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Sexually Starved Wife Finds a Lover/part 2

Does it get any better than a man in the shower, a women on her knees sucking...

Continuting with our afternoon delight...I've just given military man a blow job that ended with feeling two strong hands pulling me up next to him I felt a full body hug and then he said it was my turn...

Rolling over on top of me I felt his hands running through my hair and his lips on my lips, my neck, slowly making his way down to my breasts. I remember feeling his hard cock against my tummy while he was on top of me feeling his way around my body. I opened my eyes and looked up to see him sitting on top of me a knee on each side of me, fondling my breasts and pulling on my nipples. I've got 40C tits and since its summer I'm tanned and my nipples are darker than usual. Because he is giving me what I need my nipples are very hard and look like little pencil erasers. As he pulls on them I feel myself getting more and more aroused. I feel him begin to lick and suck on my nipples. As I pull him closer to me and higher up on my body he thrusts his cock between my breasts and as he moves forward I lick the tip of his dick. Now its his turn to back off a little and as he slides off the bed he has me lay sideways across the bed and spread my legs for him as he begins to look at, examine and touch my pussy. He seems to like the fact that I'm fully shaved and very smooth, he said he'd never seen a shaved pussy in real life, only in pictures. He opens me with his finger and touches my clit and goes lower to work a finger inside of me. Easily finding my g-spot he begins to slip a finger in and out of me and with his other hand he strokes my clit. I feel like I'm going to explode as I had not been touched by a man in months, I only had my vibrator for company but thats another story.

I'd forgotten how good a man fingering me could be. As I felt him slide his finger in me I rotated my hips so he would brush against my perfect spot over and over. He mentions that he feels my pussy grip his finger and he knows I'm close. A few more strokes and I go over the edge. He says he has never felt anything so erotic as my pussy gripping his finger and the warm liquid surrounding his finger. Leaning over me I feel kisses and  nips on my thighs and I feel him slip another finger inside of me. Never having had a man go down on me before I tensed for a minutes but his thrusting fingers and words of encouragement helped me to kind of loose control and just enjoy his tongue circling around and on my clit. At first I was nervous but I was so excited and again close to orgasm I grabbed his head and began to fuck his face. The combination of his tongue on my clit and his fingers deep inside stroking my g-spot made me go crazy. At this point all I wanted was his cock in me so bad I actually begged for it. Saying he was not a man to deny a lady his cock when she needed it, he immediately stood and raised my legs over his shoulders and rubbed himself against my slit and gently used his dick to spank my clit a little and all of the sudden thrust himself deep inside. He was a bit larger around than what I was use to feeling and I felt myself stretch to accommodate him. I don't think I'd ever felt anything quite like that before. I immediately felt my pussy begin to spasm as he started to pump in and out of me. He reached forward and began to twist my nipples and then reached down to stroke my clit and I just went wild. We were both so wild with it that we didn't last very long. I felt cum spurting from the end of his cock and that just pushed me over so that I was cumming a second or two after him.

Both of us were hot and sweating after this encounter so we ventured to the shower for a quick clean up. At this point I was less horny but still wanting more cock. While in the shower I was rubbing my hands over his soap slicked body and oh so conveniently dropped the soap and of course had to go down on my knees to get it. Needless to say I could not help myself from taking him in my mouth again. He said it might take a while before he could cum that would be a problem...not! Does it get any better than a man in the shower, a women on her knees, him blocking the largest part of the water flow by having his back to the water, and a willing woman on her knees who just enjoys the feel and taste of a cock in her mouth?

Stepping out of the shower I wrap myself in a towel and must make a quick call home to mention that I'm going to be working late LOL (I didn't say what kind of work). While I'm on the phone the towel gets ripped away from me and I feel kissing on my neck and two large hands reach around to fondle my breasts. My nipples immediately get hard again and I feel the excitement start to build deep in my pussy. I've never been with a man with this much stamina and desire to continue getting me off. As soon as I hang up the phone I look at him dead in the eye and ask if it would be ok for me to get on top. I see a big smile and a hard cock ready for me and a are you kidding look. So now its my turn for a little teasing. Kissing up and down his legs and around his middle and kissing his chest and neck and face I completly avoid kissing his cock. I put a couple of pillows under his head, I reach down and grab his cock for a few strokes, and I start kissing my way down his body. Again I avoid his cock but now focus some gentle tongue work on his balls and thighs. I feel him pulling me on top of him and I straddle him. While he is intently watching me I spread my pussy lips and fondle my own clit for a minute trying to keep him from thrusting inside me. In a rather quick move I slide off of him and deep throat his cock without any notice. I feel those big hands on my head again and I feel him start to fuck my face. Quickly I rise and straddle him again and begin to work his cock inside of me. Once I get him all the way in I begin to move up and down. Once I get a good stroke going I reach up and begin to play with my nipples. My brain wants me to ride him hard and fast but for now I work on just fucking him taking him nice and deep. I feel his hands on my hips pulling me forward but I can't take much of that as my control is starting to slip some so I grab his hands and pin him down to the bed while rotating my hips in a figure eight pattern on his cock. Then I start to move up and down on him in a nice steady rhythm, I stop for a second to spread open my pussy lips so that I'm rubbing my clit against the base of his cock. Of course he could get lose if he wanted but he allowed me to enjoy my ride. After a few minutes I need his hands back on my hips as when I'm riding him the extra pressure of him pulling me forward more on his dick makes it really good for me. Needless to say after a couple of minutes of riding him I lost all control and just had to cum. He continuted to pump inside of me until I finished my orgasm. I felt him reach for my breasts and I felt him start to pump in me again in a very fast rhythm. I could feel myself starting to cum again and he slammed me down hard on him as I felt his cum spurting inside my pussy. He then slipped out of me and did the coolest thing ever. He helped me off of him and rolled me over on my tummy. He then layed on top of me so that I felt could feel his cock against my ass and his chest against my back, he held my hands in his while I came back to earth whispering that I'm a really hot fuck and can we do it again...soon.


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