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Sean comes back for more

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Sean visits Susan again

Garry and Susan had a long lie-in the following day.  They made slow, lingering love all morning until it was time to stir.  Susan had never felt so sexually alive as she did right then.  Garry had always been a great lover, had always satisfied her in every way.  But her time with Sean had given her a deeper satisfaction than ever before.  She loved Garry and loved having sex with him.  But she couldn’t get Sean out of her mind.  She wanted him again. She knew that he was planning to visit today.  She didn’t know how she would get Garry out of the house to allow Sean to call.


After a late breakfast Garry sat in the kitchen reading the daily newspapers while Susan went into the garden to potter around.  A short time later Garry came out to the garden.  “Sean was on the phone sweetheart.  He has to go into the city and was wondering if I could give a hand sorting out the social club for tonight” stated Garry.  “Do you mind if I go over?  Should only take an hour or so” he added.  “Not at all.  Go on over.  Take your time.  There’s no hurry back” Susan replied as she could hardly contain her excitement and nerves.  She suspected, indeed hoped, that Sean had set this up. 


Garry gave her a passionate kiss and headed into the house to collect his car keys.  He also suspected that Sean was at his work.  He was trying to figure out how he could get back to watch the next instalment.  He was planning his moves as he drove out of the driveway.


Susan quickly went to the house wondering what she should wear for Sean.  “What does it matter” she thought to herself “they’ll be coming off anyway”.  What she was wearing, her flimsy summertime pyjamas, would do fine.  No point spoiling him.  She lit up a cigarette to steady her nerves.  She could feel her pussy starting to moisten as she anticipated what he would do to her.  She paced between the kitchen and living room wondering when he would appear.  About three minutes after Garry had left a knock came to the back door.


Susan saw the broad bulk of her lover through the kitchen window.  He had a big cheesy smile.  That ‘cat that got the cream’ look of satisfaction and arrogance.  “I thought you were going into the city” Susan enquired already knowing what the answer was.  “Well I had to get your husband to leave some way” he replied.  “To give us a bit of time together” he added as he moved closer to her.


Susan backed off slightly as she gathered her thoughts.  “I don’t think we should be doing this” she whispered half-heartedly.  “Its not fair to my partner or your wife” she added even less convincingly as she backed up against the kitchen table.  Sean moved closer, a slightly bemused look on his face.  Slowly he unbuckled his belt as he said to her “I’m going to fuck you over that table”.  He then started to undo his trouser buttons.  “I’m going to fuck you like a bitch in heat.  Gonna fuck you doggy style.” he added.  As he slid his trousers down past his waist and buttocks he slowly released his erect, thick cock.  Susan watched it with her mouth open as he added “Then I’m gonna fuck your brains out in your bed”.  He said this with an air of authority that had Susan in his spell.  He wasn’t menacing or threatening.  Just commanding and she wanted him to do what he had said. 


Sean put his hands on Susan’s shoulders and forced her down onto her knees.  “Suck this bitch” he demanded and Susan eagerly took his large erection in her mouth.  Susan gagged as she tried to engorge his beefy member.  But she couldn’t get it all in.  Sean grabbed her head and pushed her face onto him causing her to choke on his cock.  He released his grip and let her breath again.  Susan then eagerly continued to suck the five inches that she could get into her mouth.  Sean grabbed Susan’s breasts and started to massage them while teasing her nipples between his fingers. 


Just at the time that Sean was pulling Susan’s pyjama top over her head Garry was arriving at the social club.  A few cars were parked outside so he decided to go in.  He still hadn’t worked out how he was going to get away and back to the house.  Garry introduced himself to the people in the club but didn’t really listen to the names they gave him as they shook his hand.  His mind was elsewhere.  It looked like he was going to be here for a while as he watched the locals ease into the task of sorting the seating arrangements for tonight.


Back at the house Sean had helped Susan stand up.  He then eased her pyjama bottoms down past her waist and then removed them from her.  He got her to stand with her back to the table then helped her spread her legs.  Sean then got down on his knees and started to eat Susan’s pussy.  Her pussy was on fire.  Her clit tingled as Sean hit the spot straight away.  Sean had helped Susan place one of her legs over his shoulder.  This enabled Sean to get deeper into her pussy with his mouth.  Susan grabbed his head and pulled him into her.  His tongue stimulated her relentlessly.  Just as he brought her to a body-shaking orgasm for the first time Sean’s mobile phone rang. 


