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Sex is Better Than Sports Center

A perfect date. Or was it?

Here is a quick story based on true events (of course with some embellishments). I am always trying to improve so feedback and votes are appreciated. I walked into the house and heard my wife on the phone. She was profusely thanking someone and sounded downright giddy. As she hung up, she had the biggest smile on her face as she came over to give me a peck on the cheek.

"You'll never guess what? I talked my sister into coming over to baby sit a week from Saturday. In 10 days, you have a date, mister. An adult dinner date, no cutting anyone's food, no meals with toys, no menus you color on. Just you and me, dressed to the nines." She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. She nuzzled her head into my neck and I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest as I was sure she could feel my developing hard-on press into her abdomen.

"I thought we were cutting back, skimping on non essentials?" I asked her while not letting her go. Times were tough with the economy but we had to cut back on what she called the "non essentials". Cable, movies, internet, dinners out.

She pulled her head back and looked me deep into my eyes. "I know you have been busting your ass at work. I have been scrimping and saving for several months, collecting change, recycling, whatever I can to save enough for dinner. I have the restaurant picked out. It's that great steak place you always talk about. I have a dress, you need to wear a suit. No kids, no work, nothing but us."

I could feel her nipples start to press into my chest as she moved one hand to cup my ass and her mouth to kiss me. Our lips touched and my excitement grew. I was sure she could feel it as she moaned softly as her lips opened and our tongues mingled. I grabbed one of her ass cheeks and slid my hand down her thigh. I started to raise her leg when...

"Mom, mom!" interrupted our kiss. She mouthed later to me as we separated and one of our children took her attention. I think my wife is pretty amazing but she takes the girl next door look to extremes when she is dealing with our kids. Her beauty seems to shine brighter during those tender times.

Later came and we were both exhausted. It was late and we knew we would have to be up early the next day. As often happens when she is in the mood but has not a lot of energy, she was laying in bed with her back to me as I crawled in. I've always been a naked sleeper and converted her not too long ago. The sight of her bare breasts and naked ass inviting me to spoon had me hard once again. I moved up right behind her and started to kiss her shoulder and neck. My hand massaged her should where I was kissing her, down her arm and found its way to her naked breast. Smooth and full, I could feel her nipple becoming excited as I stroked her. My cock was nestled in between her ass cheeks and she ground her ass into me. Not big on anal play, she lifted her leg and reached between them and grabbed my shaft. She stroked my cock between her pussy lips, I could feel her juices coat me as she swayed her pelvis forwards and back. Her lips massaging my shaft and her mouth gasped when my head stroked her clit. After a few strokes, her fingers held my head against her clit and wiggled it side to side. She moaned and gasped and I could feel her twitching slightly at the mini orgasm she gave herself.

Nice and wet, she took my tool and impaled her pussy into her deepest folds. She was so slick I slid all 7 and ½ inches of my shaft balls deep into her. Whether it was aftershocks from her previous climax or a new one, her folds pressed and massaged and spasmed around my cock. She was so tight I knew I wouldn't last long. I tried to slowly thrust into her but she was increasing her thrusts. I heard a familiar hum and knew she had her vibrator on high. I grabbed her hip and started to piston in and out of her. My hand moved from her breast to her clit as did her vibrator. She started moaning and then she came and came hard. She squirted as she came, her legs flexed, her pussy thrust one final hard thrust into me. Her free hand was clenching the bed sheets and she was panting. Her pussy was clenching my cock and she moved the vibrator to the base of my shaft. I could not contain myself and released my spunk. Jet after jet sprayed into her vault and soon began to leak out of her along with her own fluids.

