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Pushing The Envelope - Part 2

A follow-up tale that mixes a lot of true life experiences with a touch of fantasy.

A follow-up tale that mixes a lot of true life experiences with a touch of fantasy.

Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m a male pig, apparently with canine genealogy, who totally lacks the sensitivity needed to understand a woman’s plight post-pregnancy. At least that is how I was portrayed by my wife, LeAnn, when trying to help her lose some extra weight so that we might be able to help her restore her self-image and get our sex life back on track. After all, I’m a fit, testosterone laden 44 year old male and have a right to still be horny for my wife.

We have been married for 17 years now and for ten glorious years, prior to becoming parents, had enjoyed a robust sex life, which, immediately after the pregnancy had stopped completely and then built back up, after much pleading on my part, to a predictable, sanitized once per week on a Friday evening and, sometimes, if I was good, on a Saturday evening. For six years I had ‘suffered’, patiently waiting for things to improve. I had lost my wife, but my daughter had gained a wonderful, doting, if not rather dowdy, mother.  

I know how it sounds, but you need to understand, there was no spontaneity any more. LeAnn didn’t even seem to care about her appearance around me because when I left for work in the mornings she would still be in her housecoat fixing her face. Then, when I got home, she would have changed out of her work clothes into some rather fetching, baggy sweats and slippers. Oh yes, just the thought is enough to give any male a hard-on – NOT!

But enough dwelling on the past. LeAnn was back to her sexy best. She had decided to change for her, not me or society’s perceptions. LeAnn’s then looming 40ieth birthday had apparently been the catalyst and she had shed the pounds and come toward the light. To recap, she is now 40, 5’6” tall, a trim 125 pounds, with long, straight blonde hair down to the middle of her back, gorgeous blue eyes, small, but very responsive 36B breasts and, my favourite feature, the shapeliest, longest legs I could ever hope for. It is still hard to shake her from the prudish behaviour she has acquired as a mother, however, the episode in the kitchen department of the large local DIY store several months ago, where I had masturbated her, against her will, in one of the model kitchens seemed to have opened up a world of opportunities – for me at least.  

Yes, LeAnn was mad as hell at me for what I did to her, but she could not deny the thrill and pleasure she had got from the episode. Although mad at me for over a week, she had finally, grudgingly, admitted that she had enjoyed it and even confessed to often recalling the experience to get herself aroused during Friday night sex or when masturbating…. Masturbating? Huh? It was bad enough sex was rationed on the pretext of being too tired or of being disturbed by our daughter, but for her to confess she had been masturbating is akin to taking a shower in front of a man dying from thirst.  

In fact, to digress, I have only ever had the pleasure of seeing LeAnn masturbate on one very memorable occasion when we were still Dinky’s (Dual Income, No Kids Yet).   We were still in our 20’s and always eager to get in each others pants. As I recall, it was not long after her conversion from wearing panty-hose to wearing hold-ups or (even better for me) stockings & garters as the preferred attire for her lovely legs.

After another great night out, dancing and drinking, we had retired to the sofa in my small abode for some hot and heavy petting. Having lustily devoured each others tongues for some time and, rather inexpertly, fondled her breasts over her clingy dress, I had managed to slip both my hands under the hem of her dress and was caressing her outer thighs, enjoying the feel of her nylon covered legs. As my hunger for her grew I broke our kiss and dropped down on to my knees before her, leaning in on her just enough to cause her to part her knees before me. Her face was flushed and her breathing ragged as she stared at me wondering what was to happen next.  

The sight of her smooth flesh above the stocking tops as her legs spread before me almost made me cum in my pants right there. I pushed the hem of her dress all the way up, noticing how she ever-so-slightly lifted her ass up off the sofa to allow me to push the hem almost all the way up to her waist. Her panties, obviously damp, were laid bare before me and I moved my hands away from her hips, arcing in over the tops of her thighs with fingers slightly spread. My thumbs rolled over the moist material of her pants, gently pressing into her mound until they met. I leaned forward to kiss her mid-riff where her flesh met her panty line and elicited a groan of pure delight from LeAnn.   I hooked my fingers across her panties and slowly pulled the material across to reveal her hairy sex. The fingers of my right hand immediately, but gently, moved to trail a path from the top of her pussy lips down as far as the cushion of the sofa would permit. LeAnnn began to groan hungrily. When I looked up from her pussy I could see the lust in her eyes, feel her wetness on my fingers and smell her need.

