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Sally, my Sister-in-law (Part 1)

I always fancied my Sister-in-law, but didn't think she was attainable...
Sally - Part 1

Where do I begin with Sally? She’s a feisty, half Irish woman and is a deliciously ripe 37 years of age. She’s not particularly tall but more than makes up for this with spunk. Due to certain family “issues” in the past, she’s become a pretty tough girl. She’s dominant, loud mouthed, and has a deep, authoritative voice, perfectly complimented by her Irish blue eyes and black hair. I’ve always fancied her, but that’s probably because, as my Sister-in-law, she’s forbidden fruit. Don’t get me wrong, her Sister (my Wife) is very enjoyable in the bedroom, but there’s something inexplicably desirable about an older, more bossy woman ... particularly if she’s already related to the woman you sleep with almost every night. I always thought she was unattainable, that is until one day after work...

I was browsing the web on my laptop when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting any visitors for another couple of hours, as I had finished work early on the sly. Plus, my Wife was still at work and the kids were at school. I looked through the spy hole and was happy to see her deep blue eyes unintentionally staring back at me. I unlocked the door and opened it wide.

“Hi Sally!” I said. “Come in”. She entered the house without saying anything and placed her work bag on the floor.

“Just going to use your loo” she said, loudly, without asking permission. I actually liked this about her – always doing whatever she wanted. Sure, it was rude, but that was her. As she climbed the stairs, I watched her back, legs and peachy bum moving higher as she got closer to the top. I sighed to myself and a smile appeared on my face. As she had come straight from work, she was still wearing her navy blue pants and light blue uniform top, emblazened with school logo. I filled the kettle, took out two cups from the cupboard and sat down in the kitching, waiting for Sally to return.

Little over a minute later, I heard the chain flush and the tap water gushing into the sink upstairs at quite a force. As usual, everything she did was very boistrous! I was in the middle of making coffee for her and tea for me when she walked into the kitchen and stood next to me.

“Coffee, Sally?” I said, even though I had already made it.

“I like the milk in first” she replied. I explained to her that I’d already made the brew, but she didn’t pay any attention to me. Within ten seconds, another cup had been taken out of the cupboard and the kettle had been switched on yet again.

“I’ll just do it myself then, shall I?” said Sally, half smiling and half pretending to be annoyed. “You men. You’re as bad as mine! Only good for one thing, and sometimes not even that!” she said, laughing, stirring her coffee that had now been brewed and poured.

“What do you mean?” I replied, pretending not to really understand.

“What do you think, silly?” said Sally, loudly. “If I had my way, women would all work and take care of the important stuff, and you men would be used for ... well. Helping us unwind at the end of a long day, which I sincerely hope you’re doing to my Sister each night”. I was a little shocked by this comment, as Sally didn’t normally speak of anything like this.

“Umm, of course ... I do” I said, my face turning red.

“Oh, I know you do” replied Sally, an even bigger grin on her face than earlier. “She’s told me all about what you like to do, you little perv”, she said, laughing. This was most unexpected, and my face turned even redder.

“So, how was your day?” I said, quickly changing the subject so as to not discuss the personal details of my sex life.

“Haha. Fine, just fine. Even better now I’m here. Where exactly is my Sister anyway?”

“She’s at work ‘till seven.

“Good, we’ve got some time to talk then! Better make sure we don’t get up to mischief!”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen ... wait, what do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing. Anyway, I’m going to use your laptop to check my email. Come with me if you want and sit in the other room”.

The realisation and horror then dawned on me that I had accidentally left a browser window open on my laptop – one that would probably get me into hot water: the amateur wives photo gallery.

“What the fuck have you been doing?” shouted Sally as soon as she had sat down to the computer. “Ha! I’m sure my Sis will be thrilled about this!” She was laughing at the top of her voice.

“Please, Sally, don’t tell her! I’m begging you!” She turned to me with a semi-serious look on her face and began to laugh a little more.

“You need to sit down. You need to sit right here next to me and watch as I see what you’ve been doing this afternoon. I’m going to check every page you’ve viewed and report back to my Sister, you fucking perv.”

“I’ll do anything, please! I love her. Don’t, I was just weak and bored looking at this stuff” I begged.

“Bored? Oh yes, I’m sure you were bored” she said, now in a much more stern voice. “Come here and sit down next to me.” I reluctantly agreed and sat next to Sally. She was not a woman to be messed around with, and you certainly didn’t disobey her unless you wanted some less than savoury consequences.

Over the next ten minutes, she looked through the pages I’d been viewing, sometimes sniggering, sometimes looking happy, sometimes looking slightly stern and possibly annoyed. Eventually, she placed a USB stick into the computer, copied the history and ejected the stick.

“I’m going to take this home with me for safe keeping” said Sally.

“Why? Why would you do that?” I replied, still scared and semi-respectful of her authority.

“Why? So that I have a hold over you” she said. Because if you want this to be kept as your little secret, you’d better do everything that I’m about to ask you, or this little memory stick might end up in your Wife’s possession.”

“Yes, yes of course. I’ll do anything you want, Sally” I said, desperately. “What do you want?” A sly grin appeared on her face as she stood up, released the bobble from her hair and began to unbutton her pants.

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