Both panting and out of breath, I held her until I fell asleep. I know I had softened some after I climaxed but she was so tight and so sensual, I was still inside her when the alarm went off the next morning. Morning wood allowed me to start up where I had left off the previous night. Gently swirling her clit in my fingers, she orgasmed once again but then her alarm went off and she realized she was running late. "Thanks for last night and this morning but I'm running late," she purred at me. "You can join me in the shower," she whispered as she grabbed my shaft and led me into the bathroom. Since she was in a hurry, she soaped herself up while I did the same. After I was cleaned, she bent over and started to suck and kiss my purple head while stroking it with her hand. She pulled her head back and got into a great rhythm with her hands. When I told her I was close, she squatted in front of me. I closed my eyes and I squirted my load onto her breasts. My legs felt weak and I barely notice her get out of the shower. She was already half dry when her voice snapped me out of my euphoria. "Hey, don't be long. You have to get to work soon."

By the time I cleaned myself and got out, she was almost ready. A quick peck on the cheek and she was off to get the kids up and ready for school. I stood there and watched her walk away, her ass swaying just perfectly. I was a lucky man to have married her. She stood about 5'5" and was about 120 pounds. I loved her breasts but she thought having kids stretched them too much. They were a perfect 36 B with nipples as thick as thimbles. When she was at the height of passion, her breasts swelled and firmed up and her nipples throbbed. Depending on her mood, I could bring her to climax just by sucking on her tits. Her waist was completely sensual, small enough for me to wrap both my arms around her waist when I hugged her. I loved her ass but she did not so like it as much as I did. She had wide hips but her ass was perfectly rounded. She could fill a pair a jeans and when she bent over, I always had the naughtiest daydreams. I loved it when she walked or when I grabbed it as I thrust into her. She had a short torso which meant most of her height was her legs, shapely from her history of high school sports and more recently a jazz dance class she attended. They looked fantastic but when she wore heels, they were the envy of any lady in the room and the root of naughty thoughts from the men. She was a mother but she was sexy as hell and I loved going out with her and seeing the other guys checking her out. They would never get the chance to kiss her soft lips or gaze into her green eyes. I realized I was stroking myself just thinking about her but I had to get moving to help get the kids off to school and myself to work. Getting dressed quickly, I was relieved that my hard on had subsided enough to put on my slacks without much discomfort. Everybody got to where they needed to go that day but my focus was still on that morning's shower.

The next Saturday could not come fast enough but finally it arrived. My wife had a gold metallic goddess dress with a fairly low open back. I had bought it for her for her last birthday and it is was as much a gift for me as it was for her. Not to be crude thinking about my wife, but she looked banging hot in that dress. I was wearing a suit waiting for her to finish getting ready. ESPN always helps calm my nerves before a big date. The kids were downstairs playing as we had already said good night to them when her sister arrived. I let her in and she went upstairs to help my wife finish getting ready after I thanked her profusely. I could hear them laughing and talking and knew it could take a while so I went back to the sports highlights. Sports Center for me is relaxing and helped me stay calm as I waited patiently.

I had bought her a garter belt for her nylons. I had told her earlier in the week that I had always fantasized about taking her out with no panties or thong on and hoped she would comply with my wish. She had a beautiful pussy which she shaved completely. This was a daily source of my fantasies about her. No one would expect her to shave, it just seemed out of character for her, a little naughty. But she did and told me she did it initially just to see my reaction. I licked and sucked her to orgasm so many times that night that she continued to shave as a secret tease to me.

My sister-in-law came down the stairs and said my wife would be right down. A few last minute instructions to her and she went downstairs to the kids. Checking out the box scores I heard my wife coming down the stairs. Wow was the only word I could muster but it came out more like a grunt. She looked amazing. The dress clung to her breasts and highlighted her curves in all the right ways. She had black nylons that outlined her legs. Depending on how she stepped, the tops of the nylons were sometimes just visible from under her dress. Her legs looked like dynamite in her 3 inch heels. I was instantly aroused and sported a tent which did not go unnoticed by her.

"You look so sexy," I said to her as I stepped over to her and offered her my hand to help her down the last couple of steps.

"You clean up pretty well yourself," she softly replied. Her perfume sensually arousing me even more. She rubbed her hand across my stiffening member. "We'll take care of this later. Let's go, I'm starving."

