Secret Lovers PT2

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Next door neighbor has sex with woman and fnally admits it to his wife who admits her secret to him
She smiled and seeing as it was their twenty-fifth anniversary, Tanya sat down beside Mark who was in their other porch rocking chair. “Happy Anniversary dear” she said as she looked at her husband. “I sure can’t believe it but we’re like the only couple we know who are still married after all these years. Aren’t we?” she went on to say.

His concentration for the time being had been broken. However he said to himself, that’s alright. We’ve had a great marriage. She and I have had three wonderful kids. I can’t complain. The marriage has been good, he told himself. The sex, and then he stopped to answer her question. “Yeah, it has been a great marriage. I have no complaints whatsoever” he told her as he looked her way and smiled.

The two leaned in to one another and at that point as they rocked as if they were two retired old fogies Mark and Tanya kissed one another on the lips. He looked at her. He stared into her eyes. She was still his one and only, regardless of what he’d done that very first week on their honeymoon. Okay, so he cheated on her. He knows it. He still feels terrible. He knew he wasn’t going to do it again he told himself.

Or so he never thought he would he recalled as he gave into her that Wednesday night and finally ended up going to the nightclub with her. She sat there relaxing. He looked at her in all her beauty. Her breasts, after 25 years of marriage, still had a perkiness to them he never could get over. Personally speaking, Tanya was his personal little vixen he always reminded himself. As sweet and loveable as she was, she was intimate and a terrific kisser as well as she was great in the sack.

“What?” she asked as she turned her head his way.

“Ohhh nothing” he said as he lied to her but then he told her the truth, almost. “I was just thinking. You know something? I still think you are beautiful and sexy. Do you know that?” he told her.

“Awwww really?” she replied. “Mmmmm, maybe we should get up and go into the bedroom. Maybe I should play your dirty little vixen all day long?”

He laughed lightly and agreed with her and just as he agreed with her, she popped up in his thoughts once again. Marge’s face and body surfaced in his thoughts once again.

“In a little while maybe?” he said. “We’ll lie down, slowly get undressed, and then I’ll let you do what you’ve always done to me in years gone by. Okay, sound good?”

She said okay and with that she stood up. She walked inside to leave him with his memories. He remained on the porch and thought about that one night that he and Tanya went out to the nightclub. He smiled as he recalled seeing Marge and her husband there but Marge acted as if her husband wasn’t even around he recalled.

“I’m not feeling well” he recalled Tanya telling him. She told him she’d be back soon.

He didn’t know how soon but he was a very patient man and sat there, at the table alone, and as he sat there people passed him by talking and laughing and doing other things as he watched people dancing out on the dance floor.

Out of nowhere, a few seconds later, a pair of hands eased down over him, and to him it was a major surprise and disturbance of sorts too. Those hands felt, to put it mildly, sensuous and erotic. He saw the fingers, immediately. He did not know whose they were either. But as those hands came sliding down over his him they felt silky and emotionally arousing as hell, he recalled.

“Hi lover” her voice said.

Mark thought back. Oh my god, he remembered thinking. “Marge?” he said aloud. She said yes in a tone of voice made only for angels or something like that. “Oh god Marge not here Marge” he told her. “My wife’s here. My wife and I are here tonight Marge.”

Her hands slid down even further. She whispered something in his ear. “I wish I was sitting down. I wish it was your hands sliding down over my bosoms instead of the other way around. Mmmmm, do I ever you hunk of sexy meat you.” As she said it, her hands slid all the way down to his beltline. As they did he felt her lips and then she said “I sure wish we could do that again tonight but I know, yes I know. You’re with your wife and I’m sure you two need to have your sex on your honeymoon. You come and see me dear. We will do it again before the week is over, okay?” and with that her hands stopped caressing his chest and belly. She slipped away and he turned around. He couldn’t find her anywhere.

