Seeing Is Believing

By Bad_4You

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Mark enjoys a first: wife swapping...
Jason put his arm around her waist and began to walk her out of the bedroom door towards his room. “Well it’s just you and me Kate,” he said quietly. “I understand there is something you’ve been dying to taste...”

I sat down on the bed and thought about what was about to take place. My wife of nearly 20 years was walking away from my bed and into the bed of another man. After all these years she has never so much as kissed anyone else. And I am the one who made all of this happen, or so it seemed. It felt very, very strange. I guess my somber, silent mood was screaming to my new lover as she lay on the bed behind me. Lindsey sat up and scooted her naked frame forward, wrapping her legs around my waist, bringing her sopping wet pussy to embrace my lower spine. Her warm breasts were hugging my back as she wrapped her arms around me and placed her head on my shoulder. Her warmth and exotic feel snapped me back into reality. I concluded that her tenderness towards me was her way of consoling me, telling me everything was going to be okay, and to just enjoy the moment. I thought that, that is, until she opened her luscious mouth.

“So how does it feel knowing that my Jason’s hard cock is about to pound your precious wife’s pussy into submission? Do you think you’ll ever be able to satisfy her again, since your dick is about three inches shorter than his?” What I had taken as consolation quickly turned into an attempt to get me riled up. That last line of hers was an exaggeration. His cock was only a couple of inches bigger than mine!

She reached over, turned the baby monitor that sat on the night stand on and raised the volume to ‘high’ so you could hear every single breath they were making in the other room. I had been curious as to how far along they were getting but now everything that was happening was out in the open.

“Oh my gawd!!!! That thing is huge! I want a taste!” Almost before those words had left Katie’s mouth Jason’s cock had entered it. You could hear her sucking on him and moaning with pleasure. He sounded like he was enjoying himself as well.

“Now listen to what she does as he tweaks her nipples. If you think she is moaning now…” The sounds were driving me wild but Lindsey’s narrative began to really piss me off.

“Oh yeah, pinch them harder…ouch, ohhh, yeah, like that. Damn that is good!”

“See Mark, she is under Jason’s spell now. She will do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He owns her!”

It took me all of two seconds to determine that the barrage of words flowing from her wicked little mouth needed to be stopped. I turned and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her beautiful body around mine, flipping her over until she lay on top of my lap. Her ass was staring back at me as she faced the floor.

“You need to be put in your place Lindsey!” I said, the words seething out of my mouth.

“Oh, so now you’re mad at me because you have a tiny cock!” She was merciless as she continued to spew her venom. She was begging for it. They were the last words she would say for quite some time.

My right hand came down hard on her beautiful cheeks. I have always been as ass man and the ripple effect the blows had on her meaty skin had me in a trance. With every whack I would take in the view as if it was in slow motion. As I followed through with each swing of my arm, her mounds of perfection would jiggle like a dish of Jell-O. Both of her ass cheeks and upper thighs were quickly moving from flesh colored to pink to nearly beet red. And she was getting wetter with every blow. Her waist was perfectly balanced over my right thigh, giving me the ideal position for tanning her butt cheeks. And tan them I did. I stopped counting at 20 and figure I probably reached 30 to 35 swats by the time I stopped. My hand was aching but not nearly as much as her ass. Her pussy was leaking juices all down my right leg and my left leg felt the moisture from an occasional tear. I proceeded to stick my hand up her cunt and finger fucked her until she came. It didn’t take her long. She came hard as she squeezed my fingers into her tight hole. Her orgasm produced quite the gusher. I was reminded again that I was with the world’s wettest woman ever and I loved it.

As Lindsey’s cries of passion subsided I began to hear similar ones pour out of the instrument on the night stand. It was rather obvious that Jason had his mouth positioned over Katie’s pussy and she was riding it to an extremely loud orgasm. This was her first come with a man other than me in decades. It was weird and exciting at the same time. And he was giving it to her good.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah...” Over the next several minutes she must have said that 50 times if she said it once. I don’t remember her being this verbal before. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss swept over her body as he tongue fucked her, or whatever he was doing to her with his mouth.

Soon Katie had re-entered earth’s atmosphere and as she caught her breath I could hear her suck Jason’s cock back into her mouth.

“Your turn now girl,” I said to Lindsey. “You will do exactly what is being done in the other room!”