We headed out to the restaurant. It was a bit of a drive but we were happy to be able to talk without interruption. I could not help but notice how high the bottom of her dress rode up her leg, I could clearly see the top of her nylons and some of her bare flesh above. She caught me peeking.

"Do you like what you see?" I nodded like a little school boy given some candy. "Here, see if you like this." As she spoke, she raised her right leg onto the dash board and turned her hips slightly towards me. Using both hands, she began to caress her thighs moving higher and higher revealing her creamy flesh above her stockings. And then I saw the mother lode, her clean shaven pussy with a glint of moisture between her lips. She wasn't wearing any panties. Oh god did I get harder than I was.

"Where is my wife and what have you done with her?" I playfully asked knowing it was completely against her nature to go without any undergarments.

"Well, I don't have to show you anything and we could go home if it is too much for you to handle." She took her leg off the dash and readjusted her dress. The tone in her voice was mostly playful but also a little serious, like she might have crossed the line, might have shocked me too much.

"No, no! Don't stop on my account. It has always been a fantasy of mine to take you out some place fancy but with you not having any panties on at all. Makes me incredibly hard and horny."

"A fantasy, huh? So tell me what you want to see in this fantasy," she whispered as she put her leg back on the dash and flashed her pussy at me.

My mind was exploding. If I pushed too much, pushed her past her comfort zone too much, she may pull back and all would be lost. If I played this just right, the night would be mine, an event to savor forever.

"Well, first, the night starts with you looking incredible, like you do now. No panties or thong, just thigh high stockings, held up with a garter. You show me that you are already getting excited by the moisture forming at your slit." She scooted her ass forward a bit to give me a better glimpse. "Then you take one finger and slowly slide it up and down one of labia and then switch it to the other. Your eyes close and you start using two fingers, one on each side. After several strokes, you circle your clit for a few seconds and then go back to massaging your lips." As I spoke, she followed exactly what I said as if she were following instructions or hypnotized. Her slit widened as she became more stimulated and as we passed under the street lights, her pussy glistened. "Using your index and ring finger, you massage your lips some more and then plunge your middle finger deep into your folds. You stroke your finger in and out a few times, becoming more wet. You now insert all three fingers into your sopping vault. As you stroke yourself in and out, the squelch of your juices makes me harder. I can feel a damp spot in my boxer briefs from the precum that is forming."

She continued to follow my voice, stroking herself and starting to pick up the tempo a little. She is moaning and breathing faster. Her face looks flushed a little. Her fingers working her folds into a frenzy. I decide to push her to do something that she has never done. "Slowly, you take your fingers out of your pussy and bring them to your mouth. You start to suck and lick them. Your hips are writhing in excitement as you taste yourself for the first time, as you finally savor the sensation I have when I eat you out." She looked at me with her eyebrows raised as if to ask "Seriously?" She looked to my crotch and noticed the huge bulge. She closed her eyes and continued to stroke herself, writhing and moaning even more. I tried to quickly think how to regroup the fantasy as I see she has come out of her trance. She just sat for second, hesitating, not sure what to do.

And then, it happened. Tentatively, slowly, she removes her fingers from her folds and moves them closer to her mouth. Her tongue darts out to take the first taste and all time is frozen. She hesitates just another second and then licks her fingers more. Finally, she is sucking them all into her mouth and her hips are gyrating even more. Without instruction, she dips her fingers back into her honey pot, strokes herself several times and then sucks them off. I nearly come just from watching her. She thrust her fingers in one last time and uses her thumb to rub her clit and she comes and comes hard. Her hips are lifting off the seat thrusting into her fingers as her fingers delve deep into her folds. As she comes down, she realizes she came when we were at a stoplight. As she opened her eyes and looked out the window, a middle aged man in a minivan is intently looking at her, obviously excited. A little embarrassed, but feeling horny, she takes her fingers and draws a heart on the window with her juices and then sucks them clean. He shuddered and his eyes closed and I think he came just by watching her. I know I nearly did.

