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Sam's Return To Town

Sam convinces Ellie to try him out as a substitute for her husband.
Ellie is sitting on the couch watching television in her underwear when her phone rings. She looks over at it, arching her neck to see it clearly, her long blonde locks falling across her shoulder and chest. She picks it up and answers her phone on the 4th ring, it’s her brother.

“Hey Matty, what’s up?” she says into the phone.

“Hey El, I was just wondering if you could do me a huge favour tonight,” comes the response.

“You don’t waste time do you?” she laughs. “Okay, what’s this favour.”

There is silence on the other end of the phone for a while. Eventually Matt speaks.

“Remember my friend Sam? My best friend from primary school?” He asks cautiously.

“Oh the kid with the dark hair and green eyes?” she asks.

“Yeah, that’s him.”

“What about him? Didn’t he move away or something?” Ellie changes the phone to her other ear and picks up the TV remote to turn the volume down.

“Yeah, he did, but now he’s back, and he doesn’t really have somewhere to stay at the moment.”

Matt’s voice sounds uncertain through the phone.

“So why doesn’t he stay with you?” she asks.

“Well, mum and dad are away in Venice remember? And I have my camp coming up. I’d tell him to come to that but the deadlines already been and he doesn’t have the money anyway. His parents are moving overseas but he doesn’t want to go with them and they told him he had to make his own way if that was going to be his decision.”

“Oh,” Ellie hesitates. “So what are you wanting me to do?”

“Could you look after him … Just till I get back from camp.”

Ellie sighs and swaps the phone back to her right hand as she thinks.

“Matt, you know I’m married now, I can’t really have strange guys around the house, certainly not while Phil’s away on one of his business trips.”

“Please Ellie? He really needs some help and he has nowhere else to go.”

Ellie sighs again and runs a hand through her hair.

“Okay fine, just till you get back, and you better give me money for food to feed the kid,” she says reluctantly.

“Thanks Ellie!” comes the excited response. “I’ll bring him over in the morning before my bus!”

Matt hangs up and Ellie sits staring at the phone with a worried expression. She leans back into the couch and runs her hands over her face.

“What have I just gotten myself into?” she moans as memories of a young boy with dark hair and green eyes flirting with her, and later on, a young teen touching her on her hips and boobs when no one else is around. She groans louder and covers her face with a cushion as she remembers never pushing him away or telling him not to.

“This is going to be an interesting week…” she murmurs to herself as she gets up and heads to the shower.


The next day, Ellie gets up early, dresses respectfully and starts making sure the guest room is in order. As she sets the bed and folds a towel neatly to place on the bottom right corner, she thinks about if she should tell Phil about this teenager coming into the house and staying while he is away.

She eventually decides against it, knowing it would end up in an argument where he’d be saying “No he can’t come” and her saying “But I already said okay.”

She’s just finishing up when a knock comes at the door. Bracing herself she goes to answer it. Ellie opens the door to Matt and Sam, welcoming them in. Matt giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek on his way past.

“Hey El, you remember Sam?” Matt gestures for Sam to follow him in.

“Err yeah, hey Sam, good to see you again, you sure have grown hey?” Ellie says with an awkward smile.

“Ah yeah… I guess so,” Sam says feeling equally awkward.

Sam’s eyes take in Ellie’s lean but curvy figure and likes the way her boobs have grown just a little more, pushing against the soft material of her top. He remembers back to a time he was younger and had touched them a few times.

Ellie notices Sam’s gaze and coughs.

“Uh, I'm sorry my husband’s not here,” she says putting emphasis on ‘husband’. “I reckon you would really get on with Phil.”

“Uh yeah…” Sam says, drawing his eyes back to Ellie’s face. “Matt said you got married.”

“Okay great!” Matt exclaims happily. “Looks like we’re all settled in then. Well I better be off, my bus will be at the school soon.”

Without further thought he walks back out through the door. Just before closing it he turns back to Ellie.

“Oh and I transferred you some money before we left, should be in your account soon.”

“Uh thanks,” Ellie says with a small wave.

Once Matt’s gone, Ellie and Sam stand awkwardly in the hallway a few seconds.

“So … uh, how have you been?” Ellie asks nervously.

“Good I guess, apart from my parents moving to Asia… I’m 19 now by the way.” Sam says.

“Hmmm so it would seem, so is Matty.”

There is another awkward pause and Ellie sighs.

“Alright, I’ll show you to your room then.”

Sam nods and follows Ellie as she turns into the house.


Ellie and Sam are sitting at the table eating a meal of pasta that Ellie had cooked. They sit in awkward silence for a while, each of them focusing on their meals. Wanting to charm Ellie, Sam decides to start a conversation.

“Remember when we were younger and you asked to play with my hair because you got bored with your dolls?” he asks hesitantly.

A small but uncertain smile creeps across Ellie’s lips and she nods.

“Yeah, I remember that. Matty was so mad when he came home to find his best friend in the grips of his sister.”

They both chuckle at the memory.

“I also remember doing other stuff with you…” Sam hints.

“I’m married now,” Ellie says firmly.

“You have to admit you enjoyed it though,” Sam says playfully.

“I may have back then, but I can’t now.”

“Why not, no one has to know.”

“Sam,” Ellie says in a warning voice.

“Does your husband even know I'm here? Did you tell him?” he asks.

“No …” she admits softly. “But that’s cause...”