His wife came back and said she wasn’t feeling well but she’d met a couple just after she came out of the bathroom. Although she wasn’t feeling well, she spoke with them, and she discovered they lived two doors down. The young couple who she met was about the same age as them and said she’d get together in the morning sometime to talk with her.

Mark and Tanya, seeing as Tanya still wasn’t feeling well, went on home. He knew at that point they weren’t going to do it for sure and he was right too. Nevertheless, she felt great in the morning and the couple came over. They spoke a while. Mark and the guy didn’t hit it off but the girls did and seeing as it was rather early, Tanya and the other young woman quickly made plans to go to a nearby town and shop all day long.

That left Mark to himself. What to do he asked himself seeing as there wasn’t much to do but hang out and pretty much do nothing that day without Tanya being around to do it with. He knew he wasn’t getting any sex from her that day seeing as she was away from the cottage.

Now, life wasn’t good at all, but it was only ten in the morning when Tanya and the other young newlywed left for their day of shopping. However, he didn’t know it as of then, it would become a lot better as the morning moved on.

At that point, he walked into town, got a newspaper and a coffee, and then he walked back to the cottage. It was closing in on noon at that point and the sun was rising into the sky. “Hello my dearest Mark” he heard. “And how is your morning?” Marge asked.

“Oh hi Marge” he replied with a smile for the ages. He looked around as if looking for her husband. “Uhhh where’s your husband?” he said. She told him he was out golfing, again as usual. “Ohhh, does he always golf?” asked Mark. She said yes. “So you’re all alone too?” he said.

“Yes, I’m all alone also” she told him. “I’m just going to lay here, get myself a suntan, and be with my thoughts I guess.”

With that she unwrapped the towel around her and upon doing so he saw her in one of her fantastic looking bikinis. Her bosoms gobbled up his line of sight. His eyes were all over them as she prepared to lay down. However, she didn’t. She sat upright for a few minutes allowing him a chance to feast on her upper body and its residual gems and other striking trinkets which men truly love feasting their eyes on.

“Care to join me over here for a little while?” she said.

“Uhhh, I don’t know Marge. I mean uh Tanya is gone and all I’m umm doing is, well okay, for a little while I suppose” he finally told her.

He put aside his coffee and paper and he stood up, anxiously. He never intended to let happen what did happen after that as Mark walked down the steps from his cottage and walk over to her steps and walk up to her deck.

“Will you do me a favor honey?” she asked. “Here, will you undo my top and put some of that lotion on my back. Oh and down the sides too” she went on to ask.

He looked at her from the side and Mark swallowed hard. Rub your back, he asked himself as his eyes grew big once again. Ohhhhhhh lord, heck yes he thought. I’ll do that. I’ll do anything to make you happy Marge. Anything at all, he told himself.

With that, Mark unlatched the top portion of her bikini and pulled it apart thus allowing him to see her breasts a little more. “Uhhh are you sure about this Marge?” he said. She turned her head towards him. The smile on her lips was so natural and so big that there wasn’t any doubt about it. Marge wanted it done and she wanted it done for sure. “Okay” he said and he began applying the suntan lotion to her back.

“Ooooooohh yeah dear” she said as she felt Mark’s hands go up and down over her silky back, slowly. “Now honey, do my sides. Around my breasts too, will you?”

“Are you, are you sure about that?” he went on to say.

She turned her head to look at him again. She was smiling one of her loving smiles. “I’m sure of it dear. Now, if your not, and you prefer to move all this indoors. I will do that, okay?” she went on to say. “I did have fun doing everything we did yesterday. Did you?”

He found he was nodding his head and before she even sat upright he discovered that his hands were on her sides and actually rubbing the sides of her breasts. “Ohhhhhh, I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Ohhhhhh man oh man, Marge.”

She took hold of the towel and wrapped it around herself as she sat upright. “Honey, let’s go inside before all this gets out of control, okay? I mean if I’m reading you right I can tell you want this as badly as I want it too. Right dear?” she said.