Susan nearly had a seizure as she was shocked out of her climax.  She tried to pull away but Sean grabbed her, turned her round to face the table, pushed her down onto the table, spread her legs and thrust his nine-inch hardness into her dripping wet pussy.  Susan had the first of many aftershocks as the hardness was forced into her.  Then Sean held her still with one hand while he nonchalantly answered his mobile with the other.


Sean proceeded to have a matter-of-fact conversation with his wife as he slowly and repeatedly thrust his hard cock into Susan.  Susan had to bite on her fist to stifle the moans and groans coming from her.  After several minutes the conversation finally ended and Sean put the phone down.  He put his arms around Susan and grabbed a breast in each hand.  He teased her nipples with his fingers and massaged her breasts as he continued to drive deep into her.  Susan had several more aftershocks as Sean drilled her wet pussy.  Susan was pushing her ass back onto Sean’s thrusts.  She wanted to get the full effect of his length and thickness.  He certainly knew how to use his member to great effect.  Susan’s head was swimming with unbelievable pleasure.


Sean brought one hand down between Susan’s legs and started to tease her clit.  After a few seconds of this she exploded into another orgasm.  And Sean continued to drive slowly and deeply into her.  Her pussy was spread wide like never before.  As another series of aftershocks coursed through her body Susan’s phone rang.  This stopped her in her tracks.  But Sean was unmoved.  He continued to thrust into her.  In fact he rode her harder and faster as she reached to get the phone.  Susan’s moans of pleasure could be heard outside as Sean drilled her.  “Pleeeeaasssse stop” pleaded Susan as she grabbed the phone.  “Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh nooooooooo” she moaned as Sean continued.  “Pleeeeaase” she begged and finally Sean stopped thrusting. 


Susan finally answered the call.  It was Garry calling in.  She tried her best not to moan or groan as she lay across the kitchen table impaled on Sean’s massive dong.  Sean may have stopped thrusting but his hands and fingers continued to play with her breasts and nipples.  “Helloooooo sweetheart” moaned Susan.  “How’s it going down there” she added.  “Are you OK?” asked Garry.  “You sound in pain” he added.  “No, I’m fine” replied Susan as she stifled another moan.  Sean could hear Garry tell Susan that he would be at least another hour.  “That’s OK sweetheart. I’ll see you soon.  Take care”.


As Susan went to hang up the phone Sean drove hard into her.  This produced a loud moan from Susan, one heard by Garry on the other end of the phone.  In her state of ecstasy she hadn’t ended the call correctly.  Garry was still on the line listening to Sean drive his cock into Susan. 


“Fuck you have a tight cunt” Sean moaned.  “Gonna fuck you hard bitch” he added.  “Gonna make you my regular fuck bitch” he continued.  “You want that don’t you?  You want big daddy Sean to fill you with his cock don’t you?” he demanded.  Garry heard Susan’s moaned reply timed to Sean’s powerful thrusts “Ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh yeeeeeee – eeeee - essssssssss”.


“Sounds like we have plenty of time for fun gorgeous” Sean said as he increased the pace of his thrusts.  “Hubby’s not back for another hour.  That gives us plenty of time for shagging”.  “You like getting shagged by me don’t you gorgeous?” Sean asked.  “Yesss yesss yesss yesss” Garry heard Susan answer. 


“Hold on tight sexy bod.  I’m gonna cum in you” Sean ordered as he increased the pace of his thrusts.  He had Susan’s breasts in his hands using them to pull her onto his thrusting cock.  Susan grabbed hold of the table edges as Sean’s thrusts lifted her off the floor.  On the other end of the line Garry listened intently to Susan’s moans of pleasure.  He had never heard her moan like this before.  “Fuck me! Ohhhh! Yesss! fuck me!” Susan ordered Sean as she bucked back against him.  Sean obliged and after several more hard, deep trusts he unloaded his warm love juices into Susan’s pussy.  Susan collapsed onto the table as Sean eased his thrusts then he collapsed on top of her.  They were both exhausted but totally satisfied.  Garry hung up the call as he had to run to the toilet to shoot his load after listening to his partner get the best fucking of her life.


As the two lovers recovered Sean gently eased himself out of Susan’s engorged pussy.  She let out a low, satisfied moan.  Sean straightened up and helped Susan ease herself from the table.  She turned round to face him and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.  Then she lifted her cigarettes from the table and led Sean by the hand into the bedroom. 


Garry stayed at the social club for the remainder of the afternoon while his lover Susan was brought to several more intense orgasms by Sean’s drilling of her pussy.  By the time that Garry returned home Susan was asleep on the settee, exhausted from her afternoon of rampant sex.



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