I handed her some tissue to clean her herself. As she wiped her juices from her tingling pussy, she looked at me with a naughty grin. "Why didn't you tell me we had an audience?" I just shrugged. "I've never done anything like that before. I came pretty hard. Your words had me hanging for what I should do next. I was getting wetter just anticipating the next part. You had me in some erotic zone and then I just lost myself." She shook her head a little and took a deep breathe.

"Did it turn you on more when you found out you had a fan?"

"A little, I guess. I just tried to shock him at the end. I think he squirted himself. I don't think having him watch me turned me on but I feel sexier knowing what I did to him."

"That was quite a performance. I nearly came myself."

She smiled a very naughty smile. "I was going to help you out with that but here we are." Timing was everything and we just pulled up to the restaurant. I pulled up to the valet station and they opened her door and helped her out of the van. As I walked around to her side, the valet had his hand on the small of her back and she was giggling. I looked at him warily but he spoke up right away, "You have a very lovely date tonight sir, she just seemed a little unsteady on her heels. Didn't want her to fall back. You folks have a lovely dinner." As he spoke I took her arm and we began to walk into the restaurant.

Our table was not quite ready yet so I told her to go to the bar and I needed to use the restroom. My erection had subsided mostly but I had some readjustments to perform. As I entered the bar area and began searching for my wife. She was surrounded by a half dozen men, all clambering for her attention. As I approached, she was glowing. "Sorry fellas, here's my husband," she announced as she handed me a rum and coke and picked up a glass of wine. "Thanks for the drinks."

"Come on, the hostess said our table was ready," I said as we walked away from her new fan club. I started to get a little jealous so I asked her, "What was that all about?"

"Well, I went to the bar like you said and I sat down. Then those guys sort of swarmed me and one offered to buy me a drink so I asked for a glass of wine. Another said he felt left out and wanted to buy the next round. I knew you wouldn't be long so I got a drink for you, too." She talked as if it was normal to have 6 guys swarm her and she had a certain innocence in her voice that led me to believe she thought their intentions were pure. I helped her with her chair and she continued, "Anyway, I figured free drinks would save us on the bill."

"Um... honey, if I hadn't come along, those guys would have tried to get you drunk and take advantage of you."

"Really?" she sounded surprised. "Do you think they thought I was sexy? Were they really trying to seduce me?" She asked in such a manner that I did not know if she was serious or just kidding but when I saw her glance at the bar area and then smile, I knew she was playing them and now trying to play me.

"Yeah. You look sexy as hell tonight." As I spoke, I couldn't help but notice quite a few men in the restaurant were looking at her.

Our waiter appeared and began to tell of the specials. He payed just enough attention to her to make her feel special but not too much to irritate me. Usually I am not the jealous type but she looked so amazing that it was hard not to a little protective. Dinner was fabulous. Her steak was cooked perfectly and the shrimp and steak combo meal I ordered was delicious. While we were enjoying the meal and each others company, she would grab my hand and dip it under her skirt and into her wet slit. Then she would lick her juices off my finger or offer it to me. I was hard throughout the meal especially as she would reach down and stroke my shaft through my slacks. The conversation started about kids and work and such but moved onto better thoughts. We talked about how sexy she looked, how much we needed to regain our couplehood back from the reality of kids and work. She said it bugged her a little that that my smile had lost some its sparkle unless we were both naked and the kids were in bed. I conveyed that I miss the way she used to touch me. We both agreed that we needed more time together, no matter how tired we were.

As we finished dinner, the manager came by and asked how things were. I stood and whispered to him that the food was impeccable but that my wife and I needed to finish a conversation that might get a little heated. I quickly explained that I did not want to ruin the ambience of the dining room nor did I want to drive during the conversation. He nodded his and said we could use his office. I helped my wife out of her chair and took her hand. She looked at me quizzically. I just whispered "Trust me." He told us to take all the time we needed as he closed the door to his office.