“Don’t kid yourself,” Sam grins triumphantly interrupting her. “You didn’t tell him cause you were secretly hoping something would happen.”

“No! That’s not….”

“Not what? Not true? Think about it.” Sam smirks.

Ellie doesn’t say anything and drops her head staring at her plate.

“Tell me Ellie, is your husband good in bed?” Sam asks.

“Of course he is!” she blushes.

“But he doesn’t fill your desire does he?” he prompts.

Ellie sighs and looks Sam squarely in the eye.

“No,” she says. “He’s too gentle, I want someone more rough.”

“I can be rough,” Sam says in a seductive voice.

“I still can’t Sam…” Ellie says looking away from him.

Suddenly Sam is on his feet beside her, his arms around her from behind, he’s unbuttoning her shirt.

“Sam!” she cries out trying to push him away.

“You know you want this,” Sam growls not budging and managing to undo her top fully. “And like I said. No one needs to know.”

Ellie struggles against Sam trying to push his arms away but he pins her against the chair with one arm and works his other hand into her bra. He pinches her nipple drawing a soft moan from her as she continues to struggle.

“Please Sam…” she whimpers.

“Ellie… just once, if you don’t like it I won’t do it again. Please… You know how I felt about you back then. I still feel that way. All I want is one chance.”

Ellie’s struggles stop and Sam continues to tease her nipple.

“Please Ellie,” he whispers.

“Okay Sam… Just once,” Ellie says in a soft voice, giving up her futile efforts.

Sam begins to kiss down Ellie's neck as his other hand moves into her bra to the other nipple. She throws back her head and moans freely as he teases her. After a while, he gets her to stand and unclips her bra.

Ellie’s plump round tits bounce free as she stands before Sam, her cheeks flushing as she feels the neediness build up inside her. She stands still as he pulls her towards him roughly and kisses her hard on the mouth. His hands again finding her nipples before he moves his head down her neck and then across her boobs. His lips drawing nearer to her nipples.

Ellie feels her arousal grow as Sam takes one of her nipples into his mouth and sucks hard, grazing his teeth against her sensitive flesh. She moans and wraps her fingers in his hair.

After he has teased her nipples into hardness, he clears the table with a sweep of an arm and pushes her down onto it. She winces as her back comes into contact with it but makes herself comfy by wriggling up a bit, feeling so turned on by the thought of the position she is in.

Sam looks down at his best friends sister and licks his lips.

“I’ve dreamt of this for so long,” he says. “Tell me you want me Ellie.

“Oh God Sam, I want you.”

“Tell me you want me to take you on the table.”

“Oh please, I want you to fuck my brains out on this table.”

“Mmmm,” he groans as he leans forward to undo her pants.

Once her pants and panties are in a pile on the floor with the bra and shirt, Sam sits on Ellie's abandoned chair and spreads her legs.

Ellie squirms, feeling turned on by her nakedness and Sam’s gaze on her perfectly shaved pussy. She had shaved only last night, she wasn’t sure why at the time, but now she realises she’d wanted this, even back then.

Ellie moans loudly as Sam leans forward and sticks a finger up into her pussy as his tongue searches out her clit. He knows he’s found it when Ellie gives a sharp jump and a loud groan.

Sam takes her clit in his mouth and sucks on it as he finger fucks her with two fingers, making her even more wet than she already was from her arousal.

Ellie’ moans give away her enjoyment and Sam decides he wants some for himself. He stands and orders Ellie onto her front. She obey’s eagerly as he unzips his pants and lets them fall to the ground.

He spreads her legs once more and stepping forward he presses his hard cock against Ellie’s slippery wet entrance. He hears her moan and grins.

“You want this don’t you Ellie?” he asks her.

“Oh God yes! Please Sam!”

Sam chuckles and slams into her making her scream in shock and pleasure. He waits for her breathing to settle down again before he begins to thrust in and out of her.

Ellie moans as Sam grips her waist and slams harder and harder into her, she groans hard as she feels him fill her over and over again sending waves of pleasure through her body.

“Oh God Harder!” she screams. “Fuck me harder!”

Ellie moans as Sam complies with a grunt, pounding her pussy over and over again in time with her moans. He gazes at her naked body as she slides back and forth over the table and moans as her pussy squeezes his cock in and orgasm.

He spanks her hard on the ass and she lets out a scream of pleasure as she cums hard around his cock, juices flowing hot and sweet over his member as he continues to pound her.

She moans louder as he gets rougher and rougher with her, sometimes spanking her ass, sometimes pulling her hair. He can tell she loves it because she keeps begging for more.

Finally, her breathing is tired and she is gasping for breath. She continues to moan but it is obvious she’s spent. Sam drives himself deep into her one last time releasing his load into her soaking pussy before pulling out.

Ellie moans hard as she feels his liquids fill her and lays gasping on the table, unable to move or say anything. Sam pulls up his pants and looks down at her.

“You know where to find me if you want more of that,” he says simply before walking away to his room, leaving Ellie sprawled over the hard wood table, his cum oozing from her pussy as her breathing returns to normal.


8 years later, Sam is back at Ellie’s house while her husband Phil is away. The bedroom door is closed and moans can be heard along with the tell-tale sounds of slapping and fucking. No one knows of their secret relationship, not even Sam’s best friend and Ellie’s brother Matt, but that’s the way they like it.
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