As my fingers probed for an opening between her drenched pussy lips, I again bent down to take in her scent and taste her juices. Teasing and lapping at first I caused LeAnn to push up from the sofa as she attempted to fill her need. Willing to oblige, and loving how she tasted I plunged my tongue in as deep as it would go, lapping around her labia, licking up and down, enjoying the taste and the reaction I was getting from LeAnn. LeAnn placed her right hand behind my head and pushed down as she began grinding herself into my face, making guttural sounds proclaiming her enjoyment. If I had known any better back then I would have continued my ministrations and probably would have witnessed a truly awesome orgasm – but I was young.  

She was so ready and I was fair to bursting out of my pants and needed to release my cock from its confines, so, without any consideration of where LeAnn was right at that moment, I lifted myself from her cunt and made to stand up! “What’s wrong? Why’d you stop,” she panted.

“I haven’t stopped. I need you too,” I rasped as I got up and fumbled to get my cock out of my way too fashionably tight pants.  

It may have been the first time we had truly looked at each others sex. In that moment, cock in hand, I looked down at the love of my life, slouched down on the sofa, dress pushed up around near her waist, stockinged legs spread, panties pulled aside revealing her bush that was being crudely fingered by LeAnn’s left hand whilst two fingers of her right hand were busy attacking her clit. Her eyes seemed glazed, transfixed on my cock. I started to pull back on my shaft, fully exposing the blood engorged deep purple helmet of my cock to her gaze.

“What are you doing?” she asked, mesmerized.  

Almost absently, I replied, “I’m gonna cum all over you.”

“Oh my god!” she panted. Almost immediately the assault on her pussy seemed to become frenzied as she plunged two fingers of her left hand deep into her pussy. I could clearly see how slick her fingers were becoming and saw her pussy juices ooze out of her cunt each time she thrust her fingers in. I gripped my cock harder, began pumping faster, my gaze alternating between the quite fantastic and unexpected image of LeAnn’s fingers pummeling her cunt and LeAnn’s face, her eyes fixated on my cock.  

The scene was almost surreal, LeAnn frantically frigging herself on the sofa, pussy lips swollen and no doubt sensitive, looking up at me who was standing over her, my fist wrapped around my cock pumping it for all it was worth. I have no idea how long the scene played out but I know I couldn’t help but cum hard. As I grunted my way to orgasm and watched as my thick, milky jism erupted from my cock, I had the thrill of seeing LeAnn topple over the edge as she called to her maker and questioned my parentage in the same breathless, depraved cry of orgasmic pleasure. We both slumped onto and into the sofa as we slowly came back down to earth.

Ah! What a memory. Pity LeAnn beat herself up with recriminations after that episode. Her straight-laced up-bringing didn’t help her deal with her sexuality and when we talked about it or I tried to repeat it I was usually met with comments about ‘losing control’, ‘dirty’ and ‘not the same as making love’. Hey, back then you didn’t argue.  

So, to get back on track. Since the DIY store episode, LeAnn has loosened up a bit. She’s shaved virtually all of the bush off her pussy leaving a nice trim strip, for the sake of decorum, and, whilst my weekly sex ration has not increased, the quality of it has. She now ‘dresses’ up for me in the security and sanctity of the bedroom and, in truth, she seems to look forward to Friday’s as much as I do – and I don’t care how pathetic that sounds.