She turned to me, looking confused and angry, and asked, "What the hell is going on?"

But before she could finish, I kissed her full on the mouth. I sucked in her bottom lip and then her top lip and when I felt her melt into me, I thrust my tongue in her mouth. She started kissing me back, our tongues intertwined and dancing with each other. I broke the kiss and started to kiss her cheek and then her neck. I made my way to her ear and as I nibbled her lobe, I whispered, "You look so sexy tonight. The way those men were looking at you, the way you looked at me, the way you teased me and the way you tasted. I need to have you now, I can't wait until we get home. I want you NOW." I kissed her deeply again and she moaned as my hand reached under her dress and lightly brushed over her slit. She was slick and I plunged two of my fingers into her folds. The sounds of my fingers squishing in and out of her pussy and the taste of her kiss were driving me crazy. I led her over to the couch and had her straddle the arm rest, her ass in the air, one leg on the floor and one leg on the couch. Her lips were open and inviting, her pink folds swollen and throbbing. As I undid my slacks to free my cock, I leaned down and licked her opening. She moaned and writhed and I realized as she moved, she was rubbing her clit onto the couch. She tasted so sweet and I plunged my tongue deep into her.

She started to climax, her legs quivered and she moaned "oh my god" a few times. I pulled my tongue back and replaced it with my cock. First, I just put it at the opening and then put my swollen head just inside her . She groaned and thrust back but I moved back to just keep the head inside. "Put it in, I want to feel your cock buried deep inside me." She thrust back again and again I matched her moves. "Now. I need it in me NOW." I knew she was on the verge of cuming so I grabbed her hips and sank my entire 7 and ½ inches in one thrust. I had thought since she was so wet, it would slide right in but her folds were spasming and contracting and she was so damn tight. She had started her climax as soon as I had started to enter her. I could feel her vault contracting and pulsing around my throbbing cock. It felt like I was making love to her for the first time again, just raw passion and lust. I held my cock fully in her for a few seconds as her contractions started to wane a little. I pulled nearly all the way out and thrust back into her, slow out and hard in, my balls slapping the edge of the arm rest. As I my cock slid in and out of her, I used her hips to grind her clit into the couch.

She was on fire. Her pussy was getting tighter and tighter with each thrust. I could feel her ass clenching and quivering. "oh my god, ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh." She could do nothing but moan and her breath was little more than short pants in between her moans. I kept using the entire length of my shaft to pierce her wet fold but I stood on my toes to angle my cock down a little. I could feel the softness of her g spot rubbing the tip of my head as it passed over it. She was cuming and cuming intensely now, her pussy leaking fluids, her moans increasing. I increased the speed of my thrusting. Every sense was stimulated. The smell of her juices became an aphrodisiac, the sight of her ass clenching and unclenching, her legs quivering heightened her sensuality, the sound of my flesh slapping into her ass increased the eroticism of the moment, the taste of her pussy from dinner lingered in my mouth and made me pump faster, the feel of her folds massaging my shaft, squeezing my throbbing cock increased how hard I felt. All of it was more than I could handle. I kept pumping through her orgasm, thrusting through her climax and took her to a peak not previously felt. I grabbed her hips and thrust as deep as I could. My balls tightened, soaked in her juices, they tightened big time and I unleashed a torrent of juices deep into her. My cock throbbed and twitched with each spurt of cream I unleashed in her sending her even higher. She was quivering and moaning like I've never heard and then just started to twitch a little.

After releasing my load, I should have softened but she was still convulsing and gripping my shaft and I didn't. I was out of breath and panting and her breathes were even shorter than mine. I did manage to finally pull out of her with a squishy pop and flopped on the couch. She quivered a few more moments and I could see my seed leaking from her puffy slit. I handed her some tissues and she wiped herself as she rolled onto to couch. Her face was flushed and her upper lip was glistening from sweat. I pulled my slacks back on as my legs recovered from the effort. Just in time, too. I heard a knock on the door and just cracked it a little. The manager asked if we needed anything and I asked for 2 glasses of water. Still not opening the door more than a little, I expressed my gratitude for the water and for the use of his office. I told him we would only need a few more minutes and he just told me to take my time.