She looked up at me as if to ask, “Are you serious?” One look into my eyes and it was clear to her that I was. She got on her knees and obediently swallowed my cock and began sucking it. I grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled it tight, using it as leverage, and fucked her face hard. She was moaning loudly. She liked the rough treatment.

As Jason’s giant cock entered Katie’s mouth she moaned approvingly and gave him a sloppy sounding tongue bath and suck job. Katie, by the way, has a very talented mouth. Jason was moaning in no time and soon shot his load into my wife’s mouth. You could hear the gurgling sounds as she struggled to suck all of his cum down her throat. I was so excited by it that I began to squirt my load between Lindsey’s talented lips.

“So Kate, was my cum tasty? How did it compare with Mark’s?”

“It was nice. I liked it!” “Yes!” I thought to myself as a giant smile spread across my face. I knew by her answer that it was fine, but she didn’t love the taste. Katie loves to eat my cum!

“Drink it down babe. That's it. I want you to drain my hose you nasty little bitch!” To my great satisfaction Lindsey began to oblige me.

“Good girl, my willing cum slut!” I patted the top of Lindsey’s head as her beautiful eyes smiled at me. I was soon distracted again by the voices from the other room.

“Are you tired yet?” Katie asked. I wasn’t sure by her tone if she was or wanted to keep going.

“No honey, our evening has just begun. Now that you’ve blown me and taken the edge off I want you to suck me until I’m hard again. I have another place I want to shove this bad boy!” I immediately heard Katie lick his cock and start humming on it. She loves to do that to me. It drives me fucking wild.

“Well?” I said as Lindsey’s smile broadened and, grabbing my cock in her hand, shoved me back into her sultry mouth.

“That’s good babe, I’m ready to play again,” Jason said to my wife. By the sound of things he had just opened his night stand drawer and, as I heard the cap close, realized he had probably gotten some lubricant out. I figured there was only one place he’d need lube: her ass.

“Jason! I don’t think I can handle your size. I’ve only done it once and that was with Mark’s. Your cock is so much bigger and...ohhhhhh...” She was cut off mid-sentence as his thick finger impaled her tight hole. Her breathing quickened and tiny moans were escaping through her lips.

“Go get the lube out of that drawer over there,” I said to Lindsey.

“Yes sir!” she said enthusiastically as she ran to and fro the dresser. “Here you are Master. Now what?” She was grinning from ear to ear with a devilish grin. She looked very hot!

I lubed my middle finger as she submissively leaned over my right leg and swallowed my cock. From this position her ass was in just the right place for me to finger fuck it. And so I did.

Jason interrupted my concerted efforts on her bum when he told Katie to get up on the bed on all fours. You could hear that he was still finger fucking her and it was quite apparent that she was enjoying it so far. I pulled my finger out and then slapped Lindsey’s ass to get her attention. I then pointed to the bed for her to follow suit.

From the sound of things, Katie seemed to be okay so far. That is, until Jason removed his digit and began to push the mushroomed head of his monster cock slowly into her ass.

“I, I don’t know if this is going... work. It, it hurts...” She was moaning as she spoke.

“I want you to play with your clit now Katie. You work your front and I’ll work your back. I’ll go slowly; it’ll be okay, you’ll see.” Katie’s moaning increased almost immediately upon hearing that. I assume she was diddling herself and he was slowly entering her.

I began to push my cock into Lindsey’s lubed asshole. It was clear that she has enjoyed anal many times in the past from big dick Jason. She took every bit of me inside of her rather quickly. She wasn’t as tight as Katie’s ass but she was still plenty tight. I could get used to fucking a woman’s ass! Soon her fingers began to frig her clit and my balls were slapping her fingers as they worked their magic. Lindsey’s body began the slow, steady climb up to a monster come. Katie’s was just starting to get underway.

“Oh shit, oh shit!”

“It’s okay Kate. I’m halfway there. Bear with me girl, it’s going to really feel good in just a few minutes. Trust me!”

Jason knew what he was talking about. As the minutes passed by Katie got more and more comfortable with the donkey dick that was shoved up her ass and in short order she began to pant and moan. The sound was unbelievable, just knowing that in the other room some guy was pounding my wife’s ass and she was loving it.

