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Quad Party

What was thought to be a relaxing afternoon on the resort turns out very differently...
As we sit on the plane back to the reality of our regular lives, your head rests softly on my shoulder. My mind is running in circles with all that has happened over the past week… but let me start from the beginning.

When we were looking into places to vacation, our first priority was to find something that was adults only, just to get away from the craziness of everyday life. Our second priority was an all-inclusive resort where we only had our initial price and could enjoy ourselves from there. After searching for weeks, we decided on an all-inclusive near Dolphin Bay in Jamaica. The one additional thing they have at this resort that intrigued me is that they also have a ‘nude’ side on their resort. We had talked a little bit about it, and you didn’t express too much interest in going to that side, but had said that you would keep an open mind.

On our first day there, we had walked around the “clothed” side of the resort, though it seemed to be fairly empty. We asked a few people where everybody was, and we always got the same response ‘oh, they are all on the nude side.’ After a little bit of coaxing, we ventured over to the nude side, and basically spent the rest of the week without clothes (which is another story by itself).

We also were keeping busy with our training schedules, running every morning and then going to the gym or beach to train. It was during our run on the first day that we were joined by the supervisor of guest relations. We had told her that we were running and training every day, and that she was more than welcome to join us. She said ‘thank you’, and was there every day with us for the run. We would talk as we ran, about the area, how long she had worked there, and about our lives in general. It was the Friday morning run that kind of changed the course of our vacation.

When we met her at our ‘regular’ spot, something seemed to be on her mind, she seemed stressed. As we talked during our run, she was able to tell us that their national soccer team had a game nearby on Sunday, as they had been doing much better than they had been expected to. The problem was that they were supposed to stay at this resort, but it was too full, she needed 3 extra rooms. She had asked us if we would be willing to relocate to a different resort for Friday and Saturday night in exchange for a voucher for a free week’s stay sometime over the next year. She had said that they would provide transportation to and from the other resort every day, whenever we wanted. The other resort was similar to this one, but it was much more ‘adult and sexual’ than this one. She said that it would greatly help her out if we would agree to this, and because we had gotten to know her a little over the past four days, and the thought of being able to come back again, agreed to moving to the other resort. She seemed extremely relieved, and said that if we could have our bags ready by the afternoon, they would transport us the 25 minutes to the other resort.

We spent the rest of the day at our resort, still over on the nude side, just relaxing. We told a few people that we were going to the other resort, and got more than a few looks and comments of ‘well, that should be an interesting time…’ At about 430, we called down to the front office, telling them that our bags were packed. They came up to take us to the other resort, again thanking us for our flexibility.

Once we got to the other resort, we were greeted by the friendly front office staff. They took us to our room, but on the way there, we noticed that there was much more open nudity at this place than at our original location. Our second floor room was nice, and the mirror on the ceiling gave me some interesting ideas….. our window faced into a pool area with a swim-up bar and hot tub.

We looked at the evening entertainment, and they were celebrating Jamaican heritage, which seemed like it would be cool, so we opted to stay there for the evening after dinner and watch the show. The food was very good, and so was the entertainment, though much more sexual than the shows at our original resort.

The next day (Saturday), we decided that we would just stay where we were. We basically had seen the show, then went right back to our room on Friday night, so we didn’t experience too much craziness. We walked around in our swimsuits until we got to the beach area. It was relatively full, but the wooden pier that overlooked the beach was empty, so we decided to go up there to lay in the sun for a while. As you stripped off your bikini, I still got a surge of excitement that you were naked in front of all these other people. We stayed there all morning, then shortly after noon went back to the room after eating something, and you had suggested just going down to the pool area by our room for the afternoon, as it seemed a lot quieter than the beach area, and there were several chairs right next to the pool that were open.

We walk down to the chairs along the edge of the pool, strip naked again, and start to drift into a nap, when we hear the sounds of a wagon being pulled into the area that we are laying in. At nearly the same time, our ‘quiet area’ seemed to fill completely up. Soon the entertainment staff came in, and said over the bull-horn “WELCOME TO THE SATURDAY QUAD PARTY!!” We had been drinking a little all morning, had no idea what a ‘quad party’ was, but didn’t feel like walking all the way back to the beach.

