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Long-time lovers are reunited after a year apart.
It was a little more than a year since they had last met: in that time since she had remarried there had been sporadic email and phone contact, always initiated by her, until today he had received the phone call asking him to meet her, and giving him the address of her new home. As he waited on the doorstep after ringing the bell, he wondered if she would have altered, be different, but her ready smile of pleasure at seeing him as she opened the door suggested little had changed, and as the door closed and her arm snaked around his neck, pulling him down to kiss her as her free hand felt for his cock through his trousers, it confirmed to him that their relationship was much as it had been when last they had met for an intimate assignation.

Their kisses became more passionate as their bodies responded to their close contact and their groping hands, until she broke their embrace, reaching for his hand to lead him the bedroom she shared with her husband. They undressed unhurriedly, as naturally as they always had done, and as she drew the covers back they climbed onto the bed to resume their embrace, one of her hands grasping his erect cock; one of his reaching between her thighs to caress her moist and swollen cunt. Relaxed and comfortable with one another as always, they talked in low tones as they continued to gently stimulate one another. In response to his query, she told him that while her new husband was a good provider he was unimaginative in bed; he would not lick her out as he claimed that he couldn’t breathe when he did so, and in retaliation she refused to suck his cock. They both chuckled gently at this revelation, for both knew that she took as much pleasure from having a stiff cock in her mouth as she did from having a hot tongue probing her snatch and licking her swollen, sensitive clit.

Soon, their talking for the moment suspended, he bent to suckle one of her nipples, drawing it into his mouth to suck strongly on it, his tongue flicking over and around the fast-swelling nub as his fingers between her thighs probed deeper into her wet slit, regularly slipping back in her wetness to frig her swelling clit. Knowing how she liked to take her pleasure, when her hips began to move against his hand he moved down the bed between her legs, lowering his face to the sparse and neatly trimmed thatch in the fork of her thighs to replace his fingers in her cunt with his eager tongue, his hands reaching up to grasp her breasts, rolling her swollen nipples between fingers and thumbs.

As always, she climaxed quickly on his tongue, and as the bucking of her hips against his face slowed, he lifted his face from her sodden snatch and began to move up on her, his hands reaching behind her knees to draw her thighs up and back to raise her hips from the bed, slipping his hands up her calves to lift her legs over his shoulders as he positioned himself over her. Reaching between their bodies she grasped his cock, directing his engorged knob between her distended, waiting cunt lips as he sank down on her, his thick cock sliding easily within the dragging friction of her cunt walls and into the wet heat of her core until his hips pressed firmly against her folded buttocks and his heavy balls nestled in the cleft of her ass.

Moving himself even higher on her to ensure that his shaft would stimulate her swollen clit, he began a steady withdrawal until just his tip was within the saliva-slick lips of her cunt before sinking down into her once more, slowly establishing a steady rhythm of thrusting and withdrawal. Beneath him, she thrilled to the pumping of his thick cock, distending her sensitive cunt as few others had before, and as her husband was incapable of doing with his barely average sized tool. Her swollen nipples ached and throbbed, her cunt getting wetter and ever more sensitive as her lover’s practiced and controlled rhythm gradually and inexorably drew her closer to a second orgasm. As her excitement grew he slowly increased the tempo of his thrusts, driving his cock home to the root, the tight, weighty sac of his balls thudding into her cleft as their flesh slapped together. Her gasps became cries, growing in shrillness and intensity until she shrieked out her pleasure as she climaxed, and with a further few short, sharp thrusts he grunted as he discharged a load of spunk deep into her heaving body in several heavy spurts.

As their breathing slowed they relaxed and rolled apart, his slimy cock falling back wetly against his belly as she reached for tissues to catch the flow of spunk seeping from her gaping cunt before it wet the sheet. He took her in his arms as she laid back, kissing her gently, and tenderly teasing her still hard nipples with fingers and thumb as she took his now soft yet still bloated cock in her hand. Talking softly as their bodies cooled, happy to be sharing themselves once more, they continued to arouse one another until his cock began to stiffen again. Easing herself from his arms she turned around, getting up on her knees to straddle his head as she leant forward to take his growing cock in her mouth. Looking up into the cleft of her thighs at the swollen split of her cunt, seeing their mixed juices glistening on the insides of her thighs and on the crinkled, puffy parted lobes of her labia, he reached behind her hips to encourage her to lower her cunt onto his waiting mouth. Tasting their own juices on the other’s sex they avidly sucked and licked one another, they unconsciously settled into the same pattern as most of their previous sexual encounters.

