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Scotch and Soda

Carly is a tease, but she's also an employee and a close friend's wife.
I could hear the click of the keys on Carly's computer in the next room. It was Monday and she was finishing up the payroll. I was at my desk signing checks, paying for the booze I sold in my bar, and paying for a bunch of other things that make it more profitable to work for someone else. I called my place 'Casablanca' and sometimes even thought of myself as 'Rick', the bar owner played by Humphrey Bogart in the classic movie of the same name.

Every time I signed checks I wondered if I had done the right thing five years ago. I had been thirty-five when I decided to chuck my corporate job in the big city and move to the island. I guess it was worth it. I was my own boss, that is if you don't count the bankers, lawyers, accountants, bureaucrats, employees and customers who were always telling me how to run the place. And having a nightclub on a resort island did have certain benefits.

The 'benefits' showed up between four and five, every weekday afternoon. For the most part they were affluent young housewives who stayed on the island during the summer months. Their husbands worked in the city and only came to see their families on the weekends.

As the sun's tanning rays began to dwindle in late afternoon, the bikini-clad women would migrate from the beach to the clubs on the bay side of the island. (The sunsets were breathtaking, and after dark, the view of the bay and the city beyond had much more appeal than the lifeless ocean.)

The swimsuits were usually, (but not always), hidden to some degree by a 'cover-up'. I don't know who the creator of those things thought they were kidding; there wasn't much cover-up, it was mostly show-off. In any event the watching was a lot of fun and I was usually at my table in the bar around four to view the scenery, especially on Mondays when I didn't work into the evening; it was a good time for me to meet someone new.

Most people also considered Carly to be one of the 'benefits'. She looked as good as the best from the beach and even though she didn't wear a bikini to work; she always wore very beachy attire that highlighted her many assets. Sometimes she would join me in the bar when she got finished at five. It didn't hurt my image one bit to be seen sitting with such a tantalizing young woman but she had kind of a dampening effect on my chances with the house-wives there. Most women didn't want to compete with Carly. But the real problem with Carly was that not only was she my employee, she was also married to my best friend.

As I continued to sign the checks I thought about having worked with her earlier in the day. Carly had been having some problems booking the previous day's business. I had pulled up a chair next to her.

The smell of her, as usual, was intoxicating. Even though I'm sure it was some exquisite perfume she always wore, that smell, to me, was Carly.

It was the island and most dressed quite casually. For most of us, casual meant sloppy, but not for Carly. She apparently spent a lot of time on her appearance each day. Even though she had already worked for me for a month, I hadn't seen her wear the same outfit twice. Today, she was dressed all in white, probably a tennis outfit.

As I pulled up my chair, she reached down to itch an imaginary spot on the upper-most part of the thigh next to me. I couldn't help but look. Her action bared her thigh almost to the waist and caused her already short, pleated skirt to rise several inches higher in front. She didn't bother to push the skirt back down. That was Carly.

I was looking right at the front of her panties. My organ grew in my shorts. After Carly had worked there only a couple of days, I had given up trying to hide my reaction to her constant teasing. She seemed to like the idea that she could give me a hard-on so easily and who was I to complain. Once I had gotten used to it, working with Carly had become a lot of fun.

Yes, she had gotten me to look, (as if I might not). I focused on her knit top with the zipper up the front that wasn't really as far up as it should have been. Carly never wore a bra. Her tits were quite firm and only jiggled enough so you knew they were real.

Today, the shape of her protruding nipples was evident through the tightly stretched tennis top. Carly pretended to talk about the accounts before us but she knew I was severely distracted. She looked satisfyingly at the growing bulge in my pants. I got up carefully when I finished helping her.

I looked down. I was still signing checks. I had been reminiscing, maybe even adding a little to what had really happened, but what happened next was real.

Carly, in person, walk ed into my office. No, I hadn't been imagining it, she really was beautiful. Her long brown hair framed a face that could have been on the cover of a magazine. Her nose might have been a little too prominent but the coal black eyes and pouty lips kept me from focusing too much on that. She had come into my office to bring me more checks to sign.

"My back is killing me," she said as she stretched out face down on the couch opposite my desk. "Can I get you to give me a back rub. I'm all tight and I need to get loosened up a little."

