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Shared, Part 2

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This is the second half of the story that began with Shared, Part 1. Please read part 1 first
We left the lounge with Henry's arm around my waist and I saw Tom sitting in the lobby. 

He watched us walk to the elevator.

He watched as holding hands we waited at the elevator.

He watched as the elevator opened and he watched his wife get in with a guy who 'wanted some privacy' with her.

I was hoping that Tom would stop me but he let me go. Henry turned to me as the doors were closing and took me into his arms. I accepted that invitation and our lips met. I watched the doors close over his shoulder with my last image of the lobby being of Tom looking at me, in another man's arms, kissing, being kissed.

The trip up seemed to last forever but it was only one kiss long. The doors opened and walked, holding my hand, down the hall and stopped in front of room 635.

He smiled and stepped aside to let me go in first. It was only a doorway, but it was also a threshold of a different kind, too. I hesitated. Henry put his hand on the small of my back and with gentle pressure encouraged me to take that step, and I did. He moved the "Do not Disturb" sign to the door handle on the outside. He closed the door, engaged the night lock and hooked the door chain in place.

He took my hand and led me past the door to the bathroom to the main room with its queen sized bed. This wasn’t a game any more, it wasn’t playing at a fantasy, was it?

He took me into his arms. I needed to feel the security of being held and went willingly. This was fully private now and it could be that first serious private uninterrupted kiss.

Instead, he talked. "Tina, you're wearing a wedding ring. Are you married?"

Opps. I forgot about that. Well, try honesty. I returned his embrace, one arm around his back, the other to the back of his head, and replied "Yes."

"Does your husband know you're out like this?" he asked.

"Yes," I assured him, "he does. He brought me here."

"What's going on? Is it an open marriage deal?"

"No, it's just that a couple of weeks ago we both got excited about the idea of someone picking me up. He wanted to see it happen for real, and you picked me up. Here I am."

"You're kidding! Do you mean he's one of those guys where it's a turn on for him for you to meet a guy, and come up to his room? He’s downstairs, waiting?"

"It's new to us, but he liked the idea."

"He wants to be cuckolded! I read stories in Penthouse about guys like him.”

I had a sudden insight. I didn’t realize until that second I was angry with my husband. “I am not sure about what he wants,” I said, “but right now this isn’t about him.”

"Well no, it’s about you and me right now. What do YOU want to happen here?" he wanted to know.

He still had his arms around me. I snuggled closer, and decided to be bold. "I would like to be seriously kissed, in private, with no one watching."

"Oh yes, I'll do at least that." Our lips met, mouths opened. He was kissing me and I was kissing him back. It was the sexiest kiss I had in years. I liked it!

Henry needed a shave, I felt myself getting what I used to call beard rash, and didn't care. He held me tightly, molding my body to his, too. I was being held by an exciting and excited man.

"I couldn't do that in the lounge", he said.

I agreed. "That was very nice, thank you. I needed that. I'm glad you brought me here." I couldn't believe I was saying and doing the things I was saying and doing.

"And you husband would think it was nice, too? Cool."

He lowered his hands to my buttocks, pulled me up toward him. With just a skirt between his hands and my skin, it felt very sexy. I didn't resist at all, just moved closer to him. I could feel his erection, though, and pressed my belly against him, enjoying the sensation.

"Would he like to have me do this, too?"

"I think so."

‘There were two things you could have done then, Tina. What you did or you could have pulled away."

His pelvis - his erect dick - ground into me. That's what happened a couple of weeks ago when Tom and I practiced this.

"I'm not ready to pull away."

"I'm glad of that." His pelvis was pressing hard against me. "You do feel good," he said. I thought of Tom in the lobby with his imagination going wild, and pressed back. It was one of those full body contact hugs. I put one hand around his neck and pulled his head close for another kiss. I liked kissing this guy, and wasn't sure how things are supposed to proceed, anyhow.

But he did.

His hands were low on my back again, working at pulling up my skirt. He wasn't being very successful at it. I pulled away a little, freeing it from between us, and that helped him. He could lift it now. I felt coolness on my legs as it went up. How strange to feel that. Then, electricity! There was the touch of his hands on my skin. A cool, controlling, touch with experienced hands. At least one of us knew what to do.

