Second time with Lisa

By Yannick_s82

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True Story: Got good feedback on the first encounter, so I wrote about the second
After our first fuck on Saturday, I didn't hear back from Lisa for a week and a half. She didn't show up for volleyball the following week, but I didn't think that much about it. However on a Wednesday afternoon, I got a text from her.

I'm hungry for cock, it read.

We should get u fed then, I responded.

Her office was not far from my house, so I told her to drop by after work. A little after 6:30, she called me from downstairs. I buzzed her up. When I opened the door she looked hot as usual, wearing a tight white blouse and a longer black skirt. As soon as I closed the door behind her we went at it, making out passionately. She freed my hard cock from my jeans and began stroking me off, before dropping to her knees.

This time she was committed to giving me head, sucking me off to orgasm. I shot my load straight up in the air and it landed on the shoulder of her blouse. We tore each others clothes off and moved onto the sofa.

"I have a surprise," she said as I pulled off her panties. "I shaved for you."

Her pussy was perfectly shaven and hairless. She had noted last time how my clean-shaven pubes and balls had felt good while I fucked her, and she had done the same. I have routinely shaved down there since I was in college, and I was in luck that I had just done it again that morning.

As I stroked her clit and gently fingered her, I watched her juices saturate the skin around her pussy. My shaft was quickly hard and ready, and I slowly slid into her once again. The hairless friction felt so good. Before I could go to town however, Lisa told me she wanted to ride me.

Pushing me onto my back, she straddled my manhood and slowly impaled herself on it. Soon she was rocking back and and forth on me, her pace quickening and her moans getting louder. She took more and more, her long brown hair and pert tits bouncing along with her. I played with her nipples as she kept repeating "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck."

Suddenly she dug her fingernails into my chest, and her pussy clamped around my cock like a vice. "Oh God I love getting fucked by you!" she groaned. Like clockwork, her juices squirted out all over my balls.

I've always preferred being on top, and now I was horny as fuck and needed to take advantage of her shaved pussy. I sat up, driving my cock further inside her as she screamed. Picking her up, I moved both of us onto the sheepskin mat on the floor.

With her legs wrapped around my ass, I started fucking her in the missionary position. But I quickly picked up my cadence, and lifted up onto my hands and toes. Soon her legs were over my shoulders and I was hammering her drill-missionary. Our tall, lean bodies were built for fucking each other, and her moans became screams as she took every inch of me.

I could tell she was coming again when her snatch again tightened and she yelled out a long scream of delight. I held out as long as I could, but I shouted, "I'm going to fucking come!" Pulling out, I emptied my load all over her stomach and tits.

One of the highlights of fucking Lisa was watching her entire body turn a bright shade of pink when she came. And again, she rubbed my semen all over her body.

Afterwards, we took a shower together and ended up fucking again on the bathroom floor. It was almost 7:30, and she had to get home to her husband and kid. She joked that it was a good thing she wore a white blouse that day, because my come was on it.

As she left that evening, I was happy that our first encounter hadn't just been a one-time thing.