Of late, we have introduced a monthly ‘date night’ wherein LeAnn allows a baby-sitter to care for our daughter (that was a tough job) for one night so that we can get dressed up and go have some fun – strictly the two of us. At first we just had ‘dinner and movie’ and were back by 10pm. Lately, I’ve managed to persuade her to go for a drink or two and stay out later. LeAnn even dresses a little sexier for me and I often tease her about going ‘commando’ for me. – oh yes, and this always on a Saturday so as not to mess up my Friday! Why the latter proviso? Easy, more often than not, after a great night out, we would get home, check all was well twith our daughter and then I would invariably have to take the baby-sitter home. By the time I got back LeAnn would be washed changed and sometimes even asleep in bed – NOT cool.  

Anyway, I was looking for an opportunity to push the envelope with LeAnn again. I thought that if I could get her to go commando on one of our date nights it may lead to other better things, unfortunately I was not having any success and I was getting the distinct impression that LeAnn was getting fed up of my persistence. Nevertheless, when we accepted an invite to attend a cocktail reception, followed by dinner with friends at a rather plush hotel a few miles away, I again suggested she could go commando. As expected, I was rebuffed.

On the night of the reception it was decided that I would be the designated driver given that I never seemed to need too much booze to mingle and have a good time. Fine with me as it is often a bonus to be able to clearly recall the nights embarrassing events (if any) without fear of contradiction. So, babysitter arranged we got ready for the night out and both looking forward to getting a bit “glammed up”, after all, it’s not often you get to dress up in suit to go out these days.  

LeAnn had chosen a lovely form fitting black dress, trimmed at the top and bottom with a leopard print band, held up with spaghetti straps and elegantly sex with the hem finishing about 2 inches above the knee. We knew the hotel would have the air conditioning cranked up, despite it only being April, so the dress was a wise choice because it came with a loose fitting matador style jacket with sheer sleeves – enough to keep her warm, if needed, without getting the way.

Now, I always give LeAnn a big head start to get ready because, well, she’s a woman and the “details” always take time. I had laid out her dress and my suit on the bed and, after my shave and shower casually strolled from the bathroom toward my clothes. I was getting dressed and LeAnn was sat at her vanity, having just finished her make-up, when she asked, “Babe, can you help me put my necklace on?”  

“Sure, Hon,” I replied as I turned toward her and froze in my tracks dressed in my shirt, boxers and socks. She rose from her stool and strode over toward me looking stunning. Her hair perfectly in place, face beautifully made up and accented by her dangly ear-rings, her breasts were encased in one of those deceptively sexy bras pad out and lift even the smallest assets and make them look like perfectly edible globes. Her muscled flat stomach led down to a black, leopard print thong trimmed with black lace, complemented by the black lacey garter belt which provided the support for the “barely black” lace-top stocking. She had even broken out her 4 inch black patent stiletto pumps. This vision walked across to me holding out her necklace and my cock immediately came to attention and sprang out from the confines of my boxers.

“What’s wrong?” she insanely asked before looking down at my throbbing tool. “Oh, you can forget about that. The babysitter will be here soon and we have to get to the hotel by 7.30”.  

She handed me the necklace, spun around and then lifted her hair out of the way so that I could put her necklace on. I was almost trembling with lust and I swear I heard her snigger as I tried to avoid the touching her with my boner for fear my pre-cum would in some way stain her and cause a row. “Come on, Babe, just a quickie,” I pleaded, once the necklace was in place.

She turned around to look at me, glanced at my cock and, I swear, must have seriously been considering it when the damned door-bell rang! LeAnn broke into a wry smile and said, “You better get that”, and walked back to her vanity.

During the drive to the hotel I was a jabbering sycophantic wreck. Whatever LeAnn wanted I would do, all night and beyond if she promised we could have sex later. All I got was vague taunts like “We’ll see”, or “If you’re good”. She knew what she was doing. Aaaarggh.  

The night actually went very well. Apart from not being able to keep my eyes off LeAnn, I saw some good friends, had a laugh, a couple of drinks and generally dissipated my sexual frustration. Whilst not a “black tie” affair, it really does a soul good to get out to a classy function once in a while. Once the reception was over, LeAnn and I joined some of our friends, two other couples who’s names are not important right now, as arranged for dinner.

