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Rachel's Wish, Part II

Marcus learns what Rachel wants

Marcus closed his laptop computer and swiveled his chair to face the large picture window.  The sun’s glare reflected on the credenza containing a semester's worth of research he’d yet to deal with and a giant teddy bear he'd purchased on his lunch break. Since the day was sunny and he had tenure, his mind wandered to his girlfriend and the exciting plot twist from his sex life. 

Rachel, his lover of two years, had been behaving odd lately.  Starting with a memorable kitchen romp where she had bestowed him the name Daddy, she'd been dropping hints, both subtle and glaring, of needing something different from him.  There were other changes from the successful executive.  She had traded her usual attire for more girlish items easily mistaken as items from the juniors department, which showcased her ample cleavage and long legs.  Her makeup applied heavier to accentuate the sultriness of her striking features and full lips, her lovely hair styled in ponytails and braids, and her voice had taken on a more childlike quality.  Marcus’s head spun trying to decipher the changes.

He had resorted to his usual problem-solving method—the internet—to unscramble his girlfriend’s signals.  After an enlightening read on a website targeted to adults who enjoyed ageplay, he’d concluded Rachel was establishing them in a role play known as DD/lg—or Daddy Dominant/ Little Girl.  He was surprised to learn the game often extended beyond the bedroom, and in some cases, extreme as they may be, weren’t sexual relationships at all.  

Anxious to please, Marcus decided to lean into Rachel’s new kink.  The website had indicated many Daddies bought stuffed animals, or “stuffies”, to please their little girls.  Although a happy and satisfied Rachel was a turn on, his cock was having difficulty adjusting.  After a lifetime of reinforcement that children should not be considered sexual objects, who could blame it?  However, at forty Rachel was far from a child. Marcus had loved her from afar during her marriage and waited patiently for his shot following her divorce.  Now that he had her in his home and in his bed, no part of him did not want to meet her every need.  With a deep sigh, he grabbed the bear and his keys and headed home.

“Daddy, is that you?”  Rachel yelled. 

Marcus’s shoulders tensed as he followed the sound of Rachel's voice toward the master closet. 

The site of Rachel stopped him in his tracks. She was nearly nude, wearing only white panties with small pink flowers on them.  Her figure was stunning.  She had a classic hourglass shape with a round ass and hips, small waist, nicely toned arms, and long legs. Marcus rested his hand on her shoulder.

“You’re late.  Hurry and change,” Rachel said over her shoulder as she pressed a brief kiss to his lips, before searching for something to wear.

“Late?  For what?”  Marcus said, drawing his hand over the small of her back and dropping a kiss to her shoulder.

Rachel twisted toward him, surprise written on her face.  “It’s Wednesday.  Volleyball silly.”

Marcus' eyes were drawn downward to Rachel’s panties. The material was sheer enough to appreciate her hairless mound and tight enough to see the outer lips of her beautiful pussy.  His mouth watered and he contemplated dropping to his knees to taste her sweetness.  Rachel’s giggle drew him out of his fantasy. 

“Do you like them, Daddy?"  She sing-songed with a breathy, sexed-up tone. 

He nodded, and his cock jumped.  “I bought you a surprise.  It’s on the bed.”

Yay.  I love surprises.” Rachel flashed a smile and eagerly walked passed him toward their bedroom, drawing a suggestive hand across his chest on her way.  She stopped just short of the bed and froze.  A momentary look of confusion registered on her face, and she forced a smile. 

Maybe he should have gotten the bunny? “What's wrong?  You don’t like it, Princess?” Marcus asked. He really thought she'd be pleased and was both embarrassed and disappointed by her reaction.

Rachel’s smile dipped and she grabbed the teddy to her chest as she fell to the bed.  “I don’t want to be your Princess, Marcus.”  She bent her knees and placed her feet flat on the mattress, letting her legs fall open.

“You don’t?”  Marcus swallowed hard.  “What's with all the changes?  What's with calling me daddy?  I don't understand.”

