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Sex Starved Wife

Getting a haircut should always be this fun.

I walked into Great Clips right before closing wanting to get a haircut.   I was greeted by Elise. I followed Elise to her stall admiring her ass as it swayed side to side.   She asked what style of haircut I wanted I told the same as last time. We made small talk while she cut my hair.

Elise is your typical stylist. She is has supple breasts, long brown hair that is pleasantly pulled back about 5’5” and an ass to die for. She was in a black skirt and a white blouse. The skirt ends at her knees and her white blouse shows off her full chest. As she works her magic on my hair I can’t help but stair, as the light catches the whiteness of her button down blouse is near translucence in this direct light. My mind wanders….. “Is she wearing a bra?”

If Elise could sense me mentally undressing her, she didn’t let on. Elise kept on cutting and styling; quietly moving from one side to the other. As mind wanders I can feel myself getting hard.   She says “All done” as she notices the bulge in my pants.  

“Well, I can see your hard on Tom.   Do you find me sexy?”

“Yes. ” I replied

“At home my husband is very busy and we have not had sex in six months and I have needs. You’re a nice attractive guy.”

“Elise, I am not that nice”

I watch as Elise walks across the empty salon floor, freeing her long hair as she moves, and securing the door and pulling down the shades. As she walks back to me sex is in the air and on our minds. I am still sitting in the salon chair, she presses her left cheek against mine her tongue sinuously plays with my ear, tracing it in short strokes before finally she nibbles on my ear lobe. Her hands find mine and we hold hands as we our lips meet, our mouths separate and our tongues dance. As she sat on my lap and I realized the effect my hardness was having on her. I could feel the heat from her lustful pussy through the material of my pants, its dampness saturating beyond her panties to her crotch.

We breathed as one. My hands moved to her chest unbuttoning her blouse. Her hands locked behind my neck, as she tenderly kissed my lips. She broke the kiss and helped remove my shirt as her blouse fell to the floor. Elise dropped her head to my chest kissing me like no previous lover has. I run my fingers through her long brown hair. I reach behind her removing her bra. Elise firm full breasts glow from the heat of her perspiration and our passion. My fingers roam along the curves of her breasts, playfully tweaking her nipples as we watch how her pinkish nipples respond to my touch. I trace the profile of her bosom with my finger tips before sliding them down her abdomen and resting on either side of her hips. I pull her waist closer to mine. I slip my hands under her skirt, grab her luscious ass, and grope her ass cheeks. With her tongue in my mouth, I reach between her legs, move her panties to the side and I start poking her ass hole. This only encourages her kiss me more intently. Squeezing me with her thighs signaling to me she wants more.

My fingers rub the folds of her pussy. I skillfully rub her vulva arousing her more fully before I masturbate her clit. She breaks our deep kiss to let out a moan of ecstasy. “I never want this to end!” She exclaims as my ring finger enters her honey pot. For a moment she is still as I finger her married cunt, as if in a trance Elise looks down, past the hand in her panties, her eyes focusing on my large bulge. She pulls away from me, rising to take her skirt and panties off.   I stood up to remove my remaining clothes and sat back down.

Now fully naked she straddles me again, there is no bearer between us. My hard cock pokes at her wet married pussy. Elise sitting astride my lap her legs spread wide. Her cunt is hairless.   The aching in my cock is growing urgent. She grinds her hips against my own, making a game of just the tip even more sensual. Gentle almost softly Elise coos to me “Tom, you’re so big” Then we kiss with the intensity that I haven’t felt in a long time.

My tongue in her mouth, her warm breasts against my skin, I want to fuck her with all my soul.   I spread her legs further apart. Her pussy must be tingling for me as she accepts more and more of my hard cock into her wet pussy. I feel her tight pussy stretching to accommodate. I rock inside her. “Now this is so hot” She groans as I plant my thick cock balls deep in her cunt.

Then Elise whispered softly into my ear, "Tom, I have to tell you. I haven't taken birth control in three months and this is the most fertile time in my cycle."

I felt a sudden rush as I realized I had the opportunity to impregnate this woman, but I wasn't sure she wanted it. I assumed she was telling me that because she wanted me to pull out. I didn't say anything to her about it and instead I just nodded.

The longer we rock in each and the more the more her legs squeeze me, the more certain I am that we are both heading toward an explosive orgasm. I can feel her pussy clinging to my long shaft as I thrust in and out of her tight cunt. It feels like her pussy is trying to swallow me whole as we grind into each other completely. Then I feel the warning ache coming from my balls telling me that if I don’t pull out now I am going to explode deep inside this hot tight cunt.

I groan, “I am going to CUM.”

She responded with a shaky yet soothing soft tone while she slid up and down on my cock. "I know honey, I can feel it. It’s ok, shoot it deep inside me. I want you to.”

As soon as she finished her sentence a powerful orgasm began a long journey through her while I was shooting thick heavy streams of cum deep inside her quivering body. She arched her head back I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock tightly. Then Elise kissed me deeply as our bodies climaxed together. My cock was still pumping jets of cum into Elise as it twitched inside her.

Ever so slightly Elise pulls away from me with my cum dripping from her pussy. Trembling she lowers herself to her knees. She spreads my legs wide, wide enough to place her head between my thighs. With her hot hand she draws my cum covered dick into her mouth. Her long hair covers her sweet face and obstructs my view of the action. I gently brush the hair from her face. My body responds well to her puckered lips as she gently nuzzles my cock.

She gently removes my aroused cock from her mouth. Pausing to suck my balls and stroke my cock.    Then she leads me to the back office.   We find an old blanket and lay it on the floor.   I lay back down on the blanket. She spreads her legs wide, and straddles me like a horse. She wiggles as she lowers herself on to my erect dick. We rock in passions as I fill her sloppy pussy with my manliness. I hear her encouraging me as we fuck. “Oh, yes”, “That’s the spot”, “Right there”, “Don’t stop”, “Don’t STOP” all her lustful cries ring in my ear encouraging me to fuck her harder.   I thrust balls deep into her well fucked cunt. Her pussy accepts my invading phallus.   I look into her eyes and know her orgasm is emanante.

My cock feels the sporadic spasms of her vaginal canal clinging to my hardness. I look up at her perfect chest heaving for breath after her orgasm. Playfully I twitch my cock inside her overly stimulated pussy, reminding her I am still hard.

I roll Elise onto her back and my dick momentarily exits from her warm, wet pussy; I can tell from the look in her eye that Elise is past the point orgasmic pleasure and is in a world of orgasmic torture. She is that overly stimulated. I however am in heaven. She shudders as I gently slide my hardness back into her pussy. Her tightness does not want to accept my invading cock, so I forced my thick nine inch cock into her cunt.

It must have been an odd combination of pain and pleasure for Elise because I feel her cunt gush with juice as I savagely abused her pussy. Elise’s tits bounce around as I thrust in and out of her.   She is breathing hard, and I can tell that she is close to another orgasm. Her pussy is begging me to cum again.

I feel her pussy buzzing as it spasms toward another orgasm. This deep inside her and this close to her cervix, I know that my sperm will not have to travel far to find her egg. I am quickly approaching my own climax.    I feel myself starting to go. The tidal release of my sperm floods her pussy again.

Our orgasms over, I got off Elise and laid next to her. Elise turned on her side to face me and assumed a loose fetal position, "Thank you for the best fuck of my life.”

  We got dressed and walked to our cars, pausing to kiss her soft sweet cheek goodbye.

Six months later I ran into Elise.   She had a noticeable baby bump. She told me I had knocked her up that night and told her husband the baby is his.

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