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Saturday Morning

This is the story of a Saturday morning at our house.
Oh, what a dream! I knew I was dreaming because I could feel the cool, crisp sheets and the fluffy pillow under my head. Someone was softly caressing my body. I could feel the small hand working its way across my chest, down to my belly and played around the top edge of my boxers. The soft hand carefully moved on top of the material until it found my cock.

I twisted around in the bed until I was more comfortable and thought to myself," Please , God, don't let me wake up until this dream is over."

Then I though, Oh! No! Its probably Monday and the alarm is going to go off any minute.

But, then, my mind quickly found its was back to what was happening to my cock. The hand had worked it free of its confinement and had wrapped itself around the newly freed cock. Suddenly, a second hand joined the first on and my cock grew hard to its full eight inches.

As I turned over onto my back I stretched my arms out and felt flesh. Warm, wonderful, naked flesh. I realized that I was not asleep, but rather wide awake. I opened my eyes to see my wife laying next to me under the sheet. I could tell by her positioning that she was the person with her hands wrapped around my cock.

I turned onto my right side to face her as she lay on her side. I slid my hand under the covers and began to explore her body. I started on her shoulder and slowly stroked my way down her arm. When I reached the middle of her forearm I let my hand drift across her chest and found her nipples standing at attention. Softly I began to fondle her 34 D's then let my hand wonder down her firm belly. I swirled my index finger in her navel and elicited a belly full of chill bumps and a little giggle.

I moved my hand down lower expecting to find her undies. A smile crossed my face as all I continued to encounter was smooth, bare skin. As my hand moved closer I felt Diane mover her right leg back making access easier. I pushed my finger into her to find it warm and wet, while she continued to squeeze my cock in her two small hands.

I moved my head to bring our lips an inch apart and whispered, "This is how we should wake up every Saturday morning.." With that, I pushed Di over onto her back raised up on my right arm and forced my mouth onto hers and buried my tongue down her throat.

I kissed her long and hard while my hands continued to explore her soft, firm body. My lips moved from hers and I kissed her chin, her cheek, and then her neck. This brought a moan to her throat and an arch to her back. She spread her legs wilder and begged me to fill her with my fingers.

"Yes! Oh, Yes!," she cried out as I pushed three thick fingers into her pussy and twisted my wrist back and forth. "I'm gonna come right now!" she screamed out.

Her whole body shuddered as she seemed to come in waves, and a light sheen of sweat covered her chest.

"Mmmm," she hummed as she now kissed me hard, biting my bottom lip until I yelped.

She then raised herself up and pushed me onto my back and threw a leg over me. "Let's see what we can do to return the favor," she said mischievously with a wicked smile on her lips.

She moved her ass around on my stomach and placed both her hand on my chest making little swirls with her palms gently touching my skin. She quietly hummed to herself while her fingers traced imaginary figures across my chest and continued to wiggle her bottom on my stomach. She put both hands on my chest and slid her bottom down my waist until she was stopped by my cock slapping her ass and lower back.

"What's that?" she asked in mock surprise. "Let's see what that is,,"

With that she carefully raised her butt up and reached for my cock with one hand. She wrapped her hand around the rigid cock and asked in wonderment," What should I do with this?" Her sweet face was staring down at me and couldn't help but see the pleading in my eyes.

"Fuck me," I begged. 'Please, God, fuck me."

Instead of putting my cock into her pussy she sat back down on the top of my legs and grabbed my cock with both hands. She bent over and kissed the tip of my cock while pulling up on it, as if to take it into her mouth.

"Now, if I let you into my pussy, do you promise to fuck me until I am satisfied?" she asked, addressing my manhood.

"I will fuck you till the cows come home. I will fuck you until the sun comes up tomorrow. Just suck me or fuck me, NOW." I yelled. I could feel her hands around my now throbbing cock and didn't know how long I could take this teasing. "Please,,,Please," I begged, "Please.”

"I'm talking to Mr. Cock, thank you very much," she stated emphatically.

"If you don't do something with Mr. Cock real soon, some of his friends, my arms, legs and hands are going to help him have his way with you," I screamed helplessly. With that, she smoothly raised her hips, moved my cock a little and slid down on it in one quick motion.

"Awwwwww!" we sighed in unison as she slowly began moving up and down on my dick. It had never felt this warm and wet, it seemed as she continued an easy rhythm of motion. She leaned back and moved her hands onto the top of my legs, arching her back and providing a terrific view of her tummy and tits. I reached out and grabbed her hips and gently rocked her side to side as she continued her up and down cycle.

I raised my hands and realized I could not reach her boobs in this position.

"Bring those ole titties to where I can grab them," I foolishly ordered.

"Old titties? Old titties?" she continued her playfulness. While she continued to slowly fuck me to death she giggled, "I'll have you know that lots of guys think I have firm, beautiful breasts. There are many men that have offered me almost anything I want to be able to play with these!" She grabbed her tits in her hands and shook them at me, a wicked smile crossed her face.

"Oh, Yeah?!" I bellowed as I bucked my hips propelling her onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her ass and forcing her pussy hard against me. "Nobody better be feeling them, touching them or even looking at them without my permission." I said with more authority then I had in this situation.

I freed one hand from her ass and brought her head to mine and crushed her lips with mine while she tried to retaliate against my comment. She wiggled and squirmed trying to free herself so she could make comment, but my two large hands and strong arms held her small, one hundred pound frame in place on my cock. Quickly her squirming and wiggling took on a new purpose as she started to move slower and easier. I released her head from grip and she placed her hands on my shoulders and began moving her body with one thing in mind.

"Uhuhuh!" She said in her throat. "This is nice. Very nice," as she continued her smooth rhythm riding my cock.

Diane and I could feel the explosion building in my cock and she slowed her pace, which slackened my excitement.

"Don't stop," I pleaded, "I'm going to fill you so full with my juice."

"Easy, big boy. I going to come with you, if you just give me a sec," she promised through gritted teeth.

She quickened her pace to an incredible speed, taking my cock fully inside her and then almost releasing it with the reverse stroke. She was teasing the tip of my cock with her hot lips and just as my cock was about to erupt, she slid down the shaft and cried out. Her body shook with spasms and collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing hard, covered in sweat.

She started to move off of me but I wrapped my arms around her, holding her in place.

"You got to get off twice this morning. Its only fair that I get to come twice," I said as I pulled her head up t look directly into her eyes. "Your going to lay on top of me until I get hard again. Then, I am going to roll over and fuck you. I just have to decide whether I'm going to take you in the missionary position, doggy style or take your ass. You want to be a smart ass about 'Mr. Cock' I give it to you in your little smart ass.'

She grinned at me and laid her head on my chest.

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