Handing a glass of water to my wife, she greedily guzzled it down. "My throat was parched. Thanks for the water. Oh my god, I don't think I've climaxed like that before. I am still tingling. That was amazing." She smiled dreamily up at me and I kissed her soft on her lips. "We need to eat here more often," she joked as I helped her to her feet. She was a bit unsteady at first but after a couple of deep breaths and a couple of steps, she regained her composure enough to walk and only had to lean a little on me for support.

As we made our way through the restaurant, we were greeted by the manager and again profusely thanked him for his hospitality. Her kissed her hand and said "Anything for such a beautiful woman. You, sir, are a lucky man." And I knew it. While we were waiting for the valet to pull our van around, one of the men from the bar, the one who bought her the wine, approached. Obviously having more liquid courage in him than before.

"What are going home with this loser for? I've got 8 inches of manhood that will rock your world." He swayed a little as he spoke. I was about to say something but my wife shook me off. She took a couple of steps towards him and took her finger and rolled her tongue around the tip and then sucked it into her mouth. His eyes bulged like she was sucking his cock and I could see the desire in his eyes.

My wife, in a low sexy voice, spoke to him, "It has always been my experience that men overestimate their capabilities." She reached down and grabbed his cock which was erect by all estimates. She stroked it a little and the moved her hand to his balls and fondled them. "You, sir, and I use that term loosely, feel to be only about half the man you think you are." And then she squeezed his balls as hard as she could. "If you think that line would work on any woman, you obviously are as little of a prick as you own." A slight twist of her wrist caused his eyes to bulge even further and then he went down, gasping for air. She sauntered back towards me and as our car had pulled up, we headed out the door.

As we drove away, she had a sly smile on her face.

I asked, "What was that all about?"

"Oh, he was rude and drunk and stupid. I guess I was still feeling the effects of you inside me and I thought I should put him in his place. I know you would have but I'm still horny as hell and didn't want you to act brashly and ruin the night."

"I don't know what to say. Definitely out of your comfort zone but sexy as hell the way you took him down." She just smiled at me and nodded her head slightly. "I'm curious, though, what did he feel like when you grabbed him? Did that turn you on a little?"

"I don't know how to answer that...." She trailed off in mid thought.

"Look, just answer honestly. My feeling won't get hurt. Did it turn you on a little to hold some else's cock, even through his clothes?"

She sighed and looked out the window and then turned back towards me before answering. "It felt a little exciting. I think he exaggerated a little but he seemed pretty solid. I think I was more turned on by the thought that I excited him and not as much that I was holding him. Though when I stroked him, I was curious, just for a tiny second, what it might look like or feel like. It was just for a tiny second until I realized that even if it was the best cock ever, it was attached to an asshole. The thrill of getting him hard by the way I look is a bigger turn on for me than the thrill of getting him off physically."

She looked a little worried as she spoke but she needn't be. I started to smile and looked at her eyes. She was sexy and innocent and pure at that moment, letting the truth hang in between us for a moment.

She started to speak, "I know that mind of yours and you can forget it. You already know my feelings about threesomes and it ain't gonna happen and I don't want to screw some other guy while you watch." She thought she knew me but was off base on this one.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Isn't that every guy's fantasy, a threesome? If it is 2 girls and a guy, it is all about the guy and if it is 2 guys and a girl it is all about fulfilling the girls desires. Either way, someone gets left out and I think feelings would be irreparably damaged."

