Ready to Come Home from My Work Trip

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My wife has an idea to make my work trip more enjoyable
As I am packing for an upcoming working trip, my wife Kendra hits me with the five words that men dread more than any others in the English language, “Honey, we need to talk.”

I look nervous like something major is up and ask, “Is everything okay? Is everyone healthy? What’s wrong?” in a very panicked voice.

You soothe me with a slight smile and respond, “Oh yes, it’s nothing like that. Why don’t you sit down beside me?”

I come over and sit next to you.

“Sweetie, I’m not sure how to say this, so I will just say it. First you’re an incredible man and lover, you’ve always made me feel so special. I remember when we first met how much you craved me and constantly were mauling me.” After a short breathe, you continue, “Well, the past year or so, I haven’t felt as desired or wanted like before.”

You see me start to get red and start to respond but you cut me off.

“Honey, it’s okay. I understand, things happen when men get older. They lose some of the desire. And you know what they say about women in their forties wanting it all the time.”

I blush and am little embarrassed like I disappointed you.

“I’m so sorry you feel like that honey, I will try better, it’s just so hard when you travel as much as I do, when I get home, I usually tired. You know I think you’re sexy as hell and love being with you.”

You comfort me with “I know it’s different now, but when you were younger nothing could keep you away from me after a trip. Well, I was talking to Sylvia and she gave me an idea to spice it up for you. I think it will be a wonderful idea.”

I cut you off and say. “You talked to Sylvia about this?”

“Don’t worry, we talk about everything honey, but let’s get back to the important thing. Do you want to try this? She promised it will make it fun for both of us.”

I am nervous again and say “What is it? Some kind of toy or a different position or something?”

You laugh and say, “No baby, it’s much more simple than that.”

You lean in and whisper with a seductive voice, “I know you enjoy traveling at times where you have more freedom, so you can… know…..take care of yourself when you need or want.”

Again, I turn red, saying, "I’ve told you that before, but I never thought I’d hear about it from you."

You continue, “Well, Sylvia said Cody had the same problem when he traveled and she suggested we try something.” You smile and kiss my ear and say “Can you please not masturbate these few days when traveling?”

I look at you and say “That’s it??? I thought you were going to have some kind of crazy idea. Sure, that’s not a problem.”

You kiss my cheek and say “That’s great. Sylvia said the pent up energy will make it much more intense for you.” You kiss my ear and say “If you hold out until you get home I promise we’ll have a great time.”

I have to leave and hop in the car and drive to the airport. It’s a long flight and I get to the hotel around midnight our time and shower and get in bed and start to begin ritual of taking care of myself to help me relax and go to sleep. I start to do it and then you pop in my head and I stop. I can’t think of a time in my life when I stopped without getting interrupted.

I send a text, “Honey, just wanted to let you know that I started to take care of myself, but I did stop. I can’t believe I did, but hope this helps.”

A few seconds later, I receive. “GREAT JOB, baby, I’m proud you stopped. I think this is a great idea.”

The next day, I have a full day of meetings and conferences and a work dinner and get back to the room, exhausted and a bit drunk after a few drinks during dinner.

The phone rings and in a seductive voice, I hear “Baby, I’m so horny, have phone sex with me.”

For the next twenty minutes, we have phone sex where I tell you a story of something I’d do to you and mix it up with telling you things to do to yourself as I listen. I hear you get more and more exciting, your breathing picks up, your voice changes a little as you go to the edge and finally over it.

After you climax, I hear in a breathy tone, “Are you touching yourself”?

Over the years, for phone sex, normally it’s either me taking care of you and then you taking care of me or we both do it at the same time.

I say “Yes honey, I am, I’m so hard.”

“God, I love you’re so hard, but I think it’s better if you don’t come again tonight. Sylvia said it’s the best thing. It will make you want me more.”

You hear my very disappointed response.

“Come on honey, this isn’t that fair” as I plead my case.

You start to break a little because you don’t want to be a tease and say “Honey, I would never deny you if you really needed it or wanted it.” After a long pause you say, “But I think it would be so sexy if you could hold out and save it for me when you get home.”

I pause a while and then you hear “Okay” and we say good night.

Before we hang up, you say “Baby, I don’t want to be cruel, of course you can take care of yourself if you want to, but I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with you when you get home with all of that pent up energy.”

I say “Okay, Kendra” and we hang up.

I imagine you fall asleep easily after a great orgasm and I’m there with a hard on.

The next day, you know I have meetings from 7 a.m. through 10 p.m. and know we won’t have a chance to talk with the time zone differences. I’m sitting in a meeting at five my time and my phone rings and it’s from you. Since I’m in the meeting, I can’t answer and cancel the call. About twenty minutes later, the meeting is over and I see the Voice Mail icon.

My boss grabs me to head to dinner and she is driving to the restaurant.

I go the voice mail and hear “Honey, can you guess what this is?”

I hear a weird sound on the message for about twenty seconds. “It’s my new vibrator and I’m gonna use it on myself."

For the next twenty minutes, I’m sitting in the car with my female boss and you’re on the phone, getting off, moaning and squealing.