Lindsey was furiously playing with her clit as her pussy spat her cum all over her hand and my ball sack. It was hot. I grabbed onto her hips pushed my hard cock in and out of her puckered hole as fast as I could. I came hard as pounded the fleshy meat of her ass with my abs. I heard the sounds of Katie and Jason enjoying their full release as well.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” was all that Katie said as the yelled out in cadence to Jason’s thrusts.

“Here you go Kate, here it is babe, take my cum. Yeah that’s it, yeah, yeah, ohhhhhhhh!” We could have heard the screams with or without the help of the monitor.

As Lindsey and I came down together from our euphoric highs, we just laid back and listened to the pleasure that flowed from our spouses’ mouths. It was an amazing experience. Soon I was kissing her and caressing every corner of her gorgeous body. She was one amazing lover. I looked at the alarm clock. It read 1:27 am. We had been fucking for hours. I reached over and turned off the baby monitor. That was enough for one day.

As Friday’s dawn broke I found that Lindsey was still holding me in her arms. One of her long, silky legs were lying on top of mine and she felt wonderfully warm. I tenderly kissed her lips and, as she awakened a little, pushed my tongue between her lips. She was an excellent kisser and I was hard in no time.

“I’ll be back in a sec. I need to take a shower.” She kissed me again then closed her eyes and smiled at the prospect of catching a few more winks.

As I returned from the bathroom my Lindsey was sitting back against the headboard with her legs spread and eyes half closed. Her breathing was heavy as one hand played with a nipple while with the other she finger fucked herself.

I crawled naked across the bed towards her, causing her eyes to open wide.

“Damn you are insatiable woman!”

She licked her lips seductively and extended her dewy hand to me. As I knelt between her knees I leaned down and took her dripping hand into my mouth. I savored her juices as I sucked her fingers clean.

“You taste so good Lin. I need some more!”

I lay down between her legs and took her fleshy folds between my lips. I worked my fingers and mouth all over her, feasting on her steamy cunt until she had come a couple more times. I finally laid my head on her inner thigh, facing her juicy slit, and watched as her sweet cum drooled out of her tasty hole. I really enjoyed myself as I licked and played with her moist, hairless snatch.

“You sure love to eat pussy, don’t you Mark? I’m glad. You know what you’re doing! By the way, Jason left you a note.”

“A note,” I asked anxiously as I sat up and looked at her. “Where is it?” I opened the sealed envelope and read it quickly.

“Hey Mark, I’m going out for a run. I sure enjoyed your gift last night...and twice again this morning! I’ll be back in about an hour. In the meantime you may want to check on Katie. See you soon. Jason”

“When did you get this?” “I heard him slip it under the door, maybe 10 minutes ago.”

“Okay, come with me!”

I walked to Jason’s bedroom and entered alone as I instructed Lindsey to wait for me outside in the hall. There was my wife, in all her naked glory, kneeling in a very sexy position facing away from me near the edge of the king sized bed. Maybe ‘sexy position’ isn’t the best description of what I saw. Maybe submissive position would be more apropos. Katie was left gagged, blindfolded and bound hand and foot there on the bed. I believe the correct term is “hog tied.” Her ass and pussy were pointing directly at me, as if orchestrated. Jason’s cum was running out of both of her holes. Fuck was it sexy! My hard on was raging! I turned on some music to try and hinder the girls from hearing all that was going to happen.

I walked out into the hall and told Lindsey to “stay put.” When I returned from our room I put a blindfold on her and walked her into the room. As we walked the five steps over to the bed I began to finger fuck her wet hole and asked her, “Are you hungry babe? Would you like your breakfast now?” As soon as the words left my mouth I could feel her cunny flood my fingers with another come.

“Yes, yes I’m hungry,” she said breathlessly. “Give it to me now Mark!”

I made Lindsey kneel by the side of the bed. She didn’t know exactly what she was going to eat but in a second she was going to have a mouthful. I hooked my hand around the inside of my wife’s hip and pulled her back, causing her cum soaked pussy to be lowered onto Lindsey’s open mouth. I didn’t say a word as Lindsey furiously lapped at my wife’s snatch while her nose almost entered her ass hole. Katie screamed almost immediately with a bed-shaking come. This didn’t faze Lindsey in the least as she continued to lick and suck every drop of cum out of Katie’s hot slit. I quickly pulled Lindsey backwards, untied the rope that joined Katie’s hands to her feet, removed her gag, laid her on her stomach and spread her legs. I then placed my hand on the back of Lindsey’s head.

