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Seqel to Punishment....... Test Drive

This is one test drive you will always remember!
Today was an exciting day for you. You have been looking forward to your test drive of the new Subaru WRX sti for months and the time has finally come. You have organised a leisurely day for yourself by taking the whole day off work, you don't want to rush through the test drive..... you want to savour it.

Your booked for 10am and arrive 10 min's early, you walk straight into the showroom. The salesmen are expecting you, they recognise you and stand up to greet you. You shake hands and make small talk about the morning so far and how perfect it is for a test drive. The salesman tells you about where you will take the car for the test drive, Subaru have organised a special trail for the test drive, they give you the information for the course and tell you that you can take as long as you like, you can even do the course more than once if you want (they know you....... of course you will go round more than once!)

The salesmen can see that your growing restless and they offer to show you the new WRX STI, its in the showroom around the corner. You both walk towards the doorway, and just before you enter the room the salesman says to you "oh I nearly forgot, you have a bonus today, a small surprise has been arranged for you" You are genuinely surprised, but chuffed..... what could it be? Looks like today will be better than first thought!

You walk through the doorway alone and come to an abrupt halt when you see me, I'm half sitting on the bonnet of the WRX that your about to take for the test drive "what are you doing here?" you ask me, your beaming at me. Your so happy to see me and walk right up to give me a quick kiss on my lips. "I'm here to make sure you have some fun today. I knew you were coming, so I organised it with the salesman, he was happy to let me come for the drive too" I said with a big smirk. You are grinning with this big sheepish smirk "you really are something you know" you tell me and give me a big squeeze "fuck..... I'm so happy to see you! This is an awesome surprise" you step back and take a long look at me sitting half on the bonnet of the WRX, its a lovely platinum silver and I'm wearing a red cross over top and a black skirt that has worked up my thighs a bit. You take my hand and kiss it while gently pulling me towards you. We embrace for just a few seconds, but it feels like the longest time. While your holding me you are glancing at the car, taking in the changes of the new model, but you cant help noticing there was a distinctive mark where I was sitting on the bonnet, the perfect shape of my pussy had left a lovely warm outline on the shiny bonnet. You realise with that observation that I'm not wearing panties, and you feel a small jolt of energy flash through your groin, "oh yesssssss"..... this was gonna be fun you think to yourself.

You open the passenger door for me and watch me sit in the seat, my skirt was ridding up my thigh again and as I straighten up in my seat, I instinctively pull my skirt down. You have got a wonderful view right down my cross over top, you can see that I'm not wearing a bra either. You look like a little boy on Christmas morning.

You get into the car and we drive out of the showroom. As we pass the salesman he leans towards your window and says "now remember, so long as you stay on the course, you can take as long as you like, and do as many laps as you like, here is my number. Call if you need anything, now get out here and have some fun with the car" he smiles at me and winks at you.

You put your foot down, just a couple of turns and we are on the freeway, you take it to 100 in seconds and I can tell your impressed with the car. You tell me that it has responded quicker than the last model. You can feel big changes with the way the car is driving and the changes are better than you expected.

We head to the course at Gnagarra pine forest, Subaru have set up a 10 km rally track for the genuine enthusiasts to put their new model to the test. It will take us 20 min's to get there. I enjoy watching you drive, you look relaxed and happy. You are watching the road but glance over to me every few seconds and give me one of your cheeky smiles. I reach over and put my hand on your thigh, you put your hand on top of mine and give it a squeeze. You are so happy that I'm here sharing this day with you, your wife isnt interested in your love for rally driving. You are excited to be able to show off a bit, and you can finally show me your prowess behind the wheel and also see how much I like being in the car while you put it through its paces. Your hoping that I'm gutsy enough, you don't intend to go lightly through the course because I'm with you. You want to push this car and see what it is made of! Your hoping that I will like it enough that you can take me on some more rally tracks.

We get to our destination. It looks to be well laid out, and it weaves through some lovely dense forest, and you know that it will be a challenging course. Your pumped and cant wait to hit the track.

The car lurches forwards, one second we are standing still, the next you have flattened the pedal. The car is flying already, I hang on but feel strangely safe with your driving, I can see that your in your element. I am studying your face, the concentration, your eyes locked on the track ahead of you. I can see that this is something else that would give you a hard on........ my mind is ticking away,I cant get the thought of your hard cock out of my head.