Over the next twenty minutes, you come several times and the call ends with you out of breath saying “I’ve been thinking of you all day and have been so wet. Keep this message in case you miss me baby.”

I try to readjust myself in the car not to show the erection.

I get back to the hotel and pack for the trip home tomorrow. I think to myself maybe I should just release the pressure on my balls and cock, that you’d never know. I start to stroke myself, but then stop when you call to say good night.

I get up in the morning and do the work meetings during the day and head to the airport in the afternoon to fly home. As I’m dropping the car off, I get a text “I have girls night out, so I can’t call, but why don’t you listen to the voice mail a few times on the plane and tomorrow morning, we’ll have a great day of incredible sex if you’re up for it.”

I am on the plane and go back and forth between wanting to listen to it again and hoping no one will hear it. I do listen twice on the flight and have to use my laptop to cover the erection it causes. The flight is delayed slightly and I get in around 2 a.m. and take a shower. You’re sleeping soundly in bed and I lay down and my cock starts to get erect. You promised me a fun day tomorrow, so I try to go to sleep but can’t.

A few minutes later, you feel the sensation of my mouth between your legs, starting to lick your pussy. You start to wake up and look down at me in sleepy eyes.

I’ve always enjoyed eating your pussy but you can’t remember the last time I actually woke you up for sex. Your legs spread apart as you feel my tongue slowly licking your pussy and playing with your clit.

You look down and smile and say, “Now that is a perfect way to wake up.” Your hands hold my head where you like.

“Did you jack off while gone?”

“No baby.”

“See honey, Sylvia was right, you’re so horny, you couldn’t wait, you just went down me.”

Your legs are apart as I start to worship your pussy. You get the best oral you’ve had for a long time in both intensity and duration. My mouth goes from slow gentle licks to me devouring your pussy. I feel the wetness grow and grow as the sheets start to get a huge wet spot.

You look down and say, “I love this. Tell me what you want, what you crave.”

I look up and blush, “It’s kind of embarrassing honey, something I couldn’t get out of my head on the flight home.”

“Tell me baby.”

I look up, my face is a little wet from your pussy and say “I want you to sit on my face.”

I see a smile come across your face and then I add, “I want you to sit on my face and use your new vibrator at the same time.”

I see you look a little shocked and say “Oh my, that’s so hot, great idea.”

You roll over and get it out of the drawer and turn me on my back on the bed and get up and straddle my face and turn on the vibrator. My tongue plays with your pussy, but as you hit the clit, your pussy floods with wetness. I try to keep up, but can’t as you drip down my cheeks and chin.

“Shove your tongue in my pussy,” you command as you start to grind and turn the vibrator up a notch on your clit.

You spasm and push down on my face as you let out a huge orgasm. I can barely breathe from your flesh covering my face and the wetness in my mouth and nose. I keep licking and you pull the vibrator away wanting another orgasm from oral.

I keep it up for a few minutes but then you’re totally surprised when my hands come up to your ass and thighs and toss you off my face. For the years we’ve been together, you can’t remember one time I stopped licking in that position and get worried.

“Is everything okay?”

I don’t respond but I get out from underneath you and the get behind you and push my legs up against your thighs. You feel me push your shoulders down a little. Then you feel a slap across your ass, not enough to hurt you, but enough to sting you and get your attention.

“Get your ass in the air and spread your knees.”

You moan and move up a little and then you feel another spank on the other cheek.

“I said get your ass in the air and expose that pussy because I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you.”

Then you feel my knees between your legs and push your legs apart and your ass is up in the air. Suddenly you feel my cock against the wet slit.

Normally, I am gentle and caring at first for sex, but tonight, I slide it straight into your pussy. It’s a good thing you came a few times and you’re fully lubricated or else it might have hurt. I hold your hips with one hand and the other is pushing your head down into the pillow. You feel the rhythm pick up as I start to fuck you hard and faster. You can hear the sounds of my cock and balls slapping against your pussy and ass and the bed banging against the walls.

I keep fucking you in this position as my hands go from your hips to underneath your chest and start to play with your tits. Again, normally, I’m gentle with your breasts most times, but tonight, my fingers play and twist your nipples. The more I hear you moan, the more I play and twist them. Taking you to edge with the nipple play.

Then you feel me spank your ass playfully as you hear, “I’ve been wanting to fuck this pussy all week, I couldn’t wait.”

I pick up the pace and then you feel me pull your hair, making you lift your head up. I hold on to your hair as I fuck you from behind and then I turn it a little bit.

As your head moves, you look in the mirror and see me on my knees pounding you from behind. You keep looking in the mirror and you see my facial expression start to change and then you feel a huge orgasm fill your pussy. I leave my cock in there a minute as it starts to go soft and I roll over and collapse on my back and try to catch my breath.

I look at you and say, “I hope you didn’t mind me waking you honey, I was so horny all week, I couldn’t wait until the morning.”

You come up and give me a huge kiss and say, “Angry?? God no, that was incredible, that’s exactly what I was hoping for when Sylvia gave me the idea.”

I kiss you and say “I’m so tired, thanks baby.”

You smile and say “So when’s the next work trip?”

You giggle hoping you’ll get a similar reaction after another trip.