I walked around the desk. I wanted to run my hands all over her body. Her short skirt barely covered her heart shaped ass and the backs of her thighs and legs were fully exposed, inviting my attention. I knelt on the floor next to the couch and began working my fingers into her back, loosening the muscles she said were so tight. My hands occasionally stroked her sides. Feeling the sides of her breasts was gradually eroding my resolve regarding her being an employee and my best friend's wife.

Carly suggested, "I can take off the top if it will make it easier for you."

My cock was already sticking straight out in front of me. I had probably not wanted anyone as badly as I did her and I'm sure most people will think I had lost my mind. Maybe I had, but I said, "Not a good idea. One of the bartenders might come in and it wouldn't look very good." I didn't really believe what I said. If she had offered even the slightest argument I would have caved in. But she didn't. She heaved a slightly disappointed sigh, reminded me that it was already after four and I should be out front. She said she'd join me for a drink after she finished up her work.

I sat at my usual table. It was to one side of the room and near the opening to the outside, affording me a nice view of all the women at the bar as well as those at tables on the patio. The view was as usual, quite extraordinary - lots of scantily clad young ladies, beautifully tanned legs and even a few protruding nipples on those that had removed their bikini tops before putting on the cover-up. The bartender brought me a Scotch and Soda. That was all I ever drank so he didn't have to ask.

It was not unusual for me have a bulge in my shorts from my thoughts about my lovely customers. Tonight it was more than just a bulge; it was a real honest to God erection. But it wasn't from the customers. I was still thinking about Carly and realizing how stupid I had been. I hadn't yet gotten to the point of congratulating myself for what a wonderful friend I had been to her husband Jack. I was only thinking about what I had missed.

Jack and Carly had only been married a few months. Jack had met her last fall at one of the other island nightspots. Jack had brought her over to meet me and I had seen the two of them a couple of times before their surprise wedding. Every time I had seen her she looked at me like she was ready to take me to bed. This was not because I was so damn charming; she flirted with most men. Her interest in Jack sort of surprised me. It isn't that he's not good looking, but his banker ways, (that's his profession), seemed a little too steady for her. I figured her for the more flamboyant types.

They got married quickly and unceremoniously, during the cold months when I had closed my business and was away from the island. After I got back we hung out together a lot. It was obvious that he worshiped the ground she walked on, but I was surprised to find that she also seemed very genuinely in love with him.

As I got to know her, I came to understand. Not only could she have any man she wanted, but Jack encouraged her to do so. Jack had a sexy wife and she had the man she wanted as the father of her children. They both had what they wanted. They were very happy. Who was I to criticize.

Carly came into the bar and sat at my table. While she was waiting for her drink she asked, "Have you found yourself any entertainment for the evening?" I'm sure she wasn't used to being turned down and I could tell from her tone of voice that she still wasn't too happy about it. I really should have been flattered to even have been given the opportunity. After all I was fourteen years older than her and my slightly geeky look was not really in her league. I did okay with the women in the bar, not on my dashing good looks, but because I was the bar owner and I lived upstairs. Some women were attracted to that and I took advantage of it.

I told her, "Nope, probably going to spend the evening alone reading a book." I knew that no matter how well I might have done with tonight's crowd, I would still be thinking about what I had already passed up. I wasn't going to be much good for myself or anybody else.

Apparently my answer satisfied her. As we had another drink, the cloud between us began to dissipate. Just before leaving she said, "Jack and I are going to have dinner and a few drinks at Joe's around seven. Why don't you join us." I thanked her for the invitation and told her I would probably be there.

Joe's was the island locals place. It didn't have a great view, a great location, a band or anything like that. But if you were a local, you would surely run into someone you knew there. It was the 'Cheers' bar, a place where everyone knew your name. When I got there, Jack and Carly were already at the bar, having a drink and talking to another of the locals. John was behind the bar and he brought over my Scotch and Soda as soon as he saw me. Carly was still wearing the knockout tennis outfit from earlier in the day. Sitting up on the barstool really showed off her great legs.