“Yeah, I uh guess so” and with that his dick began tingling a little. “Yeah and here I go again. I mean umm, my dicks tingling just sitting here, and umm ohhhhhh Marge, god you are just so darn sexy” he went on to say.

“Awwww Mark, Mark you’re just a sweetheart” she told him with a smile and with that and with the towel around her body, she took his hand in hers and stood up. “Let’s go inside and let’s make love one last time together. I’ll do things to you that you’ve never had done to your body, okay honey?”

“Uh okay, alright” he said.

He followed the shapely beautiful slightly older young woman’s body into her cottage. He followed her down the hallway into her bedroom and once inside it, she undid the towel and turned to face him.

“What is it about my body you like the most?” she asked.

“Your uh breasts” he said.

“Most men do but thank you. I love these too and especially now that you’ve said it” she told him. “Now if you’ll do me the special favor of removing the towel off me, you can see them again up close and very personal. Then I’d like you to play with them.”

He took off the towel and there they were. Plain and simple they were big and they were as beautiful as any breasts could be. His eyes locked in on them. Right away Mark focused in on her gorgeous nipples. He shook his head at their beauty. He loved how they looked in his eyes. All that time, she was smiling as she watched his eyes focusing in on her breasts and nipples.

“You like them, don’t you?” she asked softly. He nodded. “You also love my nipples too? Care to feel my nipples again?” He nodded and with that he reached up so he could feel her breasts and then as soon as he did that he quickly latched in on her nipples. “Uh oooooohh ohhh Mark that feels soooo wonderful dear” she went on to say as he lightly rubbed each one.

Out of nowhere, he reached in behind her, and surprisingly Mark pulled Marge into him and he kissed her hard on her lips. She never expected it but she dearly loved what he’d done to deserve that heavy romantic like kiss. Another arm, the one which was on her nipple, took hold of her body too, and before Marge knew it she was entangled in a passionate fury of kissing besieged upon her by her loving new friend.

He kissed her and he kissed her hard and she played along too. She loved it and she kissed him back and they fell to the bed as they kissed. Her hands were all over his body throughout it all.

Before he knew it, he felt her hands inside his shorts. Before he knew it, she was undoing his shorts, and she was reaching down inside his underwear. He couldn’t wait for it to happen. He couldn’t wait to feel her hand on his dick.

It went further then his dick. She reached down past it. She reached for his ball. Her fingernails were all over his balls, lightly, and almost lovingly caressing them and making him hornier then ever as her fingernails treaded affectionately over each one.

He looked at her with a smile. “What dear?” she asked.

“Ohhh its just that I think you’re perfect” he told her.

“Ohhhhhh honey its just your imagination. Nobody is perfect. I only seem perfect. It’s just that I love sex and you’re learning to love it too. Isn’t that a perfect combination? I do have my flaws but right now and right here none of that matter so dear, let’s simply make love to one another” she told him with a smile he never shook from his memory.

And Mark, still on the porch still did recall that smile of hers as he remembered her fingers, and how they deftly undid his belt buckle. He smiled as he sat back on the porch swing and recalled her fingers delicately pulling apart the belt and also opening up his shorts as well. It was then he remembered it.

Marge, as soon as his shorts were undone, ran her hand up inside, and ran it across the semi-hard dick arousing him again as if it was his very first time ever. He recalled seeing her smile as she looked up into his eyes as if smiling a devilish smile and one that said “Honey, I need this badly and hope you do as well.”

He smiled and found himself rubbing his crotch as if she was right there on the porch and stroking his cock right then and there. He knew better. It was a lifetime ago but that morning, in her bed with her, had to have been one of the greatest times of his life, he told himself.

With that, she had pushed up his shirt. And from there he recalled how her fingers trailed across and around his chest as if he was a king to his masses or something to that affect. She made him feel special.

She took off the shirt and once she did, she leaned into his chest and he remembered how Marge simply began kissing his chest for what seemed forever that morning. She was so damn skilled at that, he told himself, that he never knew what had “hit” him, but it was so darn fun and so darn good he wasn’t ever going to stop this beautiful woman from doing what she was doing.