"No pantyhose, no panties. I like that. It's every mans fantasy, to meet a beautiful woman who wants to be sexy." No other man but Tom had ever touched me like that. It was strange, erotic, and a forecast of being touched more.

I had one hand on the back of his head, the other on his cheek, so I could touch his mouth as he caressed me. I used that hand to trace down to his neck, then between us to his chest. We were looking into each other's faces, and I could feel his fingers tracing over my buttocks, moving between them, then lower, drifting to my anus. His fingers stroked me there, and he felt me shutter. I knew I made a small gasp.

"Is that out of bounds?" he asked.

"I don't know where the boundaries are," I said.

I still had a hand on his chest. "Let's see where they are," he muttered, and still holding my ass with one hand, took my wrist with the other, and moved my hand lower on his chest, then over his belly. I didn't resist, and felt my fingers move over his belt, and he pushed my hand down lower until I was cupping his crotch.

What an odd sensation, feeling that heat, that hardness, feeling one of his hands grabbing my ass, the other holding one of mine over his erection.

"You're not pulling away," he grunted. "That must be in bounds too."

He let go of my hand, but I kept touching him anyhow.

I didn’t do it on purpose, but I closed my eyes when his fingers began tracing up and down between my buttocks, rubbing my anus.

I wanted to see Henry, so I opened my eyes and saw that he was looking behind me. He was watching us embrace in the mirror, looking at the reflection of his hand on my ass. By now I could feel one hand was holding my skirt against my back while the other one was fondling me, his fingers were touching where Tom never did.

I didn't try to stop him.

"Are you looking at us in the mirror?"

"Yes, I like looking at you, I like seeing another man's wife in my arms, I like seeing her ass when I'm holding your skirt like that. You have beautiful legs and they should be exposed, they should be admired. Do you have a problem with that?"

"I think I like having you look at me. I like feeling you respond to me and the way you touch me, too. So far, I like what you're doing."

He broke the embrace, dropping my skirt and pulled the cover off the bed. He sat on the bed and taking my hand urged me to sit next to him.

There was another long open mouthed kiss, tongues probing, and then he tugged at my blouse.

"Wait, don't pull like that" I said.

I sat on the edge of the bed, between Henry’s knees, facing away from him. The mirror on the closet door was in front of us. I pulled at my blouse, freeing it from my skirt. God, I had never been so aware of feeling cloth move against my skin as the sensation of it sliding between my skirt and my skin.

Henry helped by pulling it free from the back of my skirt's waistband. Then his hands were on my waist, under the blouse. That was another electric touch, another boundary tested. I saw myself in the mirror. I saw a man behind me, saw movement under my blouse, and felt his hands moving up my sides and then to the front. Finally he was touching the underside of my breasts. "I’m glad you’re not wearing a bra,” he said.

We were both looking in the mirror and saw the motion of his hands under my blouse, and finally, at last, he moved his hands over them, to their most sensitive part, stoking my nipples.

The man in the mirror leaned towards the woman's ear, and I felt a tongue create a thrilling sensation there. I watched the reflection of his mouth slide down from ear to neck, and felt lips on my neck. His mouth's progress was impeded by my blouse's collar. I saw the woman in the mirror reach up, release one button, then another and another, and then slide the partly open blouse's collar toward her shoulder, so the man in the mirror's mouth would be free to move on her skin there too.

"I'm going to mark you," he said, and I felt the little bites as he kissed. I saw the man look up at the reflection of the woman in the mirror, and heard him ask "I wonder what your husband will say about this," as his hands fondled me, and I could feel his mouth on my shoulder and the vision in the mirror was as erotic as anything I could imagine.

His mouth opened and he slowly sucked in some skin. I could feel his teeth increase pressure, more and more, as he bit my shoulder, hard.

The pain was sharp, it really hurt, but God, that was sexy, it made me feel so alive. He lifted away and the mirror reflected deep teeth marks on my shoulder.

"If you weren't telling the truth about your husband wanting you to do this, you're going to have trouble explaining my brand on you," he whispered.

