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Sania's Second Chance

Divorced and remarried, Asian wife finds sexual freedom.
When we first met, she was the uber bitch friend of a friend. I found out that she was going through a divorce and can’t say I was surprised. I began to see her more often as the days and weeks went on. She would show up to our happy hour sessions and at the occasional BBQ. She was forceful and mouthy, and increasingly sexy. As 42 she was a delicious cinnamon complexion Asian American with one of those rare delicious full bottoms that make me instantly melt. Her sassiness began to meld into sexiness and within three months we were dating.

Our sex was amazing, we were both escaping repressive relationships that had left us unfulfilled and we had each abandoned the hope for anything greater in this realm. We experimented with anything and everything we could imagine. Toys, restraints, anal, public exposure…we were wild. After 2 years we decided to get married and our love continued to unfold.

Soon after being married, we began to discuss new sexual horizons. The idea of playing with others came up, but we were both too shy and conservative to imagine it could be a possibility for us. So we decided on the next best thing, which was to play online in the various chat rooms and photo swapping services. For nearly a year we were breathlessly checking emails, and sharing fantasies and nasty chats with couples all over the world. Through this we found that when we contacted people nearby it sent us even higher into sexual bliss.

We began to increasingly seek out locals and found that it was much more difficult to find couples, but single men were bountiful as expected. I was not much into these one sided conversations, but my wife Sania found it mind-blowingly hot. Soon she would be on messenger and chat at all hours of the night, teasing and chatting and climbing on my willing tongue or cock for relief. She began to mention that she had been fantasizing about a few of her regular contacts, one of which she think she had met before but he did not know who she was.

Intrigued I asked who he was and how she met him. She recounted getting her work suit tailored and the older Indian man that had done her measurements. He had been nothing less than professional but when he unknowingly sent her a picture of his cock, she immediately recognized the interior of the store in the background. She was in no way ready to have sex with this man, but wondered if she could unknowingly contribute to some of the fantasies they had been sharing online.

We discussed the options, and as she swallowed me whole one evening after chatting with him, we hatched the plan for a little teasing. She ordered some fabric online and asked to schedule an appointment to have it fitted for a summer linen one-piece jumpsuit. He set the meeting for after work the following Monday, and we anxiously fantasized and planned her first attempt at transforming even the slightest of our fantasies into reality.

On Monday, she went to work as normal and we texted throughout the day about her growing anxiety and excitement. I reminded her that she had already seen his cock and had shared the most intimate of fantasies. Getting a close fitting would be nothing in comparison, and more importantly he did not know who she was.

She arrived at the tailor’s shop and handed over the linen, and discussed the cut and flow of the fabric. She spends a lot of time taking care of her tight body and she wanted it to be fitted tightly around her firm delicious ass. He asked that she try on a pair of sample pants that he had to get the correct inseam and fitting for the hips. She had worn a typical work skirt and tight fitted black top to work that day, and thus he held them open so she could step into them and slide them up without exposure.

Instead she slipped off her heels and slid down the zipper at her side. Still kneeling before her, she let it slide to the floor in front of his reddening face as she stood in her tight black thong that surely wafted the aroma of her excitement that built all day. She stepped into the pants and let him ease them up her hips as she maintained her demure composure. As he stood and slid behind her to measure the waist, she imagined that thick hard cock she had masturbated to several times, just inches from her ass, begging to be thrust inside her enflamed cunt.

The heat of his hands so close to her wetness as the pressure of the measuring tape traced a line from her back to her navel and pressed against her tingling clit. She could feel the wetness flowing as she tried to hold her thighs closely together as he finished his measurements. The silence in the room was broken as he asked her to slip on a blank top to get her measurements for the bust line.

She dropped the hem of the pants and let them fall to the floor exposing her once again. She then pulled her top off in one slow peel and turned to face him for her top fitting. Her embarrassment and excitement now evident, their eye contact broke and remained unsteady. He continued his dutiful measuring in this tense silence, as she felt his hands trace soft paths over her engorged nipples as he measured each and every seam line for the perfect fit.

Dry mouth he stepped back to inform her that the fitting was completed. She smiled and turned and bent over to pick up her skirt, lingering to ensure he could appreciate the wet fabric that had now disappeared between her folds. She dressed slowly in front of him and asked when it would be ready. They agreed on a completion date, she paid her deposit, and left into the night air.

