. You hold on firmly to my arse kneading them...... but hanging onto them like you never want to let them go.

My hands cup each side of your face, and lightly massage the back on your neck. I want to taste your neck again, but I break free from you and move a couple of steps away. You reluctantly let me go and your arms slump to your sides, but your eyes are still locked on me.

I tell you how naughty you are..... how much I have missed talking to you. You keep telling me how busy you are, and your apologising, but I put my finger to your lips to silence stop talking and your staring at me. I can see your hunger and it makes my heart beat faster.

I step back again, I bend over and pull you up by your tie playfully, I walk you backwards and let you fall into your office chair. You don't fight it. You play along willingly, and obediently.......... just as well!

I move to the other side of your desk and I lean forward. You can see right down my top, and my breasts are hanging free, you can even see my nipples..... rosy pink and very erect. You feel a twang in your cock...... it just got even harder!

I stand up knowing that you saw what you were meant to...... then I cup each of my breasts in my hands and gently pull on my nipples through my top...... you cant take your eyes off my tits, your eyes are pleading with me to take off my top...... but I don't because your naughty and you need punishing!

You start to stand and I stop you.... with just a look you know that you need to do as I want because your terrified that I will leave. You don't want this to end, this is far from over. Your head is racing with panic....... what if you don't get your release? I tell you how much I want you and how wet I am for you....... I touch between my legs and show you my glistening finger as proof. You want to bury your cock in me so bad, but you stay seated, waiting to see what I will do next........

I keep my eyes fastened on you and I begin slowly gyrating from side to side, dancing very slowly to imaginary music while my hands are pretending to be your hands, rubbing all over me, feeling my curves and exploring some secret places........ you are totally mesmerised. You are concentrating on me one hundred percent, perfect....... anything less than one hundred percent is not good enough for me, its all or nothing!

I slowly walk over to the lounge where my handbag is and I bend over to pick it up. I bend at the waist, not the knees knowing full well that you would get a full view of my moist clam. I take my time picking up my bag giving you those few precious seconds to study my smooth pussy. I hear you inhale deeply. I straighten up and turn around to face you, you look like you are going to implode or something and you have the sexiest dreamy expression on your face, but there is also a strain showing..... that only release will help.

Your eyes are fixed on me with a hopeful look, but there is also a realisation that I might be going now? You quickly push that thought out of your head, No! you don't want me to go, you need to bury yourself into me! You know I want you too, and you want to finish what I started.

I walk over and stand next to you and turn your chair so you are facing me squarely, I lean forward, your hands are now embracing me, drawing me closer to you. You nearly pull me onto you, we kiss passionately.... its a lovely long hot kiss, while your hands are kneading my ass.

I kiss you on your forehead, and get up, I tell you that I have missed you terribly, and that your a naughty boy for not paying me enough attention. This is your punishment! I blow you a kiss and tell you that I will see you soon......... you wonder....... if this is the punishment...... what will she do to me if I'm good? You feel your cock pulsate at that thought, and fall back into your chair all strung out, fully excited, and partly exhausted.... you feel like you have run a marathon.
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