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Ronnie's Ex Satisfies my wife

My wife takes on Ronnie's ex and is thoroughly satisfied
The day after Ron and I swapped wives, we went out for a jog in the morning. When we came back, Nicole and Rhonda were chatting in the kitchen. Nicole was just wearing a long shirt and looked really sexy. I asked her if she wanted to join me in the shower, and she said she would in just a minute. Unfortunately, she never did, and we all spent the day hanging out and getting ready for the party Ron and Ronnie had planned.

It was a great party, a lot of people a lot of alcohol and just a generally good time. Nicole and I danced some and made out a good bit. But all good things must come to an end, and eventually it was just the four of us and Ronnie's ex-husband Steve.

Just after the last guest left, Steve suggested we get in the hot tub. I protested that Nicole and I hadn't brought any swim suits. Naturally, Steve just dropped his pants (he wasn't wearing any underwear) and said, “Who needs suits?”

Ronnie laughed and I couldn't help but notice that Steve had a fairly large cock and it was only limp. I also couldn't help notice that Nicole took a nice long look at it.

“I'm in,” laughed Ronnie, pulling off her shirt.

“Why not,” added Nicole following suit. In seconds Steve was headed toward the hot tub, with the two girls following shedding clothes as they went. Ron and I looked at each other and followed. Ron got out quicker than me and out of his clothes.

When I got to the hot tub, Ron had just jumped in beside his wife and Nicole was standing naked next to Steve, turning around so he could see the tattoo around her waist.

“That is a nice tattoo,” he said.

“Thanks,” Nicole replied, “I designed it myself. Do you have any tattoos?”

We all knew he did, it was just to the right of his cock. Steve, of course, stood up to show Nicole his tattoo, a coiled snake. When he got out of the water we could all see he was half-erect. His already seven inch cock was pointing straight at Nicole. The way she looked at his cock, for a moment, I thought she was going to grab it. Fortunately, he sat down shortly, but he was right next to Nicole, so I sat on the other side of her.

We sat around and talked for a bit until Steve announced he wanted a drink. “Anyone else want one?” he asked. Everybody did. “I'll need some help getting them,” he added standing up and showing everyone his fully erect eight-plus inches. Nicole volunteered quickly. I was about to get up to when I recalled that I had an erection as well and I didn't want to get up with the memory of Steve's monster so fresh in everyone's mind.

Ronnie started asking me questions about my new job all of a sudden, and although I lost my erection, I just couldn't seem to break away from the conversation. Several minutes passed. Eventually, I cut in and asked, “What is taking them so long?”

As I got out of the hot tub, so did Ron and Ronnie – Ron with an erection.

“It's probably nothing,” offered Ronnie, “give them a few more minutes.”

But I thought they had enough time and started inside. Ron went inside a bit before me since he was closer to the door then Ronnie and I were right behind him. As we walked in we could see Steve had mounted Nicole doggy-style and was pumping his large cock into her. Nicole was face down with her face in a sofa cushion, but we could hear her muffled moans. “What the fuck,” I shouted.

Steve looked up startled and Nicole pulled her face out of the cushion. “I thought you said he was cool with this,” Steve asked Ronnie.

“He will be,” she said as her and Ron grabbed a hold of me. “Look, it's just vacation, let her have some fun.”

“She's supposed to be having fum with me,” I retorted.

“You could join them,” suggested Ronnie

“What? No! Nicole we've got to go.”

“Why don't we let Nicole decide,” Ronnie offered.

Nicole was now coming over to me. “Please,” she said, “we can do just like last night. I loved it when you licked my pussy while Ron fucked me, but Ronnie didn't want Ron and I to do it again tonight."

“No,” I said, “I won't have my wife just going around fucking everyone.”

“It's just while we're on vacation. We'll go back to the way things were when we go home,” Nicole explained. “I'll suck your dick. You can even cum in my mouth.”

I did like that. Nicole and Ronnie could see I was softening. “But I want to make love to you,” I complained.

“You will,” Nicole replied.