"I just want to please you."  Rachel cooed. 

Marcus stared blankly.  "But you do, hon.  You're wonderful.  I love you."

"I'm not perfect, Daddy. I can be bad."  Rachel shoved her hand in her panties and fingered herself as she held him in her gaze, bright eyes pleading for a response.  Marcus stared, sure she was trying to communicate, but completely clueless as to what she was saying. 

Rachel's lips parted, and she stroked her clit hard.  “I just wanted to know that I’m yours to use.  I could call you Sir or Master.  Whatever you prefer.”

“Rachel, stop.”  Marcus took a seat on the bed and stayed her wrist.  “What’s going on?  Talk to me.  What is it that you need from me?”

She sat up with a frustrated sigh.  “I can’t ask you for it.  You just have to take it.”

“Take what?”

Shame flashed a second before she collapsed back on the mattress and hid her face behind her pillow.  "Me," she mumbled.

Instantly Marcus knew what it was she was trying to say and his heart sunk with her struggle.  After Rachel's experience with her ex, he couldn’t imagine why….There was no way she’d want to be put through that again.  And there was no way he could treat her like Robert had.  Controlling her every movement.  How could such a brazenly sexy, powerful, sucessful woman want to be treated like that?  How could Rachel think Marcus would ever treat her like that?

Marcus pulled the pillow down gently.  “It’s okay, love.  Tell me what you’re feeling.”

“I can’t….”  Rachel moved the pillow back to her face and whimpered.

Marcus had never seen Rachel so upset.  Their sex life had been a bit routine lately.  Maybe he could play along for a little while and see where things went.  Nothing extreme like she'd had before, but enough to give her back some excitement.  He needed to give her what she wanted and if that was not to be treated like a little girl, then he needed to figure out what she desired .  Clearly she didn't want to tell him, but maybe he could order it out of her?  He cleared his throat and tried a different tactic.  “Rachel, be a good girl for Daddy and let me see your face.”

The pillow instantly fell back to the bed revealing a slight twinkle in her eye and a hint of a smile that softened the emotion on her face.

“Good girl. Now, sit up.”

She obeyed.

“Good.  Now sit on Daddy’s lap.”

She lifted herself onto Marcus’s lap, and his cock immediately took notice.  Her panties were wet from where she’d been fingering herself.  He used his knee to part her legs and rested his hand on the damp spot.  “Such a beautiful girl,” he said, stroking her pussy,.  He rubbed over her bare mound, perfectly smooth as through she'd been recently waxed.  The hairlessness was arousing, and he couldn't wait to bury his face between her legs to explore it up close.  His erection hardened, and Rachel sighed happily.

He pushed a finger inside her and stroked her until she was panting.  When a small moan and a "Yes, Daddy," escaped, he withdrew his finger.

“Now then.  Daddy wants to make sure he understands, so I need you to be brave and tell me whats going on.  Can you be my brave girl?” 

Rachel nodded.  “Good.  Now tell me what did you want me to do when you started fingering yourself in front of me.  What would have made you happy?”

Rachel sniffled.  “I wanted you to punish me for touching my pussy without your permission.” 

“Did you?  Because that’s mine?”

“Yes,” Rachel smiled. 

“And I get to tell you when you’re allowed to touch yourself, is that right?”

Rachel nodded enthusiastically. 

“And should you have been spanked for your punishment?  Or do you want me to punish you some other way?”

Rachel thought for a minute and then answered softly, “I want you to decide.”

“Okay,” Marcus nodded, “And what if I didn’t feel like you’d deserved a punishment?  Would that be Daddy’s decision?”

Rachel pouted as though she was displeased, but nodded.

“So Daddy gets to say when you get punishments.  What about when you get rewards because I decide you are my perfect girl?”

Rachel smiled, and she rolled her hips over Marcus’s lap and leaned back on his chest. His hands rose to her nipples, and he pinched them both.  She moaned in pleasure. 