“Open your mouth hon, you’re still hungry!”

I shoved Lindsey’s’ mouth down until her tongue met with Katie’s milk covered rosebud. I told her to eat it. Her mouth completely encircled Katie’s hole and you could hear her sucking, almost like a vacuum, Jason’s hot cream out of her ass. Katie’s body was flailing beneath her mighty intense efforts and she whimpered vociferously as another strong orgasm coursed through her body.

“Now finger fuck her pussy Lindsey...and force your tongue into that tight hole! That’s it! That’s it girl. Make her come again!!!”

I watched as Lindsey went for it. I couldn’t take any more and did the same. I slowly shoved my hard cock into her spectacular pink folds and began to fuck her with total abandon. I took my right hand and began smacking what little ass cheek Lindsey had exposed and the back of her thigh. The smacks were extremely loud and kept in time with every other thrust of my cock as I rammed it into her cunt. I’m not sure who came first but soon we were all coming, one right after the other. It was a great fuck, a great scene.

When I had calmed down a little I went over to Katie, untied her completely and removed her blindfold and rolled her onto her back.

“How’s my girl?”

“Exhausted, excited and ready for more!”

I bent down and kissed her upside down, Spider-man style. “Is that so? Clean my dick bitch!” I lowered my cock between her lips and she gave me a wonderful tongue bath.

“So, do you like Lindsey’s pussy juice?” I asked as she removed every bit of it from my dick.

“Hmmmmmmmm” was her sexy response.

“Well good then. Lindsey babe, Katie wants your cunt. Can you lower it onto her face. Can you do that for me hon?”

Lindsey was beaming with her wicked smile as she licked her pouty lips and said, “Anything for you Mark!”

I moved out of the way as Lindsey’s pussy was lowered and then rested on Katie’s lips. Katie immediately began to eat Lindsey’s cunt and my cum that had filled it. Both women were voicing how pleased they were. It seemed a terrible thing to waste, having my cock so damn close to two pairs of hot, moist lips.

“Suck my shaft as it goes in and out of her cunt Katie. The two of you are going to make me come now!”

They did as instructed. Lindsey was tongue fucking Katie while receiving a double dose of tongue and cock. The tight muscles of Lindsey’s cunt were sucking me in an incredible manner. Damn was she tight. I figured I could help make it even tighter. I spat on her rosebud and gently pushed my middle finger into her ass. My dick could feel it as my finger stroked in and out of her back door and it made her pussy even tighter. Just as I was about to blow my load I could see that Lindsey had also worked a finger into Katie’s ass. Katie was soon breathless, in the middle of a very prolonged come. I joined her as my cum shot into Lindsey's cunt once again. I wailed away, screaming that I was coming. The girls followed right after me. I collapsed, nearly right on top of them, our sweaty bodies mingled together, straining for just a little more oxygen.

It was not yet 9:00 am on Friday and we still had until Sunday evening before it would be time for us to go home. The rest of the weekend was just as memorable.

Perhaps my favorite time was had on Saturday night. Jason and I were lying on our backs side by side on the same bed. Our wives were riding us cowgirl style. The scenery was beyond my wildest dreams as I watched the beauties bounce their way towards our mutual orgasms. Just about the time we were getting close, the girls turned towards each other and began to fondle the other’s breasts. Soon their tongues replaced their fingers. The angle of their bodies created more tension and tightness than usual on our cocks in their bodies. Soon their fingers found the other’s clit and were wreaking havoc on the swollen and sensitive nubs as the passion in their kisses increased. The girls came first and their spasms elicited a tremendous response from our cocks. They kept riding us hard until we shot our cum into their tight pussies. I came and came as I buried my mouth on the hardened nipples and lovely mounds dangling before me, just sucking on the juicy flesh. The feeling was indescribable.

All too soon we were back home and mired in our same old routines. I’ve reflected many, many times on that week and all of my experiences. I still find it hard to believe, it was filled with so much wonder and excitement. The journey was a revelation in what flashes of sensual mounds of flesh, teasing, flirting and seductive innuendo casting, longing and lust can to do over time if injected in small consistent doses. It will utterly capture you and take you to places you always wanted to go but never believed you would.

We’ve talked about vacationing together again soon.

I’m pretty damn sure it’s not just talk.