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Roadside Assistance

Car trouble leads to a good samaritan and sexy rewards

My car died at the light on the way to work today and a guy helped me push it out of the road and into a parking lot.  I thanked him and he asked me if I had roadside service.  Even though we do have it, I told him we didn't in the hopes that he'd stick around and help me.  He was a young country boy who was looking really good.  He wasn't real tall but he was built well and really attractive with a great smile.
He asked if I'd call a tow truck and I said I'd just call my dad and have him help me out.  He asked if I needed a ride somewhere and I asked if he'd mind driving me home.  He said that he would and I took him up on it.  So I grabbed my stuff, locked up the car, called work and told them what happened, then climbed in his truck.
On the way to the house he started asking me personal questions and I did the same.  There was instant chemistry between us and I asked him if he had a girlfriend.  He said no and I said, "Do you want one?"

He laughed and said, "Yes, who do you have in mind?"

I said, "Me."  I undid my seatbelt and slid over to his side of the truck.  I began stroking his cock over his shorts and felt that he was already hard.
I unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and kept stroking.  He sighed in ecstasy.  I asked him if he wanted my mouth on it and he nodded his head.  I quickly went down and started licking and sucking it as if my life depended on it.  He groaned.  I licked and sucked his big dick all the way to our house. 
Once we got to the house, I grabbed his hand and led him in through the garage door.  He commented on how nice the house was and I thanked him.  He asked me where you were and I said, "At work.  Don't worry about him, he loves when I do this sort of thing.  It turns him on."  He couldn't believe it but I assured him that was the case.
I took him upstairs in our bedroom and got naked.  He took his clothes off too so we were both as naked as we were the day we were born. We got on the bed and he climbed on top of me.  He pressed his lips to mine and felt me with his strong hands.  He went down to my neck and kissed me there.  He moved further south and began licking and sucking my hard nipples.  I put my hands on his head to guide him gently.  After he sucked my tits for a good three to four minutes, he continued his venture downward.
He reached my pussy and kissed and licked my clit gently.  I was incredibly wet.  He tongued my pussy for another five minutes and I came on his face twice.  He licked up all my juices.  He asked if he could lick my asshole and I agreed to let him do whatever he wanted.  I got on my hands and knees and buried my head in a pillow.  He then kissed, licked and sucked my asshole for another five minutes as I rubbed my clit and came again.
After he finished licking ass, he got on his knees and slid his cock into my pussy from behind.  He screwed me hard and mumbled dirty talk for several more minutes before my legs got tired.  I told him I was tired and I wanted to see him screwing me.
I turned over and got on my back.  He got on top of me missionary style and we fucked passionately on our bed.  He kissed me as he fucked me.  I asked him if he was going to cum soon and he confirmed he was.  I said, "Cum in my mouth.  I want to eat it." 
This was more than he could take.  He immediately took it out and climbed up toward my face.  He was at my left side with his cock in his right hand, squeezing it.  I leaned over with my mouth open and tongue out.  He grunted loudly and cursed as he looked down.  I sucked the head as he jacked off into my mouth.  I gobbled down his huge load and licked and sucked his cock and balls clean after he jizzed in my mouth.
Afterward, he laid on his back on your side of the bed.  I said I had to call my dad and that he better go.  He thanked me and asked if he could see me again.  I finally introduced myself formally and he did the same. His name is Devin and I'm anxious to see him again. I gave him my phone number so that he can call me whenever he wants.  I'll go see him and take care of him whenever he wants.  Next time I want to get it up the ass from him.

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