“Oh, I see.  You want Daddy to do this when you're a good girl?”  He squeezed her left nipple tight and rocked her back on his erection.

“Yes,” she moaned and writhed.


Rachel sat up immediately, and Marcus couldn’t hold back a smile at how eager she was.  Maybe he could do this.  She was painfully sexy with her lips pouted out and her panties soaking wet.  He reached inside and stroked her bald pussy.

“Did you wax this for me?”

“Do you like it?”

“It makes you look like a little girl.  But little girls don’t have orgasms.  Little girls don’t get touched like this.”

“No,” she shook her head and gasped as Marcus’s finger rubbed her clit.  “No, just like being sexy for you.  Like calling you Daddy.”

“Okay.  You can call me Daddy, and I’ll treat you like the little slut you want to be.  No more Princess and no stuffed animals.  Just using my little slut's holes as I see fit.  Is that what you need?”

“Oh, God.  Yes, Daddy.  Thank you.  That’s it.  That’s what I want.  Can we.... Does Daddy want to use me now?”

“Get on your knees,” he ordered.  Rachel rose from his lap, and just as quickly fell to her knees.  His dick throbbed painfully in his pants.  “Unzip me.”

Rachel’s hand trembled as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.  Marcus’s substantial cock freed from its prison popped out and smacked hard against her face. It was instantly embraced by Rachel’s mouth, and the arousal surged up his spine.  Marcus grabbed a fistful of Rachel's hair yanking the stands lose from her braid. She yelped and looked up at him.  “Did I say you could have Daddy’s cock yet?” Rachel groaned as Marcus gave another sharp yank.  Her head was tilted backward, held tight in Marcus’s grasp.

She lifted her eyes to meet his and apologized.  "I'm sorry, Daddy.  I'll do better."

Her voice was straight out of a porno.  He held her there, processing the needy quality of her voice and the eroticism of her position. A strange urge fired in his brain, he wondered if he should do something really kinky like spit on her face or slap her.  He thought the better of it, deciding it was better to crawl before he walked. “Open your mouth,”  he ordered. 

Rachel’s lower jaw dropped, and her tongue peeked out from her lush lips.  Her eyes were wild and her mouth salivating as though she’d die if he didn’t give her his cock soon. Marcus moaned.  “Fuck, baby.”  He slapped his cock over her tongue. 

“Am I a good slut, Daddy?”  She blinked up at him.

Marcus stared at her bright, lust-filled eyes.  She loved it.  Loved being a whore for him.  And Marcus would make sure she got what she needed, within reason.

Beads of precum wept from his cockhead.  “Lick it, baby” he ordered.

Her tongue darted into his slit, and she moaned as if tasting the most delicious substance on earth.  “Fuck, Rachel.”

“Can I please suck you now, Daddy?”

“Will you be a good slut and stop when Daddy tells you?”

Rachel nodded.  “Yes, Daddy,” she responded. The gravelly nature of her voice sent Marcus’s heart racing.  “Please,” she begged.

“Okay, baby.  Suck me now.”  Rachel’s lips closed around his cockhead, and her moan vibrated her tongue under the head.  She licked and slurped, and her eyes never left Marcus. It honestly might have been the best blowjob of his life.

His fingers tightened in her hair as she ignored his warnings to stop.  He was too close, and he wanted to make sure he could fuck her before they finished.  She responded by swallowing him deeply, clenching her fingernails into his buttocks to hold his dick in her hungry mouth.  She ran her tongue over the spot that always did Marcus in.  Forgetting his plans, he gasped and pressed her face to his crotch, and then used her hair as leverage to pull her head back and fuck her throat.  She gagged violently and that was all that it took.  He unloaded jet after jet of warm semen down her throat.

When he removed his spent cock, she coughed, and a small amount of semen-coated spit landed on her chin.  With a satisfied smile, she lifted her hand to remove it, but he stopped her.  “No,’ he ordered.

Her hand fell back to her side, and she looked up at him.  “Sorry, Daddy.”