Feeling her lover’s cock swell, lengthen and harden to full erection as she sucked him, she watched as his slack, hanging balls slowly drew up into their tight, wrinkled sac. Revelling in her ability to restore his sexual power, she fondled his tightly drawn up balls before sliding a finger into his cleft to probe his pursed anus. In reaction, taking his hand from her hip, he moved his mouth to one side to wet two fingers in her soaking snatch, and looking up into the shadowed crevice of her buttocks just above his nose, he worked first one and then a second finger into the pink pucker of her anus, gently pumping them back and forth as he resumed licking out her cunt. He felt, rather than heard, her muffled moans of pleasure around his cock as she ground her cunt hard down onto his mouth, her excitement growing in response to the twin stimulation of her clit and anus. When the increasingly violent movements of her hips began to obstruct his breathing he used one hand to urge her hips from his mouth, reaching the other hand down to disengage her mouth from his achingly erect cock. At his murmured instruction she lifted from him, waiting on the bed on her knees with her shoulders and head on the pillow as he rolled over and positioned himself behind her, reaching for the tube of lubricant she had placed on the bedside cabinet.

Looking down at her raised hips he could see that her anus was wet and partly open from his fingering. Nonetheless, he knew his cock was thicker most, and he hadn’t had her ass for over a year, and so the coating of lube he spread on his cock was generous. Shuffling forward he guided his knob to her anus, his tip lodging in her partly open hole. She moaned as he pressed forward, her anus gradually opening wider to accommodate his broad flaring knob. His knob finally slipped in, her tight sphincter clamping around his shaft behind his knob. Leaning forward he slowly worked his thick shaft deeper inside her in a series of tiny thrusts until his hips pressed hard against the soft globes of her buttocks and he was all the way in. Partially withdrawing, he thrust back in, relishing the tight grip of her anus on his cock. Bent over her back to grasp her swinging breasts, he was just beginning to pump his cock in full strokes when with gasping groans she urged him to stop, telling him it hurt. Unsurprised, if she hadn’t had any anal action in over a year, he withdrew immediately. Still bent over her with his hands on her breasts, he lowered his hips, shuffling closer to her, his cock nosing blindly between her thighs until it lodged in her open cunt. Thrusting back into her, her groans of anguish changed to moans of pleasure as he began to fuck her rhythmically.

Bent over her back, mounding her breasts in his hands and pinching and tweaking her hard nipples in the manner she loved, he kissed her shoulders and neck as he fucked her steadily and unhurriedly, having already cum once. However when she began pushing back at him jerkily, signally an oncoming climax, he began to fuck her faster. Feeling his excitement growing, he took a hand from her breast, reaching under her soft belly and into the fork of her thighs, seeking her clit to stimulate her to orgasm. To his surprise her cunt was empty; his cock had found its way back into her ass, but at an angle that suited her better. Frigging her clit in time to his thrusts into her rectum, he bought her to climax even as he emptied his seed deep in her bowels. He continued to move in her slowly, until the tight clasp of her sphincter expelled his softening cock.

Their excitement grew again as they showered together, the feel of their wet and slippery bodies feeding their ardour. She wanted him to fuck her there in the shower, but the thought of taking her a third time in her husband’s bed prompted him to suggest the bedroom. He shared the wicked thought with her as he mounted her once again, having sucked her cunt to lubricate it following the shower. His immoral thought, subsequent to his thorough licking of her cunt and clit, bought her to a quick though brief climax. Half-kneeling, he continued to fuck her vigorously, digging his fingers into the soft globes of her buttocks to pull her onto his cock to meet his powerful thrusts. Both were panting and perspiring when he finally discharged his seed into her for a third time.

It was, they agreed, a most satisfactory reunion.
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