They set up a water volleyball net directly in front of us, and encouraged as many people as they could to come in and play. You said that you didn’t want to, but I thought it might be fun to play for a little while, so I jumped in. There were about 7-8 players on each side of the net, and we played a fun game for about 10 minutes when the cute entertainment staff girl got on the bullhorn again and said “Everyone in the pool come over to the bar for shots!!!”

It was at this time I was going to get out of the pool and go back to my chair next to you, but a couple of people who were playing said I had to go with them, but I said only if you could come too… to which they quickly said “the more the merrier….”

We walk through the pool to the bar area, and stand near the left side of the bar, with about 30 other people. There are 8 or 9 female entertainment staff standing on the bar in tiny bikinis, each with a bottle of liquid in each hand, when the girl with the bull-horn talks again, “Ladies! We don’t have enough room at the bar, so we want each of you to sit on the edge of the bar, facing one of the stools. We also don’t have any shot glasses right now, so the guys will be doing body shots off you!”

You have a look of extreme panic, and start to grab at my arm to go back to our chairs when the girl next to you grabs your arm and pulls you towards the bar, saying “come on, this should be fun!!” The force that she pulls you with knocks you off balance a little bit towards the bar. As you are trying to regain balance with your hands on the bar, one of the shot girls reaches down to ‘help’ you up onto the bar, and soon you are sitting on the bar, with the girl who pulled you up sitting just to your right.

The girl on the bullhorn again starts talking, “Now guys, we need you to have a seat on the stools in front of the lovely ladies!” I quickly move to the seat right in front of you, which seems to put you a little bit at ease. As I sit on the stool, you put your legs around me loosely and lean forward to give me a kiss.

“Now ladies! We need you to put your hands behind you on the bar in order to provide proper body shots!” the girl says, so we break our kiss, and you nervously lean back, placing your hands on the bar. You push your breasts forward a little towards me, gently shaking them. The drops of water are glistening on your breasts and slowly rolling down your stomach towards your cleanly shaven pussy (something else that is new for this week).

The girls with the bottles are dancing above you, singing and cheering, and teasing us by tipping the bottles so the shots are almost coming out, but then stopping several times. Just as they are about to pour the liquid on your chest, the girl with the bullhorn again yells, “STOP!! Wait, something is all wrong. Guys! I need you to stand up!” So all of the guys stand up, most of us are already starting to get hard, and even though you are really uncomfortable/nervous, you can’t help but look at the cocks around you, which turns you on a little bit, making your nipples get harder.

“Guys! Now that I have your attention… I want you all to take one step to the left!” The guy next to me gives me a little push so I am at the end of the bar, standing in front of the girl who had pulled you at the beginning, and the new guy in front of you is also already hard.

The girls on the bar start singing and cheering again, as the bullhorn girl again tells the girls to put their arms back on the bar again, which they all do, but you don’t reach back as far, and your legs remain pressed shut over the edge of the bar. The girl standing over you starts to pour a little bit of the liquor from the bottle on your left shoulder, and the new guy starts to lick and suck it off. You pull back a little, but he continues his licking. The girl who I am supposed to lick pushes out her breasts towards me as I am at her shoulder. I am not sure what to do, as I have seen you pull back a little, the nerves mounting.

The shot girl standing on the bar in front of me seems to realize this, so she starts pouring the shots for me on your right shoulder, and then down to your breast. This seems to relax you a little, as I am licking on your right shoulder/breast, and the other guy is on your left shoulder. They keep pouring small shots onto you as we keep licking them off. Soon, we are both licking at your nipples, and you seem to relax a little bit, tip your head back, and your knees open up a just a little. The other guy wastes no time, and steps between your parted thighs as he continues to lick your shoulder and breast. His next shot gets poured a little lower on your stomach, as my next shot gets poured higher on your outside shoulder.

With your head back, and getting the attention of both of us, your legs continue to open a little wider. He keeps moving further between your thighs, and you lift your feet up onto the stool to stabilize yourself, with him between your legs. His hard cock starts to brush up against your thigh. The shot girl then directs me back to the girl who was initially in front of me, and starts to pour the liquid over her breasts, as I start to suck and lick them. The crowd behind us is cheering louder and louder, which seems to encourage us even more. I look over towards you as I am licking the shot off of my girl’s stomach, and I see that your guy is now down near your pussy, licking around your clit, and I can see his fingers slowly moving in and out of your pussy, his fingers and hand covered with your juices. You suddenly reach up and grab his head and pull it into you as you cum loudly, which makes him move his fingers in and out of you even faster.

