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Seduced during “make believe” photo shoot

Conservative wife succumbs to young guy while husband photographs
“I have an idea. Let’s go into the bedroom and while we are having sex I will shoot some pictures of us while we are doing it.”

“Are you crazy or what?”

“No. Let’s go do it. Come on. It’ll be erotic.”

“That seems weird to me.”

“No, it’ll be cool. We’ve never done anything like that before. ”

“Yeah…. But, it’s weird. Nobody is going to see these photos, are they?”

“No. No. They are just for us.”

So, we went into the bedroom and lay on the bed. Karen, who would later become my wife years later, started sucking my dick. She always gave great head and this time was no different. So, I leaned back, enjoyed the show, and started snapping photos with her parent’s Polaroid camera. The whole idea was so damn erotic. While we were at it, I also took some pictures of her lying naked on the bed.

Obviously, in that day and age, Polaroids were the best that one could do because no ordinary photography store would develop pornographic photos. So, one was reduced to paper photos. It was all pretty harmless. Nothing like today’s era.

Life has many ups and downs. For me, one of the bigger downers was that I contracted a serious illness some years after we had been married. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the medicine that I was taking severely interfered with my ability to get it up. What a pain in the ass problem – for so many different reasons!

As one could imagine, this eventually started to cause a lot of problems in the bedroom. In fact, the longer that it went on the more I started to wonder if my marriage could survive the illness. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it was time to consider stop gap measures of how I could satisfy my wife until the time I could discontinue the medicine.

One of the things that I contemplated was the idea of my wife taking another lover. Only problem was that she was quite conservative, and when I had floated that idea in previous years, it never seemed to go very far. For sure, she never would do anything behind my back. However, I knew she was really starting to get randy and I wondered when she would get to the point where she would consider ideas that she never would have contemplated prior to the illness.

I don’t know what sparked it, and even though it had been years, but one day I happened to think about that scene when we were dating and I had taken photos of her blowing me. I always thought that it would be cool to replay that scene, but those ideas had faded long ago. But, one day in a moment of genius, I thought to myself, “I wonder if she would consider taking photos with somebody else?”

Hmmmm…. She would determine how far she wanted it to go. I would let them undress each other at a slow pace. If there was interest, she could let it go farther. But if it was a turn off, she didn’t have to do anything. She was in charge. If nothing else, I’m sure she would get excited and maybe I could get her off later. And it just might spice up things a bit - enough so that she was satisfied and didn’t think about ending it all.

Of course, she resisted at first. But, I expected that. But, I kept bringing it up. I knew that time was on my side since she certainly didn’t want to get divorced, but she was a real woman with needs and serious randiness was setting in. Eventually, I thought that horniness would win out.

I knew that I had made progress when one day after I had brought it up and she didn’t dismiss it out of hand. Rather she started to quiz me on who I had in mind.

“Who did you have in mind?” That was my opening.

I don’t know. Anybody that you are interested in?”

“Well, since you have been giving this so much thought, I’m sure that you would have somebody lined up already.”

“Well, what about Edward – that guy you used to work with?” You always seemed pretty fond of him those couple times that we went to parties together.”

“Yeah, he’s good looking, but I thought I heard that he was married now.”

“What about Lynda’s husband? Even those she’s married you always said that she was a wild one. And her husband is the guy with the big dick, right? She’d probably let you “borrow” him.”

“Only problem, I haven’t talked with her for a while, but things weren’t going so well between the two of them last thing I heard.”

At least she was considering the possibilities.

“There might be one of my younger hockey friends that you would like.”

“Like who?”

“There’s this guy named John who’s on my team. He’s in his late 20s/early 30s. Good looking guy and I think he’s hung.”

“Hung?? How would you know?”

“Remember, we take showers after games, you know?”

“Well, what’s he look like?”

“Well, let’s see... We can look at the championship photo from last year. See, he’s the guy kneeling in front. If you’d like, you can come to my game this weekend and check him out.”

What she didn’t know was that John was a pretty big boy. And I don’t mean tall. I meant in the dick department. It’s not like I go around checking out other guy’s dicks. But, it’s hard not to notice how well endowed a guy is when you are hanging out with them in locker rooms after games taking showers. The first time that I saw him naked I couldn’t help but thinking 'Damn, that’s the biggest head on a dick that I had ever seen'. Was a pretty normal dick length-wise. But damn, that head was something else. A serious pussy stretcher.