“It’s time for you to take off your blouse now.” It was more an order than a request. He watched, we watched, as the woman in the mirror's hands went to her blouse's buttons, releasing them, one at a time until the last button was opened. The woman in the mirror’s right hand took the left lapel, and pushed it off her shoulder. I felt the cloth drag over my nipple and then his had was exposed cupped my breast. The man watched as her breast - my breast - was uncovered. Then the woman took the other side, already on her shoulder, and started it down her arm.

The man in the mirror helped her pull her arms from the blouse sleeves. I felt the blouse slide down my arms, and felt his eyes on me. Her breasts, my breasts, were ruddy colored from his hands, from my excitement - aurora smaller than I ever remember as they gathered into my nipples.

I wanted someone to look at me like a sexy woman, not a married woman about to go to grad school and Henry was doing that. It was so erotic, the mirror now showing each nipple trapped between his thumb and forefinger, being twisted, kneaded. I felt the pinches, the pain, and I loved it!

I looked down at his hands, holding me, and mine, holding his hands to me. When did I start doing that? I looked up again, enjoying seeing, in the mirror, a woman with a man behind her, kissing her neck, his hands on her breasts.

How sexy!

I sat up straighter, shoulders back as the woman in the mirror was thrusting her breasts into the man's hands!

"Am I all right, do I look OK?" I asked, wanting reassurance.

"Oh yes, you're fine, you're beautiful," he said, raising his head from my shoulder, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror, then glancing down at my breasts.

"I am going to do more than just look at them!"

“OK” I leaned back into his arms, lay further back, until I was prone. I was lying on the bed and he moved so he was kneeling beside me. He paused, staring at me, looking down at me, lying beside him.

"Do what please you," I whispered.

He leaned forward over me. He put both hands on one breast and in a pushing, spreading motion flattened it. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, and brought to my breast, sucking in as much as he could, hard, and his tongue teased my nipple.

What a wonderful, exciting feeling. I realized I had one hand on the back of his head, holding him to me. How erotic, how wicked!

Henry played with my breast, using tongue, then teeth, working at it, exciting it, exciting me, and I hoped, exciting him, too.

He decided it was time to move on. He sat up, kicked off shoes, pulled off socks. He stood beside the bed, got off his tie, his shirt, his undershirt, too. I watched, a little frightened, as his chest, only a bit hairy, came into view.

The clinical side of me noticed reasonable muscle tone and a nice body while the other side of me wasn't too sure how to proceed.

But he did.

Belt open, pants off, and he stepped out of them. He was wearing boxer shorts that were having a hard time hiding an erection. I had not seen anything like that, except my husband's, before.

He seemed to hesitate. "I'm not sure about this, with you married and all. . ."

I sat up on the edge of the bed, then stood in front of him, and took him into my arms, felt my breasts against his chest, and raised my lips to his. This was more than just a kiss, it was acceptance too. Part way through it I let my hands drift to his hips and held to me.

"You can forget that I am married," I said, "if that worries you."

"I think it excites me more," he said, and began kissing me again.

He took one of my hands and moved it to his stomach. I let that happen. I wanted to be led. What would it be like, I wondered, to touch another man's penis? He was going to show me, I knew that.

He guided my fingers to the elastic on his boxer short's waistband, and his kiss became more intense as he pushed my fingers into his belly so they slipped between it and his skin, and then pushed my hand lower, to start of his mat of pubic hair.

I heard a hear a gasp, maybe his, maybe mine, as my fingers found the shaft of his penis and moved out and down, until I was holding its head. It seemed hot: Tom's was not that hot in years.

"I'm glad I'm able to excite you like that. I love it!"

"You can't be surprised that I have a hard-on, Tina. You caused it, and you're going to have to satisfy it, too."

I wanted to see. I sat down on the side of the bed holding him in position in front of me. I pushed at the elastic waistband on his hips, and saw some dark pubic hair exposed, then the veined shaft, thicker than I expected.

The waistband of his shorts were well down on his thighs as it slipped along the shaft of his cock, until, at last, it passed its head. His penis sprang up, free, and the shorts fell away.

I loved knowing I could have such an effect on this man. I found this new cock throbbing in front of my face fascinating. I wanted to remember every detail. I watched as he stepped out of his shorts. He was excited, proud, and his cock was erect, pulsing with every heartbeat.

I took the shaft in my hand - so warm, so alive, looking so urgent - the only cock except Tom's I'd touched. Tom always liked me to play with his cock. Would Henry?