“Your punishment is to wear that on your chin for volleyball.  I want you to remember to be an obedient slut.  Daddy told you to stop.”

Rachel’s eyes widened in surprise, but also a hint of delight.  She nodded her understanding and Marcus helped her to her feet.  “Oh, and Rachel?”


“I like when you’re a good girl and tell me what you want.  Daddy can’t read your mind.  If you want to be treated like a slut, we can do that, but only if I think it’s good for you.  If Daddy decides it’s not a good idea anymore, then I’ll stop. Do you understand?”

Her eyes lowered to the floor, and she nodded, “Yes, Daddy.  Thank you, Daddy.”

“Good.  Now we are very late for Volleyball.  Go put on your blue shorts and that striped blue shirt.”

She froze and looked back at him.  “My blue shorts?” Her eyebrow rose behind her bangs.

“Did I stutter?”

“No.  They don’t fit me so well anymore.”

“Daddy knows that.” He winked.

Rachel smiled.  “Okay,” she said with a hint of curiosity, but she didn’t question him. Marcus made a mental note to reward her obedience later.


When they arrived at the court, volleyball was half-over.  They apologized to their team and the team they were scrimmaging against, but the players waived off any concern.  The entire league was made up of professionals, and at one time or another it seemed they’d all been late due to some work-related issue.  While a competitive bunch, they played for fun and exercise. No one batted an eye as they adjusted from their four-on-four game to six-on-six.

Marcus stood in the back row while Rachel took her place along the net, directly in front of him.  He stared at her body once again, his mind working over what had happened since they'd left the house.  The immediate change in Rachel had been palpable.  She was always a high-energy person, too often riding the edge of nerves and anxiety.  Her work demands were substantial and her stress often broke through in the form of constant movement—nails tapping, knee bouncing. In the car, she’d been calm and even.  Relaxed in a way he’d never seen her before.  It felt like a door had opened between them, and out of this, a calming energy flowed.  Even poised to play a sport she loved, her body seemed more grounded and relaxed.  He couldn’t be sure his embrace of their new dynamic was the cause, but he celebrated the change nevertheless.

By the end of the second game, relaxed was the opposite of his Marcus’s state. In her old college uniform, Rachel’s body was a thing of beauty, and the curve of her ass peaked out from the bottom of her shorts every time she moved.  When she jumped, her hip-length t-shirt lifted, revealing the outline of her pussy lips in her too-tight shorts.  Marcus’s cock took notice, and by the look of it, so did Jim's, the team captain and neighbor who’d introduced Marcus to the league. 

On Marcus’s turn to serve, Jim walked the ball close to him to hand it off.  “You lucky dog,” Jim whispered and winked. “With her ass, I’m surprised you made it tonight at all.”  Jim wiped at his chin in the exact place Marcus’s dried cum remained smear across Rachel.  It was a subtle gesture, but the way Jim’s eyes lit up at the compliment, made Marcus cringe.  He’d decided Rachel’s punishment on a whim, and as a joke.  Marcus hadn’t really anticipated anyone else would be able to source the origin.

His mind still on Jim’s comment, Marcus served, sending the ball a few inches above the net deep into the back right corner of the court.  The collective whoop of his team reminded him it was the game point.  Rachel cheered and ran into Marcus’s embrace.  He took the opportunity to moisten his fingers and brush the flake of dried cum away. 

Rachel smiled, pulling him in close to whisper, “Was I a good girl, Daddy?” 

Pulling back to see her, Marcus nodded. Rachel took his finger and licked it, mouthing “yummy,” before returning to high-five the other team.