You look over towards me, and see that I am also down licking her pussy, when she also cums. When she does, she squeezes her tits together and reaches with her legs, her feet wrapped around me, pulling me into her even more. We then get interrupted with the following “NOW LADIES!!! We need to have you switch positions with the guy who just did the body shots off you – need to be fair and equal!”

His fingers are still slamming in and out of your pussy as you slide off the bar and push him up onto it. The shot girl wastes no time by starting to pour shots down his chest as you are licking feverishly. You look over to see that I am sitting on the bar with the girl in front of me pushing her tits together and sliding my cock between them, with the shot girl pouring right into her mouth.

Not to be outdone at this point, you lift your head a little bit, and let the liquor run down his chest and stomach, to the base of his cock, and start to lick around it, then up the sides, until you put it completely in your mouth. His hands hold your head onto him as you have lost all inhibitions, sucking him with everything that you have. The girl who is on me goes down to my cock, and starts giving me a blowjob as well, but reaches over towards you with her right hand, and starts to finger your pussy while sucking me off. You start to push your ass into her fingers, matching the speed and getting into a rhythm, with his cock in your mouth and her fingers buried deeply into your pussy. She apparently knows what she is doing, as you cum for the second time.

Her fingers keep sliding in you as he lets go of your head, and the shot girl starts pouring shots higher up on his chest. You start licking again, but are working your way up towards his shoulder and neck, getting into more of a standing position. This brings your pussy closer to his cock, and by the time you are licking his shoulder, his cock is right at the entrance of your soaked pussy. The next shot gets poured a little further down his chest, and as you instinctively lower yourself to lick it up, his cock easily slides all the way in your pussy. He fills you up completely, sliding all the way into you without any difficulty because you are so wet. You grab hold of his shoulders to pull yourself up onto him, and start to bounce on top of him, slamming all the way down onto his cock as he leans back into the bar. He is hitting you perfectly, and you cum for a third time.

You look over at me, and see that my girl is standing with her back towards me, pressing her ass into me as I fuck her pussy from behind. Her tits shake a little with every time I pump my cock into her, and my hands are reaching around her to play with her tits.

She then tells me to that she wants to get on the bar so I can fuck her there. She lays back on the bar and spreads her legs wide, exposing her dripping cunt. I start to ram into her again, as your guy turns you around and bends you over the bar, fucking you from behind.

We are both going at a feverish pace, and are all about to cum again, when the guy fucking you tells you that he wants you to finish me off with your mouth. You slide off the bar as I turn toward you, and drop your head to start sucking on my cock again, giving me the best head I have ever had in my life. As soon as my cock is fully into you, you immediately orgasm again, which causes a chain reaction of me cumming in your mouth, and the other guy and girl finishing in a similar fashion.

You sit back up and rest your head against my chest. You whisper into my ear “I could taste her pussy on your cock, and it made me cum again...”

We rest into each other with wobbly legs as the bartender somehow found glasses and sets 4 shots in front of us and says “minty shots to wash everything down.” The other girl picks up her glass, puts it in the air, and says “cheers”.

The bullhorn girl starts talking again (maybe she was talking the whole time, we were just busy), “EVERYONE TO THE NAKED WATERSLIDE!!” and most of the people start to file out of the quad area, though we sit at the bar with shaky legs along with the other couple.

The girl says “Hi, I’m Heather, this is my husband Jeff. We saw you two this morning on the pier, and thought you would be fun to play with. We have been married for 6 years, and have been coming here for 3, so we knew what was going to happen with the shots... sorry we kind of set you guys up. This is the one week of the year when we can both let loose without consequences, and the stuff we see and do here really keeps us turned on through the rest of the year.”

You look at me, smile, and say “I think everything worked out pretty well…”

Just then, my daydream was interrupted by the intercom saying “Please fasten you seatbelts as we make our final approach into our destination.” I just smile a little to myself, give you a little squeeze, thinking ‘what an exciting vacation. I wonder what next year will bring…’

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