When I sat down they were talking to Tadd, a piano player that entertained late nights at Casablanca. I sat between Tadd and Carly. I guess her itch hadn't gone away yet. As soon as I sat down, Carly started to scratch her upper thigh again. Like before, I got a fabulous view of her leg, all the way to the waist, and as before, the skirt hiked up and I got a little peak at the panties. Jack might have been ignoring the exposure, but I sure wasn't. Carly looked at the front of my shorts to be sure she was having the desired effect. She was.

When Tadd left, Carly asked me to move down one so she could rest her legs on the stool between us. She put both of her legs up on the stool, spreading them as much as the stool would allow. Her feet, covered in white canvas shoes and short athletic socks, were practically in my lap. When I looked in her direction, (which was the only direction I was going to look), I was staring up the insides of her thighs and looking right at her panty covered pussy. It was erotic and my soldier was standing at full attention in my baggy shorts. I imagined that I was licking my way up the insides of those thighs and lapping up the juices from her honey pot. I am sure that Jack knew what I was thinking but he didn't seem to mind.

After a couple of drinks we moved to a table so we could eat dinner. It was a good thing the show was over. Carly had been an unmerciful tease and I don't think I could have stood anymore. After dinner we had a couple of more drinks at the table. Then I suggested that we go down to my bar and play some darts. Jack and Carly were definitely up for this but they lived just a block from Joe's and had walked. Casablanca was over a mile down the island. They asked if they could ride down with me.

I told them, "Not only can you ride down with me, but I will even take you home later, that is, if you can forget how many Scotch and Sodas I've had."

At Casablanca we had a couple more drinks and played a few games of darts. It was after ten on a Monday night and you could have shot a gun through the place without hitting anybody. When we were playing darts, Carly took every possible opportunity to rub up against me. When writing down the score above the dartboard she always stretched up as much as possible, making sure that Jack and I, as well as the bartender, got a really good look at the backs of her legs. This was pretty much normal Carly type of teasing. I could handle this okay. It was the thoughts of her on my office couch, and her legs spread in front of me on the barstool at Joe's, that I could not get out of my head. Jack was a lucky man, I think.

I suggested that we take our drinks upstairs to my apartment where we could sit out on the deck and watch the lights. I had converted an old two-story house into Casablanca. The upstairs had been four bedrooms, but after the changes it had become a very comfortable one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen, living and dining area. I had built the deck on top of the lower porch, which faced onto the bay. As we sat there in the warm night air, Carly noticed my telescope at one end of the deck.

My telescope was usually pointed across the bay at the city where some of the bay-side houses afforded interesting watching. However, for the last several days my favorite couple had been away, so I had aimed my telescope down the island at Jack and Carly's place. There weren't many two-stories on the island, so I had a pretty good view of their place. Unfortunately, the only window I could see was the dining room and that didn't afford terribly exciting viewing. I had spent a fair amount of time watching and had only seen Jack and Carly passing the window a few times.

Carly walked over to the telescope and peered into it. I could have crawled under the table when she exclaimed, "That's our apartment! Do you spend a lot of time watching us?"

I weakly explained that it was usually pointed at the city but I must have pointed it in their direction to see if they were home.

Carly could tell I was lying. She asked, "Do you ever see me through this thing?"

I admitted, "Once in a while I see you go past the window, but it's always short. There's not much to see through a dining room window."

"Can you tell what I'm wearing?"

I looked down at the floor and sheepishly replied, "You usually look like you're ready for bed."

"Well I don't usually wear anything to bed. Does that mean you've seen me naked?"

"But it's over a mile," I tried to explain. I could tell I wasn't doing very well with my excuses. I looked over at Jack to see how pissed he was to find out his friend had been watching his naked wife.

He said, "Well she insists on running around the house naked, with all the blinds open, so I guess she deserves to have someone looking at her. In fact, I kinda think she likes it."

Carly had a devilish look on her face. She kept asking me questions, trying to find out how much I had really seen. Even though I had spent quite a bit of time watching, I really hadn't seen much of anything. A side view of her naked as she walked past the window was about all. From her reaction though, I was pretty sure she was going to make sure the view through the dining room window got a lot better in the future. I could already imagine her standing there, pretending she didn't know I was watching.

