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Seduced by hubby's co-worker

My husband Blair plays poker on Friday nights with co-workers. Each takes turn to host the party and when it's our turn I will make up some snacks and fill the beer fridge and liquor cabinet. I usually will stick around to say hi to the guys, then retreat to the den with a book or to watch TV.

Two months ago a new face showed up - his name was Tyler. 6' 2" of hunky goodness. He had just been hired at Blair's firm. My heart went for a race when I opened the door and shook his hand. He smiled and said hi - dark hair, dark eyes . . . I felt like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Anyway, I poured myself a drink and took my leave. Couldn't stop thinking about Tyler . . . I laughed and scolded myself. After a while I decided to get another drink . . . unusual, as I normally limit myself to one. I found myself taking the long route to the kitchen, past the poker game. A couple of the guys said hi and I stopped as if to make conversation, but really I just wanted to see that gorgeous body again.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself another vodka. I was about to head back to the den when I heard Tyler taking drink orders from the table. My heart started pounding . . . what the hell is wrong with me, I thought. I hung around the door and waited. When he entered the kitchen he saw me at the other door and smiled. I felt like I was melting. He went to the fridge, then stopped. In two quick strides he was beside me with a big arm round my waist and his lips pressed to mine. I let him kiss me for a couple of seconds then I struggled free and raced down the hall to the den. My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest.I realized my panties were wet. Jesus, I thought, what am I doing, allowing him to kiss me like that. Blair was just a few feet away!

Nobody has ever had that type of effect on me . . . I'd never dreamed of cheating - Blair was a good husband and I loved him. But right now all I could think of was Tyler taking me and pounding me hard all night. I took a few breaths and buried myself in my book. I made another trip to the kitchen for a drink, avoiding the men this time. By the time I went to bed I was feeling buzzed. I lay under the sheets, pulled my panties to the side and fingered myself. I dozed off and was awoken later by Blair crawling into bed. I was hungry for sex but he was too drunk. He mumbled something about Tyler being too drunk to drive and sleeping on the couch . . . then he was out and snoring.

I was still drunk and wicked thoughts were creeping into my head . . . when I heard our bedroom door creak open slowly. Tyler was standing in the doorway. My heart was off racing again . . . what was he doing?

He walked quietly to my side of the bed and lay down on the floor. He raised his two hands, beckoning me to come to him.

"Are you crazy!!!??" I hissed at him "Get out!" He didn't move, just kept those hands reaching towards me. I was torn . . . my pussy wanted him so bad, but my husband was sleeping right there!!

Unbelievably, I found myself crawling out of bed and on top of him.

"You can have one kiss and then you have to go!" I slurred.

He didn't speak, just held me tightly and reached quickly under my tshirt, grabbing the waistband of my panties and pulling them down past my hips. Before I could open my mouth to protest he was kissing me, his lips tight to mine. I tried to struggle but his grip was like steel - he was immensely strong. His hand disappeared from under my shirt and I knew he was undoing his jeans. Then the head of his cock was at my pussy - I struggled again but it was useless . . . he pushed into me. Drunk as I was, I could tell immediately that he was much thicker down there than Blair. As the first couple of inches of his cock entered me I stopped struggling- it felt incredible! I could hear Blair snoring - he wasn't waking up, I knew. But we kept our lips locked to muffle any moans.Tyler began to thrust, working his cock all the way into me . . . Oh my God, I thought, how long is this fucking thing?

I reached down and pulled my panties off one leg so I could spread my thighs to allow him in. I was soaking wet so it didn't take long till he was fully into me and fucking me with long hard strokes. I broke off the kiss as my head was bouncing around like a beach ball! He grabbed it and held it firmly with one hand behind my neck and one hand over my mouth, using only his lower body to continue fucking me. He was starting to gasp so I covered his mouth with my hand. There I was, a few feet from my sleeping husband, being fucked by his friend. The thought put me over the top and I came hard. That triggered Tyler and he stiffened and I felt his cum spurt deep into me. As we relaxed and I lay on top of him, breathing heavily, I had a moment of clarity. Jesus Christ, what have I done??!! I rolled off and told him to get out . . . he brought himself up to bed level to check on Blair and then quietly left the room after kissing me gently on the cheek.

I pulled my panties back up and climbed into bed beside Blair. I was a mess of emotions. And the dominant emotion was guilt. Curiously though, as I drifted off to sleep all I could think about was Tyler and how I had just had the best sex of my life!

When I woke, a little hungover, I was in full panic mode. I had cheated on my husband, a good and loyal and loving man. And what if Tyler decided to start bragging about it, or worse still just tell Blair straight out? I had a shower and buried my cum-soaked panties deep in the hamper. I went to the kitchen - had to have coffee and clear my head. I knew from experience that Blair wouldn't surface for a couple more hours. I prayed that Tyler was already up and gone but no, there he was on the couch. He was naked except for a pair of boxers. I took a second look before I put the coffee on. I guess the aroma woke him because as I poured a cup, there he was. He smiled at me and I started to melt but pulled it together.

"You have to leave," I told him. "I've done a terrible thing . . . love Blair....please don't tell him, he'll be devastated."

He put a finger to my mouth. "Don't worry, it's going no further than you and me."

I was relieved, but was he telling the truth? "This will never happen again," I said. "I was drunk and I don't know what came over me."

"I had a couple drinks myself," he said. "I like Blair, he's a good guy, I wouldn't hurt him. I gotta tell you, though, I enjoyed it...I can't lie."

I giggled, suddenly feeling that my sin was not going to be discovered. "It was pretty hot, wasn't it?"

We chatted over coffee about his work and trivial things. I couldn't keep my eyes off him - he was so gorgeous. He drained his coffee and stood up. "One kiss before I go, that's the price of my silence."

Small price to pay, I thought, standing on tiptoe to kiss him. Well, I melted again and before I knew what was happening I was on my knees sucking his huge cock prior to him bending me over the table and pulling my little yellow panties aside to ram that monster into me one more time. Blair was one flight of stairs away from us! He came quickly and then had the audacity to pull my panties right off to wipe his cock clean. And then as I stood wondering how the fuck did that happen, he was gone...with my panties! Asshole!

Back in the shower I went. Then I went to the den and thought things out. I wouldn't confess to Blair. But if Tyler started talking, then I would be up front and honest and accept the consequences. Blair surfaced about an hour later - he asked about Tyler. I casually said that he had a cup of coffee and left. Poor Blair . . . he was so hungover! If only he knew!
So the waiting game began . . . I never brought Tyler's name up though I desperately wanted to, to gauge Blair's reaction. When our turn to host the poker game rolled around again, I was on pins and needles. But no Tyler - what a relief. Then I overheard them talk about Tyler being fired. I felt like I'd won the lottery! I didn't ask and Blair never volunteered any info on the firing but eventually I heard from one of the wives that Tyler had been hitting on the women in the office.

I saw him once after that - I was downtown and stopped for lunch. He walked by me with two other men - he was dressed in a gorgeous dark suit. Looked like he'd had no trouble getting another job. He didn't see me - they were deep in conversation. I felt excited to see him - excited in a guilty kind of way. I contemplated for a moment walking by to see if he recognized me, but realized that would be playing with fire.I would just keep my one and only fling as my guilty secret.

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