“First,” I asked.

Ronnie jumped in quickly. “Go back to doggy-style with Steve and 69 each other until you get hard again,” she suggested, rubbing my limp dick. Ronnie led the two of us over to Steve.

“Sorry man,” Steve offered, “I thought you were on board with this.”

“Whatever,” I replied.

Nicole knelt down between us, Steve's cock in her right hand and my dick in her left. Steve was still half-erect but she started off by sucking him anyway. She gave a couple sucks on my rapidly growing dick looked up at me, smiled, then smiled at Steve, turned around and offered her ass to Steve.

Steve eagerly got back into position and pushed his thick cock into my wife's pussy. Ronnie guided me into position. Nicole took my dick into her mouth and sucked a few times before looking down at me and said, “Come on, eat me.”

Steve's thick cock was inches over my head pushing rhythmically in and out of Nicole's wet pussy. Nicole took another suck of my throbbing dick, looked at me again and said, “please.”

So, I started to lick her pussy while Steve fucked her. Nicole moaned deliciously when I flicked my tongue across her clit. Then Steve put his entire manhood in Nicole and as he ground it in her I licked her pussy, “aah, ah, God!” Nicole shouted and pulled her mouth off my dick. “That's perfect” she crooned.

I licked with more gusto and Steve started to pump her again, his cock rubbing my face and tongue as it plunged into Nicole's pussy. It didn't take two minutes before I was ready to explode in Nicole's mouth. Unfortunately, Steve pulled her head up with a handful of her long black hair. She moaned delightfully and squeezed my dick – I came hard, but my load just splashed back down on my stomach.

I didn't go limp after my orgasm, and I admit it was exciting seeing Nicole this excited. She had never been this wild with me, she always said she didn't like it when I pulled her hair or tried doggy-style; she was sure enjoying it now. I was really stunned when Steve started to spank her while his cock pounded her pussy – especially since Nicole came hard shortly thereafter. It was such a hot orgasm that I came a second time.

Nicole was twitching so much that Steve's cock came out of her and he pushed it into my mouth on his next thrust. A second thrust, a third, before I got a hold of myself and turned away. Nicole was collapsing on top of me, but Steve rolled her to her back and pushed his cock back into her.

“Oh God,” Nicole cried. Steve put Nicole's legs on his shoulders and really started pounding her. Nicole was making all sorts of noises: squeals, moans, cries and gasps. I noticed she had tears on her cheeks.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” I said, getting to my feet. I grabbed Steve's arm and said, “You're hurting her. Stop!”

“God, no,” Nicole screamed. “Fuck me! Hard!” Steve obliged and pounded her hard. “Yes, yes, yeaaahhhss,” Nicole replied.

I just stood there watching as Steve fucked the hell out of my wife. She came again and shortly Steve shouted, “I'm wanna cum in your mouth.”

“Yes, yes,” Nicole cried, “whatever you want.”

Steve pulled out and jumped up to straddle Nicole's chest shoving his dripping cock into her waiting mouth. Steve shouted and shot a load into Nicole's mouth, he moaned and twitched six or seven more times, his cock always in Nicole's mouth. “Shit, yeah,” he said, “you are so hot.”

Nicole smiled, swallowed and said, “Thanks.”

Ronnie touched my arm and said, “You better get in there if you want to make love to her.”

“Hunh, yeah,” I replied, uncertain.

Ronnie was insistent and led me over to Nicole. “Your husband's turn,” she said.

Nicole looked up and smiled. My dick was throbbing and she always looked so hot after an orgasm. I got on top of her and stuck my dick in her – it was so … open. I couldn't hardly get any friction. Nicole tried to grind on me. She grabbed the back of my head and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste Steve's cum on her tongue, but she clearly enjoyed the kissing so I kept kissing her back.

Ronnie laughed. “I guess he doesn't mind the taste of cum – well not after last night.” Ronnie then went on to relate the story of last night to Steve, while I pumped for all I was worth, desperately trying to get a response from my wife.

