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Searching for Fulfillment Ch.4

Kelly's first time with another man leaves her wanting more...
As Kelly walked through the doorway into the bedroom she'd only ever shared with Justin, she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Kyle smiling at her. He pushed her up against the wall with his body, leaning down to kiss her roughly. She moaned as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Abruptly, he pulled back with a grin. "You're a good girl, Kelly. I can't wait to get inside that hot little pussy." He ran his hand down her back to cup and squeeze her ass. "And here...Christ, I can't wait to fuck your ass. You want that, don't you?"

"Of course she wants it...she wants to be a good little slut tonight, don't you, Kelly?" Justin asked, enjoying the look of unfettered lust on his wife's face. Lust for another, younger man. He'd never seen her so wanton and eager.

Kelly's only response was to close her eyes and moan softly, as Kyle sucked on the side of her neck.

Justin laughed. "That's my girl. Why don't you get undressed and get comfortable on the bed? Kyle will tell you how he wants you."

Kyle straightened and let go of Kelly. She unbuttoned her blouse, letting it fall to the floor, then slid her skirt over her hips. She stood naked but for the black heels, her eyes cast submissively down.

"Very nice." Kyle cupped a breast, his thumb rubbing back and forth over the tight nipple. With a pinch that made Kelly gasp, he released her breast and drew his finger down her abdomen to her bare pussy. He paused, waiting until her heard her breath catch, then circled his finger around her clit before slowly pushing it inside.

He gave a low whistle. "You're soaked, slut. I guess you're ready to take my cock."

"Yes," Kelly whispered.

Kyle motioned to the bed. "Get up there on all fours, and think about being fucked by a man other than your husband for the first time."

Kelly climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on slightly trembling hands and knees. She breathed deeply as Kyle's hands roamed over her buttocks, parting and squeezing them. His hand moved lower, down to her pussy, and he slipped two fingers inside her slick sex.

"Mmm, I can't wait to feel you coming all over my're going to do that for me, right, Kelly? Soak my dick with your pussy juices?" Kelly could feel the heat radiating off Kyle's body as he arched over her, speaking right into her ear.

"Y-yes... God, yes," Kelly moaned, hanging her head as she shifted impatiently, anticipating Kyle's thick cock nudging her pussy.

Justin had undressed and was sitting in an upholstered chair by the nightstand; he had a perfect view of what was to come. He spoke quietly, "You ready for Kyle, baby? Ready to make your fantasy come true?"

Kelly nodded frantically. Seconds later she felt large hands on her ass, then the unmistakable, wet warmth of a tongue parting her pussy lips. She panted, arching to give Kyle better access, which he took full advantage of. His tongue slipped inside her, probing and tasting.

Kelly's whimpers turned into a gasp as his tongue slid up between her cheeks, teasing her virgin hole. Any self-consciousness was quickly forgotten as Kyle licked and kissed her with fervor, finally pushing his tongue inside. Kelly whimpered, turned on both by the sensations his mouth was eliciting and the taboo nature of the act.

With a light smack to her ass, Kyle got into position behind her, his cock resting in between her cheeks. "I can't wait anymore. I want you now, Kelly."

Taking quick, shallow breaths, Kelly waited. She cried out as Kyle pushed the thick head of his cock into her welcoming pussy, sliding all the way home in one smooth thrust. He remained like that for a moment, buried deep inside her, groaning.

"Fuck, you feel good. I hope you're up for a couple of rounds tonight, because I'm gonna need to cum in this tight pussy more than once."

And with that, he withdrew slowly, slamming back into Kelly, establishing a punishing pace that didn't let up until she'd shuddered with her first orgasm.

Through the curtain of hair that hung in her face, she saw Justin furiously stroking his cock, his face red and dotted with sweat. The sight made her moan loudly as Kyle pumped into her from behind, his hands kneading her ass.

