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Searching for Fulfillment ch.1

Kelly realizes she has needs that aren't being met within her marriage.
Kelly lay beneath her husband, trying to muster up some enthusiasm as he pounded into her. She loved Justin; he treated her like royalty, and it was clear he thought his wife hung the moon. He'd pursued her throughout their last two years of college, wooing her with everything a girl could ask for. More importantly, he'd been sweet and loving, a true gentleman. He was everything Kelly's mother and friends told her she should want in a man, and Kelly adored him. He proposed shortly after graduation, and Kelly had been thrilled to accept his ring.

She'd been a virgin when they started dating, and though she'd never been unfaithful, lately Kelly had started wondering what it would be like to fuck the men who eyed her appreciatively at the supermarket or in line at the bank. She was lucky enough to have a slim build and kept herself in shape, and she particularly enjoyed the attentions of younger men.

Kelly's sex drive had always been high, and Justin went out of his way to please her in bed; but lately she found her attention wandering, no matter whether he was licking her pussy or groaning as he filled her over and over with his cock.

It wasn't that she didn't love her husband anymore, or find him attractive; Justin still had the sexy swimmer's body that Kelly had swooned over in college, and he was generously endowed and skilled in bed. Kelly couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something was missing. One afternoon, alone in the house, frustrated, and horny, Kelly opened the laptop and started the search that would change her life.

She started out watching fairly vanilla porn, and found that it didn't do much for her. Threesome videos had her hand creeping into her panties, rubbing her clit until she tensed and cried out. She'd never thought about cheating on Justin; but the idea of being thoroughly fucked by two men at once made her both incredibly horny and hot for even more.

She found herself seeking out porn that was edgier and kinkier than she'd ever imagined. Of the many things that she spent her afternoons getting off to, one stood out from the rest. Nothing got her wetter and hornier faster than videos which depicted a woman being used, treated like a whore, and degraded, and even better if there were multiple men involved.

At first she'd been confused by her reaction. She shouldn't want to be aroused by this, should she? But it was undeniable—she longed not for her husband's tender words and loving caresses, but to be used roughly and called the names she'd been taught a man should never call a woman: slut, whore, cunt.

Kelly found that she was getting less satisfaction out of her sex life with Justin, and she craved what she saw in the videos she now watched every day in order to get off. She felt guilty and stressed out, and had no idea what to do about it. She couldn't imagine broaching the subject with Justin, or what his reaction would be, and was not eager to find out.

Find out she did, though, a short time later. Justin had gone off to work as usual, and she'd just spent an hour watching bukkake and gangbang videos on her laptop. Sweaty and spent, she decided to take a shower and go out to do a little shopping. As she headed for the bathroom, her phone rang. Seeing that it was one of her girlfriends, she left the laptop open on the bed and walked into the bathroom chatting away.

She emerged twenty minutes later and stopped in shock at the sight of Justin sitting on the bed staring at her laptop.

He cut his eyes to her as she stood, frozen, between the bathroom door and the bed. It was difficult to tell what he was thinking—she imagined he was disgusted, and tears welled up in her eyes. Before she could speak he got up from the bed and raked a hand through his hair, avoiding her eyes.

"I came back for my left the laptop open." Still not looking at her, he made to leave, stopping in the doorway. "We'll talk later."

She nodded, even though he'd never looked at her. Trembling and feeling sick to her stomach, Kelly dressed and went about her day in a daze.

All day long she thought about what to say to Justin ... how to explain what she wanted, needed, without losing him. How to explain that she was no longer the woman she was when they'd married; that she was still discovering things about herself, and didn't want to go back to the way things had been. Couldn't go back.

By the time she heard Justin's key in the lock, her eyes were red-rimmed and she felt mentally and emotionally exhausted. But she knew they needed to talk.

She walked downstairs to the kitchen, where he stood loosening his tie and holding a bottle of beer. His expression was unreadable, but he did meet her eyes, a small gesture which nonetheless gave Kelly hope.

"Let's go in the living room."

His voice was quiet, but there was no doubt that he expected Kelly to do as he asked. When they were both seated on the couch, he slowly turned the bottle in his hands, seemingly mesmerized by the label. "So...when did you develop an interest in gangbangs?"

Kelly's mouth opened but Justin cut her off. "You still blush when you give me head...and yet while I'm at work, you're getting off to porn where the woman is fucking three guys at once? This is new."

He looked at her as though he might find the answers he sought in her face. "Talk to me, Kelly. Tell me."

"I—I don't know...I just needed more. I tried watching porn when I couldn't get off any other way. I found that...certain things appealed to me more than others." Kelly could feel her face heating up in embarrassment and shame. She kept her gaze trained on the floor, but Justin moved to stand in front of her, so close she could feel the heat of his body. Grasping her chin, he tilted her head up so she had no choice but to look at him. His grip was just a little too firm to be comfortable, and the uncharacteristic roughness made Kelly's pussy clench.

His voice was low and dangerous. "Things like a woman being fucked in every hole? Sucking off multiple guys? Acting and being treated like a fucking slut?"

Tears ran from the corners of Kelly's eyes; her voice trembled as she answered, "Yes."

Still holding her chin with one hand, Justin cupped her pussy with the other. "Get upstairs."

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