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Sharing my girlfriend with strangers - Part 3

Lots of fun and excitement...
The throb started deep and hard. Something was happening, I just did not know what. I mentioned in my previous stories that I had this energetic connection to my wonderful woman. The throb did not start for nothing, so she was sending me telepathic signals, and I was feeling them. I was busy working, so sex was not part of my thought process at that time, but the feeling existed, hard and strong.

I momentarily forgot about it when a few minutes later, I received the following text message;

“And if opportunity has just knocked in the post office queue?”

I responded, my groin feeling that rush of excitement. “ Awesome!”

“Really?” she asked.

“Really, take opportunity home, yum”, I wrote

My mind was racing, had she touched a stranger's groin again? My thoughts and my body were responding to the thought that she had touched a cock again. I thought she had rubbed the guy behind her, as we had one day discussed and fantasized.

My adrenaline started pumping, my fingers shaking as I wrote, “ did you take advantage yet?”

“Yes”, she replied, “still with him, chatting.”

My cock started to harden at the thought she was making a stranger hard and horny for her. That oh so familiar burning in my nether regions became a burn. I could not focus on what I was doing. My mind was racing. What had she done? I wanted to know!

“And? Take him home and let him fill you and make you cum, throbbing hard now!” I wrote to her. I wanted her to know that what she was doing was okay, as she'd had guilt cheating pangs in the past.

She replied, “ hmmmm, He wants to take me home!”

I was now a crazy mass of horny desire.

“Go my love, go and have him inside of you. I know you want to. I know you want to cum on another cock. Make him cum hard for you. Go and enjoy!, I can’t wait to hear all about it after, lick you, taste you and fuck you!”

“Chatting,” she replied.

I was really busy, so I could not write more, but a little later wrote again, “go and do whatever you wish my love. You have my permission. I really can’t wait to hear about it. Think about what I am going to do to you after!”

About 15 minutes passed, when I received the following text message from her.

“Scared, this could be it.”

We had fantasized about her having full blown sex with other men, after she had touched a few strange cocks in bookshops, and had ended up in a hotel room with a dude, made him cum twice, and made a strange dude cum in a movie, but did not go the full way because she felt that she was cheating on me. We had both discussed and agreed that she really wished to live out the fantasies. We both were excited at the fact that she was willing to pursue this and play with strangers because it made her feel, excited, horny and powerful all at the same time. She gets very wet, and the thought of others experiencing that makes me crazy horny with wanton desire. I have never been a quick cummer, but she makes me so wild, within minutes, I am cumming. It’s bizarre because normally I have such control. And she loves that I get so horny at her antics. Besides the fact that she has started to live out her fantasies. I have no doubt she will be even more addicted, once she really gets going. I love that!

Recently she was discussing sex with her boss, told him that we are in an open relationship, and that we get excited at her playing with other men. He was blown away. And she was excited that she could share her story, not that she went into detail, but I know how horny it makes me to share these stories in a public forum.

Back to the story.

A few minutes later, she asked me what time I was finishing work. I told her that I would be home about six-ish. The time was a little after four, so I know that she had time to do whatever she wanted to. I was excited that she was finally going to fuck someone else. I knew that she would cum hard, I know how hard she cums when I am with her. When she is on a orgasmic roll, just touching her pussy, without rubbing her, can make her cum. She has become so in tune with her body which I find so awesome.

Then she replied, “Gonna take him to the bathroom soon if I can.”

That made me wild with desire.

I finished what I was doing at about 5.15pm, and every now and again would check my phone for messages. How I got the work done, I will never know; I was so focused on her fucking a stranger in the mall’s public toilets. I knew she had not gone home with him, she would have told me. Or she was simply seducing him in a coffee shop.

I had sent two messages in the interim, just saying how horny I was and was hoping that she was enjoying herself, and cumming hard. I could see that she had received the messages, but not yet read them. (The phone message system we use, shows that).

I was so horny and so excited, thinking that some stranger was ploughing his hard cock into her somewhere, making her cum. I had these visions of her bent over in a toilet stall, being fucked.

I sent her a message to tell her I was going home, and that I could not wait to hear all about it, taste her and fuck her. I could see that she had not read it, and my other messages too. I knew something was happening.