Henry stood, watching, as I held it, looking at its end, partially covered with foreskin: I had not seen that before. I grasped his shaft and pushed a little. The foreskin pulled back, exposing the head I expected to see, purple, its eye promising to erupt. A small pull and his foreskin covered it again, sheathing it. I pushed again and loved seeing that throbbing purple end move out, exposed.

Henry put his hands were on the side of my head, and he began pulling me to him, gently, hinting, not forcing.

I turned my head just a little, and felt the heat of that cock along my cheek and the brush of his hair on my lips. I turned my head just a little, and experimented with a gentle dry kiss on its shaft.

How could it be so hot? Henry's moan was encouraging me. He was pressing his groin against my cheek. I was smelling man and talcum and sex.

“You know what you have to do,” he said. My closed lips touched the side of that that purple head, and Henry, looking down at me, moaned again, his hips and cock were twitching.

This was wonderful!

He put a hand behind my head, and another on his shaft, moving it, brushing its head across my cheeks, my lips. I looked up at him and said “I know what you want.” I opened my lips a little, kissing at the side of that purple head again.

I moved so that the head of his cock was in right in front of me. He put one hand one hand under my chin and lifted my head. I felt the head of his penis graze against my lips. It was time.

I opened my mouth and took him in. Henry thrust his hips and I felt the head move past my teeth, and tasted salt and that smooth hot thin penis skin on my tongue.

He held me while he flexed his hips. His was fucking my mouth!

I helped. I closed my lips closed around him sealing him in so I could bite and suck at it!

What would my friends say - this very straight, very married Tina, sitting on a bed, a stranger's cock fucking her mouth?

This was preamble. Foreplay.

I pulled away. I got out off the bed and pushed him so he was sitting on it. I stood pretty much between his knees and lifted one foot, onto the bed. My skirt did what it was supposed to and fell away from my leg as I slipped one shoe off. I changed legs and got the other one off, too.

By now he was stoking himself. I moved closer: he pulled me between his legs. My breasts were about mouth high and he started working on them again. One went into his mouth and the other was getting twisted and teased. I could have moved away, but didn’t.

His teeth were on one of my nipples and his fingers were twisting the other. That was painful, but wonderful, too. I leaned into his mouth.

His other hand began working its way up the inside of my leg, touching me in ways no one but Tom ever did.

I found the clip on my skirt and using both hands to overcome their quivering and got it unhooked. I held it close, in position and took a small step back.

He looked at me with lust in his eye, mouth open. I felt a moment of hesitation, then let go one side of the skirt, and felt it unwrap around my body. It felt as sensual as anything I ever did. I was unwrapped!

I was standing in front of him, with my skirt held up by one hand so the material flowed down in front of me. I looked down at a draped skirt hiding my pubic mound, and a stranger holding an erection with both hands.

"Breathtaking" he said.

I loved having him look at me but my insecurity spoke. "Henry, you must have had other women do this before."

“Yes, but never like this. Never with a married woman who wanted to have sex like this, with her husband wanting her to. It's an erotic thing. Turn around. Let me see you!"

Still holding my skirt up, I turned in the modeling way we were shown when I volunteered to be part of a fashion show. Except, then it was to show off clothes. This was showing off me.

I wished I could do more to excite this man, to make him even harder, to make him want me even more. Henry looked at every inch of me: my hip, my ass, my other hip, and my breasts, again.

I don't think a man can understand the feeling! As I turned the mirror came into view, showing a woman, holding a garment against her, a man, nude, looking at her, their immediate future obvious. . .

"Come closer."

I did. I was still holding my skirt in front of me, a last barrier. I knew I should open my hand, and drop it, but I hesitated.

Henry helped.

He put one hand behind my knee and lifted it so one of my feet was on the bed next to his hip. I put my free hand on his shoulder both for balance, and because I was feeling weak-kneed. The skirt was still hung over my pelvis, between my legs.

He took the wrist of my hand that was holding the skirt. I was holding it high, it was almost at my cleavage.

He started lowering it, and I didn't resist, was just enjoying the moment, and the sensation of the material as it moved on my body. His hand moved mine lower and I enjoyed the touch of his fingers as they guided me.