"Look," I told her, "I know a lot of husbands fantasize about having their wives get screwed while they watch. I don't. Maybe I think that if you like them better, you might leave me or at the very least make it a regular thing and I would feel inadequate. Honestly, I have fantasized about you and another woman but only with me watching. I think it would be very erotic to watch another woman pleasure you and watch you touch another woman but I would not engage her intimately for fear of making you feel insecure or inadequate." She looked at me with a curious grin on her face as I continued. "I am turned on when another guy gives you a second look or some attention. It does make me feel lucky but you are the only one I ever want to have sex with."

Her smile turned more seductive and she reached over and stroked my semi rigid cock into a full mast hard on. She whispered, "I can't wait to get you home and help you out with this." As luck would have it, we arrived home in just a few minutes.

The kids were in bed and her sister was watching TV on the couch. I thanked her as I raced upstairs to hide my erection. My wife saw her sister to the door and came upstairs to our room where I was already naked and hiding behind the door. As soon as she stepped into the room, I grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head as I backed her into the wall. I kissed her fiercely. I pulled her arms a little higher so she was standing on her toes. Initially, she resistant but in a few moments of kissing she melted into me. I released her arms and immediately grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me and I thrust my raging cock into her wet slit. She was a little tight but I thrust ball's deep in one motion. Her ass bounced against the wall when I thrust and she groaned in delight. I was lustful and I wanted her hard and now. I battered my cock in and out of her pussy, pounding her ass into the wall and rubbed her clit into a frenzy. She had her started her climax and wrapped her legs around me so tight that I couldn't really thrust any more but just pinned her to the wall and was grinding my pelvis up and down over her clit.

I was kissing her as hard as I was screwing her. She could only moan into my mouth which heightened my passion. She finally broke the kiss and moaned so loud I thought she would wake the neighbors. Her fingers had been clawing into my back and now she had them gripped onto my shoulders. Her legs were shaking and she was shaking her head back and forth and screaming "Aahhhhhhhhh!" over and over. I could feel her juices running down my sack and my legs. Suddenly she let go of my shoulders and grabbed the bottom of her dress. I eased away from the wall a little as she pulled it over her head and threw it to the floor. She arched her back to brace her shoulders against the wall and started to grind me back. In an instant her bra was off and on the floor next to her dress. All she could manage to say was, "Bed. Now. Hard."

My legs were shaking a little from the thrusting but I found renewed energy. With her still impaled on my shaft and her legs wrapped tightly around me, I made my way to the bed. Her face was flushed and she was looking at me with pure lust. Her bare breasts were full and her nipples were throbbing. All she wore at this point were her garter and stockings. My cock still buried deep into her folds. I grabbed her ankles and brought them both to my shoulders. "Hard" was the only instruction that flashed in my mind. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and started to pump her. Her climax started to crescendo again as she thrashed under my assault. Her hands were gripping the bed sheets. Sweat was dripping down my brow. Her chest was glistening from her sweat. And yet, I continued to thrust. Her ass was hanging slightly off the bed and my balls kept slapping her ass with each thrust.

I flipped her over to take her from behind. Her ass in the air, her cheeks spread to reveal her puckered rose and her pussy swollen and throbbing. I could not resist her sweet juices. I thrust my tongue into her folds and she spasmed almost immediately. She didn't just gush but she squirted my face and I was in heaven. I needed release and it was coming soon. I grabbed her hips and thrust my shaft deep into convulsing pussy. I held it as deep as I could and felt every twitch, every contraction, every spasm. It all started to subside but I would have none of that. I pulled out and slammed back into her, my sack swinging into her clit. Using my hips to thrust into her and pulling her hips back to have her thrust back at me, I penetrated her deeper and harder than ever before. Her folds started to contract once more .

Slap, our bodies meeting, "ooohhhhhhhhhh!", her mouth betraying the pleasure she was feeling. Slap, "aaaahhhhhhhh!", Slap, "oooohhhhhhhh!". Slap, slap, slap, "Ohhhh, ahhhhh, OOohhhhh mmmmyyyy gggaaaawwwwwwd!" I thrust one last time into her quivering hole and tickled her cervix. My dick didn't just twitch, it jumped and spurted its hot spunk deep inside her. Jump after jump after jump, slowing down to twitch after twitch. Ten, eleven, twelve spurts and I was drained. I had never cum so hard or so much before but I had never seen my wife so sexy before. I only lasted as long as I did by thinking of those men at the bar. Imagining they were the ones watching made me want to last as long as possible so they could see they could not perform as well. A little perverse but the effect was worth it.