In the car she called me almost stuttering with excitement and disbelief that she went through with it. I begged her to come home quickly to recount this story to me in full detail. As she undressed and showed me the fruits of her labor, she bent over the iPad to open her mail and see his cock again as I forcefully plowed deep into her sticky hole from the back. She came with a primal grunt and collapsed, face pressed against the screen which still displayed this thick older cock she had dreamed of, and felt the heat of, just moments earlier.

After this experiment, she was more bold than ever. We began to talk more openly about sharing and swapping. They still seemed like distant ideas that were hard to imagine being part of our reality, but her fascination with this, and my excitement at the possibility of new partners, drove us forward.

A few short weeks later, she mentioned that she had been chatting with an older man, in his mid-50s, that was a naturist and also a swinger. He had explained the intricacies of their lifestyle together, and she even chatted one evening with his wife. Sania asked if I wanted to join them in chat and I declined, as I wanted her to continue to develop this fantasy and relationship on her own.

That summer, she told me that this friend, now known as Frank, had a wonderful backyard pool with lush greenery that he and his wife had tended for years to ensure that they had absolute privacy. She also excitedly told me that even though she was much older than her, she was inconsolable in her lust for his cock which was apparently they thickest she had ever seen. She has never been what some call a size queen so I was surprised by the fervor with which she described it. That night as she sat on my cock she looked into my eyes and said she had been dreaming of Frank stretching her to her limits. I was in shock! She bucked hard with her tight Asian pussy as he tried to resist but quickly filled her insides with his boiling cum. She slid off and took me in her mouth and said she wondered if she could fit it in her mouth. I was rock hard again in seconds and without any tenderness she sucked another load from my now sore cock.

I was in a post coital daze when she slid up next to me in bed and whispered a soft question. She said Frank and his wife invited her over on Saturday to meet finally and maybe swim and have a few drinks in the back yard. I again was at a loss for words. She rubbed my soft cock and nibbled into my ear as she purred and begged to please let her go this once. She said she didn’t expect anything more than to meet them and learn more about how we can explore this lifestyle. I asked her if I was invited and she said, well yes they had extended the offer, but she really wanted to go alone the first time. Reluctantly, and admittedly worriedly, I relented and she skipped off happily to the shower to wash my remnants from her beautiful body. My head a bit foggy from all of the thoughts that raced through my head regarding what was proposed and what I just agreed to! Saturday was tomorrow!

Sania and I slept as we usually do after sex, her on one side and me on the other. I barely slept that night as my mind turned and twisted what the day would bring for my sweet sexy Sania. After finally drifting off to sleep at nearly daybreak, I was awoken at 11am by the sound of Sania scurrying about the room.

She was dressed as if off for a normal beach day. She wore her light blue thong bikini set under a tight fitting T shirt with some gauzy shorts which barely showed the hint of color. She had packed a small bag and with the flick of her hair and blown kiss wished me a good day and scampered out the door with a skip in the step. The rest of this story is as recounted and embellished by her later, my day was full of excited sickening anticipation and worry, and a full day of porn and self-pacification.

Sania arrived at Frank’s house and was greeted by his wife Amber. Amber was a bit younger than Frank, at 52, she still had a spring in her step and was a golden brunette, clearly blessed by her time in the sun as a naturist. Frank was out at the grill making lunch, and greeted them wearing a low slung speedo. Sania immediately began to hunger for the real goal of her visit to their house. Frank noted her stare and responded that he did not want to make her uncomfortable so had worn this covering where usually there would be none. She responded with a smile and gave him a tight hug and they exchanged pleasantries upon their first meeting.

Amber invited Sania to change into whatever is most comfortable and take a swim before lunch. Sania slipped off her shorts and and shirt as Frank handed her a margarita. He smiled and said how very glad he is that she joined them for the day. Sania gave him a peck on the cheek, before turning to strut to the pool and give him a view of her gorgeous ass before jumping in. Amber followed her closely behind as they swam a bit before encumbering the floating loungers to soak in some sun.

Sania complemented Amber on the evenness of her tan and without pause, slipped her top and bottoms off to show that it was indeed without lines. Amber told Sania that she should try it too, as the midday sun feels amazing on bare skin as the cool water laps below. Sania hesitated briefly as Frank smiled on from the BBQ at the edge of the pool. She then untied the single string and tossed her top at Frank’s feet. He bent down to pick it up and made an effort to show her his caressing of the fabric which had just held her small but beautifully formed firm breasts topped with chocolate drop nipples.