That weekend, we went to my game, and from a distance, I showed him to her. She stayed for the game and after it was over I formally introduced him to her. It went well and she didn’t seem revolted. But, I needed to let her internalize all of this.

Over the time that John had been on my team, we had started to become friends. I knew that he had a girlfriend some months prior to that, but that they had broken up recently. So one day, I told him, over a beer after one of our games, that I was trying to get my wife to pose for some nude photos.

At first, he didn’t say anything. That’s when I told him that I was looking for somebody to pose with her since we were trying to spice thing up. His eyes almost popped out of his head. And I could see that he knew where I was headed with this train of thought. Given his strong emotional reaction, I seized the moment and asked him if he wanted to be the lucky guy. The big grin on his face told it all.

I told him that it would be up to her as to far it preceded, but he might get the opportunity to fuck her. But I couldn’t guarantee it. I told him that I wasn’t going to fuck her for at least a week before the shoot to make sure she was nice and horny since that would increase his odds of getting lucky. If she’s horny enough, anything can go. He was probably getting a hard-on as I described it.

Not too long after I thought that I had tentative approval for my plan, I went to the doctor and he told me that I had progressed far enough that I could stop taking the medicine. He had said that it would take about a week before all the medicine would be out of my system and that my sexually would return to normal. While that was great news, I decided not to tell my wife just yet because she would never agree to my “make believe” photo shoot if she knew that all was going to return to normal soon. But, there was no way that I was going to blow this opportunity! So, I withheld the good news.

“So, Saturday afternoon is the big day??”

She tried to play coy as if she didn’t know what I was talking about.

“For what?”

“Our photo shoot.”

She hesitated and then said, “I guess so…. If we have to….”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A dream come true! There is a God!

“OK. I’ll invite John over at 300.”

She didn’t say anything, so I took that as a go.

“Might want to get some sexy negligees for this event, if you know what I mean.”

She wasn’t the only one that needed to get ready. Once I knew what day it was going to be I made sure that I didn’t get myself off for a few days before he was coming over. That was really difficult since the whole idea that this would really happen was almost too much to bear. But I wanted to maximize my horniness. This might not happen ever again.

The day before, I told John that when he was in the missionary position rubbing his dick around her pussy lips I would tell her to “grab his ass”. When she leaned forward to do it that was his clue that he should just ram it home. If nothing else, we could blame it on her that she pulled him into her and it just slipped in!! Then start fucking her like crazy!!

When Saturday rolled around, you could tell how nervous she really was. She kept prancing around the house all morning long - which was not her normal style. But, also what wasn’t normal was the idea that she would be posing nude in pictures with almost a total stranger! Add to that was the fact that I bet that she was also really horny since she hadn’t had any action in a while.

I told him to come in the mid-afternoon. And about 300 that afternoon, the doorbell rang. I looked at her and said, “Want to still go through with this?”

She looked really nervous and said, “I’m nervous as hell, but you can let him in.”

I answered the door and led him into the family room where she was waiting. I thought it would be a good idea if everybody had a drink to calm our nerves. Plus, it would be a shot of courage for my wife.

So, we moved into the den where we had a few glasses of wine. The agreement with my wife was that she would dress in jeans and a normal shirt when John first arrived. If she was OK with the situation after some initial conversation, she could change into her real outfit for the photo shoot. That way she didn’t have to revel herself if she wasn’t comfortable.

After a couple of glasses of wine, and after I could see that she was starting to get relaxed, I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “Would you like to change into something more comfortable?”

She looked back at both of us and said, “Gentlemen, if you could excuse me, I think that I would like to change.”

John almost couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.

When she came back she had dressed in a sleek white intimate bathrobe. Since it was white, you could see the dark bra and panties that she had on underneath.

I looked at John and said, “John, I think that Karen would like to go into the bedroom. Why don’t you grab her hand?”

Once we were all in the bedroom, I grabbed my camera and told John to stand behind my wife and put his hands on top of her shoulders. I started shooting away. I then told him to move her hair aside, and start kissing her along the upper part of her neck.

