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Sexy Co-Worker Gets His Birthday Wish

A married co-worker gets what he’s been missing

I granted a birthday wish to a co-worker today. I met Kevin, an IT guy at lunch weeks ago. He’s black, in his mid-twenties and very attractive. He's about 6'2" and probably 180 with an athletic build. We've exchanged race stories so he's a runner too.

We were talking at lunch the other day and mentioned his birthday was approaching. I asked him what he wanted and he said something about getting something he's never had before and that it was something his wife wouldn't give him. I had a pretty good idea where this was going but I asked him what it was anyway. Predictably, he said he's never had anal and wanted it more than anything for his birthday. I told him I might be able to help him out if he could provide a place to do it. He said his wife travels a lot on business and that she was out of town until Friday. I asked him why he was asking me for it. He said there were rumors about me going around the office that I loved sucking and screwing people in the office. He said he was surprised because I seem so nice and normal. I told him the rumors were true and that I loved sex. So he then proceeded to ask if we could meet up on his birthday and I granted him his wish today.

We left at lunch today and he took me to his house. As soon as we entered the foyer, he spun me around and began kissing me passionately. I don't normally kiss these guys but it was his birthday so I let it slide. I wore a dress knowing it would be the easiest thing to get off and on when we messed around. He got my dress off skillfully and removed my bra as well. He was shocked at the size of my tits. He had heard they were large but I hide them well as you know so he was surprised to see the rumors about them were indeed true. After gazing at them briefly, he began kissing, licking and sucking my nipples. They got instantly hard and my pussy was aching all ready for his big dick. He took me to the living room and removed the rest of my clothes so I was as naked as I was the day I was born. I unbuttoned his shirt and began kissing his chest. I quickly worked my way down to my knees and removed his belt, pants and boxers. I couldn't fit much of his cock in my mouth due to the enormity of it but I did my best. I licked his balls and cock eagerly as he grew as hard as my nipples were. He grabbed the back of my head and guided his cock in and out of my mouth. I almost gagged a few times but I tried to refrain from that as much as I could because I loved being his cocksucker.

After a couple minutes of that, I got back up and kissed him more. He said he wanted to take me from behind so I turned around and leaned over the side of his couch. I reached back and opened my ass up to him. He inserted his dick into my wet pussy and I moaned loudly. I wasn't sure if he'd go straight for my ass or not. Thankfully, he worked his big dick into my pussy first so I could experience it in my wet hole and cum. He screwed me for three or four minutes while I played with my clit. I came incredibly hard and my moans echoed throughout his home. 

Just as I finished cumming, he took out his cock, applied some spit to the head, and slowly inserted it into my asshole. I winced in pain as this massive black cock went into my ass. I reached back and pushed his stomach to let him know it was going in too fast. He slowed down and guided it in and out for a few moments until my ass got used to it. After I got used to it, I reached back and spread my asscheeks apart, letting him know non-verbally that I was OK and he could have his way. He grabbed and slapped my ass as he did me. I somehow came again with his dick in my ass (a first) and squealed with delight for a second time. We both started talking dirty to each other, letting each other know how dirty and slutty we felt. I told him I wanted his cum in me. He called me an ass slut and cum lover and I got even more turned on. I demanded he cum in my ass. After a couple more pumps, he unloaded a huge load in me and it was his turn to fill the house with the sounds of a powerful orgasm.

I told him I wasn't finished and to take his dick out and leave it right outside of my asshole. He did so and I squeezed out his cum back onto his cock. After it was all expelled from my ass, I turned around and got on my knees. I licked the cum off his cock and sucked it for good measure. I deepthroated it as best I could. I licked it clean and swallowed his load. He was moaning and watching me in fascination. I kissed the head of his big black cock and said, "Happy birthday."

He smiled and thanked me. "Best birthday present ever," he said.

Another satisfied customer. I loved his cock in my ass and his cum in my stomach.



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