Amber complemented her on her firm figure and mentioned that she had never seen such nice brown nipples as most of their friends were Caucasian. Sania smiled and laid back to relax. When the attention had subsided, she slowly slipped her thong from between her lips, over her hips and tossed it, hitting Frank in the back. With a start he turned and she giggled playfully. Again Frank lifted her thong from the deck and this time tasted the small strip where it would have parted her lips. Sania shivered at the sight and Amber cooed a naughty laugh. Playing cool Sania returned to her sunbathing posture, soaking in the fact that she was now naked in another person’s pool and pondered the fun that could be in store.

Frank told them that lunch was ready and to come and get it. He laid out the burgers and corn on the table and waited patiently for the show that he knew was about to again. Amber was the first out of the pool, and as she climbed the ladder her large D’s hung and dripped beads of water before she stood and sauntered over to kiss Frank on the lips as he playfully rubbed her mound. Amber sat and yelled for Sania to hurry over.

Sania slowly climbed the ladder and bashfully tried to cover her exposed vagina as she walked. As she approached the table, Frank grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap and asked for his kiss. As he held her head against hers exploring her mouth, he took his first full hand of her ass as she pressed hardened nipples into his chest. She popped up and took her seat at the table and they quietly ate.

After lunch, Frank mentioned that we could use a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Frank walked over and sat on the ledge as Amber and Sania also slipped into the pool. They both swam over to Frank and Sania could not take her eyes off of the cock she had dreamt of now just inches away from her. Amber noticed her fixation and with a knowing wink to Frank, hooked her thumbs at the sides of his waistband and slid it off as he raised himself up. Half erect and now fully exposed, Sania was completely transfixed. Its sheer girth and apparent weight was astonishing, especially as compared to her small frame. His shaven balls hung full and taught. She momentarily broke to look at Amber. Amber kissed her full on the lips and said, Sania, it’s all yours for the day, enjoy it. Then Amber swam to the ladder and left the back yard in a flash.

Frank ran his hands through Sania’s hair, slowly directing her between his legs. She willingly drifted closer until he flicked his now fully engorged cock and it struck her cheek. She placed her hands on his legs and began to flick the helmet with a still cautious tongue. He continued to encourage her by slowly stroking her hair and soft face. She moved one hand, and then the other to cup his balls and attempt to circle his shaft. She gasped as one hand barely encompassed half of his erect trunk.

She looked up at him and smiled, before dutifully lowering her head for the first taste of his cock. His tip barely sank past her wet lips as she tried her best to take it all in and answer the question she had asked since first seeing it. She bobbed heavily on his cock for several minutes before her jaw began to tire. To take a break she licked down and encased his balls in her warm stretched mouth. He groaned and lay back on the pool edge. As she licked and sucked his balls, she saw his asshole and tried something she had never done before. She licked down and circled his ass with her tongue as she attempted to stroke his cock. Frank initially reacted shocked but then settled in and enjoyed it.

Sania now had regained her confidence in her abilities to handle this cock. She climbed out of the pool and startled Frank’s face as she committed herself to sucking the first load of cum from his impressive balls. Frank gripped her hips and lovingly traced her wet slit from anus to clit, pressing his hard tongue inside her, causing her wetness to flow even greater. Her dark lips were sucked and teased by Frank’s skilled mouth as he tasted his first taste of his new exotic lover.

Sania wrapped both hands around his shaft and with her mouth over his cock head, used her whole body to deeply suck and stroke him. She was nearly at fatigue when she finally felt Frank tense up and after a few hard squeezes he unleashed a thick packet of cum which shot to the back of her throat. She gagged and kept sucking, he relaxed and she collapsed on him, licking the small drips of cum that slipped out and lay on his balls and thighs. She was exhausted but so proud of herself.

Minutes later she was startled awake as Frank moved and picked her up to lay her on a lounge chair. She had fallen asleep on his cock. She giggled at the thought. Frank straddled the chair and again offered Sania his cock. He asked her to get him hard again. She was voracious in her appetite for this thick rod and complied immediately. After a few minutes he was fully hard and he step back as it popped from her hungry mouth.