Then my navel was exposed and in a few seconds the start of my own triangle of pubic hair.

I felt Henry moving my hand, and watched his face and eyes, as they followed the progress of the top edge of my skirt, exposing more and more of me.

For just a moment I stiffened my hand, old values, old ideas of marriage crowded my mind, but Henry, with a gentle pull, started the movement down again. Those old ideas were replaced by the utter enjoyment of this experience. Another inch, and and hem exposed more hair. Finally the fabric of the skirt, and my hand, and his, moved out along the thigh of the leg I had on the bed. I looked at him, and down at me.

I was uncovered, fully exposed to this nude stranger, and I loved it. My skirt was only hiding one of my thighs. I knew at one level when I came into this room I probably would have intercourse with someone other than Tom for the first time. This was the next step. I knew all of that and my skirt was kind of the last shield between me and him. If it went I was totally committed to this. I thought of Tom, downstairs, and our acting out in the car, and then relaxed my grip.

The skirt slid off my leg, and off the bed. I, with one foot on the bed, couldn't be more exposed and available! I supported myself by holding his shoulders, head back thrown back, and the curve of my body moved my pelvis closer to him. I was exposing myself for his examination, his curiosity, his pleasure.

I closed my eyes, felt his fingers touch me. I was so wet and horny that his fingers met nothing but heat and moisture as he ran them just inside me. The analytical part of my mind logged it as a first penetration but everything else was focused on the physical pleasure. My legs were quivering. This was what Tom wanted to know about, and now it was something I wanted to do. I felt a brief surge of anger toward Tom and then put him out of my mind. This was for me and Henry, not Tom. As his finger moved up and in, I moved to help it penetrate.

"You like this, don’t you?” he asked.

"Yes." It was more a whimper than a word, I wanted his touch to continue.

"Well, then, in that case. . ."

Now my eyes were closed, and I was enjoying every second. I felt movement, felt his mouth on my inner thigh!


"I'm going to brand you and mark this as mine,' he said, and he bit me again -- an unexpected pain, an unexpected thrill. But then, I felt his tongue tracing up. Was he really going to???. . . and I arched even more as he found my clit! I let go of his shoulder and put both of my hands behind his head to support me. He had both hands near my vulva now, one on each side, and I could feel his fingers opening me wide and his tongue and fingers doing new and strange magic on me. He was finding new places to excite me, new sensations, overwhelming. . .

I never had an orgasm standing up before. I wonder if other woman had as much trouble standing while it happens? Henry paused while I shuddered, put both his hands around me, and held me to his face, supporting the arch my body made that presented me to him and just held me to him as my knees quivered.

"That was more than I ever expected it to be," I panted, recovering after a moment.

"I wanted it to be," he said, speaking into my groin, his face still hard against me. A minute later he moved and pulled me onto the bed next to him. I rolled onto my side, pulled him beside me. I felt this warm body, so different than my husband's, all along mine. I guess putting my leg over his hip was automatic, but it put his cock against my pelvis!

His hands stoked my back, my ass, and over my buttocks to my cunt as I stretched and molded my body to his, I was his to use as he wanted.

"I’m glad your husband wanted you to do this," he whispered. I closed my eyes, remembering. "This isn’t about him anymore," I said. “It’s about you and me.”

I took my leg from over him, moved his hands from around me and rolled onto my back. I looked at him beside me and then pulled him towards me. He moved closer, and then he was kneeling, straddling me, his knees outside of mine. He leaned forward, put his hands near my shoulders and bent to kiss me. He lifted away, suspended, arched, over me. I was scared, my legs were tight together.

This was the moment!

His cock poked at my belly again.

"Tina, open your eyes."

I did.

"Are you having second thoughts?"

I nodded.

"Do you want me to stop?"

I didn’t answer in words. Instead I moved one leg, pushing at his. He shifted, lifting his, so I could move my leg, and moved it to the outside of his.

I moved the other leg too, pushing against his, and he lifted a little so I could free it, too.

Now, he was between my legs, my knees were up, near his hips, his cock was touching my pubic hair, my cunt's lips were partly open because - well - I was spread out for him.

"No, don't stop," I whispered. He moved closer, his penis touching, ever so lightly, my vulva.