From there, as she continued petting his chest along with kissing it too, one of her hands eventually reached down and she reached in beneath his underwear. She felt his hard and erect cock and with that he felt her stroking it.

Finally she stopped and removed all his remaining clothes. They were body naked. She took hold of his cock again and did it quite deftly. Her smile appeared but so did her tongue and with that, she was up beneath his cock, and he felt her licking it and also licking his balls. She licked it and she licked it some more calling for him to practically scream out in raging desire.

“Oh god Marge, fucking god I need you. I soooo need to go in you baby” he told her.

Mark smiled at himself as he sat on the rocking chair. That was instrumental in getting her approval as she mounted his body and as she placed herself over his erect cock. She slipped down over him. His cock disappeared up inside her and when it did, he cried out again, but so did she as if in harmony.

Seeing as it was only his second time ever with a woman and the woman was her, and not his wife, she made him feel extra special that Thursday morning, and she was the one who swiftly began fucking him.

Her tits were beautiful as they swayed and bobbled all over the place. He didn’t watch her face too much as his eyes seemed too focused on her boobs as they danced and rolled all over the place and played havoc on his eyes.

She came and he did too and it was enough to satisfy him as well as her. She dropped to his chest and she smiled and told him he was as perfect as anyone. He thanked her for the chance to learn more about how sex works. She smiled and leaned in so that she could kiss him on his lips.

He held her down and kissed her ardently. She didn’t seem to expect it but she did appreciate it all nonetheless. He held her close which she also appreciated and with that he watched her leave early the following morning. That night, while his wife was showering, and preparing him for their first night of sex together, Marge walked over.

“Mark dear” she said. “I will always hold a special place in my heart for you, you and that wonderful and beautiful dick of yours too that is of course” she told him. With that, she hugged him, and then he got a kiss right on his lips from her.

Mark never ever forgot that honeymoon because that evening, he and his wife had sex, and sex with her happened to be great. It was almost as good as the sex with Marge, he told himself as he sat smiling.

Suddenly Tanya walked out again and sat down beside him. “Still thinking?” she said. She sounded morose almost. “I’ve been thinking dear” she went on to say. “I must confess something really, really personal to you.”

Mark stopped thinking and looked at Tanya. “What do you mean?” he came back.

“Well, it’s about our honeymoon. You know, this goes back twenty-five years ago of course, but I feel I have to tell you some things” she went on to say. “Do you remember that uhhh couple I met at the bar that Wednesday night?” she asked.

He thought about it and then said yes. She went on and told him a story about that couple and her. “See we didn’t go out of town. We actually drove around and well” and Tanya looked down all of a sudden. “See I knew I needed sex and I felt I needed it badly. I’d met them a day earlier. He and I hit it off and I mean he and I hit it off really well Mark.”

Mark looked at her as if she had committed a Mortal sin. He couldn’t believe what she was telling him at that moment. She had a threesome with the guy. It was her, the guys wife and him.

“I’m sorry Mark. I am so, so sorry, but this has been bothering me for years and years and years and I just had to tell you” Tanya went on to admit.

He didn’t necessarily get too mad. More to the point, Mark was surprised as hell, but this admission now gave him his “out.”

“Honey, there is something I have to tell you too” he went on to tell her. “It’s about our honeymoon also” and with that Mark told her about his affair with the woman next door to them who left that Thursday evening.

“Mark ohhhhhh Mark” she cried out. “How in the world did we make it all these years?”

“Lucky I guess” he told her and then he stood up, took her hand in his, and led her to the bedroom so they could make love to one another. It ended up being a good morning between these two after all. “Wow, after all these years” he went on to say “you still got it and you are still sexy as ever honey.”

Tanya snuggled up to Mark. Mark pulled her in and the two cuddled and kissed and talked as if nothing bad had ever happened on their honeymoon in the first place.