You have gone round the track twice now. You are relaxing more because you are now familiar with the track. Now its just the fun of feeling the car and what it can do for you. Your on a high from the first 2 laps, you feel euphoric, "this is as good as sex" you tell me grinning. "Well I don't know about that" I object smiling and letting my nails dig upward on your thigh.

You let the car slow down a bit, and just keep on the course, you can manage the car with one hand. Your left hand wanders to my breast and you cup it with your hand, my nipple goes hard to meet your palm. I look at you, you know that gleam in my eye now and you know I'm plotting to drive you insane with need. I unzip your fly and feel that your already hard. I free your cock from the confines of your jocks. Your cock is standing proudly and your hand sometimes bumps it while you work the steering wheel. I wrap my fingers around the base of your cock and I feel it go harder in my hand, you exhale and let out a little moan and you slow the car even more.

We drive along until we find a nice dense pocket of forest, "this looks good" you say as you pull up the car next to a fallen tree. We are in the shade, its so lovely and quiet after you kill the engine.

You let your head drop back onto the head rest, my hand is still on your cock and you let your eyes close for a minute.... you feel my mouth consuming your cock, the warmth and silky feeling is overwhelming. You cant help but let out a moan. A moan of surprise and pleasure, you hope that I'm not going to stop there. With my other hand I cup your balls as you lift your butt off the seat and pull your pants and jocks down to your feet. I feel your fingers run through my hair while I slide up and down your cock....... slurping and licking at it like it is the best ice block I have ever tasted. You taste and feel great, your cock is feeling harder and longer and I can taste the slight salty taste of pre cum that has snuck out of the tip.

I look at you, your eyes are glued to my face. You look dreamy as I give the tip of your cock a few lashings with my tongue, you respond by grabbing my tit. You have perfect access to both of them with me leaning over you. My breasts are hanging and pleading for some attention from you. I sit up, you take a breast in each of your hands. I look at you, daring you to take off my top..... I don't need to say the words, we both know what the other one is thinking. You undo my top, its just a knot at the front and easily undone. My top is open and draped on either side of my breasts now framed by the soft red fabric.

We kiss hungrily, you have engulfed me in a heated kiss like you are starving, there is urgency. I am kissing you back, I have your short hair around my fingers. I'm pulling on your hair as I kiss you. My hands drop to your shoulders and I dig my nails into your back, you kiss me harder, I can feel my arm brushing your cock.... it is straining proudly begging for some attention too. I break away from your mouth and dive onto your cock. I take your whole cock into my mouth in one swift movement, it takes your breath away...... you damn near blow right then and there. I release your cock and pull your shirt up, I don't care about the buttons. I pull it up over your head and latch onto one of your nipples, I'm sucking and nibbling on your nipple while I twist the other one in my fingers. I go to the other side and do the same, they each get a turn of my mouths hunger.

Your hands have found their way up my skirt, your hands are kneading my arse and your little finger is trying to just graze my moist clam.... ahhh stuff it you think to yourself as you hold me with one hand, you hold me by one arse cheek and the other hand has now greedily plunged into my groin. Your hand is like an octopus, your fingers are like tentacles as they slide over the outers of pussy, priming and poking all over my soft warm mound. Your fingers have been rewarded by my sweet silky juice, but you haven't buried your fingers deep into me yet...... you are trying to make me wait for it.... you want to hear me beg for you.

You wish you had the strength to just tease me, payback for the cruel punishment that I served in your office the other day. Your balls have only just settled down after days of jacking off since my unexpected first meeting with you.

I give my clit a bit of a rub with my finger, she is swollen and moist, even the slightest touch is magical. I let my finger get nice and wet from her juice and I rub your lips with my finger, you lick you lips in appreciation, "mmmmmmmmm" you say as you start kissing me.

Your hands are still working my swollen pussy lips as you pull the lever to recline my seat and I let it fall back and obligingly lay back with it. You pull my legs wide apart, you want a good look at me. I am laying on my back, one foot on the dash and one foot on the steering wheel. You rub my pussy slowly inhaling the sweet aroma of my ripe gash while suckling on my tit. I'm stroking you cock with my right hand while you work on me, I'm moaning for you to keep going.

You turn your attentions to my pussy, your frantically feasting on me.... your hard tongue is digging into my depths, you love the taste of my sweet nectar and your nose and face are rubbing all over my gash while you are digging into me with your tongue. I'm writhing in ecstasy, this cant get any better surely not....... you feel amazing!