"Show me what you want - show me exactly what your husband wants you to do. Show me, put me in you."

What an exciting, perverted idea. I reached for his cock. There were a lot of firsts tonight, and I was very ready for the next one.

I got my feet flat on the bed and lifted and rotated my hips a little, got my knees far apart and Henry moved so I could lead the tip of his penis to the lips of my vagina.

Then he held his position. I moved his cock along my lips, back and forth - it felt so good, and so odd, too. I helped its head find my center and he moved so it started to find its way into me.

"Don't look at my face now, look there between us", he commanded, "I want you to see me going in you." I raised my pelvis and felt the blunt pressure of his penis's head.

I closed my eyes for a moment and then I lifted another fraction, felt myself being forced open. I saw and felt half its head, then all of it, enter me, spreading me.

"Watch what happens!" he said. "I want you to watch, not just feel. Watch yourself, watch me, watch us fuck! Watch, so you can tell him what it looks like when his wife was getting fucked!" he ordered. I know my face flushed, my whole body did! I sagged to the bed. I aligned my pelvis as best I could, and tilted it some more, welcoming him into me.

"Watch it happen, right now!" he grunted, and I felt and saw the shaft of his cock go in, spreading me as he flexed his hips in one delicious, long, slow movement.

"So this is adultery," I thought, as I felt myself flush red hot.

His penis's head pushed the walls of my cunt, making space in me for that long, hot, veined rod, going deeper in me than Tom could reach. Then, pushing, slowly rotating his hips, he moved, too, until his stiff pubic hair was against my belly, and his cock was fully in me. I could feel his pulse in it - it was rapture! This new cock fit - I know, they all do, and I was fucking - really fucking, now - a man I wasn't married to.

His pressure and weight forced me onto the bed - I realized I had lifted my pelvis to get him into me. I looked down along our bodies, seeing breasts, my nipples erect, red, his chest, torsos joined at the crotch with what looked like common hair, his and mine, together, touching. And where the visual part ended, the sexual part began. I could feel little movements in me as he adjusted his position. His cock would press more on one place, then another, as though it was searching for, memorizing, the right spot, so that in a few minutes it would know exactly where to erupt. I was full of him, his heat, and his size!

He began withdrawing, exposing what was now a glistening, wet shaft. That was me, my moisture, wetting him, lubricating him! There was no pretending about this, I was ready and so wet that it showed. I had done, was doing, what had been unthinkable only a couple of weeks ago! He withdrew slowly until he, it, was almost out. I watched and felt his erection disappear in me again, spreading and stretching me with less effort this time. Each time was less effort as he spread me, opened me, excited me. Soon I was close to another orgasm, and I was pretty sure from how hard he was pushing that he was close, too.

"So", he muttered almost savagely, "this is what it’s all about, two people fucking, making love, making pleasure," as he moved in and out of me slowly, I could feel wetness everywhere, cool under my ass, hot in my cunt, as he fucked me: no, as we fucked each other.

"Yes, this, exactly" I agreed.

“Here is something for you to think about and to tell your husband,” he said.

I didn’t want to think about Tom, but Henry wanted to tell me something and I listened. “I know I have a longer penis than most men. Am I longer than your husband?”

I told him I thought so.

“Then tell him this. I was able to fuck virgin parts of your cunt.”

You can tell I had an accurate memory until now, but it became clouded here. I remember my wrists being held above my head by his strong hands. I remember his pelvis pushing against mine. I remember his cock pushing and stretching me and finding new places to give me pleasure. I don't think I could have been a more enthusiastic or more helpless partner as he pounded into me.

He whispered while fucking me "Do you think you're going to have sex with your husband tonight too?" I was too caught up in the moment to talk, I nodded yes.

"Does he go down on you during foreplay?"

I nodded yes again.

"Good! When he does, remember I did this in you."

I suddenly remembered the condom Tom gave me – it was still in my purse. For a moment I got panicky, but Henry took care of that. His thrusts were so hard the bed was moving. I had a brief flash of anger at Tom, but then Henry’s motions had my full attention. I felt him throbbing and felt his strong heart beat throbbing in his cock. I felt my own little muscle spasms grabbing at it.

He still was holding my hands above my head, I was helpless under him, and I loved it.