My adrenaline was pumping. I had to breathe deeply to calm myself down. I was excited with anticipation, and wondered when she would be home. I had these visions of cum dripping out of her.

At 6.00pm, I received the following message; “oh my word, on my way home!”

My cock started that deeper throb, and started to lift in my pants.

20 minutes later, she walked in the door. She put her things down and cam over to hug me. We kissed, and I could smell another man’s aftershave on her. I was hard!

We went to the bedroom and lay on the bed. We kissed deeply some more, and then I kissed her neck. We did not speak, as I moved to take off her tracksuit pants. Her ‘cookiecutter’ bottoms, as I call them. I could smell strong sex. I opened her legs and put my face between them. I started to lick her clit as I smelt sweat, cum and groin. She was so wet. I plunged my tongue inside of her. She started to cum, gripping the sheets. I told her not to stop. I could not wait for her to tell the story, so stopped after a few minutes of licking her sopping wet cunt. Her pussy tasted of sex. My face was glistening with her juices. I now needed to know what was happening.

I raised her legs and started to rub my cock head on her pussy lips.

“ In me, in me”, she pleaded.

I entered her with a deep thrust, making her cum again. I kissed her, thinking that she had been kissing someone else. I fucked her thinking, I am fucking her, where someone else had fucked her. I asked, “ Did you fuck him?”

“No”, she said, but he had his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He came on my pussy, like you asked me to. And he pushed his cum inside of me with his long fingers”

That sent me over the edge, I had just licked another dudes cum out of her. I could not control myself and shot my thick load hard and deep inside of her. I thrust some more, while she was cumming again. I pushed her legs back and fucked her hard, feeling her orgasms racking her body. We lay there for a bit, then I pulled out of her, and lay at her side. We kissed again, as I told her that I loved her. Now I was intrigued to hear what happened. This is what she told me:

“I was standing in this long queue at the post office, as I had to post CD’s and books to clients. There was a guy standing behind me, who was talking to a woman behind him, and they were saying how ridiculous it was that there were only 2 teller stations open, with about 30 people waiting for service. I joined in, and voiced my piece as well.

The guy standing behind me, asked me about the CD I was holding in my hand, “How to attract the perfect relationship”. I told him that these were CD’s of affirmations that a client had asked for. He said, maybe he should buy them because he is not in a perfect relationship. We chatted some more, and then he mentioned that he was in a sexless relationship as well. I told him, I wasn’t. So he then said well then, pick up lines would not work then. I told him, that maybe I was the one picking him up, and kept looking at his groin. He was aware that my eyes shifted between his groin and his face. He was appealing, and I looked at his hands and noticed that he had nice hands.

I can’t remember how the conversation got steered to sex, but he asked me what the kinkiest thing was that I had ever done. I told him that they were too many to mention but that I was in an open relationship, and we got off by me fucking other men. He said that was a turn on and I noticed that his groin had grown a little. He told me all about his kinkiest moments and that turned me on to no end. I was tingling and now wet and horny. I thought how I could get him interested in a fuck.

He asked if we could chat some more, and I went outside to wait for him to finish, when I messaged you about the ‘ opportunity.’ We then went to a coffee shop and chose a corner table. We sat and chatted some more. He wanted to know more about my kinky side. I told him I liked to fuck strangers and make then cum. I took off my shoe at that point, and put my foot between his legs. I started rubbing his cock with my toes. I could feel that he was getting very hard. He asked me if he could take me home, to which I replied no. He looked surprised, because I was making him horny. I said to him that he could do whatever he wanted to me, but it had to be in the region of the mall’s premises. So he asked where we could go. I still continued rubbing his groin. He was so hard! I told him we would go to the bathroom. He said cool.

We paid and left and walked around to find the toilets. We found them, and then I said I was going in and he could follow. I found an open stall and he followed me in. It was a tight fit so to speak. We locked the door, and I started rubbing his cock with my hand. He pulled me towards him and we started kissing, rolling our tongues around each others mouths. I was so wet and horny, and I wanted him to fuck me. I pulled away, and started to unbuckle his pants and pulled his pants down to his ankles, and started to feel his hard cock, which was wet from his pre cum.

