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Searching for Fulfillment ch.3

The fulfillment of Kelly's fantasies begins...she meets her first young lover.
As he'd promised, Justin began combing the internet, looking for sites that would lead him to men interested in sharing another man's wife and possibly, later, group sex. A gangbang. The thought made Justin instantly hard; he still couldn't believe his shy, sweet wife had been entertaining the same kinds of fantasies he had.

They'd agreed to take things slowly. While Kelly's excitement and desire to explore this fantasy was plain, Justin could tell that she was nervous. He'd emailed back and forth with several young men, trying to find the perfect candidate for his wife's first time being shared with another man. Aside from the obvious requirements that he present a clean bill of health and be young and fit, Justin wanted to find someone who would guide Kelly through this experience with patience and kindness. And, of course, he wanted someone who would be able to make Kelly come like she had never had before.

He thought he'd finally found him in Kyle. Twenty three, six foot two, with wavy, dark brown hair and green eyes; physically, Kyle was exactly what Kelly wanted. After chatting with him several times online, and then on the phone, Justin felt that he was just what they were looking for.

Kyle had a particular fondness for older, married women, and was not new to wife sharing. His affection and appreciation for the women he fucked was apparent to Justin; he felt good about inviting him into his and Kelly's lives. Before ending the call, he asked Kyle if he was available the following Saturday; he would meet Kelly, and if all went well, by the end of the night she'd have been thoroughly fucked by her first young stud.

Over dinner that night, Justin told Kelly about Kyle. She flushed and squirmed in her seat as he described the young man who would be Kelly's first extra-marital fuck. Justin could feel his cock pressing against his fly as he imagined watching his wife spread for her legs for another man. He pushed his plate away and walked over to Kelly's chair, standing behind her, hands on her shoulders. Leaning down, he murmured in her ear as he squeezed her breasts in his hands.

"You're going to make me proud, aren't you? I want you to be a good little whore for Kyle... this is only the beginning, baby. Show me that you really are my cock-hungry little slut."

Kelly's desperate moan signaled the end of dinner. Justin pinched her nipple hard through her blouse. "Upstairs, slut." Kelly nearly knocked her plate off the table in her haste to obey.

Finally Saturday came. Kelly spent the afternoon at the salon, having her pussy waxed bare as Justin had demanded. He'd told her to go shopping, describing what he wanted her to buy; he nodded in approval when she showed him the very short, stretchy black skirt and fitted white t-shirt she'd found. When she asked about undergarments, he gave a short laugh, kissing her on the lips.

"You won't be needing those. I want Kyle to have access to every part of your body the minute he walks in here. And won't you feel slutty, knowing your pussy and tits are only covered by those tiny little scraps of clothing?"

After a light meal, Justin sent Kelly upstairs to change. She'd done her makeup a little heavier than usual, as she might if she were going out at night. Justin had smirked as he handed her a tube of deep red lipstick. "It'll look amazing when your lips are wrapped around his cock."

At last, Kelly stood before him. In the strappy black heels she wore she was only a few inches shorter than he was. Justin looked her over hungrily.

"You look absolutely fuckable. Are you ready for this, my little whore?"

He could see her breathing quicken, her eyes become heavy with desire. "So ready."

The intensity of the moment was interrupted by the chime of the doorbell. "Well, this is it. Let's go."

As they entered the living room, Justin motioned for Kelly to sit on the couch. He answered the door; Kelly heard him exchange greetings with another man with a pleasantly deep voice. She didn't move or turn to look. As they approached the couch, Justin said, "Kelly, stand up and say hello to our guest."

She felt heat in her cheeks as she stood, but she loved the little rush of humiliation Justin's command gave her. He had really listened.

Her blush deepened as she took in the man before her. He was pretty much her physical ideal; tall and lean, with dark hair that looked like he'd just gotten out of bed. He looked her over hungrily, finally catching her eye. His handsome face split in a grin.

"Hello, Kelly. I'm Kyle. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Hello, Kyle. It's nice to meet you." Kelly glance nervously between her husband and Kyle, not sure what to do next. Sensing her unease, Justin stepped in, taking her by the elbow and guiding her closer to the other man.

"Now, why don't you greet Kyle properly. He came all the way here to use you; show him some appreciation."

Kelly's head was spinning with the realization that this was really happening, and Justin wasn't going to ease her into it, either. Shyly she rested her palms on Kyle's chest and leaned up to capture his lips in a kiss. He responded eagerly, deepening the kiss. Kelly moaned. His shirt was balled up in her fists.


With a gasp, she broke the kiss and turned to face Justin. Had he changed his mind? He didn't look angry; as she stared at him, unsure of what he wanted, he gazed deliberately at the floor in front of Kyle. Finally, it clicked; trembling slightly, Kelly lowered herself to her to her knees.

"That's a good slut. You know what to do now."

Her fingers shook as she lowered Kyle's zipper and pushed his pants and boxer briefs down his thighs. His long, hard cock bobbed in front of her face. Glancing up at him, she saw him watching her with a look of lust on his face. He smiled and swept her hair back from her face. "Go on, slut—suck me."

Kelly's confidence grew as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock before sucking him in, moving up and down his length in earnest. Little whimpers accompanied her enthusiastic cocksucking, making Kyle grip her hair tightly and moan as he thrust into her mouth.

His obvious enjoyment fed Kelly's desire. She pulled off and stroked Kyle's cock as she sucked his balls into her mouth. With a loud groan, he grabbed Kelly's hair and pulled her back to his cock as long streams of warm semen hit her cheeks and lips. Eagerly, she took him in her mouth again, swallowing the rest of his come and laving his cock with her tongue.

Kyle was breathing hard as he released Kelly's hair and tucked his cock back in his pants. With his index finger, he pushed a bit of come from Kelly's cheek into her mouth. Licking her lips, Kelly noticed Justin stepping in front of her. He was stroking his cock, and the look on his face told Kelly that he was close to coming. Obediently she knelt and waited. He tapped his cock on her lips, and she opened in time to swallow her second load of the night.

"Good girl. That's the way to make our guest feel welcome." Justin helped Kelly to her feet, and she glanced at Kyle before blushing and turning her gaze to the floor.

Kyle laughed. "You're my favorite kind of woman, Kelly—shy and submissive, but a dirty little slut underneath it all. Isn't that right?" He gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him.

Kelly nodded. At Kyle's raised eyebrow, she whispered, "Yes."

"Mmm... you are a good girl." Kyle released her chin and planted a quick kiss on her lips. "Well, you didn't invite me here to chat... Justin, shall we?"

Justin had been watching the interaction between his wife and Kyle carefully. Satisfied that Kelly was comfortable and truly wanted this, he grinned and motioned towards the stairs. "Absolutely. Lead the way, slut."

Kelly squeaked as Justin slapped her ass. Her pussy was tingling, wet and hot and ready to be fucked. Giddy with anticipation, she led the way toward the fulfillment of her fantasy.

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