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Quick stop in San Antonio

My Wife slut
Okay, so we have an idea of what I mean when my wife said she
had near happenings but never any connections. To give
you a little back ground her friend has always been inviting
us to join him at a nudist beach by lake Travis in Austin but
we haven't had the opportunity to make it up there.

That night as both my wife and I were dressing up for our meeting
I suggested to my wife that she might dress down. In other
words, short skirt, halter top, garter belt with black
stockings, high heels and nothing underneath. She looked
me in the eye and knew right away what I was suggesting. When
we walked into the lounge all eyes were on my wife, he was
already there and when he stood up to greet us it was hard
to hide that wasn't all that was standing up. She slid
in beside him and I on the other side of the table.

As we drank our cocktails and made small talk my wive's hands slowly
worked there way under the table to his leg and other regions.
It wasn't long before he did the same and surely to his
delight did he find what was amiss to her atire. With a prearranged
nod from my wife I suggested we continue the evening upstairs
in our room. His approval was self evident as he hastily
called for the tab. On the elevator ride up my wife was kind
enough to bend over and tie my shoe exposeing herself from
behind, our friend could not resist himself from running
the back of his fingertips down her backside. We entered
the room with myself in front leading the way, I went straight
to the cooler and pulled out a couple of cold ones and turned
to offer.

What did I see but my wife on her knees unzipping
his fly, she deftly slid her hand inside to reveal the largest
member I had ever seen. Slowly she began to perform a slow
lovingly caress from the base up to the tip of the shaft
with her tongue where she attempted to wrap her lips around
it with somewhat difficulty. After varied attempts the
frustration was in his eyes as he motioned her to the bed
on her knees. This was so totally erotic to me as I had been
slowly undressing myself. He slowly entered her, working
in and out to insure that her bodies natural lubricant did
its job.

Her moaning to me was at first as if from an erotic
movie, but this was for real. His movements were increasing
and her hand was busily rubbing her nub. It was apparent
that she tried with all her might to match his thrust beat
for beat on one hand.

As they both climaxed he collapsed on top of her on the bed.
Both bodies glistening with perspiration it was a sight
I could only have believed possible on a video... only now
I was next....
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