He leaned down and pulled my pants down to my ankles. We kissed some more, while I had my hand all over his cock, wanking his foreskin over the head of his hardness and back again. He was dribbling so much pre cum. He told me he had not had sex for a very long time. He started to put his hand between my legs and rubbed my clit. I came immediately. He then put his long middle finger inside of me and started to finger fuck me. I kept wanking his cock. I came again and again and again on his finger.

We kissed some more, I was cumming on his finger, I just so wanted him to fuck me. So I asked him if he had a condom, to which he said no, and I did not have one either. I had left my handbag in the car, and the condom you gave me was inside. Fuck! I so wanted him inside of me. I told him he could do what he wanted to, but he could not put his cock inside of me, even though I was dying to have it. I wanted him to fuck me, and I wanted to fuck him. I needed to fuck!

I turned away from him, my arm behind me pulling on his cock. I bent over and with one hand holding the wall, could feel him rubbing his cock at the entrance to my very wet pussy. I started cumming again, and the more he rubbed, the more I came. I was tempted to slide back on his cock, because I was so wet, and I wanted to be fucked. I love fucking, and I love cock, and I wanted him deep inside of me. His cock was very average so it’s a misconception that men with big hands and long fingers have big cocks. But nevertheless, I was in a public toilet with a stranger, having him at the entrance to my pussy. I am sure he went in a little bit, because I could feel him there, but I did not care and almost told him to just fuck me, I was dying to.

He made me cum lots, I was saying ‘fuck, oh fuck, oh my god as I was cumming. I did not care if other people heard us, I just wanted to cum and cum again. I told him, I wish I could have his cock inside of me, and he told me he wished so as well. Fuck, I wanted to fuck him so badly. I was so tempted just to push back on his cock, and have him deep inside of me. I so wanted that. I nearly did. I cam so close to letting him.

Every now and again, I would reach back to make sure his cock was just rubbing me, and I would pull on his shaft. I could feel that he wanted to cum, so I turned a round, kissed him and told him that he could cum on my pussy, and then after a bit I wanted him to push his cum inside of me.

He wanked himself, and then put his cock on my mound and shot his load. I held onto his cock for a bit and then told him to push it inside of me. He took his fingers, scooped it up and pushed it deep inside of me. He rubbed his cock at the entrance to my pussy, and then slid it in a little bit, so what you were tasting was his cock and his juices. I hope it tasted nice.

He then cleaned himself up while I was pulling my pants on. You saw how wet my G-string was, that was his cum and my wet. We then left together, and he asked if he could walk me to my car, which he did.

He did say that he would be there next week at the same time, and then I came home to you. I have no doubt he saw my number on the side of my car, so expect him to be calling me soon.”

I was hard again, and was rubbing my cock against her leg. I thought to myself, she has two cums inside of her. So I extracted myself from our embrace, opened her legs, to which she exclaimed, “what are you doing?”

“Licking two cums out of you,” I replied.

She opened her legs and I delved into her wet, sticky, squishyness..

I licked up my juices, her juices and his juices. She started cumming again. I needed to be inside of her, so I got between her legs and entered her wet hot squishy cunt.

I was so horny and so hard, and started pounding into her. I told her she could fuck as many men as she wanted to, to which she replied was going to fuck many, many men.

That just drove me over the edge and I pounded even harder into her. I decided I did not want to cum, I wanted her to cum many more times.

Eventually, I slowed down , kissed her and then pulled out. We lay there for a bit, and then we had to get dressed to go out for dinner. The whole time at dinner, I kept envisioning her and a stranger in a public toilet, horny, wanton and willing, filled with desire, urgently needing to be fucking each other.

When we got home, I had to be inside of her again. I asked her questions about what she had done again, which just made me hornier and harder until eventually I squirted deep inside of her. She felt a bit sore, which was unusual, but then I think the dude, pounded his fingers into her, making her cum. She did not remember, she said she was just a moving mass of orgasm.

She said that she wished she had, had a condom, because she so wanted to be fucked. I love the fact that she has taken this one step closer, and have asked her to do it as often as she wants to. We are going to be having a threesome soon, as soon as we have our home to ourselves, and her kids have gone to their father for the weekend.

I have no doubt there will be many more stories to share. I get so horny sharing them. I am obsessed with sharing her, I am such a lucky man!

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