I pull your cock towards me, I want to suck on it while you pleasure me. You let your body follow your cock, by now you are half over the centre console with your face buried in my pussy, and I have your hard cock in my mouth. I am sucking on you long and hard then alternating with sucking and stroking with my hand while I suck each ball into my mouth and swirl my tongue around them. You are quivering and your poor legs are straining in the confined position we are in.

I suggest we get out of the car, and we do. You kick off your pants completely, my skirt around my waist. You take off my top that is just hanging off my shoulders and lay it on the bonnet of the car for me to lean back. I lay on the bonnet with one foot on the ground while you hold my other leg in the air over your shoulder, you bend over to continue on your feast laying before you again. Your tongue is all over my clit, you have fingers in and out of me while you are ravaging my pussy. I'm so horny! I feel like I'm floating, I am pulling at my nipples, twisting and pinching them, I am running my fingers through your hair and pulling on your ears and clawing at the back of your neck. I feel I'm losing control.

I am in your control now, so long as you keep pleasuring me I will be your slave! You feel too good!

I push you off me and stand up, I sit you on the fallen tree nearby, its the perfect height for me. I help you lay back and I straddle you with a leg on each side of the tree, and I take your cock into my mouth again. I am able to roll your balls in my hands while I suckle on your fine specimen, my heart is singing and my pussy is gapping for you to fill it.

My pussy is only inches from your face and you pull my arse down to meet your face. I'm literally sitting on your face, you are gorging on my pussy and drinking my juices, your tongue is making promises to my clit about the sweet things its gonna make me feel. I start to bob up and down on your tongue and slide back and forth a little, your whole tongue is stroking my pussy with her lips wide apart and I can feel the width of your tongue, the smoothness of your face and your hot breath on her.... it feels amazing... I'm gonna need your cock in there soon!

I cant take it anymore, I need your hard cock inside me. I stand up over you and move down to your cock. I squat over you and let your hard throbbing cock slip into me, we both gasp at the same time. "oh my god, that feels too good!" I'm like a puppet on your cock. I have my back to you. You half sit up and hold my tits from behind while I milk your cock with my pussy, I'm stroking him long and hard. We are like a well oiled machine together, built to accommodate each other,we are the perfect fit! After a few minutes of sliding up and down your well lubed cock you cup my arse cheeks with your hand and lift me to a standing position, you lean me forward and you rub my clit while you lick my pussies gaping hole from behind... occasionally you let your tongue stray past my pussy and continue up my arse and that makes me tremble. You stand up and take me back to the car and you lean me over the bonnet of the WRX..... you drive your cock into me from behind with force, you have my arse cheeks in each of your hands and pulling them apart while you are driving into my pussy, hard and fast. You are going so hard at it that I can only take shallow breaths. I can feel your balls banging the front of my pussy and it feels divine, don't stop... keep going baby, fuck you feel good.

I can feel your cock get even harder... you are close to blowing your load. You stop to rest for a few seconds and I roll onto my back, you enter me again and I wrap my legs around your waist. You pick me up holding me by my arse cheeks and I can feel one of your finger tips resting on my arse hole.... not penetrating, but some pressure on it and that just makes it even more tantalising. I wrap my arms around your neck and we kiss feverishly, a white hot kiss. We are sweating from the energy we have used on each other. You carry me to the side of the car and lean me against the side, my legs are still around your waist and you are rhythmically sliding around inside me, your rock hard cock feels so hot inside me.

The cold metal of the car against my back and the heat of your torso crushing into the front of me, our sweat has fused my tits to your chest... you stiffen... you groan... your load is coming. Its a huge load, you keep thrusting it into me, my pulsating and contracting pussy will milk every last drop out of you. We kiss long and hard, your body stops rocking, but your cock is still inside me. You carry me over to a nice patch of grass where we lay down as one.

Still joined with you holding me tight, we lay there totally spent for ages, feeling your cock soften and slide out of me, with your juices dribbling slowly out of me. Your face is nestled into the crook of my neck gently sucking and nibbling on my ear and neck... "ahhhhh this is bliss, I wish we could stay like this forever?" I chime softly, I tell you. "mmmmm" you say..."im thinking about how different today might have been if I had brought my wife". You give me a squeeze...... at last, we have joined up physically. We have made love so many times mentally, in dreams, emails and online. Today was everything we could have imagined, surprisingly it was even better than we could have hoped for. What's next? you wonder, and smile to yourself when you feel a twang in your sleeping cock.

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