He bent over and sucked each nipple before flipping Sania over on her stomach. He paused to marvel at the amazing ass he had only seen before in pictures and now was ready for him to claim. Sania slid back onto her knees and Frank pushed her chest down to the chair to open her fully for his onslaught.

Frank leaned forward and put three fingers in Sania’s mouth, scooping out saliva as she sucked at his digits. He wiped her wetness around his cock as she squirmed. Eyeing the deep pink insides of her body that were obscured by two dark lips, he parted the with his hand and in one slow plunge, filled her with more cock than she had ever known. Pausing motionless, Sania merely gargled a garbled response as he let her adjust to his size.

Slowly he began to increase the pace. Her tight dark lips stretched taut around her shaft, sliding in and pulling out as he filled her. Frank grabbed two handfuls of her ass as he smiled at her and began to fuck her with all he had. Sania was startled and gripped the chair, moaning uncontrollably as the first contact of his fat cock with her cervix sent her over the edge. Frank continued to pound her as she cried out in ecstasy. She felt more full than she could imagine. Her head felt full of hot lava as she savored the deep powerful thrusts of this man she had just met in person only hours ago.

Frank began to call out Sania’s name as he neared his second orgasm. Sania squeezed her legs together to make it tighter for him and begged him to fill her with his seed. Frank stood and pulled her hard against him as he unleashed a flow of semen that Sania felt in her stomach. He stumbled to the adjacent chair and lay back spent. Sania jumped up to kneel before him and suck the remnants of her and his cum from his flaccid cock and scrotum. Frank smiled and said he needed a few minutes to recover. Sania smiled and fingered her now loose lips and lay face down on the lounger.

Some time later, she heard Frank stirring and turned to see him climbing back on top of her lounger. He kissed her neck as she felt his already hard cock press against her ass. He bit gently on her ear and asked if she was ready. She begged. He reached for something off the table next to him and she felt the cool sting of an ice cube and it ran down her back. He traced her spine and used the cube to part her ass. She expected him to move it to her clit, but shuddered when he stopped and ran it around her ass.

Frank immediately lined up his engorged shaft and began to press it against her nearly virgin ass. Sania begged for him to be gentle as she does not regularly do anal. Frank didn’t respond but continued to press until she felt a hot pang and the head popped inside. She didn’t know if she should scream or beg for more. Frank grabbed a pat of butter from the lunch plate and rubbed it around his shaft with his tip still buried in her ass. As he pushed, she felt some relief as the butter began to smooth and speed his descent deeper into her bowels.

Sania began to beg him to fuck her in the ass. Frank complied and began an increasing pace of long slow thrusts into her tight ass. Sania queezed her legs together as they were pinned underneath Frank as he fucked her deep and hard. The pain was growing, but so too was a new sensation that was fueled by the fullness and the dirtiness of being owned by this older man who is stretching her asshole with the biggest cock she has known. Sania begged him to hurry. Frank said he didn’t know if he could cum again. Sania begged him to cum deep in her ass. She began to talk dirty to spur him on. She promised to suck his cock clean if he would fill her ass with his seed. With that image burnt into his head, Frank unleashed his final load into Sania’s cinnamon quivering asshole. He slumped down on her and pressed his cock as deep as it could go as he spasamed the last drops of semen into her newly stretched bowels.

Sania began to relax as she felt his erection subside. Frank stood and she stopped him there, turning to suck his slippery cock clean of the cocktail of their new experience. The sight of her cleaning his cock was a sight that even Frank could not withstand as he grew again in her mouth. Proud of her work she pushed him back on the lounger and dropped hard onto his cock. Filling again her loosened vagina with the cock of her dreams. She rode Frank hard and squeezed tight pulling his hands to her breasts, begging for another load inside her before she had to go.

Frank asked her to turn reverse cowgirl so he could watch his pale cock disappear between her dark lips. She complied and he watched before shoving two fingers into her ass as she bucked hard in attempt to get her award. As Frank twisted his fingers in her ass, she felt the sudden rush of orgasm and shivered deeply as the orgasm ripped through her. Jumping up she again fucked his enormous cock with her face and squeezed his emptied balls begging for one last rope of sticky candy. She licked one finger and slid it in his ass, and as she bobbed on his cock, Frank finally sent his final salvo deep down her throat and into her now full belly.

Frank was almost instantly asleep. Sania was exhausted as well, and dressed quickly before slipping out and into her car, heading home, still stretched sore and full of her new friend Frank.

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