It was around eleven and Jack reminded me that he had to be at the bank at eight the next morning. He asked if I would take them home before we all passed out. On the way over, Jack had rode in front and Carly in the back. This time, Jack opened the front door for Carly. It was show time again. When she got in, the skirt went about as high as it could go, without any overt help from her. While the interior light was on I could see a damp spot on the front of Carly's panties. The light went out and Jack got in back. As usual, Carly was delighted with the attention I gave to her exposed legs and she didn't do anything to cover them up.

We drove in silence to their apartment. She crossed and uncrossed her legs several times, teasing me to no end. I was spending a lot more time watching her than I was the road. It was a good thing there wasn't much traffic on the island or we would have surely had a wreck. When we got to their condo, Carly said, "Why don't you come in for a night cap. Jack and I are going to be up for at least an hour." I parked the car and shut it off. I didn't really care what time it was. With the ache in my loins, I couldn't have said no if I had wanted to.

We were greeted at the door by a frisky wire-haired terrier. The small dog had been cooped up for several hours and was excited to see his owners. Inside the condo, Jack snapped a leash on the dog's collar and headed for the door. He said he was going to take the dog for a short walk and asked me to join him. We headed out, big Jack being dragged by the little dog and me following behind. At the street we headed north, up the island. Jack and I were both half lit and didn't say a lot. What we did say was unimportant. After about half a block we crossed the street and headed back. Across from the condo, the dog stopped at a large tree. That had apparently been his destination all along.

Jack said, "Now you get to see why I walk the dog."

We turned and looked toward the condo. A full width porch fronted the street side of their place. Looking onto the porch were the large windows of the living room and the master bedroom. Although the light was still off in the bedroom, I could tell that the blinds were open in both rooms. Carly went through the living room and into the bedroom. As she did so, she turned on the light. She walked over to the dresser and looked at herself in the mirror. She removed the loop type earrings she had been wearing all day. Then she bent over and removed her shoes and socks. When she straightened up she glanced toward the street, then looked at herself again in the mirror. I guessed from what Jack had said, that this was probably a nightly ritual. She knew he was watching, but tonight she knew I was out there too. She seemed to be hesitant. Was she thinking about closing the blinds, or maybe turning off the light?

My cock started to rise in my pants as I wondered what she would do. Her decision was made. She unbuttoned the skirt, pushed it over her hips and let it drop to the floor. She put her thumbs into the sides of her bikini style panties and pushed them down. They too fell to the floor. She pulled the zipper down the front of her tennis top, lifted it off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. She wasn't wearing a thing.

She was still facing the mirror and since it was on the wall facing the living room, I was only getting a profile view. Only? Her breasts stood out proudly from her chest, her stomach was flat and her ass had a delightful curvature to it. I caught my breath. I was now hard as a rock. This was the same view I had from the telescope as she walked past the dining room window, but now she was standing in one spot, letting me study her delightful body. She turned her back to us and walked out of sight into the dressing room. I was speechless.

Jack broke the silence. "Since we have company, she'll probably put something on. I'm a little surprised that she went as far as she did, knowing that you would be watching. Anyway, I guess you know now, at least a part of why I married her. She's not just my wife, she's my wet-dream too."

I mumbled an 'uh huh' as we continued to watch the window. Carly came out of the dressing room and as Jack predicted, she had put something on. From that distance I couldn't tell too much about it, but she was at least partially covered. And it looked like she was putting on a short robe as well.

Jack said, "Lets go inside. She'll have our drinks ready in a minute."

Once inside, after Jack had put the dog in the back bedroom, he and I sat on either end of their couch, watching one of the late night talk shows that Carly must have turned on. She joined us shortly with our drinks and sat between us on the couch. The TV made up for our silence, which was broken only by a few bits of idle chitchat.

Carly was indeed wearing a robe. It stopped about mid thigh. It was a purple satin, held together by a tie belt. I still didn't know what was under it, as I only got brief glimpses. She wasn't working quite so hard now at teasing me. I guess she knew she'd done enough for one day.

Our drinks were running low and Carly suggested I might need one more before heading home. I was still kind of dumbstruck so I didn't argue much. She stood up in front of us, and then hesitated as if she couldn't make up her mind what to do next. She fumbled a bit, then asked Jack, "Would it be okay to show David what I wore on our honeymoon night?"

I was enthralled when Jack replied, "I can't imagine you showing him anything he hasn't already seen. I'm sure he would enjoy it. Go ahead."