I got one leg out from under him and then the other, wrapped them around his back, locking my ankles, and pulling him closer. I tipped my pelvis so that I was as wider still, and almost hissed. "Come in me. Give me every drop!"

I watched his face redden and I felt myself flush and quiver, too. I loved the way he pushed in. I loved the way his cock seemed to grow a little longer at the last minute and how it was reaching still deeper in me. It even seemed to get hotter. I looked down and saw him pull back a couple of inches and then thrust in again and again. I could feel the twitches his cock was making as he ejaculated deep in me, deeper than Tom could, grunting, making "Uhhhh" noises with each spasm as he came.

I realized I was pleading: “Please, every drop. . ."

And he delivered.

It seemed to take a long time to empty himself. Finally in all that heat and wetness his penis got a little softer, and maybe a little smaller.

I DID IT! I seduced a stranger, fucked him! At last he stopped, paused on me, then rolled off, trailing a thread of his ejaculate and my lubrication across our pelvises. We lay there, both out of breath, both sweating, my hand stroking his cock, heat radiating from our pelvises, and I was feeling the coolness from the puddle of my lubrication under me. I could at least pretend to feel some of his cum cooling as it leaked from me. His cock was softening in my hand. What a sense of power I had, and what a sense it was of being a desirable woman. And there was a different awakening, too. I liked that he hurt me.

"I loved it," I said.

"Me too. Thank your husband for me."

A few minutes later, somewhat recovered, I said "I gotta go, now." I kissed him.

"Before you go, “he asked, “Can I have your phone number, maybe at work?"

"Uh-uh. This was only time only, it won't happen again. I want to go home. Pleasant dreams."

I stopped for a minute in his bath room and wiped some of what he put in me away. I washed up quickly. He had some talcum powder, and I used a bit of that on my pelvis, got into my blouse, skirt, shoes, and let myself out. I took the "Do Not Disturb" sign as a kind of trophy.

Tom was in the bar, looking very anxious. "Tina, you weren't gone very long - only 45 minutes. I guess nothing happened."

I didn't answer that. "I'll tell you at home. Let's go" I said.

When we got home, he wanted to sit and talk. "Talk to me, tell me what happened," he insisted.

"Get in bed", I told him. He undressed and did. I got out of my outfit.

Are you going to talk to me?"

"I promised to not to keep any secrets, but you're going to have to give me some time." I got into bed too. He reached to kiss me, but I stopped that. I realized how angry I was at him, but I wasn’t going to let him know about that yet.

"Look at my shoulder," I demanded.

"He bit you! Does that hurt?"

"Yes, but in a good way. Kiss me there."

He did.

"Look at my thigh. Do you see where he bit me there, too?"

"God, I do!"

I was really letting my anger out.

"Kiss me there, too."

He did.

Suddenly I had an insight. Things began falling into place, and my husband's behavior began making sense. I was sure he was having an affair -- that would explain everything. It would explain his twice a week late night returning from work. It would explain his lack of interest in me. It would explain him having a condom. It all came together. At that moment I realized he was interested in someone else. I was sure, and even angrier.

I rotated my hips, opened my legs wider and put my hands on his head and pushed his face into me.

I could feel his tongue on the inside of my thigh, on the bite mark, then moving toward my center. When he used his fingers to spread me and I felt his tongue in me, he said “I can smell sex here. That is so hot, I’m glad you let him fuck you. That condom comes with a lot of lubrication, I’m sure that helped.”

He used his fingers to open me wider, his mouth was busy on me.

“Tom, I know you’re having an affair,” I said to the top of his head. He stopped. “How did you find out?”

That was all the confirmation I needed. “The guy who fucked me was longer than you, Tom, he got deeper in me,” I told him. He had no idea how angry I was.

After a moment, when Tom’s mouth and tongue were doing as much as they could, I told him. "He fucked me without a condom, Tom. He came deep in me. Your mouth is full of his cum."

It wasn’t much more than a month later we decided our marriage had to end.

My next story will be about what happened after that. There’s a very small chance the man I called Henry - because that is his name - will read this story. If it’s really you, Henry, send me a note. If some of you recognize parts of this story as like one my husband posted a long time ago, tell us.

Comments are always welcome.

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