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Seven Year Itch

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Wife has been married for seven years and has an affair with her first love.

Jason kissed Veronica on the cheek and stroked her hair.  Then whispered in her ear "I love you".  She whispered back "I love you too".  She told him that she would be meeting a couple of friends for drinks after work.  Jason never minded when she went out with her friends he just winked and drove away.  She watched him as he drove away and thought is this how this is going to be ever day for the rest of my life?  What am I missing? She could get this off her mind while she was getting ready for work.  They had been married for seven years and not one big fight so she shouldn't complain but still she felt like she was missing something.  Then the "what if' s" ran thru her mind.  They had got married right after he graduated from college and Veronica had just graduated from high school.  She had only dated one other guy besides Jason.  His name was Doug and he was a rebel.   

Her mind started to drift while she was fixing her hair back to the first time she had sex with Doug.  He was a mechanic always working on cars.  She remember that day he smelled like grease and metal.  That smell drove her wild.  Veronica walked to his shop where he worked and he was under a car.  He always knew when she walked into the room and would yell "hey good looking".  She liked that he knew when she walked into the room.  Today he was working on his 1956 chevy.  It was a his pride and joy.  Veronica liked watching him work on his car.   He came out from under the car and grabbed like he hadn't seen her for months.  He kissed her passionately letting his tongue slip in her mouth.  She knew she needed him more than anything that day so they left there and went to his place.  He made love to her so tender and passionately.  It was just like you wanted your first time to be. 

Her mind snapped out of the moment to the ringing of her phone.  It was her friend Patty making sure she still wanted to get together for drinks.  She told her yes and hung up the phone.  Getting ready for work was a chore and it was hard to concentrate all day.

They met up at her favorite place.  It was a local dance club/bar.  They had cheap drinks and good music.  She was telling Patty about her feelings and Patty told her it was the seven year itch.  Okay that made sense to her.  Just then her eyes drifted across the bar to a guy in the corner.  Could it be?  Could be him after all these years?  She explained to Patty what she saw.  Patty told her to go talk to him so she did.

All the way over there she couldn't help but think how weird is this.  He recognized her right away and gave her a big hug.  She noticed he still smelled like grease and metal.  Great this was not what she needed was the thought that popped into her mind.  She invited him to sit with them.  Patty said she had to go and Veronica kicked her on the way out.  Patty just smiled and winked as she walked out the door.  They talked about old times and he said that he had finished the 1956 Chevy.  He asked her if she wanted a ride.  She thought I can't I'm married.  What would Jason think?  She decided to go for that ride and she would tell Jason in the morning.  He would be fine with that.  They ended up at his shop that he still worked at after all these years.  Doug looked her in the eyes and said "do you ever wonder what would have happened if we had got married"?  Veronica grabbed him and said "yes".  Her reached over and kissed.  She was shocked but didn't stop him.  Doug grabbed her and kissed her again with that passionate way she longed for.  His hand drifted to her thigh and up to her breast.  She stroked his hair and then grazed his back.  He massaged her breast and unbuttoned her shirt.  She found his bulging pants and started to rub her hand on them.  Doug unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off while sucking on her nipples like he was breast feeding.  Veronica squealed with delight because it felt so good.  He pulled her pants down and started to tongue lick her clit while massaging her breasts.  His fingers entered her pussy hole and she squealed with delight again.  She hadn't remembered the last time Jason had touched her with that much passion.  She yelled "deeper".  She pushed him up and said it is my turn to make you squeal.  She grabbed his dick and sucked on it with so much passion that he was squirming in his seat.  She massaged his beautiful shaft and sucked on it like a lollipop.  He asked to bend over so he could see her ass in the air.  What is a girl to do but to do what he asks.  So she bent over and stuck her beautiful ass in the air.  He shoved his dick in to her pussy and pumped her good while massaging her ass hole.  They both squealed with delight and he shot his load on her ass.  Then they collapsed and talked about how she was going to explain this to her husband.  Now that's another story.

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