Standing in front of us, she untied the robe and took it off. Underneath the purple robe was a two-piece green satin outfit. The bottom was loose fitting boxer cut shorts. And the top, well the top, it was green satin too, a scoop neck crop top that hung down to just above her naval. Her perky breasts and hardening nipples caused the lower edge of the top to stand out a good distance from her exposed flat stomach. My senses reeled as I thought about what it would be like to slip my hands up under that top and cup those beautiful breasts. She struck a few suggestive poses, said it was too hot to be wearing the robe, threw it on the couch and headed for the kitchen.

When Carly came back, she leaned over in front of us to put the drinks on the table. The crop top hung loose and her breasts were on display, all the way to the nipples. It was the kind of down-blouse shot that men dream of. She stayed that way an unnecessarily long time arranging our drinks. She was going to make sure I got a good look. What a tease!

Carly again sat on the couch between us and we continued to watch the TV. But she wasn't through yet. She put her hand between Jack's legs and starting rubbing the front of his pants. I tried to keep looking at the television. Then I heard the zipper. I looked over as she took his cock out of his pants and started stroking it. For a few minutes Jack tried to act like nothing was happening. But Carly's hand got the better of him. He pulled her face down onto his cock and she had to reposition herself.

She was now kneeling on the couch with her feet in my crotch. Her ass was separated from my face by a few inches and the thin material of those loose fitting shorts. Even though I had pants on, she was doing a great job of massaging my cock with her feet. I was a goner. While she was going down on Jack I slipped my hands into the big leg holes of her shorts and started rubbing her sopping wet pussy. She pressed herself tightly against my hand so I inserted a couple of fingers into her hot passage.

Carly squeezed my hand between her legs and drove my fingers deeper into her pussy. She took her mouth off Jack's cock and moaned as I massaged the inside of her love canal. Jack pulled her top over her head and I stopped what I was doing long enough to get her shorts off. She went back to work on Jack's cock. I put my head between her legs and pulled her down to my face. I sucked on her clit and gently bit it between my teeth. I buried my tongue in her pussy and massaged her ass. As she sucked on Jack's cock, his big hands pinched her nipples and played with her tits. The television was forgotten.

Carly jumped up and led us into the bedroom, Jack and I shedding our clothes as we went. She hopped on the bed and put her ass up in the air. Jack grabbed her from behind and buried his cock in her pussy. She was insatiable. She took me in her hand and put my shaft in her mouth. As Jack was pounding her from behind she made love to my cock, sucking on it, licking the head, biting it gently and running her tongue up and down the sides.

Carly was the first to reach orgasm but then she did have two cocks in her. It was apparent from her writhing that she was about to cum. She was devouring my cock, trying to get as much of it as she could into her mouth. Jack started giving it to her faster and harder as she shuddered from the pleasure. Jack gasped and poured his sperm into her pussy. I couldn't take it any more and while she was milking Jack I came in her mouth. She kept swallowing until she had sucked me dry.

When we had recovered, Carly handed me a blanket and suggested that I sleep on the couch. She said she would be there in a few minutes to tuck me in. I went to the living room, pulled on my shorts and lay down on the couch. I was still too flushed to cover myself with the blanket. I turned off the table lamp but the television was still on.

About ten minutes later Carly came out of the bedroom. She was still naked. The door had never been closed and she left it that way. She stretched out on the couch with me. She told me that Jack had to work in the morning and needed his sleep. He had told her that he would sleep better if she spent the night on the couch with me. She said that he wanted her to enjoy herself. I was going to enjoy myself too.

Carly kissed me and put her hand inside my shorts. She played with my cock. It didn't take long for me to become fully aroused again. She pulled my shorts off, got on top of me and put my cock into her well-lubricated pussy. She moved slowly and sensually up and down. She had a way of tightening her pussy that was positively exquisite. I've never felt anything like it. It was better than an ass-fuck.

She picked up the pace and I could tell from the look on her face that she was about to have an orgasm. I thrust upward, meeting her downward movements as we both worked to get my cock deeper into her pussy. She let out a scream that should have wakened Jack, but if it did, he never let on. Her excitement, and probably the excitement of having her while her husband was just a few feet away, caused me to cum as well. For the second time that night I shot my sperm into her.

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