Abruptly he pulled out, making Kelly whimper in frustration. "Don't worry, slut. You're going to come again, but not until I've fucked this beautiful, tight ass. You've never even taken your husband here, is that right?"

"No." Kelly's apprehension was overridden by the lust and desire that coursed through her. She breathed deeply, trying to relax as Kyle pushed first one, then two fingers into her asshole. Though it felt strange, to her surprise she enjoyed it and wanted more.

She raised her ass higher, pushing back against Kyle's fingers and making him laugh. "That's a good girl. You want to take me everywhere, don't you? I've had your mouth, and your pussy... are you ready to take me here?" He pushed a third finger into her ass for emphasis, making her groan.

"Mmm, I think you're ready." Kyle's fingers were withdrawn, and Kelly felt something cool drizzled between her cheeks, then a firm, steady pressure against her hole. She gasped at the burning stretch, until finally Kyle's cock was inside her. He stroked her back and buttocks as he slowly pushed in, until she could feel his balls pressed up against her pussy.

Glancing over at Justin, she saw him watching intently, still pulling his cock in long, firm strokes. He smiled at her in encouragement. Her eyes fluttered closed as she let herself get lost in the sensation of Kyle filling her ass again and again.

He angled his hips so that he was hitting a new spot inside her. Almost immediately, Kelly was crying out, feeling her orgasm spiraling through her. As Kyle's cock insistently nudged the sensitive area, Kelly was surprised to feel a warm rush of liquid soak her thighs. Looking down, she saw that the sheets were wet. Very wet.

"Oh, holy fuck. You squirt. Goddamn, that's sexy. Can you do that for me again, baby?" Kyle pounded her harder, faster, and she did indeed reward him with another rush of her juices. Suddenly his grip on her hips tightened; he pushed in as deep as he could and held himself there, a long groan leaving his mouth. Kelly could feel his cock pulse as stream after stream of cum filled her.

She hung her head, panting, overwhelmed with sensation. A hand tipped her chin up; opening her eyes, she saw Justin standing with his cock inches from her mouth, the head red and streaming precum. With a whimper she opened instinctually, taking her husband's cock into her mouth as the young man behind her was still buried in her ass.

"Mmm, that's it. Swallow it all baby, take my come like the greedy slut you are."

Kelly whimpered, thrilled at such filthy words coming from Justin's mouth. She worked his cock until he pushed in with a grunt, holding her head as he shot stream after stream down her throat. Finally, he slipped out, leaving Kelly breathless.

Suddenly, strong hands were pulling her down onto the bed. A warm, masculine body was spooned behind her. Kyle. Justin eased himself onto the bed in front of her, watching her intently.

"How are you doing, babe?" Once again the solicitous husband, he brushed the damp hair away from her face, cupping her chin as he leaned in to kiss her.

Kelly smiled, a rush of emotions hitting her all at once: intense love for Justin, gratitude for what he'd done for her, pure lust for both men. And an absolute certainty that this was what she wanted, again and again.

"I feel amazing. I'm so glad you walked in on me that day... I might never have told you otherwise."

Her words trailed off into a soft moan as Kyle kneaded her shoulders and arms, his lips leaving a hot trail of kisses down her neck. "Mmm, you were amazing, Kelly. I enjoyed every minute with you, and if you and Justin are interested, I'd definitely be available for more."

Justin watched Kelly's face. With a grin, he addressed the other man. "I definitely think we're interested. This has been an incredible experience for both of us. I'll be in touch to set something up."

"Great. I look forward to it. Oh, and you had asked about other guys? I'm sure I know a few who'd be interested." Kyle's hand slipped in between Kelly's legs, parting her slick lips easily.

"Mmm, that got you wet, didn't it? You want two guys next time? Three? You and Justin talk about it...let me know."

Justin laughed as Kelly squirmed around Kyle's probing fingers. "Yeah, great. That'll be up to Kelly."

As coherent thought slipped away, Kelly wondered where this new path would take them. The possibilities seemed endless, each one more tantalizing than the next...

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