I then instructed him to reach around and undo the belt on her robe and open it to expose her skin. Honestly, I really didn’t know what to expect. Even though I had offered my suggestions as to what she should wear, she had told me if she agreed to do the photo shoot that it would be a surprise. She was in charge and would make those decisions. So, even I didn’t know what was underneath. But as John opened her intimate robe, I could see that she had gone all out. It was a nice see-through black bra and matching panties. My dick started to get hard.

I told John to run his hands along her naked sides. As he pulled the robe back off her shoulders, it just dropped to the floor.

“Put your hands on her hips. John, what do you think of Karen’s outfit?”

“Karen, that is very sexy. I love touching your hips.

As he was saying this he moved his hands down toward her ass as I continued clicking the camera rapidly.

“Karen, I love that thong. Very sexy.”

Thong!! She was wearing a thong. She never wears thongs. But, I couldn’t tell that from the angle where I was shooting from.

I told John that he should move his hands around and cup her titties with his hands. She hesitated at first, but then allowed him to touch her in a way that no other guy had since we were married.

“Rub her titties lightly, John.”

He obeyed and continued by pushing her hair aside and started kissing her neck.

“Slide her left bra strap down. Kiss her shoulder where the strap was a moment ago.”

“Now slide the other bra strap down. Kiss the back of her neck just below her hair. Continue kissing as you move downward you until reach her bra strap. Now I want you to unstrap her bra. Let it fall to the ground. Now put your hands on her stomach and slowly move your hands up. Put your hands on her bare titties. What do you want to tell Karen now, John?”

“Karen, I love touching your titties. It’s getting me hard touching you. Kiss me.”

Karen turned around and started to kiss John. At first, tentatively….. And them more passionately. John took his hands and started rubbing her ass as they continued to kiss.

While I would have liked nothing more for them to drop to the floor and fuck right then and there, I also wanted to prolong this moment.

“John, put your hands on her shoulders and push her to her knees.”

John complied. Staring Karen directly in the eyes was the tent that John’s prick was making in his boxers.

“Karen, slowly lower his underwear.”

She did and John’s cock came bouncing out. It was the first time that she had a chance to see that monster knob of a head. She was mesmerized.

“Karen, kiss his stomach.”

She did as she was told, but I could tell that this was driving her crazy. She’s a good cocksucker and loves giving head when she gets all revved up. And the whole scene certainly has gotten her going. I knew her all too well.

“Kiss him all around his groan.”

“Move your tongue up and down his cock just like you are licking his cock. But you can’t touch his cock directly with your tongue. Remember this is a photo shoot. However, if you need to touch his cock with your hand to prevent your tongue from touching his cock, that’s OK. ”

What a tease I was. That was about all the advice that she needed. She moved her hand around the base of his cock and started a licking motion.

“John, grab your cock and bring it to Karen’s mouth. Now, Karen open your mouth wide. It’s a big dick.”

Then both complied as told. Problem was the size of John’s cockhead. It could barely fit in her mouth! She really had to stretch her mouth wide open to get it around his mammoth size.

John’s cock at this point in time was literally inside her mouth, but not touching anything in her mouth. I held them there in that position for a moment, before I said, “John put your hands on Karen’s head.”

Of course, I knew that as soon as he did this that nature would take over. Even though he was trying to hold back, his cock “accidentally” brushed against the back of her mouth. He began a slight rocking sensation moving her head forward which caused his cock to lightly touch all around the inside of her mouth.

That was a bit too much for her as the natural instincts of giving a blowjob took over. She obliged by moving, licking and twirling her tongue all around the head of his cock. He pulled her even closer on his cock so that eventually his prick was lodged deep in her throat. John closed his eyes and started to moan. My wife is a great cocksucker so I knew how John must have been feeling.

So, I asked John, “How’s that feel, John?”

Dumb question. I could tell by the look on his face. Ecstasy!! But once again, I couldn’t let this go on. Had to milk it farther, even though I had one hell of a hard-on now.

“OK, I want you both to get on the bed.” I could sense the deflation for both as they were both getting in it. They didn’t stop at first, so I ordered them, “OK. Both of you onto the bed.”

I further told them, “Karen lay on your back while John lays by your side. John, I want you to kiss Karen on the mouth. Now, place your hand on her side. Move your hands around her top. Brush her titties and nipples once in a while, but don’t linger there.”