Not wanting to drive any more than necessary, we a reservation in one of the restaurants in the hotel that also had a dance floor with live music or a DJ performing, depending on the night, after 9 pm. Tonight there was to be a live Jazz band, not my preference but we’d give it a shot. At dinner we split the couples up so as to maximize the socializing. This meant that LeAnn was sat across the table from me for most of the night and she kept glancing across at me with a wicked grin plastered on her face for the whole meal.   It wasn’t until near the end of the meal, just before dessert, that LeAnn scooted over to sit next to me and pressed something into my hand saying, “Look after these for me”. I glanced down to see her panties in my hand. My eyes fairly bulged out of my head and I was about to say something when LeAnn simply put a finger on my lips, smiled and then returned to her seat.  

As soon as the meal finished, with the band still playing I took LeAnn onto the dancefloor to dance. I just needed to hold her close and check she wasn’t just playing with me and a dance to a song I do not ever recall having heard before seemed as good an excuse as any. The beat of the music was a little too fast for the slow moves I planned, but I didn’t care. I pulled her close and at the first opportunity got my clammy hands all over her ass checking for any signs of panties – there were none. Almost breathless, pleadingly, I said, “We have to go now”.

LeAnn looked up at me and laughed. “Later, Babe. Let’s have some more fun here.”  

I’m guessing the drink and hanging out with some of her girlfriends had loosened LeAnn up a tad, so I went with the flow. By 11pm, however, I was getting worried. LeAnn was no longer a night owl and although she was bright and cheery now, would she still be game after we get home and I have to take the baby-sitter home. Past form did not bode well for me and I was thinking how could I keep this momentum up. By 11.30 our little party was breaking up as each of us felt the weight of parenthood and staying up beyond 10pm take its toll. Even LeAnn issued a yawn as we bade our farewells.

On the drive home LeAnn, who was far from drunk, was still in a teasing mood and kept asking me if I was happy that she had gone commando whilst all the while reaching across to rub my throbbing hard-on through the material of my pants. It was all I could do to concentrate on my driving and it didn’t help matters much when she lifted the hem of her dress up to show me her exposed pussy. This was torture so I quickly decided on a course of action.  

It was a chilly, but clear April night with a nearly full moon high in the sky surrounded by a dazzling array of stars. The sort of sight you can really only appreciate once beyond a city’s limits and in the countryside. The drive home would take us past the remains of an historic fort that was nothing more than a pile of rubble atop the crest of a grassy hill, however, the site had been made into a park and I decided to take LeAnn there before going home. It had become a bit of a “lovers lane” hang out, but that is exactly why I thought of it. As soon as I turned off the main road and drove along the access road to the park LeAnn figured out where we were going and became anxious.

“Where are we going?” Seeking confirmation.  

“I think it’s obvious. I need you. Now,” I said pointedly. She went very quiet and pulled the hem of her dress back down.

When we got to the top of the hill, the view across country, even at night was glorious. Even if I do say so myself, it was the most perfectly romantic setting to make out – except there were already two other cars, with steamed up windows, already parked up there.  

“Mark!” said LeAnn sternly, “There are people here. Turn around and let’s go home.”

My shoulders slumped, my resolve gone. I slowly turned the car around and began the slow descent back down the access road. “It was a nice idea, Babe,” said LeAnn, “but I think we’re too old to be making out in cars now.”  

Suddenly my resolve returned. I pulled the car over onto the grass verge, about a third of the way down the access road. Switching off the engine and the lights I turned to LeAnn and in my most menacing voice told her, “Get out of the car. Now.”

“What? What’s going on?” she said, suddenly very apprehensive.  

“Out!” I demanded. She opened her door and stepped out. Locking her side, I then stepped from the car and strode over to her. Taking her by her left wrist we stepped about three paces away from the car toward a tree. “LeAnn, I am going to fuck you up against this tree. I’ve needed to fuck you all night, to empty my cum in you. This is about me. I don’t care whether you cum or not, I just need to fuck you.”

“But someone might see us,” she nervously reminded me. Excellent. She’s not refusing to comply, merely concerned about being caught, I thought.  