My legs felt like water from my exertion and so I crawled onto the bed and lay down so my waist was in front of her face. She was still panting and her legs were still visibly shaking. I started to doze off after just watching her for a while. Her eyes closed, her face moist from her exertion. Her naked body satisfied. I felt her hand around my softened cock. It had done its duty and now lay in slumber. Then I felt her mouth engulf me and it started to stand at attention. I could feel the warmth of her mouth, the swirl of her tongue, the cool slickness of her saliva as she brought me back to life. I was semi rigid when she buried her nose in my pelvis and became fully erect inside her mouth. She bobbed her head slightly as she occasionally gagged. It felt more sensual than her pussy, softer, sweeter.

She crawled on top of me and straddled my legs. She grabbed my throbbing erection and eased it into her slit again. She thrust up and down several times and then she would grind her clit against my pelvis. Thrust, grind, thrust, grind. Her nipples were drilling into my chest. She kissed me soft the then whispered in my ear, "Now that we had sex, make love to me. Love me slow and sweet." I almost came right then and probably would have if I hadn't just emptied my balls enough for the next three days. She had a few mini orgasms and I did finally come and we fell asleep together.

"Honey, Honey. Wake up! Come on Honey! Time to go!" I could feel someone shaking my shoulder and calling to me. "Come on," my wife begged. "My sister was late and you fell asleep on the couch. We've got to go now!"

I snapped my eyes open and saw my gorgeous wife in front of me wearing her gold metallic goddess dress. ESPN was still on and I was wearing my suit. After a second, I realized it had all been a fantasy, a dream. I shook my head and smiled at her, "I just had the most amazing dream..."

She cut me off, "You can tell it to me in the car. We need to leave."

The night did not really goes as planned. Traffic was horrible and we almost got into two accidents. We called the restaurant about our delay and they said they would hold our table but only for an extra $30 dollars. The valet didn't have his hand on her back but on her ass. The guys at the bar were actually trying to grope under her dress even with her legs crossed tightly and one was continuously feeling her breast even though she kept slapping his hand away. Our table was right near the kitchen which was loud and made conversation almost impossible.

The waiter all but ignored me and kept trying to get her phone number. Her steak was burned to a crisp and it took 3 times to get one that was edible. When the manager came around, I threw up the shrimp I had eaten on his shoes. Apparently, we are going to get a bill for that. One of the guys at the bar came to us as we were waiting for our car at the valet station and tried to give her a kiss. She stopped him but he was successful at groping her ass. I asked him to back down and he took a swing at me. Lucky he was drunk. He was bigger than me but I got one punch to his stomach and one punch to his face and he went down. The valet brought the wrong car 2 times before getting it right, though now my van has a giant scratch and dent on the side panel.

We argued on the way home about my behavior and punching that guy out. Sounded like she was disappointed in me.

When we got home, her and her sister started chatting and after watching Sports Center for a while, I went to bed. She crawled into bed when I was almost asleep and kissed me on the cheek.

"Sorry I punched that guy but he should not have touched you."

"Sorry I was mad at you on the way home. I appreciate you sticking up for me."

"Tonight really didn't go as planned," I said.

She was silent for a second or two and then said, "You know, it's not over yet. I could make you glad you are a man and you can show me what it's like to feel like a true woman. Or you could go back to watching Sports Center."

"I like plan A," I replied as started to caress her breasts.

She kissed me deeply and then pulled her head back. "Hey, sorry tonight was not as good as last weeks date. But it isn't over yet." She smiled lustfully and plunged her head under the covers.

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