At the end of Ronnie's story, Steve knelt down beside Nicole's face, his cock hard once again. “Look, what that story did to me,” he said.

“What do you want me to do about it,” Nicole joked.

“I think you know what to do about it,” Steve answered.

In response, Nicole took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him inches from my face. After sucking him for a bit, Nicole kissed me again, then she'd suck Steve, kiss me; she repeated this for a bit until Ronnie chimed in. “Give Peter a suck,” she suggested.

Steve laughed. “He did suck it a bit during Nicole's orgasm.”

“Really?” Nicole asked, astonished.

“It was an accident,” I stammered, “when you, were orgasming...”

“And I missed it,” she playfully pouted. “Show me.”

“No,” I replied, continuing to pump her.

“Come on,” added Ronnie.

“Go ahead, Pete,” Ron said, “you sucked on mine some last night too.”

“I, I didn'...” I stammered.

“Please,” Nicole whined.

Steve placed his cock between Nicole and me. “Please,” she said again.

So, I sucked on Steve's enormous manhood for a bit while my wife watched, trying to excite her with my dick in the pussy stretched out by the cock that was now in my mouth.

“Hey, that's good,” announced Steve, “you're a natural.”

Everyone laughed, including Nicole. So I stopped sucking Steve's cock. “Don't stop, man,” Steve said.

“Suck him some more,” Nicole added, “it's hot.”

Ronnie, of course, chimed in, “Yeah suck that cock, Peter.”

Everyone chanted for me to suck Steve's cock so I let him put it back in my mouth. Nicole started to lick his balls while I sucked his cock, then Steve took it from my mouth and stuck it in Nicole's. Shortly, I announced I was about to cum. “I want to cum in your mouth,” I said.

Nicole mumbled something, but with Steve's cock still in her mouth, I couldn't make it out. I pulled out anyway and came up to her face. Nicole grabbed my dick, Steve's cock still in her mouth. With two strokes of her hand, I came. It dribbled onto the ground beside her head. Totally ignoring me, Nicole looked up at Steve and said, “Fuck me.”

Steve laughed and picked Nicole up off the floor; she let go of my dripping dick. Steve looked over at Ronnie and asked, “Guest bedroom?”

“You know where it is,” she replied.

As I watched, Steve carried my wife down the hall. Ron and Ronnie got off the sofa where they had been pleasuring each other. Ronnie looked at Ron and said, “Fuck me.” Ron laughed and they headed toward the stairs.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked, but they were oblivious to me at this point.

As Ron and Ronnie went upstairs, I could hear Nicole starting to moan and envisioned Steve's enormous manhood plunging into her sopping pussy. I listened as Steve obviously made Nicole cum over and over for probably forty minutes – I came as well. Finally, they stopped and shortly I could hear Steve emerging from the bedroom. I pretended to be asleep on the sofa and waited until he left before going to the guest bedroom.

There lay Nicole on the bed, disheveled, sweaty, hair everywhere, legs spread, her pussy open and waiting. I looked at her for a moment and realized I was getting hard again. “Nicole?”

“Hmm,” she replied.

“You okay,” I asked.

“Mmhmm,” she answered deliciously. Finally she opened her eyes and looked at me, “I haven't been this good in a long time,” she crooned, “thanks.”

“Um, sure,” I said. “Uh ...”

“Only one thing could make it better.”

“What's that?” I asked.

“Eat me,” she purred.


“Yes,” she replied, “nice and slow.”

“Then will you help me with this,” I asked grabbing my dick.

“Sure,” she answered.

So I went and got between her legs. As I started to go in I could see cum oozing out of her pussy. “Did he cum in you!?”

“It's okay,” she answered nonchalantly, “he's had the operation.” Still, I hesitated. “Please eat me,” she crooned. So I dove in.

I licked her nice and slow. After a little while she gasped and twitched, her legs quivered and she had a sweet little orgasm, then went to sleep. My dick was still throbbing and my mouth tasted like cum. I jerked off into the waste basket and lay down beside my thoroughly satisfied wife.

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