Jim stood courtside, chatting with the other team's captain, but eyeing Rachel curiously.  When his conversation ended, Jim grabbed the ball and flashed a knowing look at Marcus.  Pride surged inside him.  Marcus had never been the envy of a guy like Jim, who in addition to his successful sports medicine practice, was also built like a professional football player.  Marcus engaged Jim’s silent conversation and found both admiration and lust in the man’s eyes.  The attention intrigued Marcus.  He’d always felt lucky to have a woman like Rachel love him.  In terms of pure attractiveness, Rachel was far more blessed than Marcus.  Thankfully, their relationship wasn’t only built on physical attraction, and Rachel had never once made Marcus feel less than desired.  But now, seeing the envious look on Jim’s face—coveting what Marcus had.  Damn, that feeling was overpowering.  He followed Jim’s gaze to Rachel, who was bent over her bag, stowing her kneepads.  That’s right, Jim.  Look all you want, but she’s mine.

Marcus made sure Jim was watching as he crossed the court, embraced Rachel from behind, and groped her ass, keeping his middle finger straight, so that it slid between her legs.  Rachel gasped and straightened suddenly.  Looking around to see if anyone was watching, she cried, “Marcus.”

“What’s wrong?”  He turned her and moved them, so she was shielded from the few stragglers who remained chatting.  Protected from view between the wall and his body, but clearly visible to Jim, Marcus used his knee to spread her legs and slipped his finger inside her.  She moaned and spread her stance wider.

“Fuck,” she seethed but didn’t resist.

He kissed her and leaned into her ear. “You’d let me fuck you right here?  Wouldn’t you, slut?”


He jammed two fingers inside her and curved them up, stroking her G-spot.  “Oh, God….Yes, Marcus.”  She panted into his ear and clutched his shoulders.

“What are you to call me?”

“Yes, Daddy?”

He pulled his fingers from her and gave ithem to her to suck before he kissed her hard on the lips.  “Relax, baby.  Just giving Jim a little show.” He nodded in Jim’s direction and delighted in the red that blossomed on her cheeks. “You’re so sexy in these shorts, he can’t take his eyes off you.  I want him to know you’re my slut.  Go over there and show him what’s mine.”

Marcus took a seat on the bleachers and in the nearly empty gym, watched Rachel cross the court.  Her hips swung side to side, and her breasts bounced with an almost girlish skipping motion.  She approached Jim, who had conspicuously lowered his towel in front of his crotch.

“Hi, Jim.”  Rachel smiled and twirled her hair around her finger.

“Hey, um…. Hi, Rachel.  Nice game.”  Jim glanced over at Marcus and took a small step back.

“Thanks.  Marcus wanted me to invite you over for dinner this weekend.  He wants to show off his new toy.”

“Oh,” Jim’s eyebrow peaked.  “And what’s that?”

“Me,” Rachel smiled innocently and batted her eyes. 

A smile cracked Jim’s face, and his free hand reached out to stroke Rachel’s bicep. “Oh, and does his toy want to play with me too?”

Rachel looked in Marcus’s direction and when he winked, she moved closer to Jim and whispered to his ear, “I belong to him.”

“Damn,” Jim breathed, casting his eyes down onto Rachel’s breasts.  She licked her lips slowly and Jim clenched the towel held in front of his obvious erection.  “Maybe you’d like to come to my house for a playdate sometime?”

“You’ll have to ask Daddy if you can play with his toy.  I’m not sure he likes to share.”

“What about you?  Do you always do what Daddy says?”

“Of course.”


“Because I’m a very, very good slut.”

“Oh, my God.”  Jim’s Adam’s Apple bobbed from his audible swallow. “You’re a slut, are you?  Well, I’d let you be very slutty back at my place.”

Rachel inched her body closer and rubbed it over Jim’s front.  She pulled him close, and Marcus cleared his throat from across the gym.  Jim groaned as Rachel dropped back, “That’s my sign.”

“Your sign?”

“Yeah.  Daddy wanted me to show you what was his, but he wants me to stop teasing you now.”

“Damn,  You two are something else.  What time for dinner?”

“Saturday, six o’clock.”  Rachel smiled.  “Bye, Jim.  Don’t be late.”

“Bye, sexy.  Tell your Daddy he is a very lucky man.”

She giggled.  “I will.  See you Saturday.”



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