This tease was totally driving my wife wild as she started to buck her hips on the bed now. Remember, this was a woman that hadn’t been fucked hard in a long time.

“Touch here along the front, outside of her panties. Move your hand up and down her slit. Is she wet?”

“Soaking wet.”

“Push her panties to the side and rub your finger close to her slit.”

Karen was really bucking her hips now.

“Finger fuck her.”

He dutifully obeyed. He was kissing her passionately on the mouth as his finger slid deep into her gushy hole and rubbed up against her clit.

Karen, who usually isn’t very vocal, started moaning as she grabbed hold of the bedspread with one of the hands. Her orgasm was coming on quickly.


“Wow, John, I think that she really likes the way you finger fuck her. Maybe, you’ll get a chance to fuck her, too.”

At this point, she would have fucked anybody in the near vicinity that had a dick. Getting finger-fucked was good, but that was no substitute for the real thing.

“John, move her panties down on the right side. Let’s see that wet pussy up close. Kiss her where her panties were. “

I let him linger for a minute. I wanted her pussy to get nice and juicy as the tease proceeded.

“Now the other side, John.”

He followed my command nicely.

“Pull her panties off.”

“Karen, spread your legs.”

John helped by parting her legs so that he could move in between her legs.

“John, kiss her on the inside of her left thigh. Now, kiss her on her right thigh.”

I’m sure that this was almost too much to bear for both of them. Her savior was that she knew that there wasn’t much left before he would be kissing her pussy.

“John, would you like to kiss her pussy?"

I didn’t have to wait for an answer.

My wife doesn’t really get off on a tongue, but she was so horny that her hips moved forward almost involuntarily. John took the clue and started giving her a good licking. My wife bucked her head backward as John did an expert job of grazing her clit with his tongue.

“John, crawl in between Karen’s legs. Grab your dick and hold it in your hand.”

He did as he was told.

“Take Karen’s legs and put them over your shoulders.”

I looked at my wife and the look on her face was sheer passion. She wanted to be fucked, and bad. And now. She didn’t want to wait. It was driving her crazy. A week ago, she wouldn’t have considered something like this, but now, getting fucked was all she wanted now. Fucking is just the animal in all of us. She was no different. Just took a little a little longer to unleash the animal.

“John, position yourself like you are going to fuck her. But DON’T put it in her. Remember, this is only a photo shoot.” As if anybody believed that anymore.

“Rub your big dick all around her pussy lips. Ask Karen if she would like to be fucked.”

“Karen, would you like me to fuck you?”

Before she could answer I said, “Karen, put your hands on his ass.”

Karen moved forward and as she did……

John didn’t miss his sign. He slammed that big dick head home in one quick lurch. All you could hear was the squish as the biggest dick head that ever entered her pussy stretched those pussy walls like they had never been stretched before. Karen let out a loud, guttural grunt. Finally... Finally... she was getting fucked.

After she had recovered from the initial assault of that monster head deep into her, she wrapped her legs around his ass and just held him deep inside her there. It must have felt really good to finally have a dick in there.

She put her hands on his sides pulling him closer to her. Karen loves good kissing and so as she really got into him fucking her, she moved her hands to his head so she could passionately kiss him. He eventually moved to licking her neck and throat proceeding to running the edge of his tongue around the outside of her ear. She face was facing me as I continued to snap away.

That was it for me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I put the camera down and unzipped my zipper. My cock was probably harder than it had ever been at any time before in my life. Any problems that I had recently had were long over! Amazing what an erotic scene will do for a person.

I went over toward them with my prick in my hand. I tilted her head toward me and said, “Suck me!”

I immediately stuck my dick in her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it in and out occasionally hitting the back of her throat. She quickly twirled her tongue all around the head like she does when she is really horny. The idea of her watching her get two dicks at one time was overwhelming. Since I hadn’t gotten off in days, I knew this wouldn’t take long.

I have always dreamed about giving her a facial but, because she was so conservative, it never came to pass. However, I thought that this might be my big opportunity since she was in the throes of passion.

With John fucking her hard, her head was bobbing all around which caused my dick to pop out of her mouth every once in a while. On one occasion when it did pop out of her mouth, I just started to jack myself off knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I came.