I said, “Good. It wouldn’t bother me if a whole football team came by and saw me fucking you. You’re gorgeous, and they’d only be jealous that it was my cock in you and not theirs.”

I spun her around and told her to reach out toward the tree trunk and lean toward it for support. Then I lifted the hem of her dress up around her waist, exposing her cute little, almost translucent ass above the lips of her exposed pussy. She spread her legs when told and I just drank in the sight of her waiting for me to take her. As I struggled with my right hand to release cock from my pants, I quickly sucked on two fingers of my left hand, fully expecting to need to have to lubricate LeAnn’s hole before stuffing my cock in her pussy. As I deliberately ran my wet fingers from just below her puckered ass-hole and into the folds of the lips of her pussy I was amazed at how slick she was. LeAnn was dripping wet. My fingers slid into her with almost no effort, eliciting a small moan from her mouth and a perceptible arching of her back as she pushed back against my fingers.  

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “You dirty little slut. You want to be taken and fucked in public, don’t you?”

LeAnn whined, “No, I’m a good girl.”  

Even as I am sawing my fingers in and out of her I say, “Your body says otherwise. I’m still just gonna fuck you. You better keep an eye out in case someone comes along.”

I look down at my cock and am taken aback at how much bigger it seems. Trick of the light? No. I’m so fucking turned on and looking forward to this that I must easily be a half inch thicker, and I wasn’t that small before. I pull my fingers from my lusty wife’s cunt and place the head of my cock at her opening. She can feel me at the entrance to her pussy, the pussy lips beginning to gently enfold my helmet, and she pushes back gasping as the head of my cock spreads her pussy lips. “oh damn,” she rasps, “Fuck me, Mark, please, fuck me.”  

I oblige by gripping her with both hands just above her hips and thrusting the entire length of my cock into her in one steady, firm stroke all the way in. She starts grunting as she begins to push back into me, meeting my thrusts and maximizing the depth of my penetration. She feels so tight as I pick up the pace of my thrusts, each one met by LeAnn’s grunts and I can feel myself wanting to cum already. Despite my earlier statements, I do not want this to end too soon so move my hands down to her ass cheeks, not just to mash them in my hands but also to lessen the impact of LeAnn’s thrusting back against my groin. It works for a while as our steady rhythmic fucking brings us both growing waves of pleasure, but I need to do more to make it last.

I look upon this goddess who I have the pleasure of fucking under the stars and decide that her sphincter needs my attention. Without missing a beat, I lubricate my thumb with my mouth and then, without warning, but in a firm but gentle manner, insert my right thumb up LeAnn’s ass. The reaction is almost immediate as the pace of LeAnn thrusts picks up. I quickly adjust my own pace so that as I almost entirely retract my thumb from her ass I bury my cock deep in her pussy. I can feel my cock with my thumb, I can feel LeAnn beginning to lose all self control.  

I knew she had toppled over the edge when I felt her sphincter clamp onto my thumb and then go into a spurt of contractions closely followed by the walls of her cunt grabbing my cock sending the most exquisite waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. I kid you not, from my toes to my ear-lobes I was in ecstasy as both LeAnn and I orgasmed at the same time, grunting and thrusting for all we were worth whilst also doing our best not to scream out and let the whole world know what we were doing. It was phenomenal.

As the last throes of passion coursed through our bodies I felt LeAnn begin to go limp. I quickly threw my left arm under her as she dropped her own arms from supporting her against the tree. The sudden shift in weight forced me to reach out with my right arm to lean on the tree and stop us both tumbling to the ground. My cock, although softening, continued to throb, still deeply embedded in LeAnn. We remained that way for several moments, catching our breath and when   she could stand by herself I pulled my cock from LeAnn to be greeted with the satisfying ‘plop’ sound of some of our co-mingled cum falling from her pussy onto the grass.  

No-one had apparently seen us. We straightened our clothes, got back in the car and went home.

After I had dropped of the babysitter I returned to a wife snugly wrapped in her bed clothes who merely looked at me and smiled as she said, “You’re a bad boy,” before rolling over to sleep.

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