Eventually, I could feel it coming. The first blast of sperm gushed out. It went mostly into her mouth, though a little shot on her nose and chin. The second blast flew over her head, though some landed on her hair. The third blast hit her on the cheek while with some landing near her ear. When I felt the fourth spurt coming, I put my dick back in her mouth, came inside her mouth, and then rubbed it all around the outside of her mouth as sperm dripped off her chin.

While I was satisfied, Karen and John were only getting starting. He continued to bang her missionary style before she finally said, “I need to get on top.” It’s actually her favorite position since she can control her strokes and how it stimulates her clitoris. And I am sure that she wanted to slowly rub that monster dickhead all along her clitoris. After I settled down, I grabbed the camera and started shooting again.

As she maneuvered to get on top, she grabbed his dick and tried to align that monster head with her pussy. She was moving her hips all around his dick head before it finally slipped all the way in. “Ooooohhhhhh” was all she could say as his dick sunk in to the hilt. She started to move up and down on his prick - slowly at first, but eventually picked up the pace getter faster and faster as that big mushroom prick rubbed her in just the right way. Eventually, she was really grinding on him twisting her hips all around. I am not sure that I have ever seen her be so aggressive. John had moved his hands up and was malling her titties with his hands.

“John, that feels sooo damn good. That big dick of yours feels so good in my pussy! I’m getting close. I can feel it coming. ”

She started to move her head back and forth uttering something I didn’t understand. And then she closed her eyes, threw her head back, and momentarily stopped.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”, was all she could keep saying as she was panting. “John, that was so damn good! Oh my God! Wow! ”

She finally got the release she had been waiting weeks for. A real dick had finally satisfied her. Something that I couldn’t provide her recently. I was so proud of her.

After she calmed down, she leaned forward and passionately kissed him on the mouth. She looked him straight in the eye and said, “That was great, John. I really needed that.”

John then told her to get on her knees so he could take her doggie style. After he slipped in, John grabbed firmly onto her shapely hips and started pounding her. I loved this view because Karen has such a great ass and I could easily watch that monster dickhead stretch her pussy lips back and forth. John was really pounding her hard as his balls were slapping against her ass. I was amazed at the young stud’s stamina. I don’t think that I could have lasted that long.

As he continued to thrust he eventually pushed her so hard that she landed face first on the bed. He then fell on top of her. He rearranged her legs close together, pressed his weight on top of her, and then slipped his cockhead back into her pussy. Normally Karen likes to be control, so it was interesting to watch her with John literally on top of her in such a domineering position. Each time he thrust into her, she panted. John continued to pummel her and started to grunt louder and louder with each consecutive stroke. You could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer. The combination of the wetness of her velvety pussy squeezing hard on his prick and the erotic build up was too much. He stopped, grabbed her hips and bred her as shot after shot of his cum splattered against the back of her womb.

After he stopped gasping, he rolled off her and said, “Karen, that was the best fuck that I think that I have ever had. That whole seduction was so erotic. You were fabulous. ”

As he was pulling out, I took a number of photos. One was how stretched her pussy was immediately after he pulled that monster head out. And then his cum started oozing out of her hole onto the bed. It was a sight I will never forget.

John eventually got dressed and we walked him to the door and thanked him for such a great adventure. He said as he was leaving, “I sure hope that we get a chance to do this again!”

Karen and I then returned to the bedroom where I looked at her and asked, “Would you like to get fucked again?”

“By whom?”

“Me. Who else is there here?”

“Nobody. But how is that possible given that you can’t stay hard enough to put it in me?”

“Well, remember when I was the doctor, Monday?”

“Yeah, but I thought that nothing had changed? What happened?”

“Well, one small change. When I there, he told me I could stop taking the medicine, if I wanted. So, I did. And everything seems to be all right now. Isn’t that great?”

She gave me the dirtiest look. “You bastard!”

“Hey! You never would have gone through with it if I had told you! But, it looks like you enjoyed yourself thoroughly,” as I gave her one big grin.

She gave me the evil look. “I did, I did. But, you’re still a bastard!”

“But I got some REALLY good photos.” I just smiled.

My wife is conservative no more. Now all she needs to do is take care of my other fantasy - seducing the businessman that I